Mission: Improbable
Season 3, Episode 10
Challenge(s) Rescue the two people that matter to certain contestants of your team
Reward(s) Three nights at the New Spa Hotel
Winner(s) ???
Exiled to Awkanawaw ???
Eliminated ???
Episode guide
"Curiosity Killed The Cast"
"Operation: Wawanakwa Wilderness"

Chris: Last time, on Total Drama Fans Vs. Favourites.... I took a break, cause man, everyone needs vacation! But that's not the matter.. it happens that Don screwed it all with a really violent challenge that caused traumas in many of the childs in the audience...

Don: Look, I never thought they were going to have the guts to do that! But look at Karli! She's crazy!

Chris: I know.. Speaking of each, Karli kissed Jack, after a whole episode of arguing.. Which surely left us all like "What the F**K?" but that wasn't all... Not only Courtney revealed a big secret to Cody and Bridgette, but also Alejandro heard it! Kind of... At least he knows she has one... Bridgette took the leadership of the Buffaloes, and was able to win for them, while the Falcons lost, and voted out Crimson, under the most pathetic scheme from our most pathetic contestant, Jack. That dude's everywhere...

Don: It was a really dramatic episode, and all thanks to me hosting it!

Chris: Don't get used to it. From no on, I re take control, and this is still my play ground! What will happen now? Discover it on Total.. Drama... Faaaaaaans Vs. Favourites!

The scene shows the Beloved Buffaloes on their cabin, as the Spa Hotel exploded. Alejandro looks angrily the windows, while DJ and Cody are playing cards with Katie and Lindsay.

Cody: Yeah, maaan! I win again! I am the master of this!

DJ: But giving money to you was a joke, right?

Cody: You wish so! Codemister is on fire!

Katie: I don't have any coin to give to you...

Cody: No problem dear. Ladies can also give me underwear. *eyebrow moves*

DJ: *facepalms* 

Alejandro: Lindsay, may I talk to you for a second?

Lindsay: Sure, Alexander. What's it about?

Alejandro: What's going on with you, lady? You bite DJ, and howled...

Lindsay: I don't know... *scratches ear with her feet* It isn't normal?

Alejandro: Not from what I know... Are you listening?

Lindsay: *stops doing it* Huh? Yeah, the food was good.

Alejandro: *conf* When that mansion exploded, I lost my planning stage! Now I can just count on my great memory, my great looks, my multiple skills, my perfect acting... Anyways, a lot, but not with that stage! It helped me have the relationships between the cast more known... And speaking of each, aside from acting weird, Lindsay seems to not get along with DJ lastly... and I think I can use that...

Katie: So... Where are the other girls?

Cody: Courtney and Bridgette went for a walk, and I don't really know about Gwen... Too bad, I could earn even more money! But whatevs.. it works with three... *plays with cards*

Alejandro: Speaking of each... Hasn't Courtney been acting weird, lately?

DJ: Haven't noticed... Mainly because someone else also has... *looks at Lindsay, that's chewing a blanket*

Alejandro: Yeah... but still.. does anyone know what's with her..? *looks at Cody*

Cody: *nervous* Well.. heheh.. Haven't noticed anything! And still, I know her well from the club we're on!

Alejandro: So... she doesn't trust you that much?

Katie: *cuts Cody* Lindsay! Stop! *Lindsay is destroying a pillow*

Lindsay: I am sorry... I do really not know what's happening...

DJ: I think I do... It's that collar! You gotta take it away!

Lindsay: As if!

Katie: Lindsay, maybe he's right.. since you found that, you've been acting like this.. allow me... *aproaches her*

Lindsay: Nobody's touching my collar! *roars, and runs away*

Alejandro: Now that's some serious weirdness... *scene cuts to the fans. Esperanza is sitting in a rock, with Brody on another, and Kelly and Will onn close ones. Jake is playing the guitar close to them.*

Kelly: I think we should throw another party to cheer up the team! It would work to beat the loss of a teammate!

Brody: Yeah, dude! Awesome!

Esperanza: I don't know... We did eliminate her...

