Episode 14: "Finding Dawn..."Edit

(chris) Last time on Total Drama...

Finally the MERGE. Where there's no place for kindness and mercy and everyone is busy stabbing each others. Ah* Unfortunately this didn't happen but last episode was still great! The contestants turned into delinquents, stealing cars around, tuning on, Fan even killed Lightbulb. Fan! There were many arrests, angry cops, crazy pursuits and lot of guest characters but the victory went to the amazing couple Nidgette.

10:47 The not so happy user

(trent) Hey! They're not a couple!

10:47 King Flurry51

(chris) As Gwen and Duncan weren't? *smirks* Anyway, today the things are going to become really DEEP and I'm certain there will be lot of troubles underwater the Dolphins...eheheh... 9 left merging on the surface, the others sank in the deep of the ocean, who will be next? Follow this brand new episode of Total Drama Sky Adventures!

The not so happy user

  • Brick's alarm clock sounds higher than ever*


(brick) Good morning everyone! You must all be fresh in a beautiful day such as this one!

10:52 King Flurry51

(fan2) Woah! This is the 7th time this happens: 5 times on TDEF and two times in this season.

10:52 The not so happy user

(brick) The ones who have decided to join my training sessions, follow me, and let's make true men out of you! Or women... Or objects...

10:53 Miky3DS

(topher) Urgh! this rude wake-upo will ruin my eauty

10:54 King Flurry51

(noah) Auff...meh, let's go, Dolphins.

10:54 AleGwen714 (TT) *is already awake and writes something in a notebook, observing Fan from afar* 10:54 The not so happy user

(bridgette) We should do this?
(trent) *holding Bridgette's hand* Why not? This seems like a good chance of improving our strenght, as our alliance!

10:55 King Flurry51

(noah) Yes, I guess. *whispers* Because I have something to purpose.

10:55 The not so happy user

(bridgette) You look nervous today... Is there anything wrong?
(trent) No, sure there isn't... heheh...

10:56 King Flurry51

(fan2) Should I go with them? I mean, the training will make me more corageous enought to find...the*looks at Test Tube* oh, right, she now knows. (Maybe. I-If she heard Lightbulb or I was the only one to hear her? Hmm..)

10:56 The not so happy user

(trent) *conf* You can call me paranoid, but I was in the bottom two, last time! Nidgette on the car... near elimination... This can't be a coincidence! They're totally going to backstab me! I have a bullseye on my back!

10:57 AleGwen714 (TT) *conf* Fan is in love with me? I had to figure it out before! Anyway, now I have to figure out when the right time to talk to Fan will arrive... 10:57 The not so happy user

(brick) *writting down a paper* Ok, so Noah, Bridgette and Trent. Izzy is joining too?

10:57 King Flurry51

(noah) *Confessional* My plan is to keep Dolphins together and, why not, add Brick in order to have a solid alliance that assures me a ticket for the final 5.

10:58 Miky3DS

(topher) Mmh....I think I will join your group

10:58 King Flurry51

(noah) hmmm.

10:58 The not so happy user

(brick) Topher too then! Is Gwen comming with you?

10:59 AleGwen714

(izzy) I'm joining! What should I do?

10:59 The not so happy user

(brick) Great to know! Come here, and let's start as soon as we're all here!

10:59 King Flurry51

(noah) *confessional* Too manies. It's beyond my plans but nevermind. Maybe it's more convenient for me to engrace with others, too.

11:00 The not so happy user

(trent) Noah, can we talk for a moment?

11:00 Miky3DS

(topher) Better no, Gwen and me are facing period of separation.

11:00 King Flurry51

(fan2) I see too many are joining the jogging session. I'm afraid to get accidentally stomped so I pass this time.

11:01 The not so happy user

(brick) Ok. I hope you soon can fix that.

11:01 King Flurry51

(fan2) Hehehey, Test Tube, what are you doing? Analyzing a new substance or collecting informations for a new experiment?

11:01 AleGwen714

(gwen) Wha--Better that way. Anyway, I'm not joining.

11:02 King Flurry51

(noah) sure, Trent.

11:02 The not so happy user

(trent) It's just a stupid question that came to my mind after the last challenge and... *gets more serious* Do you feel anything for Bridgette?
(bridgette) But Gwen, this coudl be fun!

11:03 King Flurry51

(noah) are you asking me that after I spent the whole season arguing with her? The answer is obvious...nope.

11:03 AleGwen714 (TT) *notes Fan and hides the notebook* I'm not doing anything special. Don't think about me. Ehehehe... 11:04 The not so happy user

(trent) But what about the nidgette thing on the car? Do you think she likes you?

11:04 King Flurry51

(fan2) Oh, sorry if I have disturbed you violating your personal space.
(noah) As I said I took care of the tires and the front part of the car. I was surprised as you when I saw that writing on the back of the vehicle.

11:05 AleGwen714

(gwen) *sighs* Ok... I'm joining too.

11:05 The not so happy user

(trent) I'll have to talk with her, then... Sorry to disturb you
(brick) Ok, listen up!

11:05 King Flurry51

(noah) So I don't know, buddy. *shrugs* And nevermind.

11:06 The not so happy user

(brick) As this is the first time we're doing this, I'll do this easilly, as I don't want to complicate it on the first day and cause most of you to leave this sessions and... *facepalms* I'm talking way too much... *sigh*

11:07 King Flurry51

(noah) think?

11:07 The not so happy user

(brick) Today, instead of running or lifting any kind of weight, we'll work on your sneakyness
(brick) You see this red rubber ball?

11:07 King Flurry51

(noah) it's identical to the one I throw at my dog Anja.

11:08 The not so happy user

(brick) I've hid one on Chris' personal rooms this night. Your task is to get in, find it and bring it to me. The one who does it first, will decide who I'm voting for next time. I give that person his or her vote, plus mine. But caution, as Chris would probably be mad if he sees you in there
(trent) You mean you'll vote for anyone we ask you to?
(brick) Aye, sir
(brick) Are you willing to do this?

11:09 King Flurry51

(noah) sounds stu-pend interesting.

11:10 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Why not? It shouldn't be that hard...

11:10 King Flurry51

(noah) agree.

11:10 The not so happy user

(brick) Then on your marks, get set... and GO!

11:10 AleGwen714

(izzy) Ok! Let's go!! *rushes to Chris' personal rooms*

11:10 The not so happy user

(trent) *runs too, finding himself on the most luxurious place of the plane* Woah

11:10 King Flurry51

(noah) *sneaks behind Izzy* Team E-Scope must be united. Always. Eheheh.

11:11 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Check this out! *points at a plate* This food's just not Chef's!

11:12 King Flurry51

(chris) *sleeping* zzz...aww, why I cannot kill a contestant or two? Death raise the audience at max! C'mon, pleaaase! Zzz...

11:12 The not so happy user

(trent) Does anyone have a marker?

11:13 King Flurry51

(noah) anyone stupid would for sure, but I am not, sorry.

This would be a true suicide! 11:13 The not so happy user

(bridgette) There must be one in this place... But I wouldn't do that if I were you...
(trent) Woah, look at that! Chris' phone!

11:14 AleGwen714

(izzy) *has a marker in hand * I have one!

11:14 King Flurry51

(noah) *FACEPALMS* perfect.

11:14 The not so happy user

(trent) I'm not quite sure if to draw anything on his face... He even dreams on killing us...
(bridgette) *giggles* Do it, Izzy! A big moustache!

