Moose Ado About Nothing
Season 2, Episode 12
Location Alaska
Challenge(s) A sled race, then capture a male moose
Reward(s) Immunity and first class
Winner(s) Daring Dolphins
Eliminated Mike
Episode guide
"From Russia with Lurk"
"Grand Trent Auto"

"Umm... Electrical cables inside Lightbulb aren't many, but... It's time of vivisection!"Edit

This challenge takes place in Alaska, and consists on two parts. The first one is a sled race, with a sled for each of the teams, as it has to take part before the merge. Each team will give me a number and I will roll a dice. If the number I get is the same than the one which one of the teams (or both of them) told, that team will receive a hit by an obstacle. A team must have been safe for five rounds to consider to have arrived to the next step. The second challenge is to capture a male moose and bring it to Chris. The first team to arrive will get a lasso, and the last one will not recieve any help. This time, you also will give a number to me every time you manage to capture one of the animals. If you get the same exact number, you'll get a male moose but if it's another, it's a female moose and the team's forced to continue. The last team to get a moose will go to nomination.

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