Total Drama Sky Adventures episode transcripts
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Post-merge I Con-Go Further

The not so happy user: (chris) Last time, on Total Drama Sky Adventures... We went to Tahiti, a wonderful place, as in my opinion... I actually cared about the culture of our dear contestants and I did a challenge informing them about Tahiti... plus a lot of trash that met their faces... Anyways, at the second challenge, a judging sand castles one, the Swordfishes ended up winning, and the Dolphins lost, causing Bridgette to be eliminated. But that was then, and this is now... what will happen today? Discover it here, now, on Total, Drama, Skyyyy Adventureees

  ==First Class== 

King Flurry51: (fan2) I can feel it...every part of my body feels that it's the time.


Cabbage pult 74: (Topher) Merge! It has to be, every man for themselves.


The not so happy user: (gwen) The time?


King Flurry51: (fan) noo, I wanted to say it! Pity.


The not so happy user: (gwen) Oh! Merge...


Berryleaf: (maria) Fortune cookies


King Flurry51: (fan2) *cuddles his egg that twitches feebly* Instead, seems it's not ITS time yet..


The not so happy user: (gwen) Give me one, Maria


Berryleaf: (maria) *hands gwen fortune cookie*


King Flurry51: (fan2) *takes a cookie* Yes, thanky you, Maria. Gnom, nom..


Cabbage pult 74: (Topher) *conf.* You can't tell how excited I am for reaching this stage in the game, last time, I was last out before that, and it was actually embarrassing. *shows in his phone a photo of him in the Cannon of Shame that says FAIL in red letters* See?


Berryleaf: (maria) Don't eat the paper


King Flurry51: (fan2) Argh, I could never eat a cousin!


The not so happy user: (gwen) *opens it* says... "Be always ready for a monkey hord" What?!


Berryleaf: (maria) *shrugs*


The not so happy user: (gwen) This has no sense!


Cabbage pult 74: (Testtube) Merge, how marvelous. The stage in the game where everyone has to make their efforts to stay alive, now is anyone for anyone. Also, I want a cookie.


King Flurry51: (fan2) Mine says: "You know it's getting harder, but you Always con go further"


Cabbage pult 74: (Topher) I want one too, I wanna see my future.


Berryleaf: (maria) *hands topher a cookie*


Cabbage pult 74: (Topher) Mine says, "Between all the success, and all the pain, there will be a huge victory, and fatal mistakes".


The not so happy user: (gwen) Con go? woah.... Are yous ure it's not an "a"? This morons even write the letters wrong?


King Flurry51: (fan2) *confessional* It's MERGE! I reached it, wow, now are coming the best and most shocking plots, also I'm worried about a thing....who's going to be the main menace, now? There's Always a villain turn at this point. But Mike is no more in the game, Dakota left, Jo was eliminated, then...WGHO?


Cabbage pult 74: (Testtube) Mine says "Help me, I'm a prisoner in a jail in China", makes sense.


King Flurry51: (fan2) *weird faces at Test Tube* what?


Berryleaf: (maria) ....must be a prank.

  (maria) I need to....check the other fortune cookies. *leaves* 

The not so happy user: (gwen) Oh..maybe they force the prisioners to write them, so that's why it features that many nonsenses?


King Flurry51: (fan2) by the way, I'm now scared we're in the merge.


Cabbage pult 74: (Testtube) *conf.* I have been reading in my own iDevice, and it says that people think I'm a floater, maybe I have to stop being a single test tube with lemon acid inside it, and make some actual things.


King Flurry51: (fan2) I mean, in every reality show Always when it comes to merge there's a big twist that makes a classic "turn villain" of one of the remaining contestants.


The not so happy user: (gwen) Meh, Internet isn't always right at everything..


Cabbage pult 74: (Topher) That will be out of character if you ask me.


King Flurry51: (fan2) It's not Internet to say this, but my experience. I watched plenty of reality shows, and same Total Drama featured this kind of villain turn.


The not so happy user:

Loser ClassEdit


Berryleaf: (lightbulb) It is so sunny today.


King Flurry51: (fan2) Honestly, I expected Mike to turn villain, but his elimination before merge invalidates this option.


The not so happy user: (trent) Izzy?


Berryleaf: (lightbulb) *puts on sunglasses* Don't want my eyes to burn up.

  (izzy) Yeah 

The not so happy user: (trent) Wanna say something


Berryleaf: (izzy) Rainbow waffles


King Flurry51: (noah) darn, last time was very..huge. I didn't sleep a minute.


The not so happy user: (trent) Well...seems not the right moment..


Cabbage pult 74: (Jasmine) I think that it is the time, to merge. We are helfway in the game right now.


Berryleaf: (izzy) There is no wrong moment for rainbow waffles, Trent.


King Flurry51: (noah) Trent, what do you think Dawn will do now? I ask you cuz you have already "experienced" this situation, on the opposite side.


The not so happy user: (trent) *conf* What do I want to tell her? That I voted for her last elimination time, and that I am really sorry, what else? I am sorry for that, but how can I tell her without her raging?


Berryleaf: (izzy) Trent is lonely.

  (izzy) because we voted out his girlfriend 

The not so happy user: (trent) Well, Noah.... I think that she'll be mad, or least is what I think


King Flurry51: (noah) now. But he was engaged with the goth twister in the past.


Cabbage pult 74: (Jasmine) *conf.* I heard that, I wonder if Dawn is devastated, I remember myself comforting her after this scrawny kid left the game, twice. Sadly, she is back at the Eco-hotel, while I'm here, miles and miles away. I miss to confort my friends in bad situations.


King Flurry51: (noah) Dawn..mad? Ahahah! I can't really imagine her....mad. *trembles* Brrr, what did I do.


Berryleaf: (lightbulb) Yo Brick

  (lightbulb) Where are your shades, bro? 

The not so happy user: (trent) Gwen, not goth twister, and honestly, Noah, I think she'll be. Cheating on someone on international TV? Ask Duncan, that was nearly castrated by Courtney, and Bridgette, that was ignored by Geoff

  (brick) Oh, Lightbulb.. I honestly think we should start to get allies, now, in the merge 

Berryleaf: (izzy) Is this because he wrote about how he loves me in his diary and built my head out of sand?

  (lightbulb) Well, we're allies, right? 

King Flurry51: (noah) you got many points, here. Glom. My major hope is not to be cancelled from the existence, my most realistic hope is to trust in her immense comprehension...

  (noah) when I wrote that it was before I met Dawn! 

Cabbage pult 74: (Jasmine) *conf.* Also, did I mentioned that I was literally praying that the merge was very soon? My "teammates" are against me probably, and that can make the first time at this stage, so, I hope to make more links with other people before they do, honestly, they don't even talk to me.


The not so happy user: (trent) Yeah, Izzy... and Noah...she is comprehensive, but not dumb....


Cabbage pult 74: First out*


Berryleaf: (izzy) Are you sure? Shall I read the date again?


The not so happy user: (brick) We are, but we need more people, Lightbulb

  (brick) And I think I have found the perfect person 

Berryleaf: (lightbulb) *gasps* Who?


King Flurry51: (noah) nooo, please! *grabs the diary from her* How did you manage to steal it again from my baggage? I ha locked it.


Berryleaf: (lightbulb) Is it mr. broom? *points at a broom with a mustache*

  (izzy) Because I'm not only crazy but also super smart! Did you know the RCMP is still looking for me? 

The not so happy user: (brick) Y you ask? obviusly, Jo 2.0. Jamsine is even better than her, counting that she beat her two times! and we weren't a bad team, we didn't lose any challenges!


King Flurry51: (noah) I know, and you know I know how to call the RCMP here?


Cabbage pult 74: (Jasmine) What? Me? Really?


Berryleaf: (lightbulb) Jasmine is better than Jo?

  (lightbulb) What if Jo heard you say that?  

The not so happy user: (brick) In the game, I guess so


Berryleaf: (lightbulb) *whispers to brick* I think she liked you

  (izzy) Don't! 

Cabbage pult 74: (Jasmine) *conf.* *facepalm* I'm obviously better than Jo, like, update your mind.


King Flurry51: (jo) *at her home, drinking a cola and immediately spitting it out* BRIIIICK YOU'RE DEAAAAAAAAD MEAAATT!!


The not so happy user: (brick) I preffer Jo over her... but Jamsine is strong, and I think we should ally her. She had respect for Jo at the end


Berryleaf: (izzy) They can't track me ahahaha


King Flurry51: (noah) I'll do it if you keep stealing my diary.


Berryleaf: (lightbulb) Okay


King Flurry51: (noah) also, what if I read YOUR DIARY, uh?


Berryleaf: (izzy) Fine.....*pouts*


Cabbage pult 74: (Jasmine) *conf.* You know, Jo is a great competitor, I miss confronting her, she can outplay me, but she can't outlast me, that's the difference between us.


The not so happy user: (brick) *conf* Jo, I know you are watching this, and I won't let you down. *shows the whistle* I still have it, and I look at it every night... I think Jasmine is my best option, now


Berryleaf: (izzy) Oh, good luck with that

  (izzy) My diary is filled in the same bag as my bear traps 

The not so happy user: (trent) Izzy has a diary?


King Flurry51: (noah) sure she has *shows it*


Berryleaf: (izzy)

  (izzy) How did you get that through the bear traps?  