11:16 King Flurry51

(noah) *sneaks fatly away from the room, then explains in the Confessional* I have already a second immunity, more or less, and I don't need to unnerve Chris so to punish me. Last time I followed an idea of Izzy, I had to dress on an unicorn pony hat for the whole day while wearing a T-Shirt I LOVE CHRIS. Ergh.

11:16 AleGwen714

(izzy) Yay! *starts to draw something on Chris' face*

11:17 The not so happy user

(trent) Wonder if Gwen and Topher have found anything...

11:17 King Flurry51

(chris) zzz.....????? What...

11:17 The not so happy user

(trent) *grabs the phone, and copies one or two contacts of it*

11:18 King Flurry51

(noah) *confessional* Leave them suicide themselves, I'll find other ways to get the vote I want from the Dominant Impotent.

11:18 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *still searching, while eating doughtnouts*

11:18 King Flurry51

(chris) *the alarm activates waking up Chris* CONTESTANTS IN MY PERSONAL SUITE? AGAIN?!!! AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!

11:18 The not so happy user

(trent) *conf* Check this out! I have the numbers of Chris' mother and the main producer of the show!
(trent) *runs away from Chris' room*
(bridgette) *follows Trent out*

11:19 King Flurry51

(chris) too late, I spotted you, DOLPHINS, AGAIN.

11:19 AleGwen714

(izzy) *runs away from Chris' room, giggling*

11:20 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *Starts coughing, choking with the doughnoughts*
(trent) Bridgette! *jumps to her, and starts to pressue her to make her spit it*

11:20 King Flurry51

(noah) *rolls eyes reading a book innocently*

11:21 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *spits the red rubber ball* Agh...

11:21 King Flurry51

(chris) I also spotted you, Topher and maybe Gwen, too.

11:21 Miky3DS

(topher) Be..str the traing

11:21 The not so happy user

(brick) And we have a winner! Expect the less from the food!
(brick) *picks up the drooled ball* Yuck... but you have my vote

11:22 King Flurry51

(chris) *looks at Brick* It was an idea of you, last standing loser Turtle?

11:22 Miky3DS

(topher) so, Crhis is arrived

11:23 King Flurry51

(chris) ah ah. Think it's funny, eh? Do you want some fun? I know something very funny.

11:24 Miky3DS (Topher) I want to know the naswer as soon as possible 11:24 The not so happy user

(brick) I just imitated you, the best host there is! I wanted to make a challenge! Just like you!
(brick) And every challenge takes it's risk...

King Flurry51

(chris) Fan, Test Tube and Noah! I'll force you the challenge but you have immunity carelessly of the result for today. So, it will be certainly one of these intruding jerks to leave.
  • do the challenge*

11:26 The not so happy user

(bridgette) What?

11:27 King Flurry51

(fan2) *spits the popcorns* wow. Sitting and watch sometimes is really the best strategy to do. High five, Noah!
(noah) *high fives* holy truth, holy truth.

11:28 The not so happy user

(trent) *conf* I only didn't say Noah was also guilty because he's my friend, but he'd better not have anything with Bridgette, or he'll be facing something more terrible than a I LOVE CHRIS T-shirt... If there's something worse than that

11:29 AleGwen714 (TT) *conf* Fortunately, today I can not concentrate on the challenge. I hope to find the right time to talk to Fan... 11:29 King Flurry51

(chris) Have fun having just a possibility on 6 to get the boot this time, people.

11:29 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Then, I'll also sit down during this challenge, no matter what it is... Unless it's a surfing one! Doing that should totally spare me fro going home, based on this theories...

11:30 King Flurry51

(noah) Bridgette, you are still eating my food, you cannot escape from the punishment and I congelate your second immunity.

ma porca...

(chris) Bridgette, you are still eating my food, you cannot escape from the punishment and I congelate your second immunity.

11:31 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Such an objective host
(bridgette) Check out the security cameras of your rooms then, and see who else was there, If you want to congelate that

11:31 King Flurry51

(chris) But you're lucky because today the challenge is settled in the sea...good dive! *opens doors*
  • closes doors* eh?

11:32 The not so happy user

(trent) Bridgette...
(bridgette) I also won last challenge, I think it's unfair for me to not get any second immunity.

11:32 King Flurry51

(noah) *keeps reading, sweating* ...

11:33 The not so happy user

(trent) *conf* I can guess there's nothing between them, now... *nervously smiles*
(bridgette) But let's move to the challenge, now. Can't wait to dive!

11:34 King Flurry51

(noah) phew.

The not so happy user

(bridgette) *conf* If Noah doesn't even offer me that second immunity, I'll tell Chris immediately he also took part on the second invasion. We ended in good terms, last time, but I hope that doesn't change

11:37 King Flurry51

(fan2) Since we objects cannot swim...we can stay here on the plane, right?

11:38 The not so happy user

(brick) I guess that's fair, as Fan is made of paper and Test Tube's inner liquid could mix with the water. You already spared them, you could allow them to stay

11:39 King Flurry51

(chris) okay, they have more to offer staying here alone than in the challenge. *winks at both with malice*
(noah) I have also soooo much to offer here!

11:40 AleGwen714 (TT) YES! I meant... Ok. 11:40 King Flurry51

(chris) *throws him out of the plane* aboslutely no. Ahahah! You'll soon understand why.

11:40 The not so happy user

(trent) *jumps to the water*
(bridgette) *jumps too* Yipeee!

11:41 AleGwen714

(izzy) Let's go! Yay! *jumps to the water*

11:42 The not so happy user

(brick) Oh, you have a moustache drawn on your face, Sir! *jumps*

11:43 King Flurry51

(chris) Agh, seriously?

(chris) *gets into a personal submarine built to resemble his fish face* Ok, contestants, time for the explanation SO don't interrupt me. As you know if you're here is because plenty other losers didn't make it to merge and instead submerged in the abyss. And they're literally doing it now, courtesy of me. 11:08 The not so happy user

(brick) They weren't really losers...
(brick) More like poor unfortunate men and women
(brick) And unknown gender objects
(bridgette) What do you mean, by saying they're underwater? Are they alive?

11:10 King Flurry51

(chris) below you, in the middle of the ocean, and down of it are there the already eliminated contestants that didn't merge (except Mike)

Hopefully they are. 11:10 The not so happy user

(trent) They aren't in scuba dive?

11:13 King Flurry51

(chris) No, no, they are! But I didn't spend much on their stuff so they might be...nevermind, you have to take them back to the surface. If you find all the ex-teammates of your original team you get immunity.

If you don't find them, your risk. In addition to that there's also an extra instant immunity for who will find our former champion Dawn hidden somewhere underwater, without scuba diving because she's Dawn. Dawn isn't aware of this game, she's here for her own mission to save some abysall creature or the coral reef, I guess neither I care. I have small inforimations on her current position at the moment. Better, it makes the search more difficult. 11:16 The not so happy user

(trent) Dawn? *looks at Noah*

11:16 King Flurry51

(noah) *twitches* what?

11:17 The not so happy user

(bridgette) We only need to find our old teammates, or all the people we can find?

11:18 King Flurry51

(chris) only your old teammates, that makes Brick being forced to find more people than anyone else automatically. Ahahah.
(noah) Uhm...what's Dawn doing here exactly? I wonder if...

11:18 The not so happy user

(brick) But I was merged as a Dolphin...

11:19 King Flurry51

(chris) I said "original team", in fact.

((Now I explain how this works in reality)) Total Drama Sky Adventures the pictures of the contestants you have to find are these, they're hidden in random pages of the wiki. 11:21 The not so happy user

(brick) Even Scott's out there? I don't even remember how was he physically...

