Episode 13: GRAND TRENT AUTOEdit

(chris) Last time on Total Drama Sky Adventures...

They sledged, wedged and smashed through the freezing backyards of Alaska in order to take a wedge of the big cake called merge. Final day for the teams, Dolphins and Swordfishes faced one on one and Dolphins won easily. Izzy caught the right moose, Swordfishes caught the wrong lose! Mike was really helpful for once, just way too much and not for his true team..., 10:16 Miky3DS

(topher) Ok! I'm good, so I leave Chris to make the opening of the episode

10:16 King Flurry51

(chris) and because this is Total Drama and not Total Kindness he was the one to take the Fall of Shame.
(chris) Afterall it's better that Mike left, because the merge isn't for kind people and the journal challenge isn't anything close to KINDNESS. It will be a stab, a pursuit, a gangsta festival: things will be totally G...T...A

Grand Total Annhilation. Who will be the first victim of the Merge? Who will be robbed of the chance of 1 million dollar prize? Discover that on Total Drama SKA episode 13!! Theme song.

First Class (Dolphins)Edit

10:21 The not so happy user

(brick) *presses his alarm clock so it sounds again, louder*
(brick) Good Morning, team!

10:21 King Flurry51

(noah) Hey, Brick, I have a souvenir for your collection. A piece of horn that remained stuck in my butt from yesterday.

10:22 The not so happy user

(brick) Oh. I got a fake prop horns from the moose who attacked me, but this one's better, as it's actually real
(brick) Can't believe it reached you before they were able to tranquilize it down

10:23 King Flurry51

(noah) Oh, it's 100% original, I assure that the animal that attacked me was utterly a male moose.

10:24 The not so happy user

(trent) *conf* This is a mess! Two days ago, we were all friends, but now, it seems like the last challenge made us tear ourselves appart! Bridgette sent a moose to attack Noah, who started insulting him! I have no money problems now, but there will surely be more troubles ahead than ever.
(brick) Well, I wanted to talk with you all

10:24 King Flurry51 ((I just realized Dolphins are played by me and Happy only atm, I suggest to shorten sensitively this part than usual) 10:24 The not so happy user And Izzy? 10:24 King Flurry51 ((ah, ops, forgot about her XP)) 10:25 The not so happy user Don't tell me I also have to sub her! X_X 10:25 King Flurry51 ((no, it's AleGwen that plays her))

(chris) *watching Trent's confessional cam* Ohohoh. You have no idea Mr. Nine.

10:27 The not so happy user

(brick) Well, I've only been one day in this team, but I feel like you aren't really athletic. I don't mean to insult you, but I wanted to let you know that I'm opening a proposal for the merge: Brick's BodyBuilding, some training sessions every morning, and every single one of you can participate!

10:27 King Flurry51

(noah) *twitches and doesn't say anything*

10:27 The not so happy user

(bridgette) I know there's one in this team that totally should do that...
(trent) Bridgette...
(bridgette) I didn't say who!

10:27 King Flurry51

(noah) I know the name: Bridgette.

10:28 The not so happy user

(brick) *Conf* Hope they don't take it wrong... I didn't mean to insult, but the Swordifshes have won so many challenges, and it's for something...
(bridgette) I was thinking on someone more Indian... and more womanizer
(trent) *facepalms*

10:29 AleGwen714

(izzy) *wakes up and gets up suddenly* Good Morning everybody! I don't need your training sessions, Brick!

10:29 The not so happy user

(trent) *conf* Why does everyone care nothing about this?! Why am I the only one who wishes there's no trouble?

10:30 King Flurry51

(noah) ah ah, very funny said from the woman that kissed Alejandro and a pole.

10:30 The not so happy user

(brick) Oh... Well, nevermind! There are other contestants on the plane!

10:31 King Flurry51

(noah) At least I didn't kiss any object.

10:31 The not so happy user

(bridgette) At least Alejandro was hot! I don't get why any woman would be in a relationship with someone like you...
(trent) *in the middle of the two* Hey, why don't we play a game, or something like that? I have GoFish on my suitcase...

10:32 King Flurry51

(noah) I attract from the inside, simple.
(noah) GoFish?

10:33 AleGwen714

(izzy) *realizes the quarrel * Why are you litigating? We won, right? Anyway, I want to play a game!

10:33 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *laughs* The inside? I don't get why anyone would like to go out with a model, even when it's filled up with half of the  trash that you have! When was the last time you told anything nice to anyone?
(trent) It was the first thing that came to my mind...
(trent) *sighs* Please, guys, peace
(brick) I'm going to make the same offer to loser class... heheh... *walks off*

10:34 King Flurry51

(noah) yesterday. I congratulated with Izzy for the victory. *pauses and whispers to himself* I did, right?


10:34 The not so happy user

(bridgette) You did only say Izzy won, only to add that I didn't contribute! You just search for the crap out of everything, without realizing of the good part!

(sorry) 10:35 King Flurry51 (ops)

(noah) Woah, ok..

10:36 The not so happy user (we move now?) 10:36 King Flurry51 (I think so)


10:36 Miky3DS Topher is approaching to Gwen

(topher) Hi, my delicious teammate. can I offer You something for the right beginning of the day?

10:38 King Flurry51

(fan2) "What happened yesterday?" I don't know. Things went quickly wrong for us and there was this sort of unexpected elimination in favor of a floater...and...uhm...don't like the way I'm writing. Need to use better words. Alt+Cancel. Tickle. *he's writing on a blog*

10:38 The not so happy user

(lightbulb)  (music) They see me rollin'... They hatin'...  (music)

10:38 AleGwen714 (Gwen) *irritated * Topher, can you leave me alone? I want to relax and I don't want to be disturbed. 10:39 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Hey, Francis Fanny Fan Fan! What are you writting?

10:39 Miky3DS

(topher) Ok. See You after, my little cupcake
(topher) -confessional- Call me mad, but I'm sure of make me and Gwen the couple of the season. I've alrady programmed al..from the begining to the break-up

10:40 King Flurry51

(fan2) I'm actually writing an answering blog for the several questions I received after the performance of yesterday. Our team was utterly favorite on paper but we lost disappointing all the fellow fans.

10:40 AleGwen714

(gwen) * she is angry, but trys to calm down *
  • tries

10:40 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Uuuuh! Can I answer some! I was there! I died there!

10:41 King Flurry51

(fan2) Ok, I find a question that regards you directly... there's none, sorry.

10:41 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) And is there any general question to all of the team?
(lightbulb) Or how did I feel when the team who represents to be the favourite team ends up murdering a teammate that's new in cold blood?

10:42 King Flurry51

(fan2) ehm..not really. But there's a question TT could answer personally. Hey, test Tube!

10:42 Miky3DS

(topher) Ys: why i'm not the leader?

10:42 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) I would love to answer the last one

10:43 King Flurry51

(fan2) Ok, the question is..."Do you like F---" <Agh, what? Oh, no, I accidentally clicked on cancel and lost it. Pity!

10:44 AleGwen714 (TT)*she is behind Fan* I'm here, Fan! Anyway, what is the question? 10:45 King Flurry51

(fan2) I just lost it so nevermind, eh eh eh. *blushes* (Thanks I'm alredy red by myself and you can't see when I blush..)

10:45 The not so happy user

(brick) *enters in* Hi everyone on the Swordfishes team!
(lightbulb) Hello, Captain Bricky!

10:46 King Flurry51

(fan2) Howdie, sir.

10:46 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) This people murdered me, don't trust them

10:46 Miky3DS

(topher) invasion: what are You doing here?

10:46 The not so happy user

(brick) O-ok...

10:46 AleGwen714 (TT) What a pity... *notes Brick* Hi Brick! 10:47 King Flurry51

(fan2) *sighs as Test Tube turns* why is it so difficult to speak out?

10:47 The not so happy user

(brick) I just wanted to inform you that I'm going make a work out project, and you're all invited to join me in the trainings that we'll do every day!
(lightbulb) Uuuuh! Seems incredibly stupid! I'll join!