Cabbage pult 74: (Jasmine) You guys are really up to allying with me? Or you just are making me feel comfortable around you both?


The not so happy user: (trent) Woah! What does it tell?


King Flurry51: (noah) dear Izzy, you're not the only one to know some stealth moves. I learned by standing in your E-Scope Alliance.


Berryleaf: (izzy) The apprentice becomes the master


The not so happy user: (brick) I am, Jasmine. We were the last Turtles here, and we have to stick toghether. Doing like this would totally be what Jo would want


Berryleaf: (izzy) Also, this cupcake will become a cupcake in Trent's mouth. *sticks a cupcake in trent's mouth*


The not so happy user: (trent) *spits it* What was that for?


Berryleaf: (lightbulb) Yeah, us turtles gotta stick together Jazzy Jaz


Cabbage pult 74: (Jasmine) Can we please not mention Jo for a while? *conf.* Pfft...Stockholm Syndrome.


Berryleaf: (izzy) Trent, that is rotten fish flavor

  (gtg for dinner sorry all) 

The not so happy user: (brick) Deal.. but we should find someone else to ally now


Cabbage pult 74: (Jasmine) Ok, if you're talking serious, then, let's stick together, as a team.


The not so happy user: Bye berry


King Flurry51: (noah) exactly. I'll read the page of Yesterday: "Dear Escope, today I...uh?..I super duper harassed Noahchichan...with his Adorkabeautifoolish Love Bear...and..? Gush


Berryleaf: (i'll try to eat fast)


Cabbage pult 74: (Bye Berry)


Berryleaf: maybe we can continue if ur all still here


Cabbage pult 74: Yeah.

  Try to eat Owen style!

~ Berryleaf has left the chat. ~


King Flurry51: (noah) This things seems written by an alien! *shrugs* Take it back. Berryleaf

(izzy) I can read alien Noah. That's why I write in alien, so simpletons cannot read

10:15 The not so happy user so, at loser class, Brick and Lightbulb offer Jasmine an alliance, and Noah reads Izzy's diary as Trent listens 10:15 Berryleaf

(izzy) Mortal!

10:17 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) *conf.* Can I really trust them? They really want to join forces with me? Or they're just hiding moves against me? It's difficult to think.

10:17 King Flurry51

(noah) Meh, take it back, I'm not interested in your secrets.

10:17 The not so happy user

(trent) Ohs o it tells nothing like "I love Noah"?

10:18 King Flurry51

(noah) *twitches* I couldn't read anything about, as I said, her script is like alien Language.

10:18 The not so happy user

(brick) So, Jasmine, who else do you think we could ally with?

10:19 Berryleaf

(izzy) *takes the diary*
(izzy) *licks it* I lick the diary every day
(izzy) So you touched my spit.

10:19 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) People from the stronger team are a close group, but I can remember that mini-Chris helping me in the pit back in my season, so, maybe them.

10:19 King Flurry51

(fan2) Hey, Brick, can I see your souvenir collection a minute?

10:19 The not so happy user

(trent) Ugh
(brick) Of course, it is free opened! *shows it to him*

10:20 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Ooh...shiny

10:20 King Flurry51

(noah) perfect. *Confessional* I need new hands, now, and a new brain, too. Cause...what's going on with me?

10:20 Berryleaf

(izzy) Noah has Izzy DNA now, ahahaha!
(izzy) Be crazy with me, Noah! *puts noah in a headlock*

10:21 King Flurry51

(fan2) *WOW* ! How many! *Flash* *flash* *flash* Your collection is incredible, Brick!

(what's an headlock?) 10:21 The not so happy user

(brick) Wow...*blushes* Thanks...

10:21 Berryleaf (she has her arm around his neck) 10:21 King Flurry51 (oh, k) 10:22 The not so happy user

(chris) *stereo* Get ready for a fall!
  • doors open*
(chris) If I was you, I would get ready for a swim!

10:22 King Flurry51

(noah) IZZY DNA?! Argh. *Confessional* She drives me craaaazy!!!!

10:22 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Again...I'm glad to have a parachute that actually works. *jumps off*

10:23 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) But I didn't bring my trunks!

10:23 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) You need to be kidding! *falls off*

10:23 King Flurry51

(fan2) again, not a problem for me. *jumps fluttering in the sky*

10:23 The not so happy user

(brick) *puts the collection back at his suitcase* Get on my back, Lightbulb!

10:23 Berryleaf

(izzy) Come on Izzy 2! *grabs noah and runs and jumps off the plane*
(lightbulb) OK! *gets on brick's back*

10:23 The not so happy user

(brick) *jumps out of the plane*

10:24 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) Giant trees, a river, mosquitoes, we are in the African jungle! *falls off*

10:24 King Flurry51

(noah) I-Izzy 2??? Ahhhhhh!!!

10:24 The not so happy user

(trent) Well....Diving time! *jums*
(chris) are the winning need to jump...well, too late for Topher and Fan

10:25 King Flurry51

(fan2) Oh, so now it makes sense: Con-Go! We're in the the heart of Africa! I wanna do a selfie with some local animal, but..which?

10:25 Berryleaf

(izzy) CONF: Everyone knows touching my DNA causes temporary's in all the books!

10:25 The not so happy user

(trent) Uh..Fan...what with the crocodile behind you?

10:25 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Still, we know there's an important time in the game, and at least I wanted to be here to hear it.

10:26 The not so happy user

(chris) And the plane lands.... get out Swordfish-...Gwen

10:26 King Flurry51

(noah) *confessional* I can't become insane cause I'm too clever and composed to get in this condizzytion! I Always resisted to the craziness surrounding me while getting along with Owen on one side and HER on the other, so, no way I'm gonna get crazy.

10:26 The not so happy user

(gwen) *walks out*

10:26 Berryleaf

(izzy) *stands impatiently*
(izzy) *throws a salmon at noah's face*

10:27 The not so happy user

(chris) Guys, I need everyone to hear me for a second..and Fan,s top the selfies with the crocodile

10:27 King Flurry51

(fan2) Crocodile? Uhhhm...not the best, but I'll do a little snap with it. *The Crocodile snaps his mouth about to eat him*

10:28 Berryleaf

(izzy) *crosses her arms and taps her foot* C'mon!

10:28 The not so happy user


10:28 Berryleaf

(izzy) No

10:28 King Flurry51

(fan2) I'm almost done, Chris, one second.... jeez, this phone is very slow..

10:28 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Just say that we are merged.

10:28 The not so happy user

(chris) Ugh...being the host is really stressing....Mike, give me a smoothie

10:28 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Chris, you should sing your instructions!
(lightbulb) People will listen to music, whether they like it or not!

10:28 King Flurry51

(noah) IZZY! What was the salmon for? And how did you fish a salmon in the middle of AFRICA?

10:28 The not so happy user

(trent) She ha sno rules

10:28 Berryleaf

(izzy) I brought one with me

10:28 King Flurry51

(mike) Here, Chris!

10:29 The not so happy user

(chris) *drinks it* Delicious... Now get away! *throws it at his face*

10:29 Berryleaf

(izzy) Trent is right. Look, I'll toss this rock. *throws a rock in the air*

10:29 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Wait, this is Africa? It looked a lot like the the jungles of the Tasmanian island.

10:29 King Flurry51

(mike) You should stop stress in this way, maybe you want to take a little day-off? I can replace you.

10:29 The not so happy user

(chris) No way I am accepting this order. Go away

10:29 Berryleaf

(cody) *watching* Go Gwen! Go Gwen! *hit by izzy's rock* Ow! What the heck? How did this go through my roof?

10:29 The not so happy user XD 10:30 Berryleaf lol 10:30 King Flurry51

(mike) ok! Nevermind. *gnarls gritting teeths*

10:30 The not so happy user

(chris) So..the important announcment today is that...

10:30 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) We are merged, just say it! Say it!

10:30 The not so happy user

(chris) Today is the merge! *confetti falls*

10:30 King Flurry51

(fan2) Done! *FLASH* *the crocodile misses him for a cm*

10:30 The not so happy user

(chris) And shut up, Topher

10:31 Berryleaf

(izzy) Yay!
(izzy) *catches confetti on her tongue*

10:31 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) No, you! *pushes him onto the river*

10:31 The not so happy user

(trent) Ugh Izzy

10:31 King Flurry51

(fan2) *reproaches the crocodile* Oh, c'mon, you should have not MOVED!
(noah) can we just skip to the challenge?

10:31 The not so happy user

(chris) *appears behind Topher* Hologram, as usual....You have learnt nothing about me

10:32 King Flurry51

(noah) this forest reminds me all my allergies, lethal allergies.

10:32 Berryleaf

(izzy) Ooh

10:32 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Technology, why you exist in the middle of the jungle!

?* 10:32 Berryleaf

(izzy) Are you allergic to crazy?

10:32 The not so happy user

(chris) So, now, If everyone agrees, and Topher shut up.... I'll tell the challenge

10:32 King Flurry51

(noah) I want to come back on the plane soonest as possible. Yes, I'm allergic mostly to the CRAZINESS

10:32 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) *eye roll*

10:32 Berryleaf

(izzy) Oh

10:33 The not so happy user

(chris)'s challenge is not in teams, but in pairs, now that we are an even number

10:33 Berryleaf

(izzy) *drinks from canteen*

10:33 The not so happy user

(chris) And don't get excited. I do the pairs

10:33 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) aww

10:33 King Flurry51

(noah) you do the pairs? Exciting.
(noah) let me guess some...