11:21 King Flurry51 you have to look for Sierra, Cody, Soap, Jo, Jasmine, Paintbrush, Ella, Ann Maria and Scott. ((just realized I forgot to hide Dakota, tbh, so she's excluded) about Dawn, she's hidden inside a picture when you find a picture, link it here

(chris) Even Fang is out there, so you should better be faster than him to find Scott.

Dead contestants will not be counted valid. 11:25 The not so happy user

(trent) D-Dead contestants?

11:25 King Flurry51

(chris) There's a 1% possibility.
(chris) they survive enough to be recuperated.

11:26 The not so happy user

(bridgette) You're a sadistic bastard!

11:27 King Flurry51

(chris) thanks, and I'm proud of this. Otherwise I wouldn't be this famous.

Get busy, now. 11:27 The not so happy user

(brick) *dives*

11:28 King Flurry51

(noah) Izzy, Trent, need to talk with you.

11:28 The not so happy user

(brick) *conf* If my teammates are down there, I'm sure they're not going to be happy to see me... specially Jo...

11:28 AleGwen714

(izzy) Ok! *approaches Noah*

11:28 The not so happy user

(trent) Yeah, Noah?

11:29 King Flurry51

(noah) I'm already safe but I do want one of you is at least safe too plus I have a personal interest in this challenge, if you understand. That's why I purpose to go directly to the research of Dawn.

11:30 AleGwen714

(izzy) Mmh... As you want! Let's go!

11:30 The not so happy user

(trent) I know you're safe, but as of now, we two aren't... what if the others decide to target one of us?

11:31 King Flurry51

(noah) since TDEF I think we are somehow connected by the auras or that kind of magic stuff. I can help to find her if I feel her aura in the nearby. Agree?

11:31 The not so happy user

(trent) If then, totally
(trent) We have a deal

11:32 King Flurry51

(noah) Then follow me, I already have an idea where she could be.

((as Noah I will occasionally give sensitive "tips" of the position of the real image of Dawn you're looking for)) 11:32 AleGwen714

(izzy) Ok! Yeah! *dives*

11:33 King Flurry51

(noah) *dives, too*

11:33 The not so happy user

(brick) *diving, searching for teammates, until he finds Gwen*
(brick) Hi

11:34 AleGwen714

(gwen) Hi.

11:34 The not so happy user

(brick) I know we don't talk much but... This morning I've heard you're having troubles with Topher
(brick) Does he annoy you, or is there anything that's going wrong and that I could help fixing? I usually like to help other people...
(brick) Never leave a man behind, afterall

11:37 AleGwen714

(gwen) Really could you help me? Anyway, I don't think your help serve to a me. Topher doesn't bother me now. If I needed help, however, I know where to turn.
  • to me

11:38 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *conf* I wonder where did the other Dolphins head to... I hope they don't plan on backstabbing me
(brick) If he gets mad at you, tell him I have something to confess, that he won't like a lot.
(brick) I guess it has been tiring to handle him, because it was weird for me to get stuck with him during last challenge... So, if you need a time out, you can ask me
(brick) *salutates* Good luck, M'lady!

11:40 King Flurry51

(topher) Here's the great Topher, swimming and diving with his usual dauntiness underwater. This challenge is the ultimate depth reached by Chris's sadism and here we have Bridgette alone in the sea, utterly lost in the ocean of the events.

11:40 AleGwen714

(gwen) *giggles* Ok! Thanks Brick! Good luck!

11:41 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Topher... what are you doing?

11:41 King Flurry51 Topher: Ah, Bridgette, she has been really in the spotlight recently, all negative, but she was. Deemed as the main cause the Dolphins didn't win most of the times and were a mediocre team, Bridge-- ahem! Keep swimming, I'm just doing a recap. 11:42 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Eh, why there is so much people like you, in this season?
(bridgette) Everyone seems to be here only to analyze the interactions, the plot... and to insult everyone that's not them or their love interests...
(bridgette) How would you feel if I called you a floater?

11:43 King Flurry51

(topher) Hey, everyone has his own target. Your target is to not be eliminated, mine is to be noticed as a potential host, and I decided to do a documentary of this reality show for begin.

11:43 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Ok, ok... *swims away*

11:43 King Flurry51

(topher) No, wait!

11:44 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Yes?

11:44 King Flurry51

(topher) don't you think I'm acting too weird in the recent period? Why you think? *whispers* Why?

11:44 The not so happy user

(bridgette) I don't understand...

11:45 AleGwen714

(gwen) *swims and suddenly finds Sierra* Fan ((Sierra is in paragraph The K.O.R.O.R Training Course))

11:45 King Flurry51

(topher) because they think I'm a threat in this season. They must do since I provided the victory streak of the Swordfishes, modestly.
(chris) found one.

11:46 AleGwen714

(gwen) Yes!

11:46 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Eh... You're probably acting weird because you have noticed you have feelings, Topher...

11:46 King Flurry51

(topher) eh?

11:47 The not so happy user

(bridgette) You have spent so many challenges supporting Gwen, being there for her... and you spent this past episodes trying to woo her, aside from trying to steal the spotlight
(bridgette) Don't get me wrong, you've tried to do the last part usually, but... Have you asked yourself if you have feelings for Gwen?

11:48 King Flurry51

(noah) The Great Coral Barreer should be almost there. I thought at it because it's a natural environment always object of the attention of nature lover like my girl.

11:48 The not so happy user

(trent) *swimming* Probably in a nature space, then... Hmm...
(trent) Like that other girl in there! Check out! It's Ella! Az-Take a Chance (Ella is on the cover of this forgettable episode)

11:50 King Flurry51

(topher) Ah, tsk, no. I only simulated to have in order to get a famous relatiohsip that would have boosted my popularity and career: imagine the title "Ex-first season winner Gwen dates with a new hottie. Who is this new handsome dream man?"
(chris) correct.

11:50 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Ugh. You're even more superficial than I thought! *Swims away*

11:50 King Flurry51

(noah) great, we found Ariel, ehm, Ella.

But what about Dawn? Let's see if I can receive some waves from her.. Gnn.. nnn.. Hmm, this doesn't work for me. (Why?)

(topher) *facepalms* and more stupid than I thought.

11:52 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *conf* The thing is... while saying that to Topher, I've realised that I've been acting like that too! I've spend some challenges talking with Trent, I even broke up with Geoff? I gues... I'm actually in love with him... Am I? Is he?
(trent) Maybe she's mad at you and has broken that connection...

11:53 King Flurry51

(noah) mad for what?!

11:53 The not so happy user

(trent) I personally don't know... Why could she be mad at you?
(trent) Maybe it's for what Chris said about your multiple women...

11:54 AleGwen714

(izzy) I think I find Dawn! (( FindingDawnkover.png ))

11:54 King Flurry51

(noah) Naaah *laughs nervously*

((that's the cover picture XD)) 11:54 AleGwen714 ((Ops XD)) 11:55 The not so happy user

(brick) *rubbing the bottom of the sea* I can't believe the  trash the people throws here...

11:55 King Flurry51

(noah) Where?!! *turns and sees only a blue surgeon fish* This isn't Dawn, it's Dory, IZZY.

11:55 The not so happy user

(brick) There's even a bottle of soap... User blog:King Flurry51/TDSKA TERRIBLE FOUR (Soap's at the bottom of it)

11:55 King Flurry51

(chris) yes
(noah) Ok, actually this spot is too clean, Dawn is probably healing another part of the reef, the most inquinated one. So look if there are wastes or else in the nearby.
  • keeps swimming over the corals*

11:58 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *swimming* I wonder if anyone has won the challenge yet...