10:48 Miky3DS

(topher) Why You should help us' We're on different teams.

10:48 AleGwen714 (TT) Do you say anything, Fan? 10:48 King Flurry51

(fan2) No, no.

10:48 The not so happy user

(brick) Because the merge is here, and we'll all be on our own, now! We're going to be able to build new friendships, and train together!

10:49 Miky3DS

(topher) i understand

10:49 The not so happy user

(brick) So... would anyone be interested?

10:49 King Flurry51

(fan2) I don't know, not really into physical activities.

10:49 Miky3DS

(topher) confessional Brick is smart: He's trying to form an allice and the exercises are only a mode for to see who are the stronger contestants

10:50 The not so happy user

(brick) It's always good to start!

10:50 Miky3DS

(topher) me and Gwe could be interested

10:50 The not so happy user

(brick) Oh, thank you, Topher! We'll see there!

10:50 AleGwen714

(gwen) What? I'm not interested!

10:51 King Flurry51 two times the same mistake >-< 10:51 Miky3DS (topher9 Oh, my dear..don't be hard. (put his arm around her back) make it for uor love... 10:51 King Flurry51

(fan2) I'll think about. Fine?

((Happy, save the transcript so far)) 10:52 The not so happy user

(brick) Thanks! You won't regret it guys! Thank you so much!

10:52 AleGwen714

(gwen) What are you doing, Topher? Let me immediately!


(topher) I know that You are shy, but I'm tring to make you prt of my wordld

10:54 AleGwen714

(gwen) *gives a kick in the lower parts of Topher * I told you to leave me alone.
  • Topher's lower parts

10:55 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Test Tube, I want to talk with you about Fan... I think you'll be really interested into knowing something about him...

10:55 King Flurry51

(fan2) Ouch, love hurts, definitely.

10:55 Miky3DS

(topher) -touching the hurt part- Ouch! You're an hot pepprer and also an hot chick!

10:55 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *conf* Fan will be soooo thankfull if I tell TT by myself how much he loves her!

(ligthbulb) *conf* Afterall, he's too shy to admit it 10:56 King Flurry51

(fan2) *confessional* I wonder if me and Test Tube would have our arguments after the official engagement, IF and I repeat IF we have a chance together.

10:56 AleGwen714

(gwen) *to herself* Calm down, Gwen. Calm down.

10:57 Miky3DS (topher9 If You want, i can give you the number of my perosnal trainer 10:57 AleGwen714 (TT) What do you know about Fan? 10:58 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Have you noticed something weird about him?
(lightbulb) I mean, he's been into someone for sooo long
(lightbulb) And that someone is... well...
(lightbulb) You really didn't even know he was into someone?

11:00 King Flurry51

(fan2) *is continuing to write his blog* hmm...tickle tickle...ah!...No, flat. Uhm..what could be an efficient synonym of "floater"...

11:00 AleGwen714 (TT) In reality, no. He really is into someone!? 11:01 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) You're so lost, right?
(lightbulb) You know, I'll better let you discover who does he like by yourself...
(lightbulb) Being a detective is somethign we all like!

King Flurry51

(fan2) ...what's up?

((stiamo tutti aspettando Happy per continuare?)) 11:10 Miky3DS

(topher) confessiona I noticed a certain strange attitude of Fan. he's preparing something, and I want to konwo shat

11:11 AleGwen714

(gwen) *conf* Fortunately Topher isn't thinking more to me now! I can't stand that guy!

11:12 Miky3DS

(topher) You can't stand me? I knew You find me hot

11:14 AleGwen714

(gwen) Leave me alone! Wait a moment: how do you know that I can't stand you? Do you read my diary?
  • have you read

11:14 King Flurry51 (brb, keep playing anyway) 11:18 AleGwen714

(gwen) *if I find out you've read my diary, I'll *suddenly calms down* It's no use talking to you.

11:19 Miky3DS

(topher) Oh Gwen, how futre host I've umproved my hear

(torno subito) 11:19 AleGwen714 (ok) 11:21 The not so happy user Back 11:25 King Flurry51 Back ((continue)) 11:27 AleGwen714 (TT) *conf* I wonder if Fan really have a crush on someone ... I wonder who is that someone ... 11:27 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Don't worry, girl! He'd appreciate you trying to get him know the feminine gender...

11:29 King Flurry51

(fan2) Dear followers, don't you have sometimes the strange sensation to be the topic of someone else? I'm having it at the moment. By the way, I'll end the Q&A session for now. *closes PC*

11:30 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) You can give him some useful tips. Tell him what do you like in a guy, so he can improve

11:30 Miky3DS (Im'back) 11:30 King Flurry51

(chris) Dling-Dlong! Attention, attention all, I have an announcement to do: due to the recent events I decided to bring back a contestant in the game...

It starts with M and finishes with E.. say welcome back to... 11:31 Miky3DS

(topher) (sarcastic) A contestat return in the game? what surprise

11:31 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Mr. Mime?

11:31 King Flurry51

(chris) the best contestant ever, the most important opponent you get on your way: MERGE!

11:32 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Nuuuu! I wanted a psychic type!

11:33 King Flurry51

(fan2) Ah, phew, my mind was already blowing because this would have been totally unpredictable.

11:33 Miky3DS

(topher) Chris make a return every season almost

11:34 King Flurry51

(chris) It's merge, your worst nightmare because by now teams are over, stabs are knocking at the door, the alliances are flowering and most important the challenges will be PLENTY MORE FUNNY. Muahahahah!

11:34 The not so happy user

(brick) But also the friendships!
(trent) I'm starting to feel you don't get what "reality show" means...

11:35 King Flurry51

(chris) So are you ready to kill and die? *opens the doors of the plane* Welcome to GTA: the Merge. Enjoy!

11:36 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Yipeee! *jumps out of the plane*

11:36 King Flurry51

(fan2) *opens to glide over the mountain* holy wind, what a look down me: this is the Grand Canyon!

11:37 The not so happy user

(bridgette) We'll be able to land safely as the winners of last challenge, right?

11:37 King Flurry51

(noah) *opens the parachute that of course doesn't work filled of moose horns* Perfect.
(chris) If anybody dies in the creek of the canyon, I have already a plan B for the replacements.
(chris) *glances at Bill sadically*

11:40 The not so happy user

(trent) I guess we'll also have to jumps...

11:41 King Flurry51

(fan2) *lands safely as usual* the advantage to be made of paper.

11:41 The not so happy user

(brick) *falls to the ground*

11:42 Miky3DS

(topher) .trhowing himself_ no risks, no glory

11:42 King Flurry51

(noah) *grabs at Bridgette to avoid to fall* Mind if I save myself from the same destiny?

((basically a similar situation of his hug with her in Yukon)) 11:42 The not so happy user

(bridgette) No problem... *opens parachute, revealing more moose horns*

11:43 King Flurry51

(noah) Perfect.

11:43 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *conf* I'm trying to be more mature, but I don't know how he'll feel...
(trent) Grab to my legs, mine works!

11:44 Miky3DS Topher lands safety in the location+ 11:44 King Flurry51

(noah) *sings* "Come fall with us, come die with us.."

11:44 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *grabs to Trent*

11:44 AleGwen714 (TT) *falls* I hope I don't break me! *lands on Fan* Wow! I have no scratch! *notes that in an zone she is chipped* Forget it... 11:45 King Flurry51

(chris) *lands safely and a red carpet is put on the ground in front of his walk*

Vip treatment, eheh. 11:45 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *breaks by the impact*

11:45 Miky3DS

(topher) aday, surely I will have it

11:45 King Flurry51

(fan2) Wow, ehm, I mean, are you fine, TT?
(chris) *laughs histerically* Keep dreaming, Topher.
(chris) Now, to the serious things...pfff..AHAHAHAHAH...ok, ok, I'm serious no...ppppffff...ahahhahah! It's just that...HE...ahahahhaahah!

