Zing-O Fever
Season 3, Episode 8
Idol Out
Challenge(s) Escape from the Drama-Bot (cancelled): Collect blocks with letter across the island and disable Zingbot.
Reward(s) Inmunity and a temporary stay at Kelly's cabin
Winner(s) ???
Exiled to Awkanawaw ???
Eliminated ???
Episode guide
"Love, Ugh, Love"
"Curiosity Killed The Cast"

Chris: Last time...on Total Drama Fans Vs. Favourites...ahh, love, it can be found anywhere, and to my own enjoyment, it shall be able to find in paintball guns, and maybe, just maybe, between DJ and Katie, who shown their attraction to eachother, even when Alejandro was behind a plan to break them up, and there may be a spot from wild and crazy love, or just caring between Will and Karli, who need eachother, i see it more like a nurse-patient relation, but, hey, love is love, yet, it is so sick. In the end, we almost said goodbye to our insane train Karli, but the announce of a non-elimination challenge saved her from going off the rails. Will the Fans be able to end their losing strike? Will our "expert gamers" continue their lead on the scores? Will Crimson convince everyone to paint their cabin with dark paint? Find out right here...on TOTAL...DRAMA...FANS VS. FAVOURITES!

Intro and stuff.

Scene shows the loser cabin, while most of the guys are sleeping, but only Courtney and Gwen are awake. Courtney is searching on Alejandro's luggage, while Gwen lights her up with a lantern.

Gwen: Are you almost done? I need to sleep, i can't be normal without sleeping.

Courtney: Keep the light, i have to find something...*conf.* Alejandro may be behnd everything that happens here, what if he is forming solid alliances? What if he is manipulating people again? Or, worse of all, what if he is convincing everyone to get rid of me? Before he strikes, i need to think or something, and i need to search really deep for anything to expose him.

Gwen: Seriously, are you done?

Courtney: In a moment, not let me see...*starts to throw things away*...a swimsuit, sunglasses, a photo of Heather, a book of how to manipulate Canadians? Ugh, i'll never find anything!

Gwen: Now that i think, give me that photo of Heather. *conf.* *she shows the picture of Heather with she having horns, stink lines, some black tooth, and a sign of "Heather stinks"* Well, if i wasn't going to rest, i had to distract myself with something to do. *makes a little laugh*

Gwen: *yawn* You can continue, i need to go to walk, i'm tired of being trapped here. *she exits*

The scene now shows Gwen walking though the woods, unimpressed of what she sees, suddenly, a bush ner her starts to move, she is at first sight not impressed, but the bush shows a pair of red eyes, which makes her sweat.

Gwen: It's nothing so important, it is like horror movies, everything is fake.

Crimson: *coming out of the bush* Actually, you would be dead by ths moment if it was real.

Gwen: Oh, it's just you, now you do talk? Then. great.

Crimson: I have been always a person that can talk, but i just prefer to ignore nice greetings, cause, whatever.

Gwen: Ok, Crimson, right? *she moves her head like saying yes* Why you were up so late?

Crimson: All the happiness and sunny vibes on the team make me sick, so, i use to go out, and be alone, and think to myself, some people call it meditate, i just see it as escaping of the happy places, cause, yeah, that makes me sick like that time i ate a fried bat.

Gwen: Meditating? You sound a lot like Dawn saying that.

Crimson: Alright, it shouldn't be me the one to admit it, but, we're actual sisters...*conf.* But then, we decided to separate ourselves, she went to live on the nature places, i went on a trip to the north of Europe, where i finally discovered that i was born to be a goth.

Gwen: Wow, that is pretty cool, i have to say it.

Crimson: I wouldn't call it cool, leave it as something less dark than usual, yet not enough to be bright.

Gwen: Umm, alright, tell me more about you, what is the things you most like?

Crimson: It would include night walks, hardcore rock concerts, black clothes and being buried alive, what about you?

Gwen: Well, i could agree on some of those.

The camera switches to the moon by seconds, as they are still heard talking.

Gwen: *conf.* Maybe Crimson is not the dark creppy emo i thought she was, actually, having an actual goth friend is kind of new.

Crimson: *conf.* Maybe Gwen is not the weak emotional person i thought she was, and having a goth to talk to is...not as dark, plus, right now, Ennui is in Romania, trying to repeat the experience of being buried alive again...I wish it was me there.

Scene switches to Playa Des Losers, to a big dining area, where Chris and Don are talking.

Chris: And i can tell you, the boy wanted to quit, people would had loved to be in his spot.

Don: Yeah, sure that, anyways, it's up to 6:00 AM, you have the challenge for the teens and Kelly?

Chris: Meh, i'll just bring the Drama-Bot and make them play Whack-A-Camper or something, it has to hurt at the end, for them, not for me.

Don: Really? That's all you have? In my host time, i always tried to make sure non of them died, it was hard work.

Chris: That's the difference between us, you make lame and safe challenges, i make sure to make them as deadly as posible, so people at home stay tuned.

Don: You realized you had low audience last...*Chris interrupts*

Chris: Plus, that is why my players stay longer than yours?

Don: Wait, what?

Chris: You haven't seen it? It's have been like 14 days, and we have lost the Ice Dancer, Rocker DUmb Dumb, and just yesterday, we sent Jen Fashionista packing away. That prooves i'm a better host, now go clean the Drama-Bot or something, it's almost time to start the pain rain!