11:59 King Flurry51

(noah) Ah! There's a piece of metal here...*reads* "COSMOS"

11:59 The not so happy user

(trent) I've found her! File:BajikalFantube.png

(Dawn's on the left part of the submarine) (same pose as in the cover) 12:00 King Flurry51

(noah) I should have found her! Cough, cough. Good work.

12:01 The not so happy user

(trent) Maybe she needs to tell you something...

12:01 King Flurry51

(chris) what? This was too quick.
(noah) ehm, is it necessary? She seems focused at the moment.

12:04 The not so happy user

(dawn) *turns at them*
(dawn) *Swims away, escaping*

12:05 King Flurry51

(noah) Eh?! I was going to escape but her...why? Come back here!

12:06 The not so happy user

(dawn) *fades between the corals*
(trent) It does still count as immunity, right?

12:06 King Flurry51

(chris) eeeh, no, I said you have to bring them to the surface, Dawn included.

12:07 The not so happy user

(trent) This is not fair!
(trent) I found her, afterall...

12:07 King Flurry51

(chris) The others brought me the contestants they found to the surface, I guess.

12:09 The not so happy user

(trent) *swims, searching again*

12:09 King Flurry51

(topher) therefore Trent found Dawn but whoever brings her to the surface gets the immunity? *Uses gps* "Destination: Great Barreer Reef"

12:10 The not so happy user

(brick) *swimming throught* Woah, it's really dark down here...

12:11 King Flurry51

(noah) Dawn? Dawn? Come on, why you can't simply talk out like every normal person would instead always talk by signs or play mysterious? Ahh.

(noah) Oh. No... *next to the coral reef there's only the pitched abyss. Don't tell me she went down there..

  • sees a fish with an injured tail perfectly healed*

Yes, she did.

Meanwhile, on the plane (TT and Fan only)Edit

12:19 AleGwen714

(TT) *conf* Ok, Test Tube. Thinks hard about the words you will say to Fan.
  • think
(TT) *tries to say something to Fan, but crashes*

12:21 King Flurry51

(fan2) *they're watching the events of the episode on a screen* Wow, Dawn escaped in the abyss. This is a classic yet more movie-like than reality show-like. I wonder how the plot for Noah and his trio will end now.
(fan2) *hears the sound* woah, what made you shatter this time?! Luckily I stol-ehm- I switched Chris phone with mine yesterday so I can directly revive you with the app. Click.

12:23 AleGwen714

(TT) *conf* I'm so nervous to break me?! Really?! I must calm down.
(TT) *appears intact* Ops. I fell. Ehehehe... Anyway, thanks Fan.

12:24 King Flurry51

(fan2) Here you go back to your solid and transparent beautiness! Uhmm.
(fan2) why you tripped? I mean, maybe you were all immersed in your scientific ideas like usually happens to genius like you? It's odd.

But then what's the new experiment you're working on?

  • I'm curious*.*

12:28 AleGwen714

(TT) I drank a concoction to test it. Apparently, it made me more fragile. Anyway, I'm fine now, I think. *start to sweat*
  • starts

12:29 King Flurry51

(fan2) Are you sure? You're boiling...your liquid inside at least.

12:30 AleGwen714

(TT) WHAT?! *realizes that the liquid within her is boiling * Oh no! Why?

12:32 King Flurry51

(fan2) If you don't know, how could I? I'm not a genius. I'm just clever at best. I think since Knife says that I'm an overthinker.

12:33 AleGwen714

(TT) I-i-i don't understand! I have to calm down! I ... *faints*

King Flurry51

(fan2) Hey! Should I call for an ambulance? Test Tube! Come on!

What's wrong with you? 12:37 AleGwen714

(TT) *doesn't wake up*

12:39 King Flurry51

(fan2) ...glom. W-What do I have to do? Let's search on Internet, quick.

"What to do when your best friend (female) is fainted on the ground and doesn't wake up?" enter.

(fan2) Ok, phew, let's read the answers I'm receiving...
(fan2) DunKnife101 says "You're such an overthinker loser! It's so obvious."

12:42 AleGwen714

(TT) *her breathing slows...*

12:42 King Flurry51

(fan2) Thanks for the suggestion, pal...better read another one. Nickel the Most Hated typed: "word of four letter."
(fan2) argh, they're not helping me!!

Ah, no, continues, phew. "Starts with K and finish with two S" hmm.. K-I-S-S?

  • become all read* Oops, no, I can't! I'm too awkward and we're just friends, best friends.

12:51 AleGwen714

(TT) *her breathing suddenly stops*

12:52 King Flurry51

(fan2) eeek! I can't indulge no more- *deep inspire* Ok, Fan, you can do it. Calm and let your lips flow on hers. *kisses her*

12:53 AleGwen714

(TT) *wakes up and realizes that Fan is kissing her*

12:54 King Flurry51

(fan2) *opens eyes and realizes he's really doing what he's really doing!* Gasp!

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I also did that in front of the Egg,.,shameful. I didn't want to but I was forced you didn't want to wake up and I looked on a solution on Internet and...and.. 12:55 AleGwen714

(TT) Fan?

12:55 King Flurry51

(fan2) ...Nickel under his nickname of "The Most Hated" suggested me to kiss, sorry!

12:56 AleGwen714

(TT) I have to tell you something. In reality ...

12:57 King Flurry51

(fan2) you hate me now, I know, I feel sooo awkward. My shyness didn't win this time and I acted impulsively for the panic.

I apologise! 12:58 AleGwen714

(TT) *is very nervous, and speaks screaming* I LOVE YOU, ok? I heard the words that Lightbulb said before being launched. And ...

12:59 King Flurry51

(fan2) *his eyes pops out in the shape of hearts* R-Really>??

12:59 AleGwen714

(TT) ...then I just realized that I loved you too! I had to figure it out before...
  • love

1:00 King Flurry51

(fan2) You're not saying that just thinking at this as an experiment, right?

1:02 AleGwen714

(TT) ABSOLUTELY NO! I really love you! It is the first time that I feel so strange...

1:04 King Flurry51

(fan2) Then, allow me to do something...*screams jumping in mid-air* YUHUUUUU! LOVE BETWEEN OBJECTS IS POSSIBLE! I BELIEVED IN IT AND I WAS GRANTED! YEAAAH! *gets down to floor again* Ahahahem, I had to...anyway, this is fantastic, i realized that I love you early before and I tried everything to find the courage to tell you.

I even asked suggestion to Izzy. 1:05 AleGwen714

(TT) I had to figure it out before! Sorry, Fan! I'm not good at understanding what others feel. I...
(fan2)  It's ok *hugs her* I'm the last who could judge you for the little social skills.

I was always alone before to join II 2 and meet you. Thanks to have been my friend....and be my girlfriend since tomorrow. King Flurry51

(chris) This challenge has turned to be an huge mess and none has drowned yet: bo-ring! There must be a radical change. STOP ALL!

11:08 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Uh?

11:09 King Flurry51

(chris) The producers aren't happy with the current challenge so I decided to change it, now don't be your usual moaners and listen to me.
(chris) you have to find only a contestant and bring it to the surface, then reach the Sydney Opera House for the imitation contest where you will pose to be the eliminated contestant you saved.

11:11 The not so happy user

(brick) And what about the rest of the contestants? Will they be saved?