Topher you suck as host but you're an awesome comedian. 11:48 AleGwen714 (TT) *notes to be above Fan * Oh. Sorry Fan! *stands up* Anyway, the potion that I took before worked, more or less. I only have a small scratch. 11:48 King Flurry51

(fan2) I think that it's not true merit of the potion...
(chris) Ok, stop. I'm serious now. Totally.
(chris) First of all, I decided to make the passage from pre-merge to merge gradual and that's why today there will be 5 pairs of you.

11:50 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *throws him a pickle pot*

11:50 AleGwen714 (TT) I just hope that the scratch doesn't turn into a crack. Do you have a Band-Aid? 11:51 King Flurry51

(fan2) No, but I can rip off a streak of myself to make for a bandage.

Rrrip. Ahuauu! Here.

(chris) I will go for the most unconventional pairs possible.

11:52 The not so happy user

(trent) Woah, he broke himself for her! That must be love!

11:53 King Flurry51

(fan2) !
(chris) First pair will be Gwen and...

T... 11:53 AleGwen714 (TT) Thank you very much! *takes the piece of paper * You should not have! 11:54 King Flurry51

(fan2) ehehe...
(chris) Trent!

11:54 The not so happy user

(bridgette) No way!

11:54 King Flurry51

(chris) Gwen & Trent. Very unconventional to see you together after so many years.

11:55 The not so happy user

(trent) *rolls eyes* I was expecting that. I don't feel anything for her, so you won't get you drama and stuff...

11:56 King Flurry51

(chris) The 2nd pair will be made of two original Dolphins: Noah and Bridgette! Since you're so into each others in the last period, so why separate two awesome friends like you?

11:56 The not so happy user

(trent) *mimicking* Uuuh, surely they'll argue! Drama! Bah...
(bridgette) You said this was going to be random and with unreleated pairings!

11:56 King Flurry51

(noah) typical Chrisshole.

11:56 The not so happy user

(bridgette) What will be next? Fan and Test Tube?

11:57 King Flurry51

(chris) Nope.

11:58 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Oh. I would have lost money, If I had bet
(trent) *holds Bridgette's hand* Please, Bridgette, give Noah a chance...
(bridgette) *rolls eyes* I doubt he accepts any chance...

11:59 King Flurry51

(chris) Third pair is Brick & Topher!

11:59 The not so happy user

(brick) Hello, Sir! *Salutates*

11:59 Miky3DS

(topher) .confessional- Gwen paired with Trent? very original

12:00 King Flurry51

(chris) Pair 4 is Fan and Test Tube. Too late to ransom your drama moneys, Bridgette.

12:00 The not so happy user

(bridgette) And you called this unconcieving?
(bridgette) Better boring

12:00 King Flurry51

(fan2) What? O,O

12:01 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Oh, no! My fanny francis fan fan!
(lightbulb) *winks to Test Tube* You know what to do, girl! Release your inner detective

12:01 King Flurry51

(chris) alright, since you're so petty let's change: Fan & Izzy and Lightbulb & Test Tube! Happy, now?

12:01 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Really?
(bridgette) I thought I jsut had to complain... Do what you preffer

12:02 AleGwen714 (TT) Ok... 12:02 The not so happy user

(bridgette) I was only trying to find a way to blame this selection...

12:02 King Flurry51

(fan2) *sighs deeply* I hate you, Bridgette.

12:02 The not so happy user

(trent) It's better if you don't talk...
(trent) I mean, you know how Chris is
(bridgette) *Rolls eyes*
(lightbulb) Yes, Test Tube! We can be Crystal buddies!

12:03 King Flurry51

(chris) in fact, better you all shut up, listen and obey by now. I have literal freedom in my contract since it's MERGE.

12:03 AleGwen714 (TT) *conf* I would rather be with Fan. I hope Lightbulb doesn't give me problems.. 12:04 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *grabs Test Tube, and throws her to the floor to shatter her* You killed me first, we're even now!

12:04 King Flurry51

(fan2) argh!!!
(fan2) T-Test Tube!

12:04 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Don't cry. We resurrect... Duh

12:04 King Flurry51

(fan2) Anybody has a me-phone app????

12:05 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Chris has...

12:05 King Flurry51

(chris) Clever move, Lightbulb.
(chris) Kill your own partner.

12:05 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) She killed me first!

12:06 King Flurry51

(chris) Oh, well, not my business. Everyone, follow me to the garages, the first challenge is on charge.

12:06 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) But resurrect her!
(lightbulb) Does anybody have glue?

12:07 King Flurry51

(fan2) w-wait, wait, what about my friend? I mean, you can't just leave her here dead, do something, Chris!
(chris) you should have done something, too, way before this happened. But as I said, I don't have to care.

12:08 The not so happy user

(brick) You can't do this! A life's in danger!

12:08 King Flurry51

(fan2) Oh, I'm such a whimper.
(chris) Hellooo? I like drama but there are challenges on schedule and we're already in delay, so move it to the boxes.

12:10 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Then I'm going to steal your phone!
(chris) *there are five boxes* Here is where you have to get a common car and modify its look, color, accesories, whatever you want in order to make it unrecognizable for the cops that will check you at the entrance of the Grand Canyon Highway.

You can steal the car you want in the ways you prefer, the most mess you cause, the higher will go my ratings. (the steal the car section is the narrative part of this challenge) 12:17 The not so happy user

(trent) Now that's interesting! Show us the cars!

12:17 King Flurry51

(chris) Which cars? You have to find them on your "own".

12:18 The not so happy user

(trent) The ones in the boxes, you said...
(trent) Such as this one... *points at a box*

12:18 Miky3DS

(topher) Ok, ready to go...

King Flurry51

(chris) Ready? Go! Gwen, I expect a lot from you since you have dated with a true delinquent. Trent, I entitled the episode in your honor so gimme drama!
(noah) alright, Bridgette, we're forced to collaborate even if you dislike me and my attitude.

12:37 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *shrugs* Do you have any idea in mind?
(bridgette) Or do you know how to get a car?

12:38 King Flurry51

(noah) actually, I wanted to apologise with you this morning but you provoked my sarcasm before I could do that.

12:38 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Oh
(bridgette) I also wanted to apologize. I feel like I heat up more easily than ever since I broke up with Geoff

12:39 AleGwen714 ((I'm back.)) 12:39 King Flurry51

(noah) Said this, I suggest to go at the parking behind that casinò first of all.

12:39 The not so happy user

(bridgette) There will surely be good cars there...

12:39 Miky3DS (topher9 ok, soldier. What's next move? 12:39 King Flurry51

(noah) well, we also had a story in the last season but has not finished well, so..

12:40 The not so happy user

(brick) Hmm... You were really good with themes, right? You know what fits better in front of the camera?
(bridgette) *sigh* I was really upset there, because Geoff cheated on me with another girl... I forgave him, but he didn't like me going around with Trent...

12:41 King Flurry51

(noah) *confessional* I have usually been always eliminated before or at merge for trivial reasons or sheer bad luck: I don't want to experience that again. Therefore, I'll keep my sharp tounge the most I can in order to not get any enemy, Bridgette included.
(noah) *continuing conf* That's why I invented to apologise with her immediately.

12:42 Miky3DS

(topher) interesting question, but I according to various situations is he right answer to your question.

12:43 AleGwen714

(izzy) Come on, Fan! Let's go to steal a car! Choose the one you like best, then I will think about taking it!

12:43 King Flurry51

(fan2) sigh, Test Tube...I didn't see that coming. Sniff. Again, why I let this happen? Why I'm so weak..

12:43 The not so happy user

(brick) I think we can go and and check the cars behind the casino... I oberheard Noah saying that, and we can do the same
(trent) So... Gwen, any idea?

12:44 King Flurry51

(fan2) ..oh? *turns to Izzy* Ops, sorry, i was absorbed in my rummages, can you repeat what you said?

Please? 12:45 Miky3DS

(topher) ok. I propose an honda civic how our car. you're right?