Don: *annoyed* Yeah...*conf.* Is this angle good? Ok, so, i can't believe how Chris is just an idiot, ovbiously i am the better host, but now, i have to work for him? This is just lame, but, i know what to do, maybe Chris forgot a difference between us, and that is called: KNOWLEDGE AS A HOST.

The scene now switches to Don, in the garage where the Drama-Bot is, then, he takes out a telephone, that shows some blueprints.

Don: If this doesn't prooves i'm the better and most organized host, i will let a floater wins the next Ridonculous Race. *the screen turns black*

The scene now sweitches to the morning in camp, scenes of the Fans sleeping in the cabin, Kelly in her private cabin, and the Favourites in luxurious beds in the mansion, and then, a close show of a bird slepping in the megaphone. Then...

Chris: *scaring and making the bird falls* Morning, campers, it's time to take a rusty pain, with the Drama-Bot! Now, meet me at the challenge zone, so we can start.

After that, the Fans are shown to wake up suddenly, yet, a close-up shows a sad Esperanza.

Esperanza: *sigh* *conf.* Well, if you doubted i was a fan, then, think better, i am a super fan, with a mechanics degree. So, anyways...*sigh*...the Drama-Bot? Man, just a rusty old machine with a mazo, i just they made the "mechanics" of this show better.

Scene switches quiclky to Don, in the camera room, with Chris far away in the background.

Don: Well, time to make it..."happen"! *he presses a red button*

The theme at the start of the video starts, as a huge green robot exits the confessional, just seconds after Esperanza exits and goes back to the cabin. It starts to walk slowly, but then, directs himself to the Fans cabin.

Arianna: What is wrong, Esperanza?

Esperanza: It's nothing, girl, just wanted a take of fresh air to clean the mechanism...*little laugh*...see what i did there?

Arianna: Yeah, it's funny, but anyways, i think we should go to sleep some minutes, just to be ready to compete aginst the Favourites.

Esperanza: Yeah, you are right. *she almost goes to bed again, when the door of the cabin opens.*

Zingbot: *beep sounds* Wake up, everybody! Wake up!

Everyone has confused or weird faces, yet, Esperanza gets happily impressed.

Esperanza: How can i say it...I NOW ACTUALLY GET EXCITED FOR THIS SHOW!

Zingbot: Kelly...*the scene shows Kelly*...they say everything is golden in the hills, except your INTELLIGENCE. *some may little laughs*...ZING! ZING!

Kelly: *conf.* Wow, thesee young people and their new technology, it's kind of funny, but the thing goes like this. *back at cabin* Yeah, funny, bring it on!

The Fans are shown laughing, and the scene switches to outside, where Don hears from the window.

Don: See that, boss? I'm a genius! See this, Chris? As host, you just got OWNED!

The scene now switches to the Favourites, walking to challenge area, seeing a bunch of happy fans, except for Crimson.

Bridgette: I wonder why they are so happy, i always gets let down on losing rounds in the game.

Trent: Well, this is a beautiful day, why they wouldn't be happy?

Bridgette: Yeah, you're right. Such a good day, we're still togheter afterall.

Both laugh, and hold hands as they walk, scene goes some meters back, to where Lindsay and Katie are.

Lindsay: SO, how are things going with you and Dallas?

Katie: With DJ? Everything is going pretty well, we really are meant for eachother. We have bonded really well.

Lindsay: You two are really cute togheter. I ship it.

Both cheer, and the scene goes a few meters back, to DJ and Alejandro, who are also talking.

DJ: Man, i really like how Katie and i have bonded, we never got the chance to do so back in the old island.

Alejandro: Amigo, you may be going to fast on her.

DJ: What do you mean? We're such great friends now, and this is rockin' well, so, why you try to say?

Alejandro: What I mean is that, ladies always like the slow romance, first, you talk with her, then, you ask her about what she likes to do...*getting closer to DJ's face*...and you start to get closer to her...and then, you strike and get her out.

DJ: What?

Alejandro: I mean, you strike and you ask them out, and believe me, it works.

DJ: Well, you're the ladies man of the place, so, maybe i'm getting tips from the professional. Thanks man!

Alejandro: Whenever you want, my friend...*making an evil grin, and talking slowly* *conf.* The plan is working pretty well, first you get the dumb blondes, then you get the giant gentles, and then, you get the victory.

Chris: *now with everyone at the challenge area* Now, i did told you all a little preview of our special challenge of today, which will involve our beloved Drama-Bot. I just bought him a new mazo today, plus, i made sure anyone is trapped there, that is why you all can see Alejandro.

Alejandro: Wow, you make such good jokes, what if you work as a Latinanmerican comedian?

Chris: No, yet, thanks for the offer. *Alejandro rolls eyes* But now...get ready for the amazement of...the Dra...*DOn gives him a note*...wait, change of, introducing, a creation of the best host of all times, Do...wait, this is wrong!

Don: It has no problems.

Chris: Anyways, let's welcome the...Zingbot?

Zingbot: Happy day, campers, great day to zing people.

Courtney: And what is exactly a "zing"?

Don: Oh, let the own Zingbot shows you.

Zingbot: Courtney, you are a smart woman, use to use too much the "d" word...Duncan! Duncan! *most people start to laugh* ZING! ZING!

Courtney: *annoyed* *conf.* Is this robot even up to today, i have forgot that jerk with capital letters 100 percent, like, no fun about it.

Zingbot: Alejandro, you look great on those pants, but i think shorts would fit you better, afterall, you always know Heather is the one that wears...THE PANTS! *fans and most girls laugh* ZING! ZING!

