Sneaky Swordfishes
Gender Male
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Green
Eliminated TDSA: TBA
Friends Gwen, Jasmine, Trent
Enemies Cody (one-sided, on Cody's side), Izzy, Lightbulb, Mal
Voiced by Christopher Jacot

Topher was a competitor on Total Drama Sky Adventures, as a member of the Sneaky Swordfishes.


Topher is a such a huge Chris McLean fan he gave himself the nickname "Chris 2.0," and even has a cat named after Chef Hatchet. He frequently goes out of his way to try to talk to Chris, which usually causes him to not be very much help for his team. Just like Chris, Topher can be quite arrogant and frequently admires himself. He joins the show not to win the prize money, but to replace Chris as the host, and will attempt to do so at any opportunity. He is very ambitious in this endeavor, eventually stealing Chris's cell phone to contact the producers and frequently insulting his age to imply that they need a younger host such as himself. These situations beg the question of whether or not Topher truly does admire Chris, or was just stroking his ego so as to lower his guard and attempt to steal his job. However, when he comes back for a asecond chance, he tries to redeem himself after all the harm he did to people for his insane obsession with being host, interact with people other than Chris, and help and be a team player.

Total Drama Sky AdventuresEdit

Shanghai N' SeekEdit

Topher arrives in the bus along with the other 20 contestants, stating that he is excited for the new seasons, after the disasters that happened in the previous ones. He hears how Gwen complains that she is back for her contract, saying that he is alos bavk for the same reason, and when Cody starts to stalk Gwen, Topher warns him about Sierra, who eventually starts to stalk Cody. As everyone arrives, he takes a pic of the new plane, who he will upload in Wikipedia, making Paintbrush confused.

As Chris yells to everyone to get in the plane, Topher says that he was waiting a shot at a redemption for himself, as he entered the plane. Early on, Dakota said that she found Topher to be handsome, confusing him, and, as she asked that if he had a girlfriend, he denies that, and that he is interested on something else, but that he would think about it.

Topher Oriental Tower

Topher steals the show to Chris at the Oriental Tower.

Once again, Cody started to stalk Gwen, but Tooher tries to confort her by telling that Sierra would take care of him, which she does. They both start to become friends, as both laugh about Chef wearing a Terracota warrior costume, and both sharing a picture of him, which upsets Chef. After that, Chris selects three persons to be team captains, and takes them to first class, meanwhile he drops the others, including Topher, over Shanghai.

As everyone lands in Shanghai, he and Gwen team up to hide across the city, even when his first objective was finding a place with WiFi. First, he and Gwen arrive to the Shanghai World Financial Center, trying to hide there, however, Jo finds them and tries to tag both, but fails, as they escape. They head to the Main Street (Nanjing Road), during the New Moon Year celebration, and he has an idea: put on a dragon costume and walj across the street, so nobody finds them. Bridgette finds them, but the firewprks in the street distracted her, allowing Topher and Gwen to escape, but Jo tags both, eliminating them from the challenge, even with that, Topher decides to spend the rest of the time in Shanghai.

Decided to enjoy the time until the challenge is declared over, he goes to an iconic place in the city: the Oriental Pearl Tower. Once there, he doesn't tales too much time to find out that the tower was a TV station, and he sees this as his opportunity to become a host, as he advices the others where Trent, Noah and Soap were hiding, and his plan works, as they are tagged before Fan, his last teammate standing. He celebrates the victory of his team, just to be interrupted by Chris, as Topher was robbing him the show.

One, Two, Three, FortEdit

We have two main targets here. Where to shoot the arrow? Who knows?

–Topher, talking about the outsiders on his team.

At the start of the episode, Topher states that the last challenge was a mess, and that he would start to find where they were going for the next challenge, at which Fan asks if he also owned a computer, which Topher does. Fan then tell that he was well received by the fans in the last episode (not without mentioning that Paintbrush was despised), which really makes Topher happy, as he says that that was the point of coming back, not being despised again, and describing the awful image he had towards the others in his last season, just being a die-hard and brainless admirator of Chris.