12:46 AleGwen714

(izzy) Choose a car, and I'll steal for you! Anyway, you do not look so good! What happened? You can say it to the dear Izzy!

12:46 King Flurry51

(fan2) I pick the blue Ford Fiesta.

12:46 The not so happy user

(brick) We'll see if we find one there... *runs there*
(lightbulb) I think this one looks coolio!

12:48 King Flurry51

(fan2) Happened that I let things happen again, that I didn't do anything than stare and watch from the backlines...meanwhile (my) Test Tube was killed by Lightbulb. I feel a coward, not only I don't have the courage to tell her what I feel but neither I prevent her safety.

12:49 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Some colour and emphasis on it's theme would end up making this awesome!

12:49 King Flurry51

(chris) I said common cars, you idiot.

12:49 AleGwen714

(izzy) Ok! Leave it to me! *starts to run towards a car window, but ends up smashing against falling to the ground *

12:50 The not so happy user (ligthbulb) THis is a casino! People in her ehtink this is common!

(lightbulb) After I'm done with this, no one will recognize it!

12:50 King Flurry51

(fan2) Oh my blog! How are you alive after such a stunt? I mean, I know you're used to that but one thing is watching you on TV, another is watching you on reality.
(noah) Ok, Bridgette, choose the car.

12:51 The not so happy user

(trent) Gwen, what do you pick?
(bridgette) Hmmm...
(bridgette) Maybe one as that one? It's blue, like the ocean...

12:52 AleGwen714

(gwen) I pick this:

12:53 King Flurry51

(fan2) It's strange to see someone do this NOT on a screen.

12:53 Miky3DS I chose this: 12:53 King Flurry51

(noah) an open car, then.

12:55 AleGwen714

(izzy) I wanted to try to break the car window, but it isn't broke ... Anyway, I listened to your problems and Izzy has a solution!

12:55 The not so happy user

(bridgette) How do you think we could modify it?

12:55 King Flurry51

(fan2) Solution to my problem=?

12:56 King Flurry51

(noah) first I think at a way to deactivate the alarm system.


(topher) So Brick, We're in the same team.

10:58 The not so happy user

(brick) Yes, Sir

10:58 King Flurry51

(noah) Don't get in the car until I say you. there a GPS on the windshield? Yes. In this way it's too easy.

10:58 The not so happy user

(brick) We should find a way to steal one of this cars, despite it's not legal
(bridgette) So, I can get in?

11:00 Miky3DS

(topher) if I offer my autoograph to the owner of the car, it should be a right change

11:00 King Flurry51

(noah) Not yet. You sure surf on the sea but have you ever surfed on Internet? Have patience. I'm entering in the system of the car with an hack.

11:00 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) This is easy! *throws a stone at one of the car's windows, breaking it, and setting up an alarm*
(lightbulb) Woah, this song is so damn catchy!

11:01 King Flurry51

(sanders) what's this sound?

11:01 The not so happy user

(brick) We can try it... Let's go, team! I mean, Topher
(lightbulb) *gets in the car, and drives away after destroying some wires* Wires are my thing!

11:02 AleGwen714

(izzy) Obviously Fan, but if you want to know the solution, you have to steal this car. I know I said I'd stolen it (and indeed I will give you a hand), you have to prove you're brave. Only brave people know this secret.

11:02 King Flurry51

(noah) Done. Now I need only the keys.

11:02 Miky3DS

(topher) Ok!

11:02 King Flurry51

(fan2) Do you want me to steal a car?

11:02 The not so happy user

(bridgette) And how do we get the keys?

11:03 Miky3DS

(topher) I should be beaware. Brick could stab me in hte back

11:03 King Flurry51

(noah) *shrugs* I don't know.

11:03 The not so happy user

(bridgette) You seem to be really attractive for some females... Maybe, if the owner's a woman, you can try to seduce her

11:03 AleGwen714

(izzy) Hello? Anyway, I'll give you a hand. Do you have any ideas?

11:04 The not so happy user

(bridgette) If It's a dude, I can do it by myself... I guess... I've never done this before...

11:04 King Flurry51

(noah) ehm, ehm.
(noah) I think we'll discover in minutes, someone lighted on the car from the distance.

11:05 The not so happy user

(brick) There! There's a man going out of that car! We can go and you offer him the autograph!
(bridgette) *swallows saliva*

11:05 King Flurry51

(fan2) Wait, let me think about something. Oh, what if you throw me against a car, I open at most, blind the visuality of the windshield, force the driver to stop and you (ehm, sonunds so criminal) knock him down?

11:06 AleGwen714

(gwen) Ehm .. Trent?... I think I have an idea. How about we go over there? *indicates a highway*

11:06 King Flurry51

(chef) Hey, what you maggots are doing nearby my car?

11:06 The not so happy user

(trent) I think we can enter in that one... The keys are in...

11:06 King Flurry51

(noah) *backs slowly slowly* all yours, Bridgette, work him.

11:06 The not so happy user

(trent) Despite it looks old... maybe abandoned
(bridgette) Heh, Chef...

11:07 King Flurry51

(chef) sgrunt, I'm on vacation and still the job follows me, I told Chris I wanted to stay out of this  shit for a bit.

11:07 The not so happy user

(bridgette) If you lend us your car, I'm going to eat one of those dolphin sausages

11:07 AleGwen714

(gwen) Oh.. Good idea, Trent!

11:07 The not so happy user

(trent) *opens, and sits* Hope this works!
(trent) *tries to turn it on* Wait... It's out of fuel!

11:08 King Flurry51

(chef) HAHAH, yes, sure. If the nerdie boy there also eats a yummy yummy salmon tail of mines, I will give away my car. But of course, you're two losers.

11:09 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *looks at Noah*

11:09 AleGwen714

(izzy) Oh, yeah! I like your idea! Let's go!

11:09 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Up to you...

11:09 King Flurry51

(noah) *whistles*

11:09 The not so happy user

(trent) Gwen, wait here! I'm going to go and buy some oil!

11:09 King Flurry51

(noah) hey, isn't that Izzy trying to steal your car?
(chef) IZZY?
(fan2) Ok, but throw me with carefulness. Okay, Izzy?

11:10 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *slams Chef with a rear mirror*

11:11 King Flurry51

(noah) *searches for the keys and finds them in the trousers* I never did that, fine?

11:11 The not so happy user

(bridgette) The only thing I had in hand...

11:11 King Flurry51

(noah) Let's go away from here.
  • puts on the shades and drives outside the parking*

11:12 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Sure we'll be the first ones to have it!

11:13 King Flurry51

  • the shades of Chef XD*

11:13 The not so happy user

(trent) *brings some fuel, and puts it on the tank* We can go now!

11:14 AleGwen714

(izzy) Ok! *sees a car move* Do your best, Fan! *throws Fan with force against the car*

11:14 King Flurry51

(macarthur) *screams at the megaphone behind Lightbulb* You, lighthead, stop!

11:14 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Ugh, now some coppies... *rolls eyes*

11:15 AleGwen714

(gwen) Ok. Let's go!

11:15 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Luckyly, I always bring a flute! *throws the flute at the police cadets' car*

11:15 King Flurry51

(fan2) Ahh, worst idea ev- (no, Fan, be cool for once, do if for Test Tube) here! *splatches on the windshield of a Ford and opens covering the full visuality* Izzzyyy, get readyyyy. Screeeek.

11:16 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Let's drive to Chris, Noah!

11:16 King Flurry51

(macarthur) You! You're under arrest!
(sanders) Just keep calm and professional, colleague. We can't arrest someone just for throwing a flute against us.

11:17 The not so happy user

(brick) *gets in the car after pushing it's owner, and drives away* Let's go, Topher!
(lightbulb) And I can give you some muuney

11:17 King Flurry51

(noah) On it. Brooooom!

11:17 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) You know, I can give you the contact of soeone who'll pay any kind of harms

11:17 King Flurry51

(macarthur) **Really? How many?!**
(sanders) Ahem!

11:18 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *writes down Chris' name, and the number of his credit card on the ban* He pays for everything.

