Sneaky Swordfishes
Sneaky swordfishes logo
Number of members 8
Highest ranking member TBA
Lowest ranking member Cody, 19th place
Advanced to Fans vs. Favourites 2
Team selected by Chris

The Sneaky Swordfishes is one of the three opposing teams competing in Total Drama Sky Adventures. The team is made up of Cody, Fan, Gwen, Paintbrush, Sierra, Topher and Test Tube. After a switch, due to a twist in the challenge, Mike ends up being on this team. Their logo is a swordfish in a dark orange background.

Total Drama Sky AdventuresEdit

Shanghai N' SeekEdit

As soon as they were formed, they were asked to choose one teammate to be the team captain, which Paintbrush saw as an opportunity to put Fan in charge, and get rid of him if the team lose the upcoming challenge, which Fan was already aware of. As they took too much time to decide, Chris selected Paintbrush, saying that he was going to choose an object already. Once in the challenge, most of the teammates tried to hide, Cody and Sierra (who was chasing Cody) were trying to hide in a chinese tea shop, and failed, as Cody tried to give Sierra a sleeping tea, but he drank it instead, and both were tagged by Bridgette. Gwen and Topher, who started to interact in the plane, decided to go to hide togheter, they first went to the Shanghai Financial Center, where Jo noticed them and started to chase them all the way to the Main Street, where they decided to use a dragon costume to confuse themselves between the people there, they managed to dodge Bridgette, but they were captured by Jo, and they split up. Test Tube hid on the Science Museum, admiring all the new progress, and when she tried to escape from there, Jo finded her, scared, she shattered but was eliminated either way. Paintbrush, as the tagger for this team, managed to tag Lightbulb (much to it's disgust), Dakota, Mike and Anne Maria, who throwed it away, allowing her to tag Izzy. After a small chase, he/she also tagged Soap, causing her team to lose. Fan was the winner from this team, as he managed to fly over Shanghai, so he wasn't tagged. They won in first place and stayed in the first class.

One, Two, Three, FortEdit

The members of the team start to bond with eachother in first class, with Topher and Gwen starting to become friends, Sierra stalking Cody, again, and Paintbrush and Fan solving their long time conflict. But with thier win, some people think that the team will have a great success in the competition, even comparing themselves to the old Team Amazon. After that, two of the people in the team discover that Finland was going to be the next location, however, they get dropped out of the plane still. Once everyone landed, the team faces off their next challenge: building a snow fort with snowballs, which eventually brings out the laziness of Fan and Cody, which slows the team down. Even with them not doing anything, the remaining teammates (Topher, Gwen, Paintbrush, Test Tube and later on, Sierra) start to work on the snow fort, building walls, ammo and even an ice catapult. Once the snowball war starts, Topher and Gwen started to shoot at the other teams, while Sierra and Test Tube started to build snowballs. After that, the lazy persons on the team started to help, after the Swordfishes got the lead over the rivals. To extend the lead of the team, Topher launched Fan as a drone, who got destroyed early on. After two teams destroyed the Dolphins, the Swordfishes won their second challenge in a row and stayed in first class.

Radical PyramidalEdit

Farce WestEdit

Az-Take a ChanceEdit

A-losement ParkEdit

I Con-Go FurtherEdit

The team lives it's last moments of existance in first class, as Chris breaks them up for the merge, meaning that original members Fan, Gwen, Test Tube and Topher made the merge.


Additional membersEdit

Sneaky Swordfishes teammates
Cody | Fan | Gwen | Mike | Paintbrush | Sierra | Test Tube | Topher


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Cody Male 19th 8th Radical Pyramidal He answered wrong the very first question and blamed on the others about the lose of the team. This, along with his excessive stalking towards Gwen allowed the team to vote off him.
Sierra Female 18th 7th Farce West She seemed too sad after the departure of Cody to be able to continue the game. Plus, the team was divided into voting for her or for Gwen, and she got more votes than her at the end.
Paintbrush Unknown 15th 6th The Rattrap He/She decided to quit, after thinking he/she wouldn't have a chance to go further in the game, plus, stating that he/she never wanted to be qualified in the season.
Mike Male 11th 5th Moose Ado About Nothing During the challenge, he helped his past team to make up his terrible reputation and that wasn't seen well with his teammates.
Test Tube Female TBA TBA TBA TBA



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