He later breaks into the loser class, with the excuse of trying to find WiFi signak somewhere, and he later discovers that the next location was going to be Finland. He later falls off the plane, due to someone opening the door of the plane, and he lands in the middle of Helsinki. Soon as he found what is the challenge about, he purposes that the egg that Fan was carrying could be a strong ammo, but he later denies it, as he reads on his phone that Fan actually showed a motherly attitude towards that egg.

Chris then announced that the challenge was starting, and he tells the others to help to build the fort, but it's useless, and he only starts to work with Paintbrush and Gwen, while Fan goes to the plane to hide his egg, Test Tube goes with Fan, Cody decides to throw the challenge and relax and Sierra goes with him, telling that they were the only ones that actually cared for the challenge, and get pissed off when he asks Fan if the egg was important than winning, which Fan doesn't denies, only to be comfroted by Gwen, as they continuing to build their fort. After Cody throws the challenge, Sierra starts to help on the fort, making walls, a "door" and a Cody statue on the outside, which Topher compliments, as he is still upset about Fan laziness, saying in a confessional that he thinks that Fan is a great guy, but it's concerned about how much he cares for that egg, and he tries to do research, just to find that he doesn't had WiFi signal at the time.

Once that the swords built their fort, Topher is excited of having a strong fort as well as a catapult, as he complimemted Test Tube for building it, however, Fan was the one who came with the idea, as Topher said that she showed up first, which confused Fan. He later said how the alliances on his team were leaving two persons at outsiders.

When the snowball challenge was started, he asked Test Tube for ammo, and he fired to the Dolphins fort. He, along with Test Tube and Gwen managed to attack the other forts and Anne Maria, who was being used as a shield for the moment. Meanwhile he was shooting, Fan asked him to shoot him, so he could avoid the shield of the Turtles and shoot from above, which Topher found dangerous, however, Topher decided to shoot him to the air. While Topher and the others were attacking the fort of the Dolphins (which was ultimately destroyed), Paintbrush tried to attack the Turtles fort, but connected against Fan instead, making hin fall. While he felt proud that he helped his team to win, he went to the ruins of the Turtles fort and grabbed Fan. Now on the plane, and in first class again, he tried to calm down Gwen after Cody started to stalk her yet again, and he later went to see the elimination ceremony and take a picture of the person that was going to take the Fall of Shame.

Radical PyramidalEdit

At the start of the episode, Topher gives an opening confessional where he says that he feels useful around his team, however, that he shouldn't get too confident, making a reference of the first two victories and the eventual downfall of his team, two seasons ago. Gwen asks him if he knew where the plane was heading this time, and he answered that it was Giza, Egypt, like in the last world-themed season, thinking the challenge may even could be a refresh from the original one. He then notices that the window of the plane was open, thinking that the production was too cheap, and after that, he tries to calm down Gwen after Cody stalks her again, he then tries to talk with Fan, just to notice that he was in the edge of the window trying to hold there, and then, he tries to ask Gwen how she dumped Duncan to break the ice.

After that, everyone starts to fall off the plane, which is making a lot of moves, and to land on Giza, but Topher sneaked a parachute, so, he had a safe landing., just to be interrupted by Chris. Soon enough, he notices that Sierra and Gwen are missing, however, they show up, as Gwen lands near Cody, and Sierra does the same.

As Chris announces that the challenge will be SCRABBLE-themed, Topher gets confused and starts to search on his phone ways to win a match of SCRABBLE. After the mess on his team, he is the first one to go into the pyramid. Because of the darkness, he grabs a torch to see in the paths inside the pyramid; soon enough, Cody starts to brag about himself, which Topher replies by saying him that he was, in fact, the weak in Team Amazon, so, all he was saying wasn't true. Topher then started to think of when the challenge would start, as he was losing WiFi signal with every step into the pyramid. After that, he thanks Gwen for scoring the first point for the team, but Cody saw this the wrong way, saying that he was trying to steal "his Gwen", as both Topher and Gwen get creeped out. Cody tried to shove Topher aside, but Topher stopped him, and eventually told Sierra to get rid of him, but it wasn't necesary, as both Cody and Gwen felt into a trap due to Cody losing a point for the team.

Fantopher trap flash

Fan and Topher take a selfie while falling on a trap in the pyramid.