11:18 Miky3DS (Topher) there're also guardians. very perfect 11:18 King Flurry51

(macarthur) That's what Valentina Escobar would have said, but I ain't her by a long time. *puts handcuffs on Lightbulb* You're UNDER ARREST,

11:19 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *conf* It's useful to have Chris' wallet*

11:19 Miky3DS

(topher) Brock,, ave You an idesa abity the challenge

11:20 King Flurry51

(sanders) The accuses are corruption, excess speed, sassiness and unrespect for the authorities. You have the right to stay in silence because everything you say it will be used against...
(macarthur) Blah, blah, blah, cut it. To the prison!

11:20 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *rolls eyes* You are cadets. You don't even have permission to arrest

11:20 AleGwen714

(izzy) * expects the car stops, then opens the car door and throws away the driver* Done! We are ready? Let's go!

11:21 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) And I don't have that either... But I have a taser! *electrocutes MacArthur*

11:21 King Flurry51

(fan2) wait, you forget I'm still on the windshield, outside Izzyyyy!
(macarthur) Tsk, my glutes are isolant.

11:21 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *jumps inside the car, and drives away*

11:22 King Flurry51

(macarthur) *uses teaser on Lightbulb* Black out.

11:22 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) I literally conduct electricity

11:22 King Flurry51

(sanders) ...
(macarthur) ops.
(macarthur) I will find you again, listen to me, I will catch you next time. I always pick my man!!!

11:23 AleGwen714

(izzy) Come on, Fan! I know you can get in the car without problems! Wait till I open the car window... *opens the car window*

11:23 The not so happy user

(trent) *stops car next to Chris* Stolen one

11:24 King Flurry51

(fan2) You're kidding, right? Have you any idea of the power of the wind at rmhp speed like this? I can't move from here, I would be blown away for sure.
(chris) second arrived. Noah and Bridgette preceeded you but doesn't care.
(noah) Bridgette, since you're used to paint on surf plates, I mean those things like cool flames and dolphins, you're on charge for the tuning part. I wll limit to assist you. *sits on a chair*

11:26 The not so happy user

(brick) *drives with Topher to Chris*
(bridgette) I think I have a few ideas...

11:26 King Flurry51

  • surfboards*

11:27 AleGwen714

(izzy) I can't stop and what you said is not a valid reason! I know you can do it! You must do it! Come on!

11:27 King Flurry51

(noah) Then, good work. If you need any mental help, knock at my door. *gets a newspaper and reads it*

11:27 The not so happy user

(trent) Do you know how can we tune this, Gwen?
(bridgette) *conf* I guess some things never change...

11:29 King Flurry51

(fan2) T-This is crazyness but I guess it's time for this fan to come out of his shell. Let's gooo!! Ahhh! Wooooosh! *flies in the wind and almost gets run over by a car but eventually flutters inside the vehicle through the flits.* Aaaanf, what an experience.

11:29 The not so happy user

(brick) Let's work on this, Topher...

11:29 King Flurry51

(noah) *confessional* Oh, right. Keyword is "MERGE". *facepalm*

11:29 AleGwen714

(gwen) Mmh... Do you like convertibles, Trent? What about turning our car into a convertible?

11:30 King Flurry51 I was kidding, Bridgette. Any concrete help you need from me? I'm here. 11:30 The not so happy user

(trent) As long as you give me instructions, I'll follow your lead
(bridgette) Sure! Apply this to the car's wheels...

11:31 AleGwen714

(izzy) Now, do you understand, Fan?

11:31 King Flurry51

(noah) Anything less, okay, I'll apply the best stickers to them.

11:31 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *nearlly runs over Chris* Woah! Get out of the way!

11:31 King Flurry51

(fan2) Anf-an-understand what?

11:31 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) I mean... Have you resurrected Test Tube?

11:32 King Flurry51

(chris) Hey! We almost skived the tragedy, here. Watch out!
(chris) Who cares for Test Tube?!

11:33 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) She's my teammate!

11:33 King Flurry51

(chris) You killed her, your problem.

11:33 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) You have the app, your problem!

11:34 King Flurry51

(chris) I'm downloading it, okay? It will be ready for the end of the day.

11:34 AleGwen714

(gwen) Ok. This is not the first time I modify a car . Follow my instructions *tells Trent how to turn the car into a convertible*

11:34 King Flurry51

(noah) stickers applied.

11:34 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *facepalms*
(bridgette) Then, help me painting this side of the car!

11:35 King Flurry51

(noah) Okay.

11:35 The not so happy user

(brick) Let's see...

11:35 AleGwen714

(izzy) Don't you understand? The solution, silly! The solution to your problems!


(topher) Brick, Try to found a new ar

Brick and Topher star to find a car 11:43 The not so happy user

(brick) We're already tunning one, Topher
(brick) Any specific ideas?

11:51 AleGwen714

(izzy) Admit it: if you had not had the courage, you would never have lived this experience. If you had COURAGE, you would say to TT what you feel for her. If you had COURAGE, you would send Lightbulb to hell. *screaming * Now, do you understand? COURAGE! *realizes that she had raised her voice* Ops. I let myself go. Ehehe... Anyway, do you understand?

11:52 King Flurry51

(fan2) *twitches* I think so. *glossy eyes* I'm courageous, then! Then I can do everything I want and avenge my Test Tubaby. Ahem. Test Tube. *puts on sunglasses* Let's go to win and kill Lightbulb, I guess.

11:54 Miky3DS

(topher) For the challenge, I wnat to usa an Honda civic. where can We find it?


(topher) approach to the aprking with the Jaguar move. luckilly, I studied it for improve my posture

10:31 King Flurry51

(fan2) Izzy, I think we're arrived at the box. Park the car meanwhile I do a quick commission...

10:31 The not so happy user

(brick) You realize everyone else have their cars? We must do it fast!

10:31 Miky3DS

(topher) let's move Brick. I don't want to lose

10:31 AleGwen714

(izzy) Ok, Fan!

10:31 King Flurry51

(fan2) Hey, Lightbulb.

10:31 The not so happy user

(brick) *punches the driver* Do you know how to drive a car, Topher?
(lightbulb) What's Up, fanny fan fan?

10:33 King Flurry51

(fan2) You're a musician, right? Then I would like you to give me an opinion on this song: I would like to download it for my ringtone. *approaches the telephone to her ears*

10:33 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) I only do flutes

10:33 Miky3DS

(topher) no. I Always thinked my perosnal drive do it

10:34 King Flurry51

(fan2) The title is BLACK-OUT. *a scream pops out of the phone and a very loud hardcore metal cacophonic brand starts*

10:34 The not so happy user

(brick) I will, then! *starts driving*

10:35 King Flurry51

(fan2) *the vibration of the song make Lightbulb to shatter*

10:35 Miky3DS (Topher) But I have great ideas about the decoration 10:35 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! *starts jumping around*

10:35 King Flurry51

(fan2) *or even explode*

10:35 The not so happy user

(trent) I never imagined Fan would kill a fanfavourite
(trent) It's one of those funny things to see before I die

10:36 King Flurry51

(fan2) never underestimate the rage of a fan. This is a main rule you should all be aware of for the future.

10:37 The not so happy user

(trent) *shrugs* I wonder if this disqualifies you, but as it's Chris who we're talking about, I don't know

10:37 King Flurry51

(fan2) We have lot of POWER behind the screens, a negative review of one of us can ruin forever the reputation of a contestant.
(fan2) or of a HOST.

10:37 Miky3DS

(topher) But are our rivals doing?

10:38 The not so happy user

(brick) *drives to Chris* C'mon, let's tune this!

10:38 King Flurry51

(chris) *makes a weird face* !

10:38 Miky3DS

(topher) -confesisoanl- i must remember Fan's words. so, i have a strategy for to ruin Chris

10:38 AleGwen714

(izzy) *wipes a tear* I'm proud of him! *addressing Fan, shouting * You're great, Fan!