Alejandro: I use to get happy when taking revenge on humans, but taking revenge on a robot, never have tried it before, *gets closer to ZIngbot*, but what if we try?

Zingbot: Don't even mind, everyone here would know it, cause everyone here has a brain, oh, wait, i didn't see you there...LINDSAY! *some girls laugh* ZING!

Lindsay: *laughing* So funny, wait, what are we laughing about?

Zingbot: Gwen, now i get why you're pale, cause you had never seen the sun, after all the time behind...your boyfriend's shadow! *most people laugh, but Gwen, COdy and Crimson*

Gwen: *conf.* Is it updated? How many times i need to say, i don't have a boyfriend, i have a best friend. Stupid Zingbot.

Cody: *conf.* That robot made facts wrong, how am i ever cover Gwen with my shadow? She is taller than me.

Zingbot: Katie, most people would say you aren't an iconic character, but i disagree, you have made a lot of things in the show, like...*after some seconds*...ERROR 404! *most Fans laugh* ZING!

Katie: *conf.* Even with that, im here, others are not here, so, really, how mean can this green robot be?

Chris: DOn, i have to say, this is the best thing you've ever done, but i think to give fans some shade.

Don: Alright, he must do it now.

Zingbot: Arianna, you have a smile that lights up the place, too bad that's the only thing about you that's...BRIGHT! *turn of some of the Favourites to laugh* ZING! ZING!?

Arianna: *conf.* I actually laughed about it, i'm not just gonna sit down and cry because a robot just got me good.

Zingbot: Brody, I heard you have a girlfriend back home, i think i need to ask Trent if he has...ANOTHER GUITAR PLAYER FRIEND. *most laugh about it, except for those mentioned*

Brody: *conf.* Dude. that's messed up, Trent has to go down because he double crossed my bro.

Trent: *conf.* Man, is that really necesary? The dude is nuts about the fact that i'm dating Bridgette, i think i haven't asked her out still, i should do it soon, cause, what if she loses interest in me?

ZIngbot: Jake, i searched, and i saw you're a great student in science, but you must be cheating, how can you be so good at sciences, when you have so little chemic with...THE LADIES! *only Jack laughs aloud*

Jake: *conf.* Not even Jack laugghing aloud makes me mad, but, the robot better gets up with today, there is something between me and Arianna, or maybe not. Haven't dated someone in years.

Jack: *conf.* He got owned! That robot rules! *laughs, and falls off*

Chris: Man, i have such great idea, im so the best host here!

Don: Wait, let me backfire. *the Zingbot now follows Chris*

Zingbot: Chris, you and Don do have a difference between both of you...

Chris: That i'm awesome and he isn't? That i'm more handsome? That I'm more successfull in life?

DOn: That difference is...A WIFE!

The scene shows a bunch of shocked Fans, shocked Favourites, and both hosts are shocked as well, then, some confessionals are shown.

Courtney: *laughs outloud in the confessional*

Kelly: *laughing and covering her mouth with her had in the confessional*

Esperanza: *laughing in the confessional* Best robot ever!

DJ: *slapping his head with his hand, while laughing in the confessional* I just...can't...*laughs laouder*

Katie and Lindsay: *giggling and laughing in the confessional togheter*

Alejandro: *also laughing*

Now the scene switches to everyone laughing, while Chris is just embarassed, while Don just sees it in delight, and approaches to him.*

Don: *near of Chris* ZING!

Everyone laughs even harder, and some fall to the floor, as Zingbot just moves around.

Chris: ALRIGHT, NEW PLANS. I hate how i need to sometimes redo things.

Don: Cause you're never ready, and cause you are a bad host? *gets pushed by Chris*

Chris: I have new plans, go to build it with the interns, now! Everyone else, shut it, or you get disqualified! *everyone stops laughing, and those who were on the floor stand up* You have some time to do whatever you all do in your cabins, now wait for any further advice.

Scene switches to Brody walking around in the woods, alone, while kicking a rock in his path.

Brody: STupid show, stupid team, stupid Trent, stupid everything! *he forgets to kick the rock, and trips with it* WOAH! *hits the floor* Ouch.

???: What a hard fall, let me help.

Brody: Thanks for the hand, bro, i mean...sis.

Esperanza: No problem.

Brody: But aren't you like, from my team? Why are you helping me, afterall, better go have fun with the others.

Esperanza: Well, i may have saw you as a jerk in the past, but i think behind all the hate, there is just a misudnerstood person.

Brody: Really, you wouldn't be mad of being near me?

Esperanza: Not at all, now, come on! Tell me what happened since the start.

Brody: Well, i won't blame the team or anything, but anyways, it's Trent, he made Bridgette dumped my bro Geoff, sure he has got new girls in less hour after the break-up when he offered the Main Mayhem Midnight Night-Off Party in Maine, dude that was epic, but he is still mad, cause he and Bridgette were meant for eachother, Trent robbed her, totally did, i need to get revenge on my bro, i need to avenge the pain, AND I WILL...*Esperanza slaps him in the face*

Esperanza: Can't you see it? This is just making you rotten! Even if you are Geoff's best friend, you must do your own life, and leave him with his new conquers.

Brody: Really? But about the bro code?

Esperanza: The bro code is just like that "girl code" of "be nice to others, never touch steel or mechanic stuff, and always smile to get what you want." I broke the first two, yet, never got forbidden of number three. What i meant is that, live your own life, and make yourself happy, not others.

Brody: Yeah, you may be right...Esperanza, right.