As the challenge was going further, the last members of the Swordfishes left standing were Topher, Sierra, Fan and Test Tube, knowing that this could have been their first loss, Topher tried to use his phone, but there was no WiFi signal, as well as Fan's phone. However, in the next round, Topher managed to keep his team alive by answering correctly in the next round, however, losing Sierra in the process. In the next round, Topher and Fan said the shortest answer, and both were captured and decided to spend the rest of the time on their phones, even sharing a selfie of both getting eliminated and sharing some other pictures on their phones. After Test Tube was eliminated, Izzy mocked them, and that rubbed Topher, the wrong way.

With Test Tube eliminated, Topher's team was going to attend the elimination ceremony for the first time, as he blamed himself for the loss, however, he saw Trent and Bridgette hugging, giving them the label of "Trentgette" and taking a pic of that moment, which Fan also wanted, as both started to comment how would be the reaction of the fans at that new couple, and how the fans of ships like "Gwent" and "Gidgette" would lose it, even saying how jealous he would be if he was Geoff in a confessional, ironically after Bridgette said in a confessional that Geoff shouldn't be jealous.

He attends the third elimination ceremony with the rest of the Swordfishes, and he is the second person to be deemed safe, as he takes a picture of the Barf Bag, and as Chris gives Gwen her barf bag, he mocks both saying that they are couple, annoying both. Topher stick with the majority group and voted Cody off, and he and Fan tried to take pictures of his Fall of Shame, which they do.

Farce WestEdit

Newfoundland gwen give me that tape I want to repeat this, let me repeat this, how can you erase this stuff?


During all the episode, Topher appearently goes back to his old self, and idolatres Chris and acts selfish about his looks. During the challenge, he eliminates Bridgette, just to be eliminated by Trent afterwards, after that, he starts to feel sick. In the end, he was deemed safe, as the vote were split and landed on Sierra and his ally Gwen, meaning that he voted for Sierra.

Az-Take a ChanceEdit

When the episode starts, Topher wakes up in loser class, feeling confused about what happened yesterday, as he couldn't remember anything. After that, Gwen talks with him, telling him that Fan called her useless, and that she needed to know what he thought about it, which Topher denies, saying that Gwen is a very useful person, mentioning that according to a poll, most useless characters were Leonard, Sugar and Sadie. After that, Gwen asks him for help to redeem herself, as she knew that was Topher's true intentions since the very start, which he agreed, saying that she must forget every single pwrson that ruined her at some point, while bashing Duncan and the All-Stars season in the meanwhile. Still confused, Topher asked Gwen what happened, jsut for her to reveal that he started to idolate Chris yet again, even calling him a "genius", which makes him very angry, causing him to swear and scream loudly in the confessional, hating himself from doing that.

After that, he tries to think why he made that, but he found instead Fan and Gwen fighting, and unsucessfully tried to break them up, after Gwen starts to snap at Fan telling that "not all the Fans are good", and failing even more at that, after Gwen said that he was an annoying Fan, unlike Topher. Trying to warn them that those kind of fights can break the team, Topher leaves along with Gwen, as both fall off the plane. Once that evryone landed, Bridgette asked Topher to take a pic of her and Trent while hugging, without them noticing that he planned to upload it to the internet, with the intention that Bridgette's boyfriend would see them.

Later, on the challenge, Gwen and Fan started to fight again about who should go, but Topher voluntares himself to stop their arguing, with Chris mentioning that he wanted that a trap was activated when he was on the pyramid, while Topher started to call his flaws, however, much to Chris' pleasure, Topher activated a trap and got eliminated from the round, worrying his other teammates. As he recovered, he noticed that Mike got his personalities, which he sadi wouod be awesome, or stupid, depending if there were fans of Mike.

After that, he tried to confort Gwen, who was getting sad after her fight with Fan, but even with that, she decided to go next in the challenge, worrying him about the fact that she could get injured, as she barely missed a bunch of arrows. However, later on thr challenge, Paintbrush scored one for the team, as Topher cheered saying they weren't going to be the next Team Victory., as Fan tried to say him that he made a good job in Pahkitew Island, which he denied, saying that this time he won't idolate Chris anymore. After that, he cheers for Fan, as he gets the second puzzle piece for the team. In the next round, he observed that Bridgette ended up injured, and that Trent helped her, taking a pic and wondering how Geoff would react, in an attempt to cause some drama towards the new couple.