10:33 The not so happy user

(chris) Exciting? Nice you say that, amigo, cause I am pariing you up with...
(chris) ..IZZY!

10:34 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) This waters are very dangerous, so is the place, a lot of bugs, mutant bugs, and we don't have any medical supplies.

10:34 Berryleaf

(izzy) *laughs crazily* You cannot escape E-Scope!

10:34 King Flurry51

(noah) me and Izzy is obvious, then Trent and Gwen cause you love ancient love issues, then again Lightbulb and Brick cause you're totally predictable

10:34 The not so happy user

(chris) Then, Gwen with Jasmine
(chris) Test Tube, please go with Trent

10:35 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Well, it's OK.

10:35 King Flurry51

(noah) Test Tube, thanks for your "support",.

10:35 The not so happy user

(chris) Lightbulb, your turn to be with Topher
(chris) And this leaves Bricka nd Fan

10:35 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) It was a pleasure, and even if I detect the sarcasm, I don't care at all.

10:35 King Flurry51

(fan2) wow, unexpected, finally something new!

10:35 The not so happy user

(trent) Well... Hi mate

10:36 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Well, challenge is challenge. You sometimes need to take risks.

10:36 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Yo Toph
(lightbulb) Wassup my brotha

10:36 The not so happy user

(gwen) Hi Jasmine

10:36 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Hi, my goth mate.

10:36 King Flurry51

(fan2) A new interaction is being written. It was about time. Nice to meet you, Brick, as an official companion of adventure.

10:36 The not so happy user

(gwen) Remember we did well, at Transilvannia? We cna maybe win this again
(brick) It's nice to, new Soldier *salutates*

10:37 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Well, with no scrawny creepy kids around the place, we can maybe pull out a win.

10:37 The not so happy user

(chris) Well, now that everyone is pleased with his partner.. *laughs at Izzy and Noah*.. we can start the challenge...

10:38 King Flurry51

(fan2) maybe our is gonna be a great friendship by now. Oh, also, forgot to introduce you the third member: Eggy!

10:38 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) What's the game plan?

10:38 King Flurry51

(noah) ahahah, so funny, Chris, you make me wanna die..of laughers.

10:38 The not so happy user

(brick) Hi then, Little Soldier! *salutates the egg*
(chris) Soon you'll be dying of something else

10:38 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) We go left, tackle the players and then swim to the finish line for a home run. GOAL!!!!!!

10:39 King Flurry51

(fan2) *the egg twitches like trying to salutate Brick back* Uhh, first time he reacts to another person.

10:39 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Expected, you want us to jump off from a waterfall, or maybe eating mutant bugs?

10:39 The not so happy user

(chris) Nah, Lightbulb. See those canoes at the river?

10:39 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Woah...
(lightbulb) *feels canoes* They feel so...real

10:39 The not so happy user

(chris) There are five, and you are five teams..any clue of what does this mean?

10:40 King Flurry51

(fan2) *confessional* He or She, actually I can't know yet. I hope it will hatch a male!

10:40 The not so happy user

(gwen) We aren't idiots, CHris! Where does this race finish at?

10:40 King Flurry51 BRB 10:40 The not so happy user ok 10:40 Berryleaf

(izzy) It means you're fat!

Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Well, Lightbulb, I don't know you a lot, you don't know me a lot, but we still have to make a team work, if we want to be safe from being kicked off from a plane.

10:41 King Flurry51

(noah) no, Izzy, you're wrong, it means Chris is unoriginal as usual.

10:42 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) I agree dude, we need to win this!

10:42 The not so happy user

(chris) Well, Gwen has guessed right....this is a race
(chris) But there are numerous funny obstacles

10:42 King Flurry51

(noah) define "funny", Chris

10:42 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) And with that, you become the first object to ever had been safe at a vote, and my first time being safe from that too, so, we both have to win.

10:43 The not so happy user

(chris) Funny is somehting that involves someone getting hurt

10:43 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Yeah, we need to work together.

10:43 The not so happy user

(chris) often Noah

10:43 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Want a cupcake?

10:43 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Where did you got them?

10:43 King Flurry51

(noah) so nothing new than usual sheez.

10:44 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) The ground

10:44 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) I think I'm gonna pass...

10:44 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) OK...*shoves cupcakes in mouth* omnomnom

10:44 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) *makes the closest to a weird face*

10:45 The not so happy user

(chris) Well, this race goe sfrom the dead rapids, with clawly rocks, to the animal river avenue, where you'll probably die, the monkey part, and a final gigantic waterfall

10:45 King Flurry51

(mike) Chris, I added some personal made obstacles along the rapids, Those your assistant had already put were very weak.

10:45 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Perfect...

10:45 King Flurry51

  • assistants*

10:45 The not so happy user

(chris) Oh...nice...
(gwen) Yeah, nice, Mike!
(gwen) Idiot

10:45 Berryleaf

(izzy) Hey Noah

10:45 King Flurry51

(mike) I know really: like, wait for them to see the giant SLEDGE at the beginning of the waterfall.

10:46 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) *whispering* I know, what an idiot.

10:46 Berryleaf

(izzy) We're going to have so much fun on these rapids! It's like a waterpark ride...except with more Izzy!

10:46 The not so happy user

(gwen) Well..let's get to the canoe

10:46 King Flurry51

(noah) Yahoo! Can't wait to hyped,,,totally Izzycited.

10:46 The not so happy user

(chris) Good idea, everyone to their canoes

10:47 Berryleaf

(izzy) Sarcasm....I still need to break your shell

10:47 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) So, Trent, you know how to swim of this old piece of wood breaks apart?

10:47 King Flurry51

(fan2) *gets on the canoe* Let's get to the win!

10:47 Berryleaf

(izzy) I guarantee to have you laughing at the end of the day.

10:47 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Time to win it, or to not die.

10:47 King Flurry51

(noah) Sorry, but my shell is made of iron. You'll never succeed.

10:47 The not so happy user

(trent) Yeah..I am really good at canoeing, since I was a kid, my dad has brought me to do this

10:48 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Let's do this! We can make something happens! And win immunity!

10:48 Berryleaf

(izzy) Izzy has no rules....Izzy has chewed on iron before
(lightbulb) Dying's still fun

10:48 King Flurry51

(fan2) I never rode a canoe, by the way, what about you, Brick?

10:48 The not so happy user

(brick) I have two badges of rafting...hope it works

10:48 King Flurry51

(mike) You said it, Lightbulb. Mwahaha ahem!

10:49 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) That's interesting, its just that, if we fell off, and water enters on me, I will lose my intelligence momentarily, and become just a boring and flat piece of glass.

10:49 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Mike, you need to get a hold of yourself!
(lightbulb) Mike is crazy.
(izzy) I'm crazier!

10:49 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) No, he needs to get a life. *covers his mouth*

10:49 The not so happy user

(trent) Well, then climb up to my head, I'll do the rowing part
(gwen) *from the othe rcanoe* nice one, Topher!

10:50 King Flurry51

(mike) *confessional* I'll explain what the contract I signed with Chris says: if a contestant will be forced to leave the game, Mike will be allowed to replace him, fair and square". All I have to do is wait for someone to get injured, or worst.

10:50 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Thanks *laughs*

10:50 The not so happy user

(brick) So, do we start?

10:50 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Yeah, nice one.

10:51 King Flurry51

(mike) *confessional* But I CAN'T WAIT MUCH. So...I already occupied of the canoes, mwahahaha!

10:51 The not so happy user

(chris) Well..3....2.....1

10:52 King Flurry51

(fan2) *starts rowing* Anf, pity the oar is double bigger than me...puff..

10:52 The not so happy user

(chris) GO!
(trent) *starts rowing*

10:52 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Camptown racers sing this song, do da, do da *rows*

10:52 King Flurry51

(noah) canoeing: aka ruin your arms twisting two oars many and many and many useless times. That's a sport.

10:53 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Yeah, I don't like singing. *rows*

10:53 The not so happy user

(gwen) So...*rowing* Jasmine...

10:53 Berryleaf

(izzy) Weeee
(izzy) *rows fast*
(lightbulb) Oh.

10:53 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) What's up mate? Bug bite? We're sinking? *rows*

10:53 King Flurry51

(noah) *rows* It's rowing time...I guess.

10:53 The not so happy user

(gwen) Not that negative...I was just about to ask...

10:53 Berryleaf

(izzy) Noah, remember this?
(izzy) It's rowing time, rowing time, rowing time...

10:54 King Flurry51

(noah) yes, gladly we're not being pursued by crocodiles this time. *piranha appears in the water*+

10:54 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Sure, what you wanna ask?

10:54 The not so happy user

(gwen) ..Do you want to join me and Topher into an alliance?

10:54 King Flurry51

(fan2) Brick, am I doing this *rows* right?

10:54 The not so happy user

(chris) Uh, yeah..piranhas
(chris) Did you put that, Mike?
(brick) Yeah nice work, Soldier! How's Eggy doing?

10:55 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Well...*conf.* I have to save myself from elimination, and in extension, Brick and Lightbulb, I can't let them down. *end conf.* ...count me on it.