Esperanza: Yeah, it means "Hope" in English, by the way.

Brody: Yeah, i know, i was raised in Latin America, so, i know SPanish, but i prefer to don't use it a lot, in Geoff's parties, he usually invites American girls, once an Australian, but anyways, i can speak as you do.

Esperanza: That's great. *conf.* Maybe i saw him as a bag of spuds with no brain, yet, Brody might be a great friend, just a friend, if i ever fall in love, kick me in the face with a mazo.

Brody: *conf.* Finally got the chance to bond with someone, this rocks!

Chris: *by megaphones* Finally done, go back to challenge area, pronto!

Esperanza: Hurry, we're going late.

Brody: RIght behind YAH...*he trips with the rock again*...Ouch...

Scene now switches to challenge area, with everyone back in again.

Chris: Well, may i should tell you, i was going to make you all ran into the forest and hid from the Drama-Bot, but that is dead bussiness, we are now involving the Zingbot here...

ZIngbot: Finally i get to be in, i was waiting a while ol' ZING!

Esperanza: *whispering to herself* YAS YAS YAS

Chris: And to win, you must...*close-up on his face*...DISABLE HIM!

Esperanza: *outloud, a la Miles* WHAT?

Chris: Even with the complains of our prodigious future intern girl, you will find seven blocks with letters on them, that will spell Z-I-N-G-B-O-T, which are hidden in different places across the island, then, pull out a giant key, and with that, the Zingbot gets disabled, and you win.

Zingbot: Why it has to be me the one disabled? Disable yourself from working instead...ZING!

Chris: Anyways, we will now say the places, the "Z" is hidden in our classic boat house, across the dock, it may be the easiest one to find, i mean, if you aren't afraid of things held there, so, as a tip, send your weakest player there...*cough* Cody *cough*

Cody: Hey! I heard that!

Chris: *cuts him* Anyways, the "I" is hidden somewhere in out musical event stage, i hid some booby traps there, just to not make it easy.

Gwen: *conf.* Great, more booby traps, even if it is something so basic like a stage, it must have something that can nearly kill us.

Chris: The "N" is hidden in the nicest place across the island, the winners mansion, yet, you all know that the house has three floors, and tons and tons of stuff inside, that may have it inside them, so, i suggest to send quick and insanest people there.

Karli: *conf.* I was great at hide and seek, so, i'm pretty quick, and i can also think like a hidden object, i just hope my team gives me the chance, i may have creeped them out a bit...

Chris: The "G" is somewhere in the not nicest, but greatest place next to the mansion, Kelly's cabin. However, since some Fans left it like a mess, you have to help in cleaning up the room, in order to be able to get to find inside it.

Jack: Why we have to clean it?

Kelly: *conf.* So, maybe i asked the producers to make it a challenge, i would have done it, but i was kind of tired.

Chris: The interns hid the "B", literally, at the bottom, as an homage to our first seson, and as one of the TD classic face-offs, one person from each team dives from the cliff, into the water, and will search for a "B"lock, ha, see what i did there?

Gwen: So funny, you always light up the mood, even the Zingbot knows it.

Chris: I know, wait, ugh, i fell for it, anyways, the "O" is in a rounded-shaped place, like an "O: itself, which is funny, the Chrissoseum! Still a place of amazing fights, which may happen there, so, better bring a strong person there.

Jack: *conf." Which ovbiously is going to be me, like duh.

Chris: And last, but not least, the "T" is literally in a trap, which we like to call Awkanawaw, we may find it anywhere...*as he mentions the places, images of them are shown*...the cave, the woods, the replica of the Fun Zone still in construction, it will be awesome, by the way, and of course, the jail; yet, i will make this a pairs part, since it's easier, cause if i sent two people alone, one of them might dies.

Don: Well, now it's up to me the next part, take each a paper from the mitt without venomous ants as the producers asked for...

Chris: THat makes it lame-er.

Don: Anyways, pick one. Favourites first.

Scenes of everyone taking out a paper, most are shown to be shocked by what they took.

DOn: Fans, go now.

In order, everyone gets out a paper, as well as the others, everyone, but Crimson, gets either surprised or impressed.

Chris: SO, we have our relays taken, on the Boathouse...Lindsay and Kelly!

Lindsay: I love Boathouses! I love to navigate them in the sea!

Kelly: Sweetie, i think he isn't talking about that kind of Boathouses...

Chris: Taking the stage will be...Cody and Jake!

Jake: AT least i didn't the hardest one, so, good for me.

Jack: Bro, you always need to take big risks, i mean, if you wanna be a brave man like me.

Chris: Searching at the mansion, our biggest jocks, DJ...and...*Jack starts to step forward*...Karli.

Jack: WHAT? Are you wrong? I'm by far the strongest on the crowd, come on, this must be wrong!

Karli: I'm not that bad at gymnastics, i think i can handle this out.

Jack: But you're a girl, weak, and insanely creepy girl!

Karli: ...that knows a jerk's weakness. *she kicks him where it hurts, most males feel the pain just by watching it*

Chris: Nuts for a snack? *showing a bowl with nuts* Anyways, cleaning the mess are...Katie and Arianna.

Arianna: I think im ok with this, i owe some cleaning to Kelly's messed up cabin.

Katie: I'm also fine with it, i'm used to work at home.

Alejandro: *conf.* Is the girl sure to be dating a Momma's boy?

Chris: Up to the cliff, and down into the water...Bridgette and Brody.

Bridgette: So...pleased.