11:13 King Flurry51

(chris) Yes, yes, I'll send the interns at the end of the challenge.
(chris) anyway you can still look for Dawn and the extra immunity she gives if you catch her and bring her to the surface.

Your choice 11:14 The not so happy user

(trent) I found her on first place, I'll be after her now.

11:14 King Flurry51

(noah) *hears Chris* Obviously at this point we keep searching for Dawn, alliance.

11:15 AleGwen714

(izzy) Woohoo! Let's find Dawn!

11:15 King Flurry51

(chris) if you found a contestant already get out of the water and leave the others for someone else. Then wait at the Sydney Opera House.

11:16 The not so happy user

(trent) *conf* I feel really robbed by this challenge, but I'm not searching Dawn for this. I want to see what does she do to Noah, and if he trully has feelings for her.

11:16 King Flurry51

(chris) *to himself* let's hope this saves the episode...

11:16 The not so happy user

(brick) Ok...*swims out*
(brick) *conf* Phew... Jo'll have no time to hunt me down

11:17 AleGwen714

(gwen) *conf* *sighs* I must imitate Sierra?! It will be the most embarrassing thing I'll do in my life! At least I have more chance to have immunity imitating her...

11:17 King Flurry51

(noah) We're diving into the abyss, we need a source of light before to continue. (and more support from God since we're using 4 hand scuba mutes).

11:18 The not so happy user

(brick) I can give you help from God

11:18 King Flurry51

(jo) how dare you to not save me first, soldier?!

11:18 The not so happy user

(brick) Ok, I'm not really good with the jokes...
(brick) WOAH!
(brick) Hi, Jo! *salutates*
(bridgette) I'm going to need to go after a past contestant, then...

11:20 King Flurry51

(jo) *tackles him underwater* this is for having tried to substitute me as leader causing the meltdown of the Turtles and this is for having not saved me first! Finish. I can swim to the land by myself now.
(topher) Trent mentioned to have found Ella before but never to have brought her to the surface. Then she must be still here in the coral reef, if my GPS is correct.

11:21 The not so happy user

(brick) Hey! The Turtles needed a leader, and I tried my best to be like you!

11:21 King Flurry51

(jo) I'm the original and I accept no imitations.

11:22 The not so happy user

(brick) I'm even offering lessons!

11:22 King Flurry51 Pfui. 11:22 The not so happy user

(brick) I just need an example! I'm not you! I would never be like you!

11:22 King Flurry51

(jo) whatever, don't you have a challenge to do since YOU're still in the game? Then GO! This is not my business anymore.

11:23 The not so happy user

(brick) Yes, M'dam. I didn't know that once you LOST you GAVE UP so easily... *Swims away*

11:23 King Flurry51

(jo) EH?????
(jo) *swims faster than him* I didn't give up anything, instead, you know what? I'm going to get back in action first of all beating you in this challenge *steals the contestant from him* and winning in your place.

11:25 The not so happy user

(brick) You'll be roleplaying as Soap? You aren't even in the game! *laughs*
(brick) You're OUT
(brick) Get over it, and MOVE ON
(brick) *conf* It did feel good, to stand up for once... Woah! Adrenaline!

11:28 King Flurry51

(jo) *smiles satisfied and gives Soap back* goodbye, soldier.

11:29 The not so happy user

(brick) Woah! *salutates, smiling* Bye, M'dam
(bridgette) *swimming* I hope Ella's still around as Topher said

11:33 King Flurry51

(topher) I saw her getting that way, actually. *points at the abyss*

11:33 The not so happy user

(bridgette) The abyss?!
(bridgette) No way...
(bridgette) *conf* Bridgette, you are a surfer. Not even the abyss will stop you! Go ahead!
(bridgette) *swims to the abyss*

11:34 King Flurry51

(topher) eheheh.

11:34 AleGwen714

(izzy) *sighs* I don't see Dawn anywhe... I have an idea! Ehy, Noah! I have an idea to find Dawn!

11:35 King Flurry51

(noah) *is using a lantern fish as light in absence of anything better* which is?

11:35 The not so happy user

(trent) You said she dived to the abyss, right?

King Flurry51

(topher) I'm better at scam people than Chris. Anyway, I have to seriously think how to find Cody or Paintbrush. Ah! Maybe I can use a picture of Gwen I taken. Like a fisherman using a bait.
(noah) Izzy, if your idea isn't anything that could make the ocean blow up, speak up now.

11:38 AleGwen714

(izzy) It is... *realizes that she forgot the idea* Oh, no! I forgot it! It seems to me that it affects a large animal ... *behind her a whale appears *

11:38 The not so happy user

(trent) That's the idea!

11:38 King Flurry51


11:38 The not so happy user

(trent) Dawn loves animals! We can use that whale to bring us to her!

11:39 King Flurry51

(noah) I already tried to communicate with animals but even with the help of Dawn the results were never appealing.

11:39 The not so happy user

(trent) I think I watched a movie were a whale swallowed the chars and spit them right where they needed to be!
(trent) I watched TDEF, and Dawn said you must create a bond or a link with the animal!

11:39 King Flurry51

(noah) so this is "Finding Dawn"...of course.
(noah) Yes, a link...I don't have idea how to do these things, that's the problem. It isn't for me to believe in these mystiques.

11:40 The not so happy user

(trent) I'm sure we'll be able to create a link with this huge whale!
(trent) You linked with a kick-ass dragon!

11:41 King Flurry51

(topher) Come on, little Codyfish, come on...

11:41 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *is bouncing on the abyss, from one side to the other* Wooooaaaaah-woooooooh

11:42 AleGwen714

(izzy) *realizes that behind her there is a whale* H-hi! (seriously, what was my idea?) Anyway, don't worry guys! I can speak with the whale! I know its language! !

11:42 The not so happy user

(trent) See? Izzy knows it!
(trent) Izzy'll make the link!

11:43 King Flurry51

(noah) ah, that. Right! (How did I do that time?) I closed my eyes and "opened my heart". *gets serious* Maybe I ain't genuinely interested in talking to a whale but my heart is fully open if Dawn is the topic.

11:43 The not so happy user

(trent) If she wants to...

11:43 King Flurry51

(noah) Izzy, show me the secrets of whalenese.

I'll do the rest.

(cody) *U* GWEN GWEN GWEN!!!

11:44 The not so happy user

(brick) *conf* Think as Soap... Be the Soap!

11:44 AleGwen714

(izzy) *tries to speak whalenese, but the whale seems to be angry*

11:45 King Flurry51

(topher) Caught you, Gwensexual. I can return to the surface in tranquillity. Du-de dum.
(noah) what did you say her exactly? *gets angry, too*

11:45 The not so happy user

(trent) Noah... She seems angry...
(trent) Maybe we should... Keep swimming heheh...

11:46 King Flurry51

(noah) repeat that 9 times to be assured.

11:46 The not so happy user

  • the whale swallows the three of them, or at least puts them in its mouth*
(trent) Woooaah!

11:48 AleGwen714

(izzy) Woohoo! Yeah! Now we're in a whale!

11:48 The not so happy user

(trent) ... We're in a whale...

11:49 King Flurry51

(noah) seriously, this is not a movie or a videogame. It's reality. Shut both, I will speak with this parent of Owen directly. "Listen to me: we're here only for a girl, my girl to be exactly, she's acting strangely and I'm sincerely worried for her. Can you give me a serious help instead to exchange me for your shrimp meal? Thank you."

11:50 The not so happy user

(trent) Is it supposed to answer?

