One. Two, Three, Fort
Season 2, Episode 2
Snow fort
Location Helsinki, Finland
Challenge(s) Snowball Battle
Reward(s) First Class and Immunity
Winner(s) Sneaky Swordfishes
Eliminated Anne Maria
Transcript One, Two, Three, Fort
Episode guide
"Shanghai N' Seek"
"Radical Pyramidal"

""I was like: Woah I'm going to bounce on you Noah!" and he was like "NOOOOO DON'T DO THAT" Aahahahhahahahaha|"Edit


The challenge is to build and protect a snow fort, and destroy the others of the opponent teams. Each fort has 100 Health Points. A normal snowball usually launched by a contestant remove 10 HP from the Snow Fort hit; a super snowball can be launched only by three contestants for each team max three times at all (3 contestants x 9 super snowballs x team) and the number of HP that removes goes from 1 to 20 (chosen using a random-dice). The first team whose fort is destroyed gets to the nomination, the last to have a fort wins.

The rest is all based on narration as usual.


This episode is so far the shortest of the series.

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