10:39 The not so happy user

(trent) What are you going to do, Chris? Both team members are dead!

10:39 King Flurry51

(fan2) *walks away keeping his sunglasses* oh, wow, I never felt like this before. It was....something! Thanks, Izzy, you're making me blush.
(chris) That spares me the tiredom to check five pairs at contemporary, I will check only four, amazing!

or I can bring back two contestants in their place to make a pair. What about Jasmine & Jo? 10:42 The not so happy user

(trent) No, we're fine! Way too strong competitors

10:42 King Flurry51

(chris) Ah! My phone finished to download the revinving objects app.
(fan2) Just revive Test Tube ONLY, then.
(chris) I'll first revive her, okay? I don't even know how this works...

10:43 Miky3DS

(topher) All should easier if I hit Chris with the car...b ut, see tha i cant....

10:44 King Flurry51

(fan2) Oh, for Internet's sake! Give me that phone. Click and touch. Done.

((testube can talk again now)) 10:45 The not so happy user

(brick) Topher, this seems a hard challenge... *grabs some colour spray*

10:45 Miky3DS

(topher) don't get crazy. I have a god idea. Now, let do to me....

10:45 King Flurry51

(noah) they're all distracted by Chris's incompetence, are you sure to have put enough changes on the car?
(chris) Ok, here one now revive Lightbulb too and..

10:46 The not so happy user

(bridgette) I've tried to turn this into the sea car! Aside from going underwater, it can't go better

10:47 King Flurry51

(fan2) Oooh, fine. Here your beloved floater.

10:47 AleGwen714 (TT) *appears * I'm alive?! Yeah! Anyway, where is Lightbulb? As soon as I find her, I swear to you that... 10:47 Miky3DS (topher is coloring the car with Yellow sparay, then H etires to drawn red flames 10:47 King Flurry51

(noah) It looks like a Dolphin now that I think about. Ok, let's show it to Chris and drive to the next challenge.

10:48 Miky3DS

(topher) -confessiona- The jellow car with red flames is a classsic of vintage.

10:49 AleGwen714

(gwen) *she and Trent have just finished to turn the car into a convertible* How exhausting! Anyway, do you have other ideas, Trent?

10:49 King Flurry51

(fan2) Lightbulb is all yours, tubaby. *panics* Agh, I mean! Nevermind, nevermind.

10:50 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Yes! Back!

10:50 King Flurry51

(fan2) *conf* I have worked on my cooliness and attitude but I can't still find the courage to tell my love. What misses to me?

10:50 The not so happy user

(trent) I think some letters could do great...
(lightbulb) You couldn't have me dead for long, hahah!
(lightbulb) Oh, and it's great to have you alive, Test Tube!
(lightbulb) I just wanted a payback from when you killed me... Now I'm also going to do the same with Fan!

10:52 King Flurry51

(fan2) wait..
(noah) Hey, Chris, look at our car, can we go?

10:53 AleGwen714 (TT) *approaches Lightbulb, very angry* How could you kill me?! That is, I would have understood if you had done it for science, but no! You did it by chance! How could you do it?! 10:54 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) And how could you kill me trying to win when we lost anyway!? I want revenge!
(lightbulb) But Now, I only want peace with you. I'm offering you the flute of the peace

10:54 King Flurry51

(chris) you're the first who finished? You two lazy underdogs??

Anyway, lemme see... ((link picture, Happy)) 10:55 The not so happy user hold on I must update it 10:57 King Flurry51 ok 10:57 The not so happy user File:Seacar.png

(bridgette) Lazy? Tune your car on first place!

10:57 King Flurry51

(fan2) *sits and watches TT and Lightbulb eating popcorns* ops, force of the habit.

10:58 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Oh, it's Fan, the serial killer!

10:58 AleGwen714

(gwen) Mmh... nice idea but, what about the colour?

10:59 King Flurry51

(chris) What about the script, most of all? "NIDGETTE". Is that the trademark of your sponsor or another secret code invented by Noah?
(noah) *notices now the writing on the back of the car* I worked on the tires and the tires only.

10:59 The not so happy user

(bridgette) The tires have been repainted on smooth red to contrast with the blue colour, some new blue thone, and nidgette to leave clear whose car it is. The stars just give it a more sea tune.
(bridgette) *glares* At least we worked, Chris.

11:00 AleGwen714 (TT) *snorts * It's best if we think the challenge. Now, what should we do? 11:00 The not so happy user

(trent) Nidgette... And I thought they were mad...

11:00 King Flurry51

(chef) aaaargh, what did you do to my CAR?!!

11:01 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) You don't have to worry! I already started that
(bridgette) Heh... if you give us the food we must eat...

11:01 King Flurry51

(noah) *pokes her* ssshht!

11:02 AleGwen714 (TT) What did you start? 11:02 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Tunning this fancy car we stole!
(lightbulb) Well, that I stole

11:03 King Flurry51

(chris) ah...ah...things are getting more and more interesting. Anyway, as the first to complete the challenge you get the suitcase that cashes the immunity.

11:03 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Is it full with something?

11:03 King Flurry51

(fan2) is Suitcase doing a cameo? I wasn't informed about, not even hinted.

11:03 The not so happy user (ligthbulb) *Behind Fan* Hullo

  • (lightbulb)

11:04 King Flurry51

(chris) it's full of the money coming from a robbery so the cops will seek for you and your rivals will do the same*

11:04 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Wait, what?!
(bridgette) I think you can have it back... We don't mind...

11:05 King Flurry51

(chris) I explain if you stop to interrupt me as usual every line I do!
(chris) This is not a common immunity, it's a special immunity. That means that if you cash it today you are not only safe today but it's like a Chris idol, you can use it a second time

BUT only one of the two members of the pair can use it the second time

(noah) interesting...

11:06 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *stares at Noah*
(trent) And the rest can steal it?

11:06 King Flurry51

(noah) I was sarcastic.

11:07 Miky3DS

(topher) Finished. the tophe rmbiler 8s rady. qhat do you thin?

11:07 The not so happy user

(brick) It's not my opinion the one that counts... Let's ask Chris...

11:08 King Flurry51

(chris) Well, as you finish your car you can go at the pursuit of Noah and bridgette and try to steal it from them. But only the pair that manages to take it to the finish line (the bottom of the canyon highway) wins.

The pair with the suitcase pick a number from 1 to 20, the other pairs do the same and if they guess the same number they steal the suitcase successfully. But have to watch out from the cops, too, that if they get an higher number (randomly decided) they will arrest the pair that picked the closest and littlest number than them. (max three gaps) The game ends when all the pairs than one are arrested or when a pair manages to take and keep the suitcase for three rounds in a row. 11:09 Miky3DS

(topher) We're ready

11:10 King Flurry51

(noah) Ok, Noah and Bridgette, here your suticase, do you already listen to the cops? GO!

11:10 The not so happy user

(bridgette) We get in the car?

11:10 King Flurry51

(chris) Ok, Noah and Bridgette, here your suticase, do you already listen to the cops? GO!

11:10 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Ugh, those stupid cops... *rolls eyes*

11:11 King Flurry51

(chef) screw the police, I will take care of them PERSONALLY.

11:12 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Alright, let's get in the car NOW! *jumps in*

11:12 King Flurry51

(noah) I have nothing sarcastic to reply against. Vrooooom!
(chef) *gets on a military elicopter to the pursuit* this is warfare.

11:13 The not so happy user

(bridgette) He's going to shot!

11:14 King Flurry51

(noah) Driving the fast I can.
(chris) Ok, let's return to the cars. Who finished?

11:14 The not so happy user

(brick) Hey, Chris! I think we have it done

11:14 King Flurry51 ((Miky, posta qui la tua immagine della macchina modificata))


11:17 The not so happy user

(bridgette) AAAAAAAAAH!

11:18 King Flurry51

(noah) Aaaargh! It's like a shooting game, it's like a shooting game, it's just like a shooting game, ohmmmm))
(chris) sniff, I love Chef.

11:19 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) I think I'm nearly finished now...