Jake: *stops playing* And remember last time we threw one of those? Karli went crazy and tried to kill me and my brother... and still, we lost again...

Kelly: But it was a non elimination one, so yeah.

Esperanza: Well, if you guys agree that's the proper thing to do...

Brody: It will be so cool! And we'll get to dance, mamasita!

Esperanza: Please, man. I know it's a joke, but don't call me that... It's kinda offensive...

Brody: Sorry, girl. I was talking to the woman over there *points at Kelly, that looks surprised* *conf* Have you noticed how hot Kelly is? Seriouslly, no wonder one of my buds decided to go and clean pools! They're always owned by woman like that! I have to call him and ask him if I could help in anything...

Kelly: I am sorry, but I could be your mother, kid.

Brody: Oh, but I am just asking for a dance, a dance! That's not much to ask for...

Will: Well.. I suggest we organize this soon... *conf* Yeah. Hit in the head. With a stick. I need to focus, I see it clear. I think God sent me a message with that: If you are passive, you'll get only hurt. I need to start acting!

Esperanza: Wow... volunterring to organize a party? That's new of you, Lion Head.

Will: Seems like if I don't do that, people will vote for me... *glares*

Esperanza: Hey, sorry about that, didn't know if you were going to recover soon!

Will: As Jesus said, forgiveness is easy, and a must. But still, this doesn't mean I do trust you... 

Kelly: Fine, I accept dancing with you. But just one song, got it? I have a husband, and a daughter!

Brody: How exciting! Tell me more... *the four leave, and Jake is left playing music*

Jake: "You can count on me like, 1, 2, 3... I'll be there... And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4, 3, 2 and you'll be theere... cause that's what..."

Arianna: Hi, Jake! Do you know where's everyone?

Jake: Oh, hi! Yeah, they said something about organizing a party...

Arianna: Oh... another one? Again to never lose again?

Jake: I can guess... so far, we've lost Crimson, Rock, the Wicked Witch... and which was the name of the first?

Arianna: I don't remember... It would be sad for us to lose once again...

Jake: I know... I don't want to see anybody going... you guys are like my second family... aside from Jack, that's in my actual one...

Arianna: *getting closer* Oh, we are?

Jake: *as she gets close* Yeah... *a bit nervous* Kelly is like a new mother... Brody is the pizza delivery man, while Esperanza looks more like the Aunt that works on a garage... Karli is the sister that has corpses in the locker... Will is more like the pet.. a dog? ... And then... there's you...

Arianna: *getting even more close* Yeah.. me...

Jake: *sweaty* ... You.. you are...

Arianna: Yes... I am...

Jake: You.... *about to say something, as she smiles*

Jack: *pops in* HEY WASSUP?! *they both scream* Woah, man, what a couple of girls.. hahah...

Jake: Huh, yeah.. What happens, bro?

Jack: Yeah, if you could come, it would be awesome... I am about to announce something important... 

Arianna: Sure... *they walk, to where the others are*

Esperanza: So, what's this for, boy?

Brody: Yeah, go ahead, bro.

Jack: Well... I gotta say... Me and Karli have decided to be together! Which isn't impressing...

Brody: *conf* Woooah.. Sweet, man... But wow... It had to be Karli?

Kelly: *conf* It's nice seeign how teenagers get into relationships.. too bad no boy can stand Taylor.. Whoops.. Sorry honey.

Will: WHAT?! Is this serious?

Jack: Oh, it surely is, right, girl?

Karli: *holding disgust* Yeah...

Arianna: Wish you luck, guys!

Jake: *conf* Karli doesn't know where she has just got into...

Jack: *conf* I wonder how long will I be with her... Maybe I won't need her soon...

Karli: *conf* It's all fake, dear viewers... As if I could stand him... But this is the best way I get to stay longer in here... But I am not enjoying it.

Will: You're what?!

Jack: You've heard it man... or woman... I don't know... that hair...

Will: This can't be real!

Karli: It is Will. Jack was actually better than we all thought. I underestimated him. Afterall, he's just full with potential...

Jake: *conf, shrugs* Aaaaand another one exactly as the others...

Esperanza: *conf* I don't get why every girl searches for a guy... Seriouslly, I personally don't need anyone.