11:50 AleGwen714

(izzy) I didn't remember that the inside of a whale was so smelly... Anyway, don't worry! I have another... What was I saying?

11:50 The not so happy user

  • the whale swims to the abyss*

11:50 King Flurry51

(noah) "If you can't then swallow us definitely. If this is the karma I deserve for having been always this sarcastic superficial and lazy to the feelings of people."

11:51 The not so happy user

(trent) That's actually really moving... *feels uneasy* Sorry...
(bridgette) *screaming, while trying to get away* Too hard...

11:52 King Flurry51

(noah) nevermind, it's about time I drop my sarcastic facade and learn to speak with the heart and not always with the head.

11:52 The not so happy user

  • the whale swims to her, and swallows her also with the rest*
(bridgette) *sighs* Where am I?

11:52 King Flurry51

(noah) *shouts* So, whales, what's your decisioooon?

11:53 The not so happy user

(trent) Bridgette!
(bridgette) Trent? Izzy? Noah?

11:53 King Flurry51

(noah) *sees Bridgette* wrong girl, I'm looking for another similar one.

11:53 AleGwen714

(izzy) Hi Bridgette! Welcome to our shelter!

11:53 The not so happy user

(trent) I guess this is the end of our alliance... At least we're together
  • the whale swims even deeper*
(bridgette) Woah, this place smells awfull...

11:55 AleGwen714

(izzy) *says something unintelligible* Now everything will be fine!

11:55 King Flurry51

(noah) the end? No way, I have not arrived this far to be stopped by this. *hangs to the penduculum of the throat*

11:56 The not so happy user

  • the whale opens its mouth, and shows a cave in the deep abyss*
(trent) It opened the mouth! Let's get out of here!

11:56 King Flurry51

(noah) Izzy, for the last time, this isn't Finding Nemo!!! *sees the cave* Ah.

11:56 The not so happy user

(bridgette) What's that cave supposed to be?

11:57 King Flurry51

(noah) *swims out immediately* I don't care at the moment but I'll do some researches later to kill some free time.

Dawn! 11:57 The not so happy user

(trent) Follow him!
  • Trent and Bridgette swim after Noah, to get in the cave*

11:58 AleGwen714

(izzy) *follows Noah*

11:58 The not so happy user

(trent) Are you sure she's in there?

11:59 King Flurry51

(topher) *waiting at the Opera House* I know already how to play this role, afterall, I played something similar all the time recently. *winks at the camera while putting on some fake teeth with the gap*
  • then looks at himself in the mirror* even with this gap I'm topherilicious.

12:00 The not so happy user

(brick) Hi Topher! I see I'm not the only one in here!

12:00 King Flurry51

(noah) This time I am otherwise my love for her is a big void.

12:00 The not so happy user

(dawn) *swims to them, and stares, without even saying a word*

12:00 King Flurry51

(noah) *sees Dawn despite she's invisible* I know you0re here, you can't hide anymore from my heart.

12:01 The not so happy user

(dawn) My heart?
(dawn) Those are really nice words for someone who never used to give any of this

12:02 King Flurry51

(noah) Dawn, what's going on? I'm sincerely worried for your behavior. At first I believed you were here for an enviromental problem but now I think you're here for another reason, and I want to know it. No mysteries this time.

12:02 The not so happy user

(dawn) Tell me, how are you, Noah?

12:03 King Flurry51

(noah) Hss, you hurt me if you say that.but I deserve it. And how I could be? Stressed like never before, excited, unrecognisable, and no more doubts crazy at this point.
(noah) I'm more crazy than Izzy after all the things I did this season.

and the experiences and the emotions I dealt with. 12:04 The not so happy user

(dawn) I've also been everywhere, Noah. I've traveled all around the world, just like you, trying to help out the environment as much as I could
(dawn) But I never missed a single episode
(dawn) I've seen you grown as a person, and I must thank the guys that are by your side now
(dawn) You've done a lot for him, and improved his sense of friendship...

12:06 King Flurry51

(noah) *talks to himself* I could see that coming...*speaks at high voice* You say I am grown? Well, probably, if you say so it's truth.

12:07 King Flurry51

(noah) *confessional* Oh, geez, my old reputation is gone forever.

12:07 The not so happy user

(dawn) However, there's something I must ask... What have you done with Izzy, and with another one called Emma, who I've never known? I didn't miss that episode either, and Chris said it clear.

The not so happy user

(dawn) I feel your aura as I felt before, Noah, yet something in it has changed. Something in you has changed. Do you still feel the same about me?

12:11 King Flurry51

(noah) Ahem. That's a long complicated story to explain. For Izzy I had always some hidden feelings that I restrained until it wasn't the right time to reveal them but I eventually realized it's better to keep the "friendzone".

12:13 The not so happy user

(dawn) Are you sure those feelings aren't more than just this "friendzone" you're telling me.
(dawn) I want you to be sincere with me. With al of us.

12:14 King Flurry51

(noah) Then in another travel around the world I met this girl, Emma, and this time it wasn't a slow developping attraction but an istantaneous crush. I have never felt like this before, I put heart before brain for the first time in my life and what happened with Emma was an unique experience.

12:14 The not so happy user

(trent) *conf* I don't know why they call Duncan or Al the womanizers... Noah also does this, but he does it with girls that are actually worthy!

12:15 King Flurry51 You know, I took a lot to realize my love for you, I rummaged on it for a while then I finally decided we were made for each others. I had not to do this with Emma. I felt immediately certain of her. 12:15 The not so happy user

(dawn) So, what do you want to do? Who do you love in reality?

12:17 King Flurry51

(noah) isn't this the true love? You always said me to listen to my heart if I want to be genuine and do the right decisions. I don't want to hurt you but if Emma managed to have this effect on me and you didn't, then she's the girl written for me in the stars. I still like you, sorry.

But I have no doubts or hesitations to like Emma more. 12:18 The not so happy user

(dawn) *sigh* It's nice to hear you're able to understand yourself

12:20 King Flurry51

(noah) I'm sorry, you forced me to take a definitive decision, I would have liked to take all the necessary time I needed for a proper decision but it wasn't destiny, evidently. Hope you don't hate me.

12:20 The not so happy user

(dawn) I feel glad to have shown you how the world advances, to have sided you and have helped you back there, at TDEF, to understand how the magic's not actually what people believes, but the pureness in the small things, details such as a sunset or the struggle you put into winning a challenge.
(dawn) But I must also say I'm hurt by this, more hurt than I have ever been
(dawn) I thought I was finally able to find someone that didn't want a friend or help, but a true match always at your side

12:22 King Flurry51

(noah) I hope your soul heals soon as possible and that you find your true twin soul, I mean, someone that makes your heart decide instantaneously without any regrets, like happened to me.

12:22 The not so happy user

(dawn) I wish I could wish you happiness, but, right now, it's impossible

12:23 King Flurry51

(noah) I understand and I wish you the same.

12:23 The not so happy user

(dawn) I don't want to see you again, despite the much you have improved with this travel. I hope you win this, and you're able to find full happiness
(dawn) But I'll try to stay away from you as of now

12:24 King Flurry51

(noah) fine, I'll do the same... *swims out of the cave*

12:25 The not so happy user

(trent) Uh... Dawn...
(trent) I know this may sound as something that will bother you but... Would you mind to help me winning immunity for once? We're in the middle of the challenge afterall

12:26 King Flurry51

(noah) *confessional* sniffs, I'm not crying for real, I'm crying sarcastically. I don't cry since the age of six so why I should sincerely cry now? *sniffles*


(chris) alright, hopefully we finish this episode by the end of the day. Let's begin the imitation-transformation-recitation contest!