10:55 King Flurry51

(mike) yes, I did. I was undecided between them and the crocodiles, than I fought piranhas bite faster and this, surely, increases the fun factor.

10:56 The not so happy user

(gwen) know anyone else we could ask? We're 3 now

10:56 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Sure Jan...
  • to Mike*

10:56 King Flurry51

(fan2) He's doing fine, but he can't row, unfortunately.
(fan2) anyway, Brick, I heard you were searching for an ally, before..

10:56 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Well, maybe in an extension, Brick could join, maybe Lightbulb too, you know, I can't let them down, even when they worshiped Jo.

10:56 The not so happy user

(chris) Nice you did, cause I already put crocodiles far away
(gwen) You think we can trust them?

10:57 King Flurry51

(noah) Izzy, ehm, do you know how to survive to a flock of piranhas?

10:57 The not so happy user

(brick) Yeah, Fan. Me and Lighbtulb allied with Jasmine

10:57 Berryleaf

(izzy) Yes
(izzy) *pulls out a giant hammer and starts smashing pirahnas*

10:58 King Flurry51

(fan2) Oh, ok, maybe I'll need to get into an alliance, too, I feel to be a target.

10:58 The not so happy user

(trent) How are you doing, Test Tube?

10:58 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) *conf.* Anybody would notice it. Mike wants one of us to die, so he can get back on, so he puts all the danger, maybe we all will die...*eye rolling, laughing*...but I'm not sure about that.

10:59 King Flurry51

(noah) good! *Confessional* Wow! Have to admit it: I Always wonder where she takes Always this adrenaline and power from.

10:59 The not so happy user

(brick) don't seem a target..My alliance talked about goign first for the Dolphins..

10:59 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) I'm taking note of everything I'm seeing, from flora, to animals, and bugs, I want to make a biology book. Ironic, cause I'm a scientist, and my area is chemist.

10:59 The not so happy user

(chris) You are entering to the rapids with Super clawly rocks! Get ready!

11:00 King Flurry51

(fan2) well, but I watched enough realities to know it's not good to remain alone in the merge.

11:00 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Yeah, we can, they're not backstabber, well, at least Brick, I still need to know Lightbulb more.

11:00 The not so happy user

(gwen) Well, an ally of 5 could rock, if we find someone else, we can have full domain of the game!

11:00 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Rocks?

11:01 The not so happy user

(brick) What wth Test Tube? Weren't you married, or something?

11:01 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Rocks

11:01 King Flurry51

(noah) woooh, Amazing news, Chris! *prays* Please, keep me alive..

11:01 The not so happy user

(chris) Rocks with poison, as Mike ha sinformed

11:01 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) They are the evil rocks of Xygirak

11:01 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) The what of what?

11:01 Berryleaf

(izzy) *steers the canoe around the rocks*

11:01 King Flurry51

(fan2) With TT it's not working in that way, we're just in the friendzone, but, still, I'm fine with it.

11:01 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) *conf.* Poison, he can't get anything better?

11:01 King Flurry51

(noah) a-a-are we alive? *opens eyes*

11:02 The not so happy user

(brick)'re in an alliance wiht her?

11:02 King Flurry51

(mike) *confessional* Wait for them to discover the true nature of those.. "rocks".
(fan2) No, just friends, never talked about an alliance, she's generally very quiet.

11:02 The not so happy user

(brick) And your other teamates?

11:02 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) When I publish my book, I want to have Fan next to me, he has been a good friend.

11:03 The not so happy user

(trent) Nice pictures

11:03 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Ok, those Rocks look creepy, what if they actually are alive?

11:03 King Flurry51

(fan2) Gwen hates me while Topher seems neutral, we're friends but he partakes more with her than me.

11:03 The not so happy user

(trent) This seems easier than I thought...Oh! Rocks!

11:04 King Flurry51

  • the rocks reveal to be sharped crocodiles, hyppos and imagine another poisonous animal I can't name as of now*

11:04 The not so happy user

(brick) And why does she hate you?

11:04 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) Mutant ones.

11:04 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) They are
(lightbulb) They're gonna get you Topher

11:04 King Flurry51

(fan2) We had some arguments mostly for my fault: I considered her a fodder of the season and of course she didn't appreciate.

11:04 The not so happy user

(trent) Oh, bummer!

11:04 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Ok, time to...wait, where did I left Kim?

(Kim) *still on plane, biting an electric cable* 11:05 King Flurry51

(noah) Izzy, the rocks are moving, now...and did I say rocks? I meant crocodile, hyppos and mutant creatures!

11:05 Berryleaf

(izzy) Oh

11:05 The not so happy user

(brick) Oh,,,so, you couldn't do anything to fix it?

11:05 Berryleaf

(izzy) Hmm, should we have them join us on this canoe?

11:05 King Flurry51

(noah) *shakes her* WHAT WE'RE GONNA DO?!

11:06 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Crocodiles? I can take care of this, Gwen, you have some rope?

11:06 The not so happy user

(chris) Is that a mutant anglerfish!? Good job Mike
(gwen) Here, have

11:06 King Flurry51

(mike) Thanks, boss. Just here for the business.

11:06 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Yeah, good job in making pathetic attempts to kill us. *covers mouth again*

11:07 King Flurry51

(mike) *glares at Topher*

11:07 Berryleaf

(izzy) we will

11:07 The not so happy user

(gwen) *laughs while handing Jaz the rope*

11:07 Berryleaf

(izzy) TURBO

11:07 King Flurry51

(noah) eh? No, tell me you're not gonna do what I think.

11:07 The not so happy user

(brick) Oh Fan... Hippos ahead!

11:07 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Thanks, time to have a new animal head for my collection. *starts to fight the crocodile*

11:07 Berryleaf

(izzy) *attaches small rockets to canoe* WOOOOO

11:08 The not so happy user

  • mutant anglerfish attacks Noah and Izzy*

11:08 King Flurry51

(noah) heeeeeeeeelp!!!!

11:08 Berryleaf Anglerfish: *bites the rockets*

(izzy) No, our turbo!

11:08 King Flurry51

(noah) *instinctively takes an oar and smashes it on the teeth of the anglerfish* DIE!!!

11:08 The not so happy user

(trent) Oh....seems like these creatures ignored us...

11:08 Berryleaf

(izzy) *an anglerfish latches on to her arm* augh!
(izzy) Woah, Noah. You are getting it

11:09 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) *she overpowers the crocodile, and ends up killing it* Like in Australia, they aren't nothing against me.

11:09 The not so happy user

(chris) Hahahahah! Priceless! If the anglerfish bitting the turbo caused an explosion, this would have had double of viewers!

11:09 King Flurry51

(noah) Ok, if the oar wasn't enough, I have another better weapon....a weapon of mass destruction full of sarcasm and wiz: MY BOOK! Banzai!

11:10 The not so happy user

(gwen) Wow! That...WAS AMAZING!
(brick) Fan? ANything on the Internet to defeat this Hippos?

11:10 King Flurry51

(mike) Grr..just the beinning.

11:10 Berryleaf

(izzy) *flails her arms around*
(izzy) *anglerfish latch on to her ears* Earrings of pain, yeah!

11:10 King Flurry51

(fan2) Internet does not get wi-fi here, sorry...ahhh! *an hippo widens his mouth*

11:11 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) We're good! No animals have attacked us!

11:11 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Thanks for the compliment. It's a pleasure to make something for the team.

11:11 The not so happy user

(chris) Do you have anything with dynamite, Mike?

11:11 Berryleaf Crocodile: *jumps and swallows lightbulb* 11:11 King Flurry51

(noah) Leave her alone and learn some CULTURE! *smashes it on the head of the anglerfish*

11:11 The not so happy user

  • anglerfish faints*

11:11 Berryleaf

(izzy) Thanks Noah!

11:11 The not so happy user

(brick) Then time for the random stupid ideas!

11:12 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Wait, where is Lightbulb?

11:12 King Flurry51

(noah) anf, pant, I did just what I did, seriously?
(fan2) *the hippo misses him but swallows the egg* O-o

11:12 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) What is next? The crocodile is dead, you can have it. *tosses the dead crocodile to Chris*

11:12 Berryleaf Crocodile: *smiles widely at topher* 11:12 The not so happy user

(brick) *gets his boot off* GET THAT EGG BACK, OR FIGHT..THE PEST!

11:13 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Ahhh!!!! I'm in crocodile jail!

11:13 King Flurry51

(mike) Don't worry, Chris, I have other surprises for them.

11:13 The not so happy user

(chris) I hope to see an explosion or two, honestly

11:13 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) I need something, oh, I know what. *brings up the axe, and smashes the crocodile with it*

11:13 King Flurry51

(fan2) Oh, the famous boot! Please, take it back.

11:13 The not so happy user

(brick) *puts the boot in the hippo's nose hole*
(brick) Puke it!

11:14 Berryleaf Crocodile: bleh

  • spits out lightbulb*

11:14 The not so happy user

  • a rinho is drinking some water*

11:14 King Flurry51

(noah) woah, intense...I felt a sudden insane energy inside me.

11:14 The not so happy user

(chris) Mike make that rinho attack them

11:14 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) I just knocked him down? Ugh, I wanted a kill. Anyways, run Lightbulb!
  • rove*

11:14 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Woah thanks man. You don't know what it's like in crocodile jail. It has its own rules
(lightbulb) *rows

11:15 King Flurry51

(mike) No matter. *kicks the Rhino and then points to the contestants* It was THEM!