11:19 King Flurry51 ((it was a confessional))

(fan2) Izzy, I have a couple of ideas for the tuning of the car and I even made a simulation on the PC on how it would turn. Take a peek.

11:21 AleGwen714

(gwen) Trent, do you think that the car is ready? Or should we do something else? I think that the car is poorly decorated, but it might be fine.

11:21 The not so happy user

(trent) We can do it now... Afterall, "Nidgette" is getting away

11:23 King Flurry51

(fan2) So, what do you think?

11:23 AleGwen714

(izzy) Ok! *takes a peek* Mmh... I LOVE IT! Let's do it!

11:25 King Flurry51

(fan2) Cool, first of all we paint the vehicle all in black, then I need your special acrobatic abilities to print the decacolmanias all over meanwhile I try to build the spoiler..somehow.

11:26 Miky3DS

(topher) are You rady, Brick? go thi win this chaòllenge and gain immunity

11:26 The not so happy user

(brick) Sure, show the car to Chris!

11:27 AleGwen714

(izzy) Ok!, Mr Courage! *begins to paint the vehicle all in black*

11:28 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Hey, Host! Check out TT and I's lil' baby!


(lightbulb) Perfect for the Great Canyon! Greed for Speed!

11:29 King Flurry51

(chris) Is that a true snake on the front side?

11:30 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Mecanic snake... Test Tube has special habilities of enginery!
(lightbulb) This monster's called... *puts on her shades* VENOM!

11:30 King Flurry51

(fan2) Wow, it's awesome! Congratulation, Test Tube, you bested yourself in this opera.
(chris) ok, you can go. Next pair, quick.

11:32 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Hahah! Team Object FTW!

11:32 King Flurry51

(fan2) Grrrr. It's official: Lightbulb is my archenemy now.

11:32 The not so happy user

(trent) Gwen, show him our car!

11:33 King Flurry51

(fan2) but I have no time to grudge, there's a big spoiler to do! Sob.

11:33 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Let's hit the road, baby! Those moronic cops will be miles away from us!

11:33 AleGwen714

(gwen) Ok.

Immagine.png 11:34 King Flurry51

(macarthur) *she was doing a pit stop at the bathroom of the station and overhears everything* wrong statement.

Sanders! Get on the car! 11:35 The not so happy user

(trent) So, can we go?

11:35 King Flurry51

(sanders) But I have still to go at the bath room...
(macarthur) a true policewoman doesn't let a colleague alone just for a little need, don't ya think? Let's go, go, go!
(chris) ehm.,.is this a joke? This is the drawing of a car.

(chris) Trent & Gwen you're disqualified and lose the chance to get the suitcase of your dreams. Get back on the plane and wait for the nomination. The not so happy user

(trent) *conf* Only thing I have in mind is that line "Nidgette"- I can't believe they went from hate to this point! I think I even preffer the hate!
(trent) *sigh* Great, Chris. Great.

11:41 King Flurry51

(fan2) Izzy, I did the spoiler but it doesn't look like in the project, I can't find the way to distorce it enough. You're so good at distorcing things, can you give me an hand?

11:42 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *starts throwing one cent coins out of the window* Watch me, Test Tube!

11:42 King Flurry51

(macarthur) Eo eo eo! You're UNDER ARREST! STOP THE CAR! NOW!

11:44 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) I know it's normally done with bills, but I'm fine doing it with coins!

11:44 AleGwen714

(izzy) In reality, I have friends who are stronger than me, but this time I don't call them. Let's distorce! *distorces the spoiler*

11:44 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Eat dust, coppers!

11:44 King Flurry51

(fan2) Excellent! I think the Ford TT is ready to hit the road. 11:45 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Chef has blown out one of the tires!

11:45 King Flurry51

(noah) I don't care, I keep driving even forever if necessary.

but.. the more I drive the more I get tired... and when I get tired, that happens rather easily... yawn. 11:46 The not so happy user

(bridgette) I'll change the tire, keep hitting the road!
(bridgette) New explosion!

11:46 King Flurry51

(noah) how do you change a tyre with the car in movement?!

11:46 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Watch out!

11:47 King Flurry51

(noah) Don't worry, I trained with izzy for this situation or "the Apocalypse of the Shoes Invasion".

11:49 The not so happy user

(lightbulb)  (music) They see me rollin'... They hatin'  (music)

11:52 King Flurry51

(chris) Fan & Izzy, you get the access to the second part.

11:53 The not so happy user

(brick) And what do we do, Chris?

11:53 King Flurry51

(chris) since Topher seems vegetating I'll get over for this time and pose like you showed me the car. Now, drive.

11:54 AleGwen714

(izzy) Yeah! Come on, Fan! * takes Fan and get into the car, then goes full throttle*

11:54 The not so happy user

(brick) Yeah! *jumps in, and starts driving

11:55 King Flurry51

(fan2) Glom, I forgot to put the safety belts in the project.

Miky3DS (opher) here you are our car: isnn't it a beauy?

(topher) I make the new coloration using a vintage spirit

12:00 King Flurry51

(chris) Yes, yes, Topher, you can go, slowpoke.

12:01 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) We're the bosses!

12:01 AleGwen714 (TT) As you say, LightBulb. 12:01 King Flurry51

(chris) So, the 4 pairs still in charge are driving in the highway and Noah and Bridgette are surprisingly still alive after Chefs attack and with the suitcase, but now the others are finally reaching them, same the cops.-

12:02 Miky3DS

(topher) Ok. why You don't give us the tvictory of hte episode?

12:03 King Flurry51

(chris) It's a miracle I didn't disqualify you either just for mercy.

12:03 The not so happy user

(brick) And that's great! We're thankful, Sir!

12:03 King Flurry51 ((ok, first round: pick your numbers!)) 12:04 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) I'll give one of my 20 lucky numbers from 1-20! 16!

12:04 AleGwen714

(izzy) I choose 7!

12:04 King Flurry51

(noah) 20

12:04 Miky3DS

(topher) 18

12:05 King Flurry51

(macarthur) ah, c'mon, we'll never reach them if you drive this slow, Sanders!
(sanders) I have to respect the code of the street, mac Arthur.
(macarthur) Even when you're at the pursuit of a psychopatic assassin? Eh? EH?

((cops picked 3 so none gets arrested))

(noah) *looks behind* we've Topher right on the spoiler.

12:07 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *throws a bowl full of sauce to the car of the cops*

12:08 AleGwen714 (TT) What are you doing?! 12:08 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Making fun of them! They're far away!

12:08 Miky3DS

(topher) fantastic. Only cops miss to this challenge

12:09 King Flurry51

(fan2) wow, Lightbulb is more insane than I imagined but that makes sense because she's the mascot of a show called Inanimate INSANITY...
(sanders) Hey, throwing objects out of a car in this pitched traffic can lead to accidents!

12:10 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *jumps in again* But what about you, TT? Did you discover whose Fan into?

12:10 King Flurry51 ((second round: numbers!)) 12:11 AleGwen714

(izzy) 14!

12:11 The not so happy user

(brick) Hit it, Topher!

12:11 King Flurry51

(noah) 1

12:11 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) 18 FTW!

12:12 Miky3DS

(topher) 16

12:12 King Flurry51 ((second round, still N & B with the suitcase)) 12:13 Miky3DS

(topher) 7

12:13 King Flurry51

(noah) wohoo. My strategy to slow down all of sudden made them all go striaght forward and so missed us totally.

12:13 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) We're in the lead! HAHAHAH!

12:13 King Flurry51

(macarthur) this time we're going to bust at least one car.

12:14 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) The challenge was to win the race, right?

12:14 King Flurry51

(noah) 2

12:14 Miky3DS

(topher) Hurry up, Brick. that 2 crazy cops are arriving

12:14 The not so happy user

(sanders) I'm not sure... We could just send the bans to the host...

12:15 King Flurry51

(macarthur) Or send them all (host included) to the jail! Better idea. Modestly.

