Treacherous Turtles
Treacherous Turtles logo
Number of members 7
Highest ranking member TBA
Lowest ranking member Scott, 21st place
Team selected by Chris

The Treacherous Turtles are one of the three opposing teams that will compete in Total Drama Sky Adventures. The team is made up of Brick, Dakota, Jasmine, Jo, Lightbulb, Soap and Scott. The logo is a tortoise on an emerald green background.

Total Drama Sky AdventuresEdit

Shanghai N' SeekEdit


Treacherous Turtles teammates
Brick | Dakota | Jasmine | Jo | Lightbulb | Soap | Scott


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Scott Male 21st 7th Shanghai N' Seek He played an important part in costing his team the challenge, as well as his conflict with Dakota, who convinced the females of the team to vote him off.
Soap Female 16th 6th Draculean's Keystle She costed the challenge to her team for being an easy taget to the enemy, being quickly eliminated from the challenge, plus, the main alliance considered her as a floater.
Dakota Female 14th 5th The Maine Course Even when the Daring Dolphins lost the challenge, Dakota was pulled out from the game by the animal control, after mutating and causing havoc in the challenge.
Jo Female 13th 4th I'm Alive After a Japanese Game Show She challenged Jasmine to a final showdown at the tiebreaker, and lost being automatically eliminated without any nomination.
Jasmine Female 12th 3rd From Russia with Lurk She got targeted by the other two teammates, who blamed her for Jo's elimination, as they always shared a rivality.
Lightbulb Female 10th 2nd Grand Trent Auto She got eliminated because most of the cast found her annoying.
Brick Male TBA 1st TBA TBA


  • The Treacherous Turtles are seen as the inferior team in the season, after they only won three challenges (less than the other two teams), they came in second place in six out of twelve times, and came in last four times arriving to merge with only two members.
  • This is the second time a team loses so many times that Chris is forced to break it and only a member of it survives at merge. The first time was Team Victory in TDWT.
  • TDSKA Dakota

    Dakota's official cover.


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