Total Drama Micro
Season 4
Country of origin Italy, Spain, USA
Genre Animation
Reality television
Episode count TBA
Premiere TBA
Created by King Flurry51
Developed by King Flurry 51, Berryleaf and The not so happy user
Directed by King Flurry 51, Berryleaf and The not so happy user
Preceded by Total Drama Fans vs Favorites
Succeeded by TBA


33 contestants, featuring also RR new characters and OC, are invited by Chris for another brand you season on an island. This time is M'aikrogen, a fictitious island of Micronesia in the middle of the ocean, where the contestants will be called up for their biggest and contemporary LITTLEST ADVENTURE EVER. In fact, they will be resized to the dimension of insects and have to survive to the wilderness of the fauna and flora every day and night..and of course to the mischievousness of Chris Mc Lean and his challenges. This is TOTAL DRAMA M.I.C.R.O! (Mini Incredible Challenges Really Overwhelming)


The idea came from the reading of the last book of Micheal Chricton, Micro, where a group of scientists is turned into the same size of insects. There will be three teams each one of eleven competitors:


Izzy, Cody, Dawn, Emma, Zelene, Noah, Kitty, Azusa, Beardo, Jasmine, Jo, Dwaine, Seijii, Mike, Samey, Ellody and Sapphire are the only contestants confirmed.

  • Jo, Jasmine, Sapphire, Dwaine Sr. and Seijii are in the Drifting Dragonflies.
  • Mike, Izzy, Dawn, Zelene, Noah, Kitty and Emma are in the Gingerly Grasshoppers.


Gingerly Grasshoppers Logo

Gingerly Grasshoppers logo

Sniper Scorpions logo

Sniper Scorpions Logo

Drifting Dragonflies logo

Drifting Dragonflies Logo.


The challenges are in theme with the mini sizes of the contestants, therefore involving little machines, insects, birds, fishes, and other tiny (more or less) animals, mostly focused on scientific-survivalist skills, and sometimes sci-fi, too. But the biggest challenge will be survive everyday to the hostility of the nature and the overwhelming conditions of precarity.

Total Drama Micro main kover inkomplete


M'aikrogen is a fictitious tropical island in the middle of the Micronesian Arcipelagus with a vivid and treacherous fauna and flora, hosting venomous and carnivorous plants, various insects from butterflies to spiders to scarabs, and tropical species of fishes. The island is split in different habitats: forests, deserts, oceans, rivers, swamps, volcans, cenotes, and feature also an advanced laboratory of genetic and nanotechnology and a modern residence, reserved to Chris and his entourage, and to the winner teams of the reward challenges. The residence is the only place where contestants are given back their original height and, in fact, is known as The M.A.C.R.O Residence (Majestic Advanced Chris's Residence for Outclassers)

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