In the final rounds, he was shown to be excited after Gwen found the fourth piece of the puzzle, making a tie on the teams, but a little bit upset, as he could only saw the Turtles getting done their puzzle. In the final round, Ella lose for the Dolphins, but Gwen found the last piece, and Ella tried to sabotage her by making her dropped the piece, however, she throwed the piece to Topher, who catched it, putting the Swordfishes on the lead, and eventually, as winners of the second place, breaking their losing strike, and complementing Gwen after she won the challenge for the team.

Topher wtf happened

Topher tries to figure out what happenend to him days ago, as he can't remember anything.

A-losement ParkEdit

Topher and his team are in loser class, which reliefs him, as they maybe didn't won first class, but they didn't voted someone off, promoting him to say that they won't be the next "Team Kinosewak". He also heard Test Tube talking about the Dark Magic Book, making he thinks that that was the reason why he idolated Chris two episodes ago, but hopefully someone took the Fall of Shame with it. Somehow, Gwen hears his confessional, trying to comfort him after he starts to feel bad about it, when he says that he came back to redeem himself and proove that he is useful, and not just interested in following Chris anymore, Gwen conforts him again, and he then says that hopefully both can forget their past flaws that ruined their images.

After that, Chris call everyone to the loser class, and says that things are going to be "fun", as Topher realizes that when he says fun, he really meants painful, but when he gets distracted, he falls off the plane, but while falling, he takes a picture of Bridgette and Trent hugging, saying that will upload it to the Internet, which worries Bridgette, who knows that the only point to upload it is for her boyfriend to see it. As Chris never started the challenge, Topher and Gwen started to think that they had a free day, but after that Chris announces that the challenge is building a ride, Topher gets worried, after what happened back in Finland, but Gwen and Paintbrush try to cheer him up, as they three start to work on the rollercoaster.

Knowing that the main part was scaring people and make them puke, Topher starts to download pictures of Sugar in a bikini, ironically making he also pukes while downloading them, making Gwen laughs about it. Later on, Gwen, Paintbrush and him start to talk about ways to scare the others, while Topher think that the best way is using the Sugar pictures he downloaded, while hearing the ideas from the others, while others not contribute to the team. Fan then starts to read a list of everyone's fear, which gives Topher ideas of what else include in their ride, to score more points, as making some tracks of the rollercoaster high enough and putting eels in the water section, to scare others.

Gwen then purposes to put someone in a Mal costume, and weird mirrors, to scare Mike and Dakota, claming that they would see their nightmares coming alive, which Gwen also wants to happen. After that, Topher brings some steel for building the ride, but orders the others to start quickly, as another attraction of the park collapses behind him, which worries him. Then, Gwen brings a Mal costume, saying that someone has to use it, and Fan says that Topher should use it, Topher disagrees, and puts Fan, Test Tube and Paintbrush as a totem, and puts them the costume, which fits them perfectly, but when they fall, Topher gives up, and decides to use it, as he goes to print photis of Sugar and other gross stuff for one of the rooms of the house, as he comes back, Gwen pulls out a picture of Sadie and Zeke, whoch makes Topher compliments her "scary" taste of things for the ride, while Fan still does nothing important. Soon enough, Fan and Gwen start to fight, while Topher tries to split them up, but eventually they decide to work togheter for the good of the team.

Topher waits outside of the Dolphins ride for Gwen and Fan, wishing that both are OK. As the ride ends, Gwen goes out, and the Turtles must pick who goes to their ride, with Chef calling Topher a wannabe, after he is trying to not be one, which upsets him. He then arrives to the second ride, while he isn't scared, he is worried about the camera of his phone, and confused about the steel spikes in the kart, which Jasmine put on. After that, his camera works again, but it has too much files to be able to save another one, after that, he fixes it, but almost loses it, after the kart starts to go in a mega speed. He tries to take a pic, but narrowly missed to be attacked by one of the flamethrowers in the walls of the Turtles rollercoaster, after that, he is left alone, as Paintbrush pukes and gets eliminated and a point for the opposite team. While still on the ride, Topher takes a pic of Izzy puking on Noah, as he says that it's similar to Gwen puking on Duncan.