((Izzy and Lightbulb forgot to say their numbers this round...)) 12:15 The not so happy user

(sanders) *sigh* I'm probably going to regret this but... I'll let you ride
(lightbulb) Let's go for 6 now!

12:16 AleGwen714

(izzy) I choose 10!

12:18 King Flurry51 (cops number is 7) 12:18 Miky3DS

(topher) 12

12:18 King Flurry51

(macarthur) AH AH AH! B-u-s-t-e-d. *stops the car of Light & TT*
(noah) 4

12:19 AleGwen714

(izzy) 19

12:20 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Full gas! *crashes the car against the police cadets, crashing both against a stone of the canyon* YAAAAY!
(sanders) MACARTHUR!

12:20 King Flurry51

(chris) looks like a pair is eliminated.
(macarthur) Jump, Sanders, this isn't a simulation!

12:20 The not so happy user

(sanders) *gets out of the car* This is the worse!

12:21 Miky3DS

(topher) making a sign of goodbye - Thank You for the sacrifice, Lightbulb

12:21 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) They're never going to get us alive! *breaks Test Tube with her flute*

12:21 King Flurry51

(macarthur) *stops a random car* out of the car, this is a police operation.

12:22 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) *breaks herself witht he same flute*
(sanders) What do we do now, exactly?

12:23 King Flurry51

(macarthur) You play the role of the siren, I drive. Easy.

Comeooon! 12:23 AleGwen714 ((Bad news! My mother wants me to go to bed NOW! Anyway, before I go, I will say to King with a PM the competitors my characters want to eliminate. Good night!)) 12:23 The not so happy user

(sanders) Let's keep driving, there are many other cars breaking the driving rules!

12:23 King Flurry51 ((last round for numbers, if you don't guess N & B win)) ((ok, Gwen, leave me a PM)) 12:24 Miky3DS

(topher) 13

12:25 King Flurry51

(noah) and now the final acceleration. 20!

12:25 The not so happy user

(brick) Hope the unlucky number makes us win!

AleGwen714 has left the chat. 12:26 The not so happy user

(bridgette) I'm not sure if we can accelerate with a broken tire, but let's try!

12:26 King Flurry51

(noah) Too late, I already did it.
(macarthur) a-ah! Another one. *blocks the way to Topher & Brick* You two maggots, out of that pricky car!

12:27 The not so happy user

(brick) Mrs, I swear I always follow the law

12:27 Miky3DS (topher9 On s**T 12:27 The not so happy user

(sanders) Let's put the handcuffs on them!

12:27 King Flurry51

(macarthur) Shut up *teases him* and spare it for the judge.
(fan2) wow, we didn't win but at least we weren't arrested or killed.

12:28 The not so happy user

(brick) *Conf* I never felt this before, but that chubby idiot made me want to break some laws! Ugh! *punches a wall of the conf* Ouch!

12:29 King Flurry51

(chris) and Noah and Bridgette win! How boring, i wanted more action and stealings instead you kept the suitcase the whole time, bah, we finished here.

12:29 Miky3DS (topher9 -confessiona- Sigh, i hope that this arrest does not damege my change of became a popluar host 12:29 The not so happy user

(bridgette) We won? Hahah! Yes!

12:29 King Flurry51

(chris) Oh, and for information, I won't pay any caution for the arrested contestants. U.U
(noah) great work, Bridgette! We rocked today.

12:30 Miky3DS

(topher) ......

12:30 King Flurry51

(chris) See you on the plane.

12:30 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Hope you don't hold me more grudges for the moose chase

12:30 King Flurry51

(chef) Hey, I didn't finish yet with you! Ratatatatatatatattata!

12:31 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Aaaah! *hides behind the car*

12:31 King Flurry51

(macarthur) Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Hey, you on the helicopter, only a cop is allowed to shoot ragely bullets from an elicopter! You're UNDER ARREST.
(chef) Oh,  shit , NOT AGAIN...

12:32 The not so happy user

(sanders) MacArthur, he can shot at us!

12:32 King Flurry51

(macarthur) Thanks for the suggestion, idiot.

12:33 The not so happy user

(sanders) *writes down a ban* Insulting your partner is something I won't tolerate

12:33 King Flurry51

(macarthur) O.o

But,.. 12:34 The not so happy user

(sanders) *gets in the car, after giving MacArthur the paper* You get in, or not?

12:34 King Flurry51

(chef) *flies away in the meanwhile, disappearing quickly at the horizon* two tow tow.
(macarthur) Ok, but then you cancel the ban, right?

12:35 The not so happy user

(sanders) *rolls eyes* Not unless there's a proper apologize

12:35 King Flurry51

(macarthur) ***Ok, I apologise**** Because you're the best cop in the world and blah blah blah.

12:36 The not so happy user

(sanders) Alright, the ban's out, but I will inform you used a taser gun without permission if you don't get in the car in five seconds...

12:37 King Flurry51

(macarthur) *gets istantly in the car and zips her mouth*

Elimination CeremonyEdit

(chris) ah, I have to congratulate with the majority of you: you bested my expectation providing for an awesome first episode of merge! Clap clap clap.

12:44 The not so happy user

(trent) Told you there'd be no drama with Gwen and I. Thought you tried to listen, sometimes...

12:45 King Flurry51

(chris) But there were some huge letdowns like Gwen & Trent, literally, boring and invisible at best.

12:45 The not so happy user

(trent) You just forbid us participating!
(trent) At least we didn't blow up any car...
(lightbulb) That was amazing, you must say!

12:46 King Flurry51

(chris) whatever, you may be happy that the first barf bag goes to your partner. Gwen, you're safe!
(noah) *reads but also keeps an eye on what was happening for once*.
(chris) then the barf bags go to others that didn't receive any vote today: Test Tube, Brick and Izzy!

12:48 The not so happy user

(brick) Yes! *grabs it*

12:48 King Flurry51

(chris) That makes 6 people safe and 4 in the bottom line. Fan, Topher, Lightbulb and Trent you all received votes against. The next person safe is...

Fan! 12:49 The not so happy user

(brick) And the side mirror that Bridgete used to knock out Chef is joining my collection!

12:49 King Flurry51

(chris) none cares, Brick.

12:49 The not so happy user

(brick) *glares* Whatever

12:49 King Flurry51

(fan2) Phew. I guess Lightbulb voted me, uh.

12:49 The not so happy user

(trent) *swallows saliva*
(lightbulb) You're my franny fan fan! Of course I had to vote for you!

12:50 King Flurry51

(chris) Topher is also safe, that means Lightbulb and Trent are.,,

12:50 Miky3DS

(topher) -confessional- The poerson who votes agnist me will pay. Pay a very high price

12:50 King Flurry51

(chris) Gwen voted for you, Topher, just for the information.

Anyway, Lightbulb and Trent are definitely.... 12:51 Miky3DS

(topher) What? Gwen voted for me? How is it possible? We should became the nrew cover couple......Bah, I will try with Bridgette

12:52 King Flurry51

(chris) ......

totally... utterly... the former eliminated, the latter still in the game! 12:53 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Trent's out?! Woah
(trent) *looks at her, confused*

12:54 King Flurry51

(chris) No, you're out, LindsayBulb.

12:54 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Just kidding. I'm not so dumb

12:54 Miky3DS (sorry but now i Go. good night everybdoy) 12:54 King Flurry51

(fan2) Finally!

(ok, g' night) 12:55 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Bye, Brick. *salutates* Last member of the Turtles!
(brick) *Salutates* Farewell, Soldier

12:55 King Flurry51

(fan2) *kicks Lightbulb outside the plane* I wanted to do that since yesterday.

12:55 The not so happy user

(lightbulb) Oh, and Fan's in love with you, Test Tube! *winks, and jumps out of th eplane without a parachte*

12:56 King Flurry51

(fan2) OxO !!!!!
(chris) Oh! Oh! Ohhh! What will be the reaction of Test Tube after this love declaration? Discover it next time on Total Drama Sky Adventures! END OF THE EPISODE.

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