Trent: You can't switch her anywhere else?

Chris:, so, at the fight round, we have Jack and Courtney!

Jack: *conf.* Perfect way to make the 17th round on the girlfriend list of me.

Chris: And the duos at the jail will be Alejandro and Trent, against...Crimson and Esperanza!

Will: What about me, and the others who didn't got anything?

Chris: Yeah, i'll think pf something, later, for the others...GO!

Scene goes to the boathouse, where Kelly and Lindsay are searching.

Lindsay: I remember this place, my Tyler once took me here for a special trip, and sure it was, because he tripped with a bucket, and fell on the hole right there.

Kelly: I have to say, this is the first time i've been on a boathouse, since me and my husband went on that trip to Iceland, we went to fish, while Taylor was suiting herself on fashion winter clothes.

Lindsay: THat sounds so romantic, i just wished Tyler took me somewhere.

Kelly: *sigh* Young love, so romantic, yet, sometimes so confusing.

Lindsay: Anyways, when are the pedicurists are coming with the confortable chairs, I have everything ready, the sunglasses, the skin protector and...*she never notices it, but...* cell phone, and it's the lights. *she has what she was supposed to search*

Kelly: Darling, you have your block, i;m so impressed, how did you found it?

Lindsay: SOmeone left them at the hole of the boathouse...*the other block is there, but somehow, an octopus takes it, with one of its hands*, that was fast.

Scene now switches to Cody and Jake on the stage, walking slowly through it.

Jake: Man, i never felt more scared of a stage ever before.

Cody: Nevermind the stage, look! The blocks! *they are near a bunch of giant speakers and boomboxes*

Jake: This might get ugly.

Cody: THose musical props are nothing for the Code-mistah! *pushes him, but barely moves Jake* Steps aside, young fan, this is a thing for man! *as soon as he gives the first step, the part of the stage where he stands breaks, and falls off* Ouch, my ankle...I mean, this was nothing!

Jake: *looking at the camera* Yeah...i will step into it now. But i'll try to be more careful...i don't want to end like Cody.

Scene now shows Karli and DJ, at the door of the mansion, ready to go.

DJ: Alright, so, you're Carly?

Karli: It's actually Karli, almost sounds the same, but it's quite different.

DJ: Alright, it's nice to meet you, but why they named you like that?

Karli: My parents always told me it meant something special, but, i'm just a regular girl, there's nothing recognizable about me.

DJ: Don't worry, you're someone special, everyone has one special skill. You must have one.

Karli: My parents say i'm a crazy girl that destroys everything, and that's maybe just it.

DJ: Well, that is always something, plus, that is what we are supposed to do now.

Karli: Thanks a lot! I love to hear that from one of my favourites in the show.

DJ: I'm always pleased to make others feel better.

Karli: Let's now look the block! *a horn is heard, and both storm into the house, throwing things away, of course, Karli faster than DJ*

Scene now goes to Katie and Arianna.

Katie: *looking at the mess of cabin* Well, seems like we have a lot of job here.

Arianna: I have to say, even if i didn' saw you on the show that much, i have to admit you're a very nice person.

Katie: Thanks for the compliment, now, i guess we have to read the rules, here it says: "To start the quest, you must clean the mess for 5 minutes before the searching time starts, which is also five minutes, if you can't find it, clean again, please. Hearts and good luck, Kelly"; seems like they thought on every single detail.

Arianna: I know, but if we work togheter, we may end faster.

Katie: You are so right! Let's start!

And now...Bridgette and Brody at the cliff.

Brody: Wow, the high is impressive, seems like a risky jump, right? *He turns back, just to see a Bridgette looking to the other side, crossing her arms* Bridgette? What's wrong?

Bridgette: You even have to ask? You have threathen me all the time with separating me from Trent, just because i decided to dump Geoff, and you now come to ask what's wrong? How can you even have the guts to do that.

Brody: Hear me, now i realized that bittering my own life is not what i want, so, i'll just move on, and let you guys be happy, it's not a huge deal now.

Bridgette: Is that truth? Or, wait, what if it is another of your plans?

Brody: i give you my surfer dude word.

Bridgette: Well, in that case, it may be nice to have you back, and celebrate like i used to do with Geoff.

Brody: Like, jumping off the cliff at the same time? *she says yes with her head, as both jump off*

Then...The Chrisosseum, with Jack and Courtney inside it.

Jack: *conf.* My initial goal on this show was winning, but if you have such a great opportunity to hit on a baby, why you should waste it?

Jack puts on perfume on his mouth, and approaches to Courtney.

Jack: have a boyfriend? *something knocks him away*

Courtney: Excuse me, what did you said? *she turns back* Oh, must have been nothing. *she is knocked out as well*

As both look up, they find that they were knocked out by a boxing kangaroo.

Don: *from a megaphone* Sorry bout that, but i just loved this kangaroo punching the teams in the Australian leg.

Jack: Babe, look! *he points to the kangaroo, that has the blocks with the "O" around his neck, as necklaces.*

Courtney: You don't dare to call me like that! *slaps him*

The kangaroo aproaches to them, as both scream like girls, which confuses Courtney, as he hugs her in fear, then, he makes a move with his eyebrows, but just gets another slap in the face.

And to close the round, the four teens at jail: Trent, Alejandro, Esperanza and Crimson.

Trent: *conf.* I couldn't be better with the part that i landed on, cause, i did found the Tom idol, just couldn't grab it, but i left it somewhere in the jails.