Will: *conf* I've had enough. It's not the fact Karli is with Jack. It's the fact that this is going to make me throw up! Why the girls always go with the guys who don't care sh** about them and that will break their heart? I just... can't understand... *sighs* No more Mr. Jesus. 

Scene shows Courtney, with Bridgette, walking.

Courtney: It's so nice you understand it all, Bridgette. Thank you a lot.

Bridgette: No problem. That's what friends are for.

Courtney: So... how are you and Geoff?

Bridgette: Well.. Haven't talked to him since I last saw him in Maine. I can't say I didn't try, but he just ignored me. His friends told me that what I did was not cool, and also insulted me a bit... You did see Brody some days ago, right?

Courtney: Oh... He's his friend?

Bridgette: You didn't know?

Courtney: I haven't been in contact with anyone since TDWT... After TDAS, they all ignored me too. I have to say I did kinda deserve that... 

Bridgette: Wow. This is a Courtney I've never seen before...

Courtney: Maybe... *gets nervous* But what's with you and Trent? Does he really love you that much?

Bridgette: Trent is so sweet... He's a really romanthic guy... The problem is his family.

Courtney: What do you mean?

Bridgette: Well... His parents just don't pay much attention to me... But it's his younger sister, Judy...

Courtney: What's with her?

Bridgette: She doesn't like me. She watched TDI, and liked Gwen a lot. She says she's funny, creative, but also really critique and deep... To me, she just says I am nobody. That I haven't done anything at all in this show to make it different, and that I a not the perfect match for his older brother. It hurts...

Courtney: *conf* I understand why she likes Gwen better, because, who wouldn't? But still.. that's mean... And I am the one saying it...

Bridgette: I just signed up to this to prove her she's wrong... I took the lead last time, so I hope I am a good captain.

Courtney: I wish you like on that. I'll help you as much as I can, and I am sure Cody will also help, if I ask him to.

Bridgette: Maybe... I hope next challenge isn't really hard...

Chris: *megaphone* Attention, campers. Everyone must meet me at the meeting area, we're about to be in a challenge... So hold to your drama, and come here as soon as possible!

Gwen: *walking* Whatever...

Cody: *appears too* Oh, hi Gwen...

Gwen: Hi, Cody. How're you doing with your new interest, Courtney?

Cody: Courtney? Why do you say that? She doesn't have a new interest!

Gwen: I was just reffering to your new friendship... she should run away before you get to stalk her *she laughs*

Cody: Oh... *relieved* 

Gwen: Is there any trouble?

Cody: No, sure there's not... Oh, there's Chris!

Chris: Tick, Tock, campers. Do you know how important it is to come early?

Don: Let them arrive a bit late... In my season, that could be elimination.

Chris: Because yours was a race to not come in last?

Don: Damn it! Good point.

Jake: Still, they're here. No need to eliminate anybody.

Chris: And now Mr. Less Twin turns out to not understand any kind of joke...

Esperanza: Could you go ahead, please? We don't have all day...

Chris: Sure, specially today. *he laughs, and everyone stares* Oh you'll see soon... Wait, why is Cody here? He was exiled!

Don: Oh, my bad. Never brought him to the jail.

Chris: Why?

Don: Well, the idol was already used, so why's this for? It's useless...

Chris: Grrr... *throws him another idol* Hide this there, and solved.

Don: *glares, and leaves*

Arianna: A new idol?

Will: Same rules?

Chris: Same rules, yeah, whatever. Otherwise, I'd have to recognize to Don that I was wrong. Not gonna happen...

DJ: So.. what's the challenge?

Chris: Before that, is Lindsay ok? *Lindsay appears drooling, as a dog*

Katie: We don't know for sure..

Chris: Meh, not the weirdest thing I've seen.

Kelly: So, can we hear the challenge?

Chris: Yeah, but before...


Chris: Geez. Another one that doesn't get jokes... *she glares* But sure... And hold on... because this challenge... Will be a rescuing one!

Alejandro: What does that mean, exactly?

Chris: Well, you know... Four people have agreed to help us for this challenge