11:15 The not so happy user

  • rinho advances to Trent and TT*

11:15 King Flurry51

(noah) is this the...craziness?

11:15 The not so happy user

(trent) Crap!

11:15 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) I have an idea! Spill my content on the eyes of the rhino.

11:16 The not so happy user

(trent) But that would make you dumb?

11:16 King Flurry51

(fan2) No, Test Tube!

11:16 Berryleaf

(izzy) Craziness!

11:16 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) Just get a lemon and done, you have one?

11:16 King Flurry51

(fan2) You have no other liquid of reserve, remember?

11:16 Berryleaf

(izzy) Yes, Noah! Embrace your crazy!

11:16 The not so happy user

(trent) This thing is getting closer!

11:17 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) You have a lemon? Or not?

11:17 King Flurry51

(noah) embrace my..craziness? Eeehm..why not? But just for this time. GOT AN INSANE IDEA.

11:17 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) I always carry a lemon
(lightbulb) *tosses a lemon to trent and test tube*

11:17 The not so happy user

  • the hippo pukes on brick and Fan*

11:17 Berryleaf

(izzy) Yay! *claps*

11:17 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) Spill me on his eyes, or we die!

11:18 King Flurry51

(fan2) Heww! It's so...*finds the egg in his hands* who cares? I have you back, smuack, smuack, so worried!

11:18 The not so happy user

(trent) *squirts the lemon on the rhino's eyes*
  • the hippo sinks again*
  • the rhino, runs to Mike*

11:18 King Flurry51

(mike) *confessional* Grr, they really force me to be the most evil possible in this way.

11:18 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) It was supposed to be me, but OK, it works anyways.

11:19 The not so happy user

(brick) Have you done a picture of that rhino defeat, Fan?

11:19 King Flurry51

(noah) Izzy, can you create a rope?

11:19 Berryleaf

(izzy) Yea

11:19 King Flurry51

(fan2) *keeps hugging and kissing the egg* Nope, but I don't care now.

11:19 The not so happy user

(gwen) We're doing this really well, Jasmine,w e're on the lead

11:20 Berryleaf

(izzy) *grabs rope from native shelter nearby*

11:20 The not so happy user

(chris) time for the monkey rain!

11:20 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) That's true, now I wonder what Is next?

11:20 King Flurry51

(fan2) *confessional* I have to use more prudence now that I'm a "father". I promise by now nothing bad will happen to you.

11:20 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Why I asked?

11:20 The not so happy user

  • monkeys start to jump on the canoes,a nd scrath and bote the contestants*
(trent) Augh!

11:20 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) The hair, don't ruin the hair!

11:21 The not so happy user

(chris) They're rabid!

11:21 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) nooo!!!

11:21 King Flurry51

(noah) Izzy, you know monkey Language, convince them attack someone else.

11:21 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) *ducks*

11:21 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) I have an idea, have a banana?

11:21 Berryleaf

(izzy) ooh ahh!!! ooh! *points at brick and fan8

11:21 The not so happy user Monkey: *hits Izzy's head with a rock*

(gwen) Here? Nope...

11:21 King Flurry51

(fan2) oh-oh.

11:22 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Damn, well then, I know! Call your friend.

11:22 The not so happy user Monkey: *grabs Fan's egg* Ah-.ah! OOh!

(brick) Fan!

11:22 Berryleaf

(izzy) ooh...rainbow waffles produce bad luck...

11:22 The not so happy user

(brick) *hits monkey with an oar*

11:23 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) I have it! Trent, hit them with the paddle, that has to knock them down.

11:23 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) *stands on edge of canoe! whoa!

11:23 The not so happy user

(trent) *starts hitting monkeys* Ugh..they seem to be infinite

11:23 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) whoa!!

11:23 King Flurry51

(noah) meanwhile I create a thing... *starts binding the ropes ariund the oars until he creates a spring key*

11:23 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) *falls off*
(lightbulb) zz0ugw9arh

11:24 The not so happy user

(chris) Mike? Do soehting exciting now

11:24 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Woah, I have an idea!

11:24 King Flurry51

(fan2) Noo, again? Give me it back, stupid primate! *tosses his pc against the monkey*

11:24 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Whatever it is, we need it!

11:24 The not so happy user Monkey: *leaves the egg, and jumps to the river* 11:24 King Flurry51

(mike) what about using this whistle for gorillaz? Fiiiiiiii!

11:24 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) I have an idea! Monkeys! Hear me! *echo*

11:25 The not so happy user

  • three gorillas appear*

11:25 King Flurry51

(fan2) *his pc and the egg fall both in the water*

11:25 The not so happy user

(brick) Oh, no! *jumps to the waters*

A 11:25 King Flurry51

(fan2) groan, time for an important decision. *takes only the egg*

11:25 The not so happy user

  • A gorilla jumps to Noah and Izzy's canoe*

11:26 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) *grabs onto the canoe and paddles*

11:26 The not so happy user

(brick) *on the river* I have the PC!

11:26 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) I'll try to hypnotize the monkeys.

11:26 King Flurry51

(noah) Ah! Sorry my friend, but we're going away right now. *activates the spring key making the canoe to dash straight away*

11:26 The not so happy user

  • the gorilla falls to the water*

11:26 King Flurry51

(fan2) Ohh, really thank you, Brick! You're a friend and a hero.

11:26 Berryleaf

(izzy) You know about the powers of canoe?

11:26 The not so happy user

(gwen) Nice idea
(brick) *gets back int he canoe* ugh..*spits water*

11:27 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Monkeys, listen to me and follow me. *echo*

11:27 King Flurry51

(noah) Don't ask how, but just row, we're in the lead now.

11:27 The not so happy user Monkey: UUUUh 11:27 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Do the same I do...*she throws her self in the water*

11:27 Berryleaf

(izzy) *rows*

11:27 The not so happy user Monkeys: *jum to the water* 11:28 King Flurry51

(mike) *turns into Manitoba* Two can play this game. *imitates the Language of the monkeys, nulling Jaz's hypnosis*

11:28 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) *jumps back on before they do* Rove Gwen! Fast!

11:28 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) *paddles boat fast* woooo
(lightbulb) like a motor!

11:28 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) *throws a monkey at Mike, that start to maul him* There!

11:28 The not so happy user

(chris) Time for the Labyrinthic caves! All dark, and many ways! You'll never know where to go!

11:28 King Flurry51

(mike) ahi, ouch, how dare yaah?!

11:29 The not so happy user

(gwen) Thanks, Topher!
(trent) Geez, we're at the bottom!

11:29 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Always a pleasure.

11:29 The not so happy user

(brick) Arriving to the caves!

11:29 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) I know, that's a bad thing.

11:29 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Caves
(lightbulb) Easy, I'm a lightbulb

11:29 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) I don't see anything.

11:29 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) *hops in the canoe*

11:30 King Flurry51

(noah) Labyrinth? Izzy, we have to follow the air stream to get through the right way. *slaps his finger and puts it straight in the air* In this way!

11:30 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) *turns on*

11:30 The not so happy user

(brick) *conf* Caves..All Dark..I wish Lightbulb was woth me

11:30 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Perfect, that puts on in the lead! We can actually see something!

Us* 11:30 Berryleaf

(izzy) You are a fast learner

11:30 King Flurry51

(fan2) C'mon, Brick, I know it's not much but I can illuminate the area using the led light of my phone.

11:30 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) It's a honr

11:30 The not so happy user

(trent) Noah, didn't you once got in a Labyrinth with Dawn? Now Izzy? Seems like your perfect date is going wiht a firl to a Labyrinth

11:31 Berryleaf

(izzy) *rips off a piece of canoe and lights it*

11:31 The not so happy user

(brick) Thanks..It helps

11:31 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) Trent, let's follow them! They have light, we can see if we follow their boat.

11:31 King Flurry51

(noah) Waaaait a minute!

11:31 Berryleaf

(izzy) It's light!
(izzy) We want to see something, right?

11:31 King Flurry51

(noah) it's our boat, GENIUS.

11:31 The not so happy user

(trent) Nice idea! *follows them*

11:31 Berryleaf

(Justin) Hey!

11:31 King Flurry51

(noah) if you fire it, it won't be any boat more.

11:31 The not so happy user (justin, get away) 11:31 Berryleaf

(Justin) If it isn't anti-me and Miss Crazy
(izzy) *throws a rock at Justin*

11:32 The not so happy user

(trent) Wait....have they just set fire to the canoe?

11:32 King Flurry51

(noah) JUSTIN? GRRR *throws the fainted anglerfish at him*

11:32 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Disaster for the Weird Ship! Will they recover? I hope not, cause we are in first place, and we really need immunity! *rows away*

11:32 Berryleaf

(Justin) Not the face! *trips and falls in the river*

11:32 The not so happy user

(chris) Time for the vampire bats!

11:32 King Flurry51

(mike) *all covered in scratches* They'll pay this.

11:32 Berryleaf

(izzy) *runs over Justin with the canoe*

11:33 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Seriously, they don't eat fruit?

11:33 The not so happy user

(chris) I said "vampire" bats, genius! Guess what do they eat!

11:33 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) Great, now a flying rat will bite me, after a scrawny kid did so.