And just to inform you, Izzy eventually found Dawn and the immunity. 10:45 AleGwen714

(gwen) Ok. Who starts?

10:46 King Flurry51

(chris) You're the first to perform, Gwen. If I guess your character it's already a positive sign, otherwise you get no chance to win this.
(cody) munch, chomp. Go, Gwen, go! *eats popcorns and pokes Brick in the audience* That is my baby, e-eh.
(topher) *conf* it will be rather easy to imitate this guy...

10:52 AleGwen714

(gwen) *sighs* Ok. Let's start. (it will certainly be very embarrassing) ... *starts talking to a more high-pitched voice with respect to her* *observes Cody* OMG! CODY! CODY! Cody is in front of me! Calm down. Calm down... but THERE IS CODY! *fangirl shouts* Come on, Cody! Come to me! Ihihihih! Yay! CODY! CODY! Co ... Can I stop, please? This is really embarrassing!

10:53 King Flurry51

(cody) wait, what? She's talking really at me in this way? Yuhuu, finally all this wait has been worthy and she took the final decision to love me! Gweeen, I love you too, kiss me! *glomps her and gives her a kiss*

10:54 The not so happy user

(brick) Yugh...

10:54 King Flurry51

(chris) Mumble...

10:55 AleGwen714

(gwen) *slaps Cody* Don't try it again!

10:56 King Flurry51

(cody) auch! Mommy, I see the many...@
(chris) I'm doubtful now.

But I say you imitated Paintbrush: she or he hated Cody enough to beat him up in this way, ahah. 10:59 The not so happy user

(brick) *conf* I think I may have a chance to win this, as Gwen has made a mistake... But I can never be too sure... Ugh... *slaps himself* Focus, Brick. Or better... Focus, Soap!

10:59 King Flurry51

(topher) *confessional* Pfff, Chris is so dumb nowadays, the age is starting to leave a mark on him not only in the exteriority. Tsk, tsk, he should be replaced by a fresh face and mind, like *ME*.
(chris) Ok, next imitator, please.

11:01 AleGwen714

(gwen) *conf* Imitate Sierra did't do anything!? It was the most embarrassing thing I've done in my life! F***!

11:01 King Flurry51

(chris) Brick, step on the palk.

11:02 The not so happy user

(brick) I don't want to go! This stage has hold way too many people, and I doubt it has been properly clean! It must be full of GERMS!
(brick) *starts cleaning the floor* Germs... germs... germs... We must erradicate them at all cost! *making a weird face* Huhuhuh...
(brick) *grabs Chris* Do you know how toxic and filthy can this get, if we don't do so? YOU KNOW?!

11:03 King Flurry51

(chris) you are forced to get on the palk otherwise your performance is useless! And...that face is just creepy.

11:03 The not so happy user

(brick) *releases Chris,a nd walks slowly on the stage* Heheh.. heheh...

11:03 King Flurry51

(chris) Ok, who are you imitating? I don't even remind there was a contestant that acted in this way...

11:03 The not so happy user

(brick) *Starts cleaning the stage floor from side to side*

11:04 King Flurry51

(fan2) He's imitating Soap, c'mon! Who doesn't know the base breaker neat freak?!

11:04 The not so happy user

(brick) Well, maybe you'll remmind me better for this performance, you monster!
(brick) *stays quiet, at the back of the stage, looking at the rest*
(brick) *doesn't say a word, nearlly as if he was invisible or, in this case... she*

11:05 King Flurry51

(chris) *to himself* the idea of the crossover was the worst ever. *to everyone* Fine, I guess this is a good performance, Good work, soldier.

11:06 The not so happy user

(brick) *salutates, but still doesn't give a word, just in cas eit's not over*

11:06 King Flurry51

(chris) the next exhibition will be of an ex-Dolphin: Trent or Bridgette!

Since you're married at this point you can do your exhibitions at contemporary if you want. 11:08 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Married? Ok...
(bridgette) I just wanted to tell you I didn't find any contestant, Chris
(bridgette) The only ex Dolphin under the sea was found by Trent

11:10 King Flurry51

(chris) Then you can sit in the audience with Gwen and the three safe contestants.

11:10 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *Walks off, as Trent enters the stage, tiptoeing*

11:11 King Flurry51

(noah) *gives a quick glance at Bridgette then focuses back on the palk*

11:12 The not so happy user

(trent) Well, hello everyone! I'm really happy to be here! Everyone has been sooooo nice to me! The guy at the door even allowed me to be the testing dummy for his taser before allowing me in as a contestant!

11:12 King Flurry51

(chris) who is this, a masochist?

11:12 The not so happy user

(trent) Chris, I would like to tell you that you aren't as bad as people says! You're just good, but on the inside! I'll show you it with a song!

11:13 King Flurry51

(chris) Oh, no...

11:13 The not so happy user

(trent)  (music) Chris can seem a real bastard... but he truly is not so bad... He's good as a hotdog with mustard... ADespite saying this makes him mad! *flips*  (music)
(trent) *starts singing, high pitched, as a couple of birds enter, and are confused to find him*

11:14 King Flurry51

(noah) good grief.

11:15 The not so happy user

(trent) *Conf* This has been the most ridiculous thing I've done in my life... But it was funny to see Chris' face *laughs*

11:15 King Flurry51

(chris) no, no, nooo. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Stop, stop! You're being...Ella! That sickening songbird exited from a fairytale. Please, stooooop!

11:16 The not so happy user

(trent) But Chris, songs like this help your pure soul!
(trent) *sings even more*

11:17 King Flurry51

(chris) No, songs like this make me require the help of an exorcist. And I said STOP!

S-T-O-P!! 11:17 The not so happy user

(trent) With this, you're saying you allow me to stop being Ella? I don't want anymore rules that make me lose another challenge...
(trent) If that was just another trick, I can keep singing!

11:18 King Flurry51

(chris) with this I say that you're up with Brick for the immunity chance, but I'll decide at the end after the next and last exhibition.

(topher) I will solve any doubt for your final decision, Chris. *gets on the palk wearing sunglasses* Hey, hey, ladies &...hotties, are you ready for the top-ahem experience with a true hunk? I'm free for a ca-wooaps! *trips down the palk* Auch, ehm, nevermind. *stands up immediately, gaining back the cool attitude and winks at Gwen* Heylà, here my favorite prey. 11:23 AleGwen714

(gwen) *sighs* *she is clearly irritated*

11:23 King Flurry51

(cody) Now that Duncan is dead for you and Trent is sticking with Bridgette, don't you think it's time for us? Eh?

ops ((ops)

(topher) Now that Duncan is dead for you and Trent is sticking with Bridgette, don't you think it's time for us? Eh?

11:26 The not so happy user

(chris) Hey, Cody! Wanna kiss Gwen?
(bridgette) *conf* I wonder which of the two codies will kiss her first...

11:27 AleGwen714

(gwen) *she is very irritated, but still says nothing*

11:29 King Flurry51

(topher) *trips Cody* Sorry, dude, this is MY time. You'll have your occasion in another future. *is about to kiss Gwen....but then remembers what happened to Cody before* Ulp, not in the face, please!

11:30 The not so happy user

(chris) I didn't see this comming...
(chris) Heart of a stalker, Cody! This is your chance! Not in the face isn't accepted! Cody has to bring everything to the table! Don't think it twice! Don't even think at all!
(chris) *conf* The ratings will go crazy if Topher kisses Gwen... so much shipping today...

