Berry episode
Mr. Bones and Me
Season 1, Episode 3
Finders Creepers (12)
Written by Berryleaf
Challenge(s) Avoiding to be captured and liberate the members of their own team
Reward(s) Night at the mansion
Winner(s) Enchanted Butterflies
Eliminated ???
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"Swampin' Up"
"The Lord Of The Stings"

"Listen here, Noah! I know that every got captured!"Edit

The campers must solve the case of the kidnapped campers, meanwhile someone finds another camper messing with a strange item. After an allied pair of campers solve the mystery, one tells a shocking revelation, leaving one camper angry. A team is then convinced to eliminate a camper, after being influenced by somebody.

(The episode opens with Sky looking for berries)

Sky: I love waking up early, it gives me an adavantage over others. *notices a clearing* What the?

(Sky walks into the clearing, and is surrounded by beautiful tall trees with butterflies and birds flying around everywhere)

Sky: This is beautiful!  Huh?  What's this?  *Sky picks up a book and dusts it off*  "The Book of Dark Magic"?  Hmmm *reads* Oh...Oh, yeah.  This is what I need.  *Sky closes the book and heads back to the spa*

Brick: *bumps into sky* 'Scuse me, ma'am.  Just catching a breath of fresh air before today's challenge.

Sky: Oh uh, no problem.

(Brick and Sky move in their directions)

Brick: Nothing like a morning jog to keep up your heart rate.

(Suddenly, a bag is put over Brick's head, and he is dragged away)

Cody: *yawns* Ah, crap...I want to sleep more.  Oh well.  *goes outside and behind the cabin, is also bagged and dragged*

Chris: Wake up campers!  It's time for your challenge!

Mike: Hey where's Cody?

Izzy: And I don't see Brick around anywhere.

Chris: That's because they were kidnapped!

(Everybody gasps, except for Sky, who yawns)

Chris: Your team's job is to find your friends without getting kidnapped yourself.  And don't worry, I spared no expense booby-trapping the forest.  Heh heh.

(The teams go on there own ways)

Sky: Hmm...there's some pretty useful stuff in here.

Mike: Hey Sky!  What are you looking at?

Sky: Oh hi Mike!  It's uh, nothing.  Yeah, it's nothing.

Mike: Nothing?

Sky: Nope.

Mike: Hmmmm...*looks at sky who is obviously nervous and hiding the book behind her back* Well, okey dokey then.  *continues on*

Sky: Phew.

(The scene switches to the Butterflies)

Max: Whoever kidnapped those contestants must be quite EVIL!

Noah: Nice joke, Dr. Evil.  Where'd you learn that, a joke book?

Dawn: Nice one Noah!

Bridgette: Huh?  Guys, look!  It's a map!  Hmm..."Look around and you shall fine.."

Noah: It says find genius.

Bridgette: Oh, thanks for the tip Noah.  Well it says we should go that way.  *points left*

Jo: Alright, let's go left team!

Bridgette: Hmm...the map's kinda faded around here...

Jo: As team captain, I declare we go left.

Jasmine: As actual team captain, I say we go right.

Jo: Left!

Jasmine: Right!

Jo: Left!

Jasmine: Right!

Jo (CONF): If that Little Miss Outback girl thinks she's running MY team, she's got another thing coming.

Jasmine (CONF): If that jockaholic thinks she's running MY team, she's got another thing coming.


Izzy: I see a trap!  E-Scope loves traps!  *pushes Dawn into the trap*

Noah: Nice going genius, you just got us another person to find.

Izzy: Well, whatever at least- *is hit by a dart*  I tryyyy...*faints*

Max: They're on to us!  Run!!! *gets caught in a trap*

(On the Dragons)

Samey: *trips* Wha, woah! 

Tyler: *catches her* That was a close one.

Samey: Thanks!

Tyler: As if I'd let you fall.

Lindsay: *watching* Grrrr.... *is bagged*

Tyler: Uh oh!  Run!

(Samey and Tyler are bagged)

(The Butterflies are running)

Noah: Turn right here!

Bridgette: I know...

Noah: Do you though?

Jo: *trips and falls down the hill*

Jasmine: Ha!  *also trips and falls*

Noah: Nice going, Bridgette, you let everybody else get captured.

Bridgette: Listen here, Noah!  I know that every got captured!  I WAS HERE, SO I DON'T NEED YOU TELLING ME WHERE TO GO OR WHAT'S HAPPENING, BECAUSE I CAN GET BY ON MY OWN, KNOW-UH!

Noah: *quietly* Sorry...

Bridgette: Hmmph.

Noah: Hey, it's a dungeon!

Bridgette: *runs* It's locked.

Noah: Not for long.  *swings a key on his finger*

Bridgette: Wow, good I mean, yeah, I could've found that.

(Noah unlocks the door to the dungeon and everyone is freed)

Chris: And the Enchanted Butterflies win!!!  Dragons, I'll be seeing you at elimination.

Elimination Ceremony

Sky: (CONF:) I told everyone to vote for Mike, he's a threat and could tell them about my secret book.

Mike: (CONF:) Yeah, I found out about her book.  I told everybody to vote her off.  Sky's a goner.

Chris: The votes are in.  Marshmallows go to Zoey, Dave, Cody, Tyler, Lindsay, and Samey.  The final marshmallow goes to.....

Mike: *is nervous*

Sky: *smiles at mike*

Chris: ....Sky.  Sorry Mike, it's Kick of Shame time.

Mike: You guys have to get Sky out!  She has a- *is kicked* BOOOOKKKK

Chris: Well that was dramatic. 
Kick of mike

Mike gets eliminated.


Sky: *is studying*

Dave: Hey Sky, what're ya reading?

Sky: Uh...Gendering Flippering!

Dave: What? Ergh....I don't feel so good.  *dave kneels down, his hair grows longer and his frame changes,  his IQ drops too a more bubbly personality*

Sky: Uh oh...

Lindsay: Hi!!!!  Are you new to the show?

Danielle: Uh, yeah.  I want to know where the mall is.

Lindsay: Sadly there's no mall here, but we can still hang out

Danielle: OMG, that would be sooooo cool.

.*the two run off*

Sky: *cringes*  This isn't good.

(Scene switches to Noah sitting on a cliff over water, the moon shining off of it)

Bridgette: Hey, I'm really sorry for yelling at you earlier.  Mind if I sit down?

Noah: No, it was my fault, you can take a seat.

Bridgette: It's a pretty nice view isn't it?

Noah: Yeah, almost as beautiful as you...

Bridgette: Er...what?

Noah: Nothing, haha!  *blushes*

Dawn: *watching from the bushes*  That's it!  Our alliance is so finished!  Surfer girl is DEAD!


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