Flashback of Trent on the jail, at the midnight.

Trent: Man, do these beds are uncomfortable, this pillow is just...*he starts to feel the pillow, looks under it, and finds the idol* Wait, what do we have here? *the camera now goes outside of the jail, as Trent hides it under a rock, where he painted the letters "B" and "T", you already know why* *then, the flashback ends, and it goes back to the conf. of Trent* I couldn't be happier, this guarantees me and Bridgette staying in, i just need to find it again and done, but, i have to be careful, because i'm paired with Alejandro.

Now, back to the Boathouse, and Lindsay and Kelly.

Kelly: NOO! *as she runs to the hole of the boathouse* *conf.* I don't want to let those teens down, yet, all my cloth is expensive, bought in the finest shop in France, this may not be what i'm used to do, but, i think i need to do extreme things.

Lindsay: Umm...i think that if the octopus took the cube, it may be underwater, so, you may have to swim.

Kelly: I guess i have no other choice, so, alright, but all my expensive clothes will get wet, plus, who knows how many years has this water been without some cleaning. *jumps in, as Lindsay takes out a paper with a 7.5* *conf.* Well, at least i end up swimming better than my daughter.

Lindsay: Kelly, we might need to go out, maybe the pedicurists came! Or we just need to hand over the blocks?

Kelly: *out of the water for a moment* MOve on and go, i'll catch up later, darling! *goes back into the water*

Now Kelly is in the water, as she moves her head around, then, the octupus appears, as she screams, then, the octupus throws one of its tantacles against her, but she nearly dodges it, as it repeats several times, Kelly uses her own belt to trap the octopus, who just tangled himself with his tentacles, as there is the block, yet, it is covered on ink, which grosses Kelly, yet, she takes it, with a disgusted face*

Lindsay: What i could do? She may needs help.

Kelly: *coming out of the hole of the Boat House* Nope, maybe not, anyways, the manicurists came? I really would like to have something now that is clean.

Lindsay: Yeah, they came, let's take a rest of all this. *both exit the boathouse*

Now back at Jake and Cody at the trap stage.

Jake: Alright, be careful, and think, what you could use? *he turns back to see a bunch of props, including a bazooka, a magnet, a red ball, a screwdiver with some screws, an umbrella, and a packet of make-up, then, he picks up the red ball* I just try to remember my voleiball classes. *he trows the ball, which hits the place where the blocks are, as those fall* Yes! Now...step by step...

He walks to where the blocks are, and gets them.

Jake: Yes! *conf.* This was really a challenge for myself, im just looking forward to Jack getting injured, and with that, i could live!

Cody: *finally exiting the hole in the stage* The blocks! Well, bet it was easy. *as both prepare to leave, all the speakers fall, making both jump to the hole that Cody made on the floor*

Both of them: Ouch!

Now, the scene shows Gwen and Flanders on a bench.

Gwen: This is it, i'm tired after all the time i was woke up, i'll go to sleep.

WIll: Chris told us to stay, he may something in store for us.

Gwen: I have been six times on this show, if i know him, he will do something that kill us before starting, so, yeah, i'm going to leave.

Chris: STay where you are, we need help at the Mansion, inmediantly! It's an Emergency, i tried to send the Zingbot, but it was just failed.

An helicopter leaves both at the Mansion, as Gwen opens the door, it's shown a mess of a house.

Gwen: What happened here? WHat's up with this whole mess?

Will: I kind of...forgot to give Karli her meds, so, for the better of the house and the island, help me to find her.

Gwen: Yeah...but where is DJ?

DJ: *appearing under a table* Here, i could calm her down, and she's sleeping on the couch, somehow she got tired, after throwing the toilet outside of the window, i could fix it, but she still needs her meds, plus, i got the two cubes.

Gwen: Wow, that girl is like Izzy...but creepier, anyways, is she not dangerous now?

Karli; *in her sleep, while snoring* ...Why im here?...Lollercats...makes us for me!

Will: She surely has weird dreams, but better leave before she wakes up. *the four leave the mansion*

Now, it's Arianna and Katie at the cabin.

Arianna: It's almost clean, but I haven't found anything at all.

Katie: It's has been like...two hours, but we still need to clean, hey, be careful with the giant vase!

Arianna: What? *she accidentaly drops it, as it releases both blocks* Well, something bad came with something good, now i'll pick the broken pieces.

Katie: Watch out, you don't want to get dirt in your hands, or cut with something.

Arianna: Maybe...but still, back at Kansas, everyone treated me like a princess, but being here is a way to show them that i'm only a princess on my looks, and that i can do hard work without almost dying.

Katie: It's so like what i try to do now, that i'm back. I mean, i wanna proove that i'm more than Sadie's friend, i'll help you with those.

Arianna: I like that, so, we finished, but what do we do with the dirt? The rules state that we leave as we find the blocks.

Katie: I have an idea...*takes a brush, and puts the dirt under a carpet* Done!

Both laugh, and exit the cabin, that is "totally" clean. as the scene now shows Bridgette and Brody, at the bottom of the ocean.

Brody: *conf.* I'm finally enjoying the life, i'm still sorry if i let Goeff down, but, i know he will get a new girl as fast as a party goes on, but, man, i made peace with Bridgette, but Trent might be a bigger deal.

Bridgette: This is hard, i couldn't find it.

Brody: Got both! I found both at the anguila caves, but i have been inmune to those since the boat incident in France.

Bridgette: Thanks, this really prooves me that you have changed, anyways, i just hope Trent is OK in the exile island.