A wall on the rollercoaster fell down, releasing a hat, which belonged to Jasmine, who "lost" it nine days agoz asking who it belonged. As Jasmine states that the hat is her's, Topher throws it, but the air makes it goes to other side, as he almost gets burnt while trying to apologize. The ride ends, and Topher sees how Fan makes go away, crying., which makes he gives an angry face to Fan, and a hate comment, as he goes to search for Gwen. She tried to hide in a portable bathroom, but Topher tries to break in, which he does, after Gwen let him goes in after yelling at him while she was crying. Gwen goes to a breakdown, while Topher tries to confort her, and cheer her up, while saying what a bad person Fan truly was. As Gwen starts to feel better, Topher says that he would hug her, but the fandom would take it seriously, as they notice someone opening the door, it was Fan, as both reject his apology, and go to operate the kart.

Before the ride ends, Gwen helps him to out on the Mal costume, and that way, secyring that Mike would give them a point, Topher, now dressed as Fan, uses a microphone and talks like Mal, saying that Mike never defeated him, and that he is back, confusing him. After that, now appearing in front of Mike, he says that Zoey wanted to dump him, showing a clip of her crying and him winking an eye at Ella, which causes him to go out of the ride, before Gwen destroyed it, causing all the teams to tie. After Chris decides a solution, he declares the Swordfishes the winners of the challenge, which makes Topher congratulates Gwen, as she won it for the team, which makes her really happy, and causes her to hug him out of excitement. Topher, unexpectedly, started to blush after Gwen hugged him, and tries to convince Fan to erase the photo of Gwen and him, which he does. Topher says in the confessional, that he knows perfectly that Gwen is just his friend, but that the hug really mixed his mind about her. In the end, as the Dolphins lose, Topher's team would receive one of them, they get Mike, and everyone, including Topher, welcome him to the Swordfishes.

Draculean's KeystleEdit

After the intro, Topher starts the episode in a confessional, saying that having Mike on the team was going to be either good or bad, however, he is excited to have someone else that searches for redemption aside from Gwen and him. As the confessional ends, Topher mentions how good is being on first class, but he gets interrupted when Fan mentions that a massive topic on the internet was his "relation" with Gwen, which shocks and annoys both at the same time, but Gwen calms him down and tells him to ignore Fan, which he does, while heading to the dining room in first class. Since no personal from the plane was near, Topher and Gwen decided to make dinner by themselves, and between all the food (chocolate, ice cream and meat, which Gwen though it was human meat), Topher found a garlic bread, which he decided to eat, stating that it is the first he has eaten in years, saving it on his pocket, in case he gets hungry during the challenge (which he later does).

Interested on the pics Fan mentioned about him and Gwen, Topher grabbed Test Tube, who has Fan's phone, and just found pictures of another "ships" of Total Drama and II, as well as a picture of Trent and Bridgette, and he mockingly says to Gwen that those were pictures of Bridgette and her "ex", searching through the Internet, he finds Zoey's email account, and finds that her status was "broken-hearted", which intrigues Mike, as Topher scolds him for cheating on her, but Topher tries to fix things between them, by talking with Zoey. After that, Gwen starts to relate about an horror book she saw, which Topher finds interesting, and gets really entertained as Gwen continues to tell about the plot of the book, while mentioning some other books that he read (related to the theme), as well as even insulting Duncan in the moment, but suddenly, he hears Mike making a different, deep voice laugh, which makes him think that Mal was back in action, but he didn't cared that much as he continued to hear Gwen's story, saying how suspensive it was. On the other side, he received a new message, it was from Zoey, who said that she was going to dump Mike, since he was Mal again, which Topher analizes in a confessional, regreting that his team won the last challenge.

Everyone arrives at Romania, the next location, since Topher was in first class he didn't crashlanded, instead, he went off the plane normally, inmediantly updating his clock to the local hour. Gwen mentioned that the castlebwas similar to the castle of Christopher, the antagonist in the book she read, which Topher saying as a joke:

Did someone said what should be my complete name?