11:33 King Flurry51

(noah) *half of their boat is already in flames* We need to speed up and even the spring key got ashed.

11:33 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Oh no! We're gonna be vampires again!
(izzy) well noah
(izzy) We are on the water

11:33 The not so happy user

(trent) test Tube...Now is when we need your liquid!

11:34 King Flurry51

(noah) Tell this to the canoe that's still firing.

11:34 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) As long as we have you lighten up, they won't bite us, they hate light!

11:34 Berryleaf

(izzy) *takes a bucket and pours water on the flames*

11:34 The not so happy user

  • Noah and Izzy's canoe starts to sink*

11:34 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) wooo
(izzy) So...

11:34 King Flurry51

(mike) *orders the bats to attack Topher* Do it, my fellows

11:34 The not so happy user

(brick) Any ideas, Fan?

11:35 King Flurry51

(fan2) I can put the image of a garlic on the screen of the pc so to frighten the vampire bats.

11:35 The not so happy user

  • bats go to Topher and Lightbulb*

11:35 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Great...genius.

11:35 The not so happy user

(brick) Well..nice one!

11:35 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Dang, I must be running out of power...I need to charge when we get to the plane

11:36 The not so happy user

(trent) *grabs TT* Ready?

11:36 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) We still have light! *shows the light, that confuses the bats*

11:36 King Flurry51

(noah) I knew it...only one thing to do. *jumps on Trent's canoe* Izzy, are you ready?

11:36 The not so happy user

  • bats start crashing with each other*

11:36 Berryleaf

(izzy) *backflips onto trent's canoe*

11:36 The not so happy user

(trent) Uh..guys?

11:36 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) *rows as fast as he can* Come on Lightbulb!

11:36 Berryleaf

(izzy) Hey Trent
(izzy) *shoves trent out of the canoe*

11:36 The not so happy user

(trent) Well..Hi
(trent) Grrr...

11:37 King Flurry51

(noah) Sorry, Trent, but today I'm not ansering of my actions. Too Izzycited.

11:37 Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) We can't help them, we both get damaged, and we both will arrive in last place. And we four will be up for elimination!

11:37 The not so happy user

(trent) *conf* So, that's what allies do? I have to find a new alliance now, Idiots

11:37 Berryleaf

(izzy) Sorry Tren.
(izzy) But we need to win this

11:37 King Flurry51

(noah) *confessional* Hope Trent won't be too much angry, now..

11:37 Berryleaf

(izzy) *chucks test tube at trent's forehead*

11:37 Cabbage pult 74 Brb 11:37 The not so happy user

(trent) What now, TT?

11:38 King Flurry51

(noah) *grabs Test Tube and flips her down until all her liquid is gone* Trent, don't worry, you're under the radar as of now, you don't risk anything, unlike me and her.

11:39 The not so happy user

(trent) What did you do to her?!
  • wait, I'll record*

11:39 Berryleaf

  • a raft goes by trent and test tube*

Cabbage pult 74

(Testtube) Motherfucker, you'll regret this...*unconscious*

11:44 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) wooo

11:44 The not so happy user

(trent) As of now, let's get in the raft

11:44 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) Are we lost?

11:44 King Flurry51

(noah) *shrugs and rows exiting from the cavern*

11:44 The not so happy user

(gwen) And we're out!

11:45 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) We too! What's next?
(Jasmine) I hear a big fall...

11:45 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) light!

11:45 The not so happy user

(chris) Mike? What do you have, for them?

744442 has left the chat. 11:45 King Flurry51

(mike) the Victorian Waterfall

11:46 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) At least I had a helmet, wait, where it is?

11:46 The not so happy user

(gwen) Oh, Jasmine..I can see it...

11:46 Cabbage pult 74 (The helmet is carrying an unconscious TT) 11:46 King Flurry51

(noah) a waterfall. Uhm...

11:46 The not so happy user

(trent) *rowing* Oh, where's TT?

11:46 King Flurry51

(fan2) Brick, we're finally at the exit.

11:46 Cabbage pult 74

(Jasmine) God, if I join to you, please forget the crocodile I killed!

11:46 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) *shrugs*

11:47 The not so happy user

(brick) Finally! Let's see if we can arrive first!

11:47 Berryleaf

(izzy) *pulls out a wheel* vroom!
(izzy) Ready for some real fun? *smiles widely*

11:47 King Flurry51

(fan2) Judging by the screams of the Others, we're going against the waterfalls.

11:47 The not so happy user

(chris) I am...*presses control*

11:47 King Flurry51

(noah) TOTALLY! *confessional* At least today.

11:48 The not so happy user

  • some explosives appear at the river, and cause gueisers*

11:48 Cabbage pult 74

(Topher) Wait, here it is! But it has a test tube on it. Oh well. *puts the helmet on, while putting TT on a bag*

11:48 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) woah-oh!

11:48 Cabbage pult 74 And.....gtg. My stupid mom. 11:48 Berryleaf

(lightbulb) *swerves around geysers*

11:48 King Flurry51

(mike) Chris, can I take a remote controller, too?

11:48 The not so happy user

(chris) And also....*presses control*
  • a lion appears on a rock*

The not so happy user (chris) Impressive...more explosions! *presses controler* 11:23 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) What can we do now? We're about to die, the question is, the lion kills us, or, the fall after the waterfall kills us? 11:23 The not so happy user (gwen) *rows desesperately* C'mon, C'mon, C'mon! 11:23 King Flurry51 (noah) as the waterfall wasn't enough...but screw the sarcasm, I joined to the insane side today! 11:23 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) You shouldn't rove that fast... 11:23 The not so happy user (gwen) Other teams are getting close! 11:24 King Flurry51 (fan2) Brick, open me. 11:24 The not so happy user (brick) Are you sure? 11:24 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) But we are about to fall! 11:24 The not so happy user (gwen) AGH!! 11:24 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) Who got this lion? 11:24 The not so happy user (brick) *opens Fan* 11:24 Berryleaf (izzy) Boom boom! 11:24 King Flurry51 (fan2) Yes, don't worry, I'm elastic and you can use me as a sail! 11:25 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) BYE LIFE AS I KNEW IT *falls with Gwen* 11:25 The not so happy user (chris) Miiike! Any surprise? You did a poor job 11:25 Berryleaf (lightbulb) Topher. 11:25 King Flurry51 (mike) Wait to see the heat final. 11:25 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) So, Mike, you tried to get a lion to kill me, so you can get back on? That's pathetic and pitiful. 11:25 The not so happy user (brick) *puts rope on Fan* Wind is on our favour!

(trent)  *on the distance* othing I ca do, to win...

11:26 King Flurry51 (fan2) yeah, to the infinite and beyoooond! I Always wanted to say this epic line. 11:26 Berryleaf (lightbulb) Topher the lion is hungry 11:26 The not so happy user (gwen) *falling* Haaaang to the canooooe! 11:26 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) I'm not going to make you happy, Lightbulb, take care of the test tube. *puts on helmet* Bye! *jumps off the waterfall* 11:26 Berryleaf (lightbulb) Ahhhhh!!!

(lightbulb)  I'm alone with the lion!

11:26 King Flurry51 (noah) Let's goooo! SPLASH! 11:26 Berryleaf (izzy) Weeee!!! 11:27 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) *screams like crazy when falling* At least I have a heeelmet...*the wind takes it away*...oh , snap! 11:27 King Flurry51 (mike) ... 11:27 The not so happy user *an explosive sets Trent's raft to the air, and passes flying to the other teams, crashes, and he is left afloat*

(trent)  *conf* That. Was. Pure.  Shit

11:27 Berryleaf (izzy) YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 11:27 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) *still unconscious* 11:27 King Flurry51 (noah) Uh oh, poor Trent, maybe we should do something. 11:27 Berryleaf (izzy) Isn't this fun Noah? 11:27 The not so happy user (gwen) Finally! *SPLASH* 11:28 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) We're going to die! *splash* Oh, it wasn't that bad. 11:28 King Flurry51 BRB 11:28 Berryleaf (izzy) *grabs trent's arm* 11:28 The not so happy user (gwen) ROW, ROW, ROW! ok, gonna save this 11:28 Berryleaf (izzy) *pulls off trent's shirt* 11:28 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) *rows very fast* I think this can make it possible!

11:31 The not so happy user  (trent)  Hey! What was that for?!

11:31 King Flurry51 (noah) Izzy..what in tarnation are you doing exactly? 11:31 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) *falling* I'm going to die...I'm going to die...please God, forgive me for worshipping Chris, which is as bad as killing someone! 11:31 Berryleaf (izzy) Grab onto the shirt, Trent! 11:31 The not so happy user (trent) Well, it's MY shirt!