Brody: Yeah...*trying to hold worse words*...he will be fine...

Bridgette: Umm...i see things with Trent are still hard, aren't it?

Brody: He maybe got a bad impression of me, or he just acting as the "revengeful bro", but worse, if he sees me near you, he might kill me.

Bridgette: I don't think so, but anyways, we have both blocks, we can go now.

Brody: I'll stay here some more time, i need to chill a bit.

Bridgette: Alright, i'll go to shore then, see you1

And then, Jack and Courtney at the collisseum.

Jack: *conf.* Sure this girl is tough as nails, but I have a charm that melts everything, so, i can both beat the kangaroo and win the babe, all at the same time.

Now the scene shows a scared Courtney, while the kangaroo is ready to attack her, but then, Jack steps between both.

Jack: Step aside, princess, this is a work for Jack Attack!

Courtney: *standing up from the floor* Princess? WHO ARE YOU CALLING PRINCESS?

Jack: Come on, you know you love me, everyone does. I'm the most atractive, and by far, the most atlethic person here. *turning back to the kangaroo* You heard it! Bring it on, you weaklink!

The kangaroo tackles him, and knocks him down.

Courtney: *to herself* Well, he may be a jerk, but he is still a person...*walking to him*...that was a hard fall, but as a new person, i shall help you.

Jack: *staring, but shaking* Sure, what you say, sweetcheeks.

Courtney: Sweetcheeks? I'll show you who is sweet.

Now, Courtney faces front the kangaroo, as it almost tackles her, she jumps just over it, dodging the punch, and making Jack takes it, the kangaroo charges back, as she jumps again, this time, taking the necklaces with the cubes off the kangaroo's neck.

Courtney: Simple as that, now this shall show you who is sweet. *throws the cube to his face, as she exits the arena*

Jack: *impressed* That girl is PURE IRON! Totally my type. *the kangaroo tackles him again* *conf.* No matter what it takes, that girl has to be the 18th try, i'm sure that Arianna girl will be the 17th try, cause, who else could shenbe attracted to? Jake? *loud laugh*

And finally, the pairs at Awkanawaw.

Esperanza: *inside a camera room* I love this amount of technology, how can it be on a stinky jail like this?

Crimson: To me, jails are like being in a luxurious hotel.

Esperanza: And we have to disable the Zingbot, that is like the worst part of it?

Crimson: I once saw a movie where a killer robot killed an entire city, and destroyed everything, and there was broken glass covered in red, it was iconic.

Esperanza: Are you even paying attention?

Crimson: I'm trying to make time, cause this may doesn't likes you...*she has the cube on her hands*

Esperanza: Our cube! How did you found it?

Crimson: There was a huge room on the second floor, and there was a skull, and the block was trapped inside it's broken chest, so...

Esperanza: Forget i asked, let's wait now...

Crimson: Even if technically we should leave, i feel like a princess in a castle, or well, the spirit of an old queen in her castle in Romania.

Now, the scene shows Alejandro and Trent outside of the jail.

Trent: *conf.* I'm seriously worried about being with Alejandro, he is a huge power player, maybe if i talk to him, i can get to know him, he gets to know me, and i go off his radar.

Alejandro: *conf.* I'm seriously happy of where i landed, aside from having huge chances of finding that idol, i can also get to know what Trent is planning, and use it to my advantage.

Trent: Haven't found anything, have you, man?

Alejandro: Nothing at all, it might be inside the jail.

Trent: Maybe we will find it out here, we haven't searched everywhere.

Alejandro: Maybe you're...right, so, i'll search inside of the caves, you go to the woods.

Trent: Woah, wait...what if i search on the caves and you go to the woods? Remember i was exiled? I think i left a path on them before.

Alejandro: *he is left confused* Alright, you search there. *conf.* I wouldn't care to go there and damage my face or my boots, but that was suspicious, and...there must be something behind that, and i'm gonna find it.

Trent: I think it has to somewhere near here.

Alejandro: Yeah...wait, what's that rock over there? Seems like it has letters.

Trent: I just put that there, to remind myself to think on my sweet Bridgette if i'm ever coming back here.

Alejandro: That's good to hit on girls.

Trent: Maybe, but it's more of a reminder, of something really special between us.

Alejandro: *conf.* He even leaves a mark to the ground so i can find it? Next time i should ask for a shovel.

Trent: Got it, come on, Alejandro, let's win!

Alejandro: Yeah, win. *he turns arounds while nobody sees him, and picks up the idol from the rock* *conf.* This idol is in honor of a fashion blogger, so, let's say, that while i look devily hot like this, an idol makes me IRRESISTIBLE.

Trent: Wait, i heard something.

Alejandro: What you hear is maybe the sounds of the dry leaves on the floor, and our shoes walking on them, amigo, now let's keep it up.

Trent: Yeah, that has to be. *while both walk, Alejandro winks at the camera*

Chris: *from an helicopter* So, all the blocks have been found, we're bringing you back to the island, and we crown a winner.

Esperanza: Now? I mean, why we can't stay some more? Just look at this wonderful view! *there is just an ugly forest, dirt everywhere and some trees have no leaves*

Chris: When a contestant reaches the boiling point of their insanity, i know my job has been done! Now, let's exit this place, i'm getting disgusted at the time. *the helicopter leaves*

Now, the scene switches to the island, now with everyone standing on two mats.

Chris: And now, our photo end! All of you will run to the big machines there, insert the blocks so they can spell Zingbot, and done! He is disabled, someone wins, someone loses, someone goes and i keep on being the best host.