11:31 King Flurry51

(topher) *confessional* I have to prevent my face. Without my niceness I have nothing to go forward. Sob.

11:32 AleGwen714

(gwen) Dont' worry, Topher. I will not hit your face ... *gives a kick in Topher's gonads* Should it be better if I hit you here instead?

11:32 The not so happy user

(chris) *laughs* That's not bad anyways!

11:32 King Flurry51

(topher) *shrieks like a girl* IIike! T-Thank for you mercy..
(cody) Tsk, rookie.

11:33 The not so happy user

(chris) Want some biscuits as your prize, Topher?

11:33 King Flurry51

(topher) something more fresh, like ice-cream? More ice than cream?
(cody) this is how to do that properly. *kisses Gwen passionally on the lips*

11:34 The not so happy user

(chris) If not biscuits, it can be nuts... Or eggs!
(trent) *watches Cody kiss Gwen with a disturbed face*
(bridgette) This will end up badly...

11:35 King Flurry51

(cody) it just the stars and galaxies she makes you see after that makes the difference.
(noah) *calling Sierra* prepare a R.I.P. blog for your idol.
(fan2) I have already started writing one about.

11:38 AleGwen714

(gwen) W-W-What the f*** did you do? You had the nerve to kiss me?! How dare you!! * she is very angry and gives a kick in Cody's gonads too* *tries to calm down, but she can't* Leave me alone!

11:39 King Flurry51

(cody) auuuch, s-see?
(chris) ok, this is enough. I'm literally dying for the laughters: Topher, Brick and Trent did their best, but who deserves the victory?

(topher) *with ice between the legs, still speaking like "Trentella"* Chris, have you taken a decision? 11:49 AleGwen714

(chris) The competitor who deserved the victory is ...
(chris) Trent! I give you the victory only because in the end you stop singing. Try to sing again, and I'll give the victory to someone else. Do you understand?

11:52 The not so happy user

(trent) Yes, yes! No singing. *smiles*

11:52 King Flurry51

(topher) uh, congratulation, Trent. I'm a natural born actor so it's not easy to perform better than me. *shakes hand with composture*

11:53 The not so happy user

(trent) *conf* I can't believe it! Ella saved my day... Wow, I should remmind to send her a postcard or something...
(brick) At least I have a coral I found underwater as a consolation prize...

11:54 King Flurry51

(noah) *confessional* excellent, the alliance is fully safe. The best news of the day, meh.
(chris) Ok, we finished in Sydney, the travel continues! All on the plane for the nominations.

11:56 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *conf* I have Brick's vote thanks to that competition he organized and, believe me, I'm not going to waste it...
(brick) *to Fan* You look so happy today, soldier! Any good news?

11:57 King Flurry51

(fan2) It's quite evident who is going home today. *looks at Topher then gets astounded by Brick* woah! Heheheh, is it so evident? I finally confessed my love to TT or better she confessed me first. *blushes*
(noah) Psst, Bridgette.

11:58 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Yeah?
(brick) Woah! Congratulations, soldier!
(brick) I wish you luck on this relationship!

11:59 King Flurry51

(noah) about the extra immunity, this is not the right time to use it. You're not the main target and you have also the support of your ex teammates, me and Brick. It's better to keep the suitcase safe for a later time.
(noah) a later time when there won't be any easy target to pick for anymore, like Topher, Gwen and the other Swordfishes.

11:59 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Chris said it was going to be only for you, so I couldn't use it anyway... But I hope we can agree on who to vote
(bridgette) We should stick together to make sure a Swordfish is sent out

12:01 King Flurry51

(noah) Fan hates Gwen and TT may follow him in the votes, so we're voting for Gwen.

12:02 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Are you sure? I think Topher could be an easiest target, after this last days...

12:02 King Flurry51

  • smirks* I think it's better for all if Gwen goes... *looks at Trent* He's still undecided.

12:02 The not so happy user

(bridgette) Trent undecided?

12:02 King Flurry51

(noah) Indecision is what kills a relationship, just see what happened with me and Dawn.

12:02 The not so happy user

(bridgette) But...
(bridgette) They teamed up for tpast challenge, and nothing seemed to come out...

12:04 King Flurry51

(noah) because Trent was too nervous to even speak, why he was this nervous? Think about it.
  • walks away* see you at the ceremony.*


(topher) *confessional* I vote Bridgette because I accidentally revealed her my true colors, ciaff.
(chris) The votes are casted, I remember that Izzy, Noah, Fan, TT and Trent are already safe, so it's between you four remaining. First safe with no votes against is....Brick.

12:16 The not so happy user

(brick) Yes! *grabs the berf bag*
(brick) *conf* I guess there will be something good in being the last person standing on my team

12:17 King Flurry51

(chris) Bridgette, Gwen and Topher received at least a vote, and with a result of 4-3-2 the eliminated and 9th placed contestant of TDSKA is.....
(topher) glom. Not again ruined with my same hands. Not again.

12:17 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *sigh*

12:19 King Flurry51

(chris) Bridgette! Le gasp, the drama. More humiliating that you're eliminated in a water themed episode and more ironical that you're 9 placed like the favorite number of your lover.

The not so happy user

(bridgette) I had to be outsed, one day or another! And it's better for it to be on Australia, so I'll be able to surf on the waves in here!

King Flurry51 ((Night, Gwen!))

(noah) oh, sugar. What went wrong?

12:20 The not so happy user

(bridgette) But this is a game, and we're all doomed to leave one day, so no problem!

12:20 King Flurry51

(noah) I'm sorry for you, Trent.

12:20 The not so happy user

(trent) Bridgette...
(bridgette) I hope you guys raise to the top, Dolphins!
(trent) I must say I love you Bridgette! I've loved you since the Finland challenge, but it has been slowly growing, maybe as Noah explained to Dawn. Depsite it was immediat, I was way too shy to ask you out, mostly because you were in a realtionship and...
(bridgette) Trent... Shut up...
(bridgette) *kisses Trent*
(trent) I can do that... *kisses her again*

12:23 King Flurry51

(fan2) *confessional, wearing pince-nez glasses* a typical case of blindside. I expected one already yesterday. But...Swordfishes are 4 and I voted for Gwen as usual...there must have been a mole in the Dolphins.

12:23 The not so happy user

(bridgette) *grabs a parachute* Wish you luck, guys! *jumps out*

12:24 King Flurry51

(noah) *clap claps at their kiss and waves at Bridgette, then moves away*

(chris) ehough with kiss-kissing in this episode, really. There were too much romantic scenes today, I'm sickened. 12:26 The not so happy user

(trent) *conf* I can't blame the Swordfishes for targetting her... I 've liked being at her side for this long, and I'm happy we could have a nice goodbye... But, with her out, what's my motivation for being in here? Hmmm...

12:28 King Flurry51

(noah) *confessional* Dawn was right when said that I am changed inside. I'm a better person but I'm also a more competitive one. I want this chance for the victory more than anyone else, Bridgette has always been a problem and I needed to rid off her to keep my extra immunity safe. In this way I can allow myself to be a little lazy without any risk. I have a solid alliance, I have an additional immunity, and I have the eyes on the main target. Noah distractions, noah mistakes.


(chris) *puking in his personal bathroom* Bleargh, this affected my stomach. Too much love this time. See you next time with the last eight contestants on Total..Drama...blurg...Sky...Adventureees! BLEARGH!


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