(trent)  *grabs to it*

11:31 King Flurry51 (noah) Why you didn't use simply the rope we had on the boat? *shrugs* 11:32 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) Come on, we can still do it! Rove faster, Gwen! 11:32 The not so happy user (trent) You had ROPE?! 11:32 Berryleaf (izzy) *pulls trent up* Because now Gwen will be distracted 11:32 The not so happy user (gwen) *rowing really fast* hahah 11:32 King Flurry51 (noah) cunning, hmmm. 11:32 The not so happy user (brick) Almost thereee! 11:32 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) Almost there, come on! We can still do this! 11:32 The not so happy user (chris) Woah...teams are getting close 11:33 King Flurry51 (fan2) *the wind blows him at most, making the canoe to dash in mid-air* 11:33 Berryleaf (lightbulb) *Rows* 11:33 King Flurry51 (mike) There we go, time for the HEAT FINAL. Click. 11:33 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) That's godplay, you can't make that! That's forbidden! 11:34 The not so happy user (gwen) *rowing* What? Courtney never learnt that... 11:34 King Flurry51 (mike) Or better, HELL FINAL. *the canoes starts getting on fire after a little explosion activated* 11:34 The not so happy user (gwen) SWIM! 11:34 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) Seriously, you better get ready! *swims* 11:34 The not so happy user (gwen) *arrives at the river side* Finally! *spits water* Berryleaf has left the chat. 11:35 The not so happy user (brick) FIREE! 11:35 King Flurry51 (mike) What do you think, now, Chris? And if you consider fire is not a good news for a lightbulb,a fan or worst a chemic beaker.. 11:35 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) But even with that, rules are rules. *grabs the burning canoe and swims with it* 11:35 The not so happy user (gwen) C'mon, Jasmine! Almost here! 11:35 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) *at the other side* There! There is the canoe, and we are here! Done! 11:35 The not so happy user (chris) Well... that was unexpected, Mmike 11:36 King Flurry51 (noah) Izzy, do you have another firework? 11:36 The not so happy user (chris) Bbut one team has arrived even with your HELL FINALE, and are the winners! Jjasmine and Gwen!

(chris)  Followed by...

11:36 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) Yeah! *high fives her* 11:36 The not so happy user (gwen) *high fives back* Wo-hoo! 11:36 King Flurry51 (fan2) Fiiiiire!!! 11:37 The not so happy user (gwen) *conf* Did I cheered? Woah...

(brick)  *grabs Fan* don't worry! *jumps to the river*

11:37 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) *she is at bottom of the waterfall, and immediately falls off* The not so happy user ok, let's continue

(chris)  Ok, Gwen and Jasmine have arrived...waiting for others...
(brick)  *arrives swimming with Fan* Second's something

11:40 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) Brick is almost here, but where is the little bulb? 11:41 King Flurry51 (noah) *lits on the last firework* Time to be Izzynsane. 3-2-1..FIRE! BOAM! *the canoe is sent in the air and lands on the opposite side of the river* 11:41 Berryleaf (izzy) Wooo! 11:41 The not so happy user (chris) Ok, two teams have arrived...three if we count the rebels... 11:41 King Flurry51 *flames react with Lightbulb's electricity, causing her to... 11:41 The not so happy user (trent) Test Tube? Where is that..girl? Object 11:42 Berryleaf (lightbulb) *Explodes* 11:42 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) What...where am I? *somewhere else* 11:42 King Flurry51 (fan2) GIRL. *deathglares at Trent* 11:42 The not so happy user (trent) Well, where is her?

(trent)  And blame it on Noah and Izzy, Fan, that are the ones who got her empty and threw her away, not me!

11:43 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) Right here...*appears in a different canoe*

(Topher)  I'm here too...*glaring at Mike*

11:43 The not so happy user (trent) Oh...where did you got that from? 11:43 Berryleaf (lightbulb) *her shards fly next to chris* 11:43 King Flurry51 (fan2) did they do WHAt? TT, are you fine? Answer me: how's the result of..ehm.. 4+4? 11:44 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) Its 8, she is OK, see, thanks to someone, we landed on a local village, and we rented a new canoe.

(Testtube)  And a lemon, to fill me up again, however, we had to exchange our cell phones.

11:45 The not so happy user (chris) Well.... Lightbulb's pieces are here, and so with Topher... So they get third place... and TT and Trent fourth 11:45 King Flurry51 (fan2) eh? 11:45 The not so happy user (chris) Other two are on the other side of the river... 11:45 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) Whatever, I'll ask for a new one, I think I had one back in the plane.

(Testtube)  But mine had all my notes about the place, now I won't make my book about my experiences on this insane place.

11:46 The not so happy user (chris) Ok, so everyone get to the plane

(chris)  Gwen and  Jjasmine are inmune today, others are up for elimination

11:47 Berryleaf (lightbulb) Awww 11:47 King Flurry51 (mike) I'll repair Lightbulb, Chris. 11:47 Berryleaf ignore line of lightbulb forgot 11:48 The not so happy user (chris) nah, Mike. I have the automatic control from MePhone *presses button, and Lightbulb appears* 11:48 King Flurry51 (mike) ah, splendid. 11:48 The not so happy user (chris) Mostly because you disappointed me today 11:48 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) *conf.* It's nice to have immunity, like, I really needed it, what if people flipped against me, and I get picked off? That's like, not fair. 11:48 The not so happy user (chris) Heat end? Pfft

(chris)  Get back to the plane too

11:49 King Flurry51 (mike) okay.... *mutters something you better not know the contenute of.. 11:49 Berryleaf (lightbulb) Hey Brick 11:49 The not so happy user (brick) What? 11:49 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) *conf.* What if I receive votes? Test Tube might voted me last time to make chaos, but, what if I receive votes for an actual reason now? Whatever happens, its going to be a hell of a blindside. 11:50 King Flurry51 (noah) hey, Trent, who are you going to vote? 11:50 The not so happy user (trent) Not sure... But thanks for at least saving me 11:51 Berryleaf (lightbulb) Want to vote for Test Tube? 11:51 The not so happy user (trent) Looks like I'll need a new shirt 11:51 Berryleaf (izzy) *wearing trent's shirt* Hey Trent 11:51 King Flurry51 (fan2) *confessional* Have really no idea of who vote this time, but today I almost risked my girl...friend! to, ehm, "die". Or at least lost her cleverness forever, like, uhm.. 11:51 Berryleaf (izzy) I like your shirt, it's very soft 11:52 The not so happy user (brick) I'll ask our alliance. Jasmine has got Gwne and Topher too. Saw, she was a good option... gonn ask her what she wants to do... 11:52 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) *conf.* Everyone thinks I'm a floater, and maybe, they are right, but, when I can hear it, it totally rubs someoene the wrong way. 11:52 King Flurry51 (noah) great, now you miss only the nine obsession, the guitar and the Frankenstein front to be perfect Trent 2.0 11:52 The not so happy user (trent) Frankenstein font? Well, thanks 11:53 King Flurry51 (noah) chill out, just kidding, you know I'm known for jokes. 11:53 Berryleaf (izzy) I vant to suck your blood

(izzy)  *laughs*  hahahahahaa

11:53 The not so happy user (trent) *conf* Voting out Bridgette, throwing me out of my boat, messing up wiht me...they both deserve my vote... But i don't know who to vote for... difficult to pick... 11:53 King Flurry51 (noah) anyway, I think we should team up if we want to survive this nomination.

(noah)  Dolphins need to be united! No?

11:54 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) So, Gwen, who is the one to go? 11:54 The not so happy user (trent) If you asked that to me yesterday, I would have said yes without I don't know... 11:54 King Flurry51 (fan2) *writes something on his computer, shifting eyes* 11:54 The not so happy user (gwen) Any ideas? 11:55 Berryleaf (izzy) Sure! Let's vote for that cardboard box

(izzy)  *points to box*  He's looking at me funny

11:55 King Flurry51 (noah) *rolls eyes* 11:55 The not so happy user (brick) *enters in first class* Jjasmine, any idea of who to vote for, as the alliance? 11:56 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) Well, had Jo here, it would had been a lot easier, or in the other side, we could had allied temporary with her. So, the vote is quite difficult now, but some people really deserve it. (Testtube Oh, shit . Forget that. 11:56 Berryleaf (izzy) Who do you want to vote for Noah? 11:57 King Flurry51 (Noah) someone that could be a true menace for us: you have physical skills that can stand to Jasmine and Brick but I have brain powers like none else 11:58 The not so happy user (PM me the votes) 11:58 Berryleaf (izzy) Is it me? 11:58 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) I'm just freaked out of what happened today, and I'm phone-less now. I'm feeling strange, I don't want to go to nomination, cause, just look at me, I'm almost a dead body. That can get me votes today. 11:58 Berryleaf (izzy) I am Brainzilla 11:59 King Flurry51 (noah) no.. 11:59 Berryleaf (izzy) Is it the science thingy? 11:59 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) *conf, while voting* You went from someone good to a total chaos, you're just not a good person, I really dislike you.

(Testtube)  *conf.* I know I'm a person that will get votes, so, this is mainly to save myself *votes*

12:00 The not so happy user (two votes missing)

(trent)  *conf* Ugh... I have to

12:00 King Flurry51 (noah) *hushes her* 12:00 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) *conf.* This is just another vote off, I don't expect a lot having immunity with me *votes* 12:01 Berryleaf (izzy) *hangs upside down on the luggage rack*

(izzy)  Who'd you vote for Trent?