Zingbot: Disable yourself. ZING!

Esperanza: But i can't ruin machines! That's not what i am.

Zingbot: Go and win, and rub it on Chris' face, you know i hate LOSERS LIKE HIM!

Chris: Huzzle! Quick! Make him stop! Now! ' Kelly: Hurry, darling! We only need the cube you have!

Esperanza: I'll throw it!

Brody: Throw it, i'll catch it!

Trent: Not necesary! *they have the cubes in place* DJ, pull the key and we're done!

DJ: On it! *he starts to push*

Alejandro: *behind everyine who cheers for DJ* Off it...*he takes a bottke of water, and spreads it all over the machine*

The machine starts to malfunction, as the scene splits to a flying cube, catched by Brody, who puts in on the machine.

Brody: Pull the key! *Jack pushes the key, as a weird sound is heard, and a huge Zing on the background.*

Chris: He was just disabled? Ugh, like, lame. None the less, the Fans win!

Fans cheer for their victory, while most Favourites sigh, exceot for Alejandro, who seems to be pleased.

Chris: Sadly, our mansion is currently broken, as a result of their loss, the Buffaloes will clean it, while you must stay at Kelly's cabin.

Kelly: Fine by me.

They cheer again, as they leave, while Chris remains with the Favourites.

Chris: This is not what i plannedm but whatever, i want that the mansion shines again! And i mean shining!

'Now the scene shows most Favourites cleaning the mess of the mansion, but then, Courtney stands up on a chair.

Courtney: Guys, i need you to listen to me for a second, i wanna show you something of outmost importance.

Gwen: If it is your terrible attitude, then, we're watching and listening to it all day long.

Courtney: No, like duh, think better, it's about Alejandro, i finally have a proof! *in her PDA, a clip of Alejandro dropping the water is shown*

Bridgette: Courtney, i know you wanna show us that he is evil, but he is Alejandro afterall, something like that was expected, anyways, what's your point?

Courtney: I wanna do a campaign, if we wanna stay strong on challenges, we have to vote out Alejandro, or else, this might get rough.

Gwen: I hate to say it, but i agree with you on this one.

Bridgette: I'm going for it, i don't want my tongue next to a pole again.

Trent: If Bridgette thinks it's the best for us, i'm following it, even when i kind of gave him my word.

Gwen: You what?

Trent: Well, not like that, but i talked to him while we were on Awkanawaw.

Courtney: If you never said words like "deal" or "alliance", there is no word given, so, let's vote him out, spread the word.

Alejandro: *walking near there* Keep it up gentleman, ladies. *conf.* They better get worried, no one lies to my face and lives it with it for long.

DJ: *conf.* Im really nervous about this, but, if we all vote for Alejandro, then, he can't blame anybody.

Courtney: *conf.* I found what i needed, just in timw, now, i can guarantee i'm safe once again, and that if i target someone, they go home.

==Elimination Ceremony==

Chris: Before our main event of the night, one of the Fans will be sent to exile now...*while everyone argues, Crimson just walks off, and appears behins him, scaring him*...n..nn...nevermind, Crimson has volunteered to go.

Jack: *conf.* Suspicious...what if she wants to search the idol?

Crimson: *conf.* I don't give a damn about the idol, i just need an unhappy and dark place to be on, so, that jail is cold and awesome.

Chris: And now, the event! In this corner, the loser team of the Buffaloes, and in this one...a Zingbot with marshmallows!

The Zingbot walks near the campers, and gives a marshmallow to Katie, Lindsay, Cody, Gwen and DJ, while yelling ZING as he hands them.

Chris: And we have a bottom four, and one of you will go, well...i'll just say it, since this was an unanimous, the player leaving is....

*tension moments*

Chris: ...not Bridgette, you are safe. So, now, we have three, but well, just to break the ice ill say it, the person leaving, is...Alejandro.

Alejandro: *showing the idol* You are sure? *eveyone gasps*

Chris: Even i didn't saw that one coming, so, Alejandro is safe, which means, whoever had his vote of elimination, is the one that must leave, and that person is...

*even more intense music*

*people are freaking out*

*While Courtney is showed to be angry, Trent is actually nervous.

*Bridgett and Gwen look nervous at them, Cody is wishing it's Courtney.

Chris:...Trent! *everyone is left shocked*

Trent: Well, guess i should have seen that happening, anyways, thi sems like the end. Well, this is it, guys, DJ, Cody, see ya later!

DJ: Good luck, man.

Trent: Gwen, you are a great person, back then, and now, you are a good friend, also good luck.

Gwen: You're also great, good luck too

Trent: Katie and Lindsay, you are a bright pair, good luck.

Katie and Lindsay: *both squeal* We'll miss you too!

Trent: Bridgette, what can i say? When we met, we were friends, but now, we're a couple, and i have always thought of you in my hard moments, even if i won't be here now, i want you to stay strong, and be fierce. *she wipes a tear, and both kiss*

Cody: That means i can have Gwen now? *Gwen shoves him*

Trent: Courtney...most i can say is thanks for not voting me off.

Courtney: *she is at first angry, but then, she smiles and waves him goodbye*

Trent: *walking next to Alejandro* We crossed, and i was defeated, and i will accept, no hard feelings, whatever happens in your future, is destined to do so, well, bye and good luck.

Alejandro: Bye.

Trent: *now on the boat* Bye guys! It's been a great moment!

Everyone waves him goodbye.


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