With that, Gwen just answers with a laugh that she was talking about the book, as Topher adda that it looked so old, and that the castle was similar to the one in her book, as he read on the internet. Seeing all the drama between Trent and Geoff, he says that the romance of Trent and Bridgette broke up the bro-mance of Trent and Geoff. Before entering the mansion, Jo pushed Gwen aside, with Topher saying how rude she was and that it was no surprise to him that she was the third voted out in All-Stars. Soon enough, Topher feels hungry, and he reminds the bread he bring with him, but Gwen stops him from eating, as she thinks it might come on handy later on, remarking that he prefers safety over eating. Chris then introduces the contestants to the castle in a "scary way", althrough Topher thinks he is doing a pathetic job, instead, he thinks Gwen's story of her uncle is cool, as she tells he hid and scared everyone on a previous trip to the castle.

Chris remarks that the team captains would receive a riddle and a key in their pockets, but Topher complains that Paintbrush (the team captain) has no pockwts, however, Paintbrush finds it later, on the floor. Topher finds the riddle difficult, and Gwen purposes that he should search for some help on Internet, but he advices that he has no WiFi signal, saying that they are marooned in that castle Topher asks the team for ideas, and the first thing they do is spliting up, as the objects (Test Tube, Paintbrush and Fan) are on one group and the humans (Gwen, Mike and Topher) on the other, with Topher trying to hurry up as they start to argue. Topher purposes tp go to the kitchen, as there was fire, but he later analizes his argument, getting confused about the meaning of the "fire" that was mentioned in the riddle. He still thinks on eating the bread, but Gwen gives him a chocolate bar that she sneaked from the plane, with Topher thanking her for that, saying that he must be the only person that is around a lot of food, yet not eat enough, mentioning that he is "such a special case".

After reading once again the riddle, Topher gets to a conclusion: the "roots" mentioned there must be a reference to either plants, or family portraits, as he thinks they must start to search for some of them. The group arrives to the living room, but suddenly, they hear an explosion, as Topher analizes that since explosions are rekated to the science, the explosion shall involve Test Tube (which was correct). Suddenly, they lose Mike, and both Gwen and Topher try to find him, as they hear a creepy organ music, even with that, Topher adds that if Mime was playing the music, he needed some piano lessons. Topher starts to get WiFi signal, as he receives a message, empty, not from Zoey, not from someone known, which scares him. They hear someone approaching them, thinking it was Mike, but it results to be Jasmine, who decides to team up with them, Topher compliments her help by remarking that she was a physical powerhouse when they were teammates back in Pahkitew Island.

After that, Topher realizes that the team never solved the riddle, and with the help of Jasmine, they try to solve it, however, as Fan tells a vampire attacked the others, Topher starts to get scared that he says he is about to make a "Cody", another way to say that he was close to wetting himself. Topher is sad that the team went doqn in numbers, but excited to have Jasmkne on their side, saying that she was the one who should've switched to their team, as Mike was lost. They were still stucked at the living room, with Gwen saying that it was good to be all three of them togheter, as Topher agrees, and still holds with himself the bread. Suddenly, Mike finally appears, talking in a different way, surprising everyone except by Topher, who knew it was Mal again. He bite Gwen, and Topher ran to help her, worried that Mike was also a vampire, out of fear, he grabbed an axe, trying to avenge Gwen, and strike Mike with it. Unfortunately, the real vampire appears after that, and bites Jasmine and Fan, which freaks out Topher, worried, he asks Gwen if she can still walk, she does, and they escape from the living room, not without Topher taking an axe and a dagger (and the rest of the bread).

Gwen decides to go to the Great Hall, which they do, carefully. Tooher gets scared again, but Gwen appearently solves the riddle, and points to a plant next to a chimney, which was actually the place that the riddle mentioned, they successfully find the lock, but remind that Mike has the key, with him appearing again, as Mike, not Mal. Topher and Gwen approach carefully to him, with Topher still holding the axe, really deceptioned at Mike for betraying them, to which he doesn't understands him, after blaming themselves, they both argue,but gwen splits them up, with Topher trying to fix things up, by calling Zoey again, to which Mike gets really excited, she indeed accepts to forgive him, which causes Mike to hug Topher in gratefullness, which he appreciates, as both solved their problems, but everyone is still left wondering who was the vampire, at the end, Topher is seen attending the elimination ceremony, seeing how the next member of the Treacherous Turtles was voted out.