12:01 The not so happy user (chris) Ok, everyone to the elimination ceremony! Time for kicking someone! 12:01 King Flurry51 (fan2) *confessional* Time for one of those regretful decisions typical of the merge: I have to do this vote to keep her safe from the big menace. 12:02 Berryleaf (izzy) (lightbulb) *go to the elimination ceremony* 12:02 King Flurry51 (noah) I would probably vote one of us...*sighs looking at his image reflected in the window* 12:02 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) *conf.* I'm glad to have people that I can trust, like Fan and my old teammates, so, maybe I'm safe, but maybe the majority is against me. 12:02 Berryleaf (lightbulb) *sits next to brick* 12:03 The not so happy user (brick) Well... Jaz had an idea, and I followed it..what about you, Lightbulb? 12:03 Berryleaf (izzy) *sits in the back row, humming* 12:03 King Flurry51 (noah) *sits next to Izzy, mulling over* 12:03 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) If we followed it, maybe it will work. 12:03 Berryleaf (lightbulb) I'm not sure who you guys voted for, but it's probably the same person

(lightbulb)  *drinks smoothie* This smoothie is sour!

12:04 King Flurry51 (fan2) tickle tickle tickle... 12:04 The not so happy user (chris) So, welcome to the first merge elimination!

(chris)  Today, only three people have recieved votes

12:04 Berryleaf (izzy) Technically Chris, No Pain No Game had the first merge elimination 12:05 King Flurry51 (mike) *gets next to Chris staying totally quiet, with an annoyed expression or a resigned one* 12:05 The not so happy user (chris) Aaagh... I wish Ii could eliminate you, Izzy 12:05 Berryleaf (izzy) *smiles* Guess that means I'm safe 12:05 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) Did I got votes? 12:05 The not so happy user (chris) Safe, but recived one vote! 12:05 Berryleaf (izzy) *shrugs* No biggie 12:05 King Flurry51 (noah) *confessional* Wow, she sometimes shows that hidden cleverness that Always startles me. 12:06 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) I want my barf bag, I'm safe anyways. 12:06 Berryleaf (billy) *loudly munches popcorn* Crunch...omnom 12:06 The not so happy user (trent) *conf** I voted her again. Why? Thought on voting for Noah, but I made a promise to him: Hhelping him to get teh spotlight. But wanted revenge on my two ex-teammates, voted for her 12:07 King Flurry51 (fan2) *keeps writing on the keyboard* Tickle tickle tickle.. 12:07 The not so happy user (chris) Jasmine, Fan, brick and Lightbulb! Get your barf bags! 12:07 Berryleaf (billy) krack...cruck...ow 12:07 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) *conf.* I'm glad to have some sort of alliance with my ex-teammates. 12:07 The not so happy user (brick) Great! 12:07 Berryleaf (billy) *spits kernel at chris's face*

(lightbulb)  OMGA!  Raise the roof playas!

12:07 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) Yes! Congrats teammates. King Flurry51 (fan2) Thanks. Now..tickle tickle...this letter should be in another font...quick, have to finish this pdf before the end of the nomination. (back) 12:11 The not so happy user (chris) Ok, so Gwen and Trent also get a barf bag! Old times, huh?

(trent)  *nervous* Thanks

12:11 Berryleaf (billy) *munches popcorn loudly so nobody can hear chris* 12:12 The not so happy user (gwen) Not Old Times to Remember 12:12 Berryleaf (izzy) Aw c'mon, you two were cute together 12:12 The not so happy user (chris) Mike! Do something actually good, and throw this intern out of the plane! 12:12 Berryleaf (billy) Who, me? 12:12 King Flurry51 (mike) Immediately! With a big pleasue. 12:12 The not so happy user (chris) Yeah 12:12 Berryleaf (billy) John, stop him! 12:13 The not so happy user (nottrent) *fights Mike* NOOO! 12:13 King Flurry51 (mike) *kicks both the interns out* 12:13 Berryleaf (billy) nooooooo 12:13 The not so happy user (chris) Throw both! 12:13 Berryleaf (billy) Thanks for having my back bro.... 12:13 The not so happy user (chris) Ugh, finally 12:13 King Flurry51 (mike) Done, and I allowed myself to put some snakes into their parachutes, too. 12:13 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) What happened, I was in the edge of fainting? 12:14 The not so happy user (nottrent) *while falling* No problem...and they'll have to watch their backs...we'll always come back. ALWAYS. (like a boss) 12:14 King Flurry51 XD 12:14 Berryleaf (lightbulb) Chris is fat 12:14 King Flurry51 Interns: they Always come back to life. 12:14 The not so happy user (chris) Lightbulb, shut up, as I have the tension 12:14 Berryleaf (lightbulb) Okay 12:14 The not so happy user (chris) Test Tube and Noah

(chris)  One of you is screwed. The other too

12:14 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) *sad* Yes? 12:15 The not so happy user (chris) So...I'll read the votes 12:15 King Flurry51 (noah) eh? 12:15 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) Um....what does that mean exacly? 12:15 The not so happy user (chris) four for Noah 12:15 Berryleaf (izzy) No!!! Noah must stay 12:15 The not so happy user (chris) Four for TT 12:15 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) *plays on his phone the blindside theme* 12:15 The not so happy user (chris) One for Izzy... *glares at Trent*

(chris)  And last one....

12:15 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) Expected, but wait... if I got four, I gotta think who voted who... 12:16 The not so happy user (chris) ...goes to... 12:16 Berryleaf (lightbulb) I voted for you 12:16 King Flurry51 (fan2) *keeps writing faster* 12:16 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) *putting a parachute* It has to be me. 12:16 The not so happy user (chris) ... My best buddy Noah! *Pure Evil Max Laugh* 12:16 Berryleaf (izzy) *shocked* WHAT?

(izzy)  Nooooo!!!

12:17 The not so happy user (trent) NOOOOO! 12:17 King Flurry51 (noah) EH?! 12:17 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) Let's see...Izzy and Lightbulb obviously voted for me, Noah did the same to keep himself safe, then, who made the last vote? 12:17 Berryleaf (lightbulb) Soy sauce 12:17 The not so happy user (chris) But TT, you're also screwed....cause FAN voted for you

(chris)  Totally exciting day

12:17 Berryleaf (lightbulb) Drama! 12:17 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) Oh...*conf.* Now I understand things. 12:18 The not so happy user (chris) And you, Lazy Ass, get a parachute 12:18 King Flurry51 (fan2) *cringes* Finished! Ahem. Yes, about this, I just prepared a pdf with my excuses 12:18 The not so happy user (trent) Noah, wait! 12:18 Berryleaf (lightbulb) Brick, I don't think we voted for the same person 12:18 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) Guys, if you search me, I'll be at the loser class...*goes off, as she wipes away a tear* 12:18 King Flurry51 (noah) jeez, whenever I try to rise from my shell, I go straight to the hell. What's up, Trent? 12:19 The not so happy user (trent) Have to tell... never voted for you... I wanted to help you get the spotlight... but now.... you're going to meet Dawn and... 12:19 Berryleaf (izzy) Noah, I have something for you 12:19 The not so happy user (trent) I have to give you a final advice 12:19 King Flurry51 (fan2) Wait! Read the pdf: I'm Sorry but it was for your...c'mon, I also put heart and a kawaii pitiful face on it, TT!!! 12:19 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) Fan, why you voted for her? 12:20 King Flurry51 (fan2) I'll explain you later. Test Tube, come back heeeeere! 12:20 Berryleaf (lightbulb) Topher, why did you abandon me to be eaten by a lion! 12:20 The not so happy user (trent) Give her a present releated to the nature, but also a bit this necklace... *gives him a silver necklace, shaped as a leaf, with an inner picture of Dawn* Give this t her, as apologize 12:20 King Flurry51 (noah) go on, guys, I'm here to listen. 12:20 Berryleaf (izzy) I have something for you to Noah 12:20 Cabbage pult 74 (Topher) Cause Mike wanted me to be eaten instead! Can't you tell, he is trying to kill one of us to get back on the game! 12:20 Berryleaf (izzy) It's Trent's shirt. *hands it to noah* It means a lot to him, so I want you to have it as a symbol of our friendship 12:20 The not so happy user (chris) Ugh..this is getting cheesy..will you puch him, Mike? 12:20 Cabbage pult 74 (Jasmine) So, that's why the crocodile was there. 12:21 Berryleaf (lightbulb) Oh yah, I could've been eliminated when I exploded 12:21 The not so happy user (brick) Well, Lightbulb, I followed the alliance 12:21 King Flurry51 (noah) Woah, Trent, thanks for this, I hope it will be enough to get her perdon. *grabs also Trent's shirt with a little of...harassment* Thank you, too, Izzy. 12:21 Berryleaf (izzy) *nods*

(izzy)  Now jump out of this plane, Izzy style!

12:21 King Flurry51 (mike) Sure, come here scrawny kid. 12:22 Berryleaf (izzy) You're scrawny too, Michael 12:22 King Flurry51 (noah) No need to disturb, I'll do it by myself! *backflips in the mid air* Ahhhh! Izzy you didn't give me the time to get the parachuuuute! 12:22 The not so happy user (chris) So, this was all for now on Total...Drama....Skyyyyyy Adventureees! Get ready for another exciting episode! 12:22 Cabbage pult 74 (Testtube) *conf.* *crying* Now I understand how game works, this is a cutthroat game, not like in my land, so, if revenge is how this works, I'll have that in mind, until I'm left alone in a ghost town. 12:23 King Flurry51 (noah) *lands in the water* Splutt, no eels this time? Phew. 12:23 Berryleaf (lightbulb) I have no snare in my headphones 12:23 King Flurry51 (noah) *piranhas surrounds him* Why I never shut up. 12:23 The not so happy user