The RattrapEdit

When the scene cuts to loser class, Topher appears talking about the story she told, as well as how it became real at the end, shocking everyone. However, he gets worried as he remembers that he almost killed Mike with an axe out of fear, showing that he was worried, but said that he wouod had made a favor to the previous All-Stars in getting rid of him. Gwen tries to confort him, as both start to get suspicious of Mike trying to ruin the good run of the team, as he eliminated Gwen from the last challenge, and drove Topher insane. As everyone in the plane is dropped out, he grabs a parachute, saying that ha always brought one with him, knowing how the landing works.

When landing, he almost crashes with a wall, but dodges and lands with the rest of his team, but helps Mike, who indeed took a hard fall when landing in London. As Topher helps Mike, he apologizes to the latter by trying to kill him with an axe, with Mike sayong that it was OK, afterall, everyone lost their minds on that castle. As everyone enters to the house, Topher asks Gwen about the book she read (which was based on the house they landed), but she says it was boring one, when Mike interrupts them, Gwen said to Topher that they should had brought the axe with them, and he is "going back to Romania" to find it, but he stops, saying that he couldn't make that again.

When everyone entered the house, Gwen asked Topher to team up with her, but before they can move on, Mike asks to team up with them as well, even when Topher has some doubts, they ultimately accept Mike in, and then, the three started to search for the rats. They are interrupted by a scream, which was made by Chris, with that, Topher got very excited at the idea of seeing Chris falling off the stairs, or when he saw himself in a mirror, with both Gwen and him mocking Chris by saying that "even demons can see themselves in mirrors". Everyone arrives to the hall, to see what happened, Topher was waiting that something embarassing happened to Chris, but instead, everyone founds that he has been killed. Although confused at a start, Topher gets very excited at the idea of finally hosting the show now that Chris was gone, but Chef interrupts them, telling that he was the new host, much to Topher's dissapointment, and that they were going to be trapped in a house again, worried, he told to the staff to take all the axes out of the house.

After they get trapped, Topher gets worried that someone has been killed, and that nobody can escape the house, to his demise, the lights fade down, and when light up again, Paintbrush appears killed, out of fear, Topher gets to a breakdown and runs away from the murder scene. After some kills, he comes back, appearently feeling OK now, stating that he will be all right, as long as someone doesn't get killed. Suspecting that Mike could be the killer, Topher tries to convince Gwen to ran out and leave him alone, bit he hears them, saying that the killer has to be someone else. Even with all this, Topher manages to capture a rat, that was on the floor, but lights fade down again, and Fan appears killed, as Topher complains why only members of his team get killed. When he captures the rat, it starts to become insane, but Topher feds the rat, calming it down, saying that he should use "Dawn's way to charm the animals".

Later on, evryone starts to blame on Gwen for the strikes of the killer, but Topher tries to defend her, as Noah starts to blame her, ironically, he is the next one to be killed. As he gets killed, Topher purposes to go on different rooms, cause being in the same room would make the killer's job easier. As Mike tries to solve who is the killer, he remembers that Test Tube left a green M after she died, making Gwen and Topher strongly think that the killer is Mike, starting to get worried again cause if Mike was the killer, they would go next. But then, all the theories get scrapped, as Mike is killed next, but Topher thinks he may did suicide. Bridgette thinks that Topher may be the killer, but he explains that he tries to redeem himself, and that killing someone wouldn't help at all.

A new theory comes up, that the M could've been an W, and that Gwen has one in her name, but Topher defends her again. Jo finds the last rat, while Topher's team only got one, which he named Kim. Topher tell Gwen to watch the rat, while he gets some food for it upstairs, however, he gets striked by the killer by doing so, as he apoears dead down the stairs, with a blood trail on them. After the killer was revealed, everyone comes back to the plane, safe and sound, but after Topher's team lost, he must went to Elimination Ceremony. Even when he voted with the majority, the votes were nullified, as Paintbrush quit.

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Outback to the Ocean OriginsEdit


–Topher, after Mike fails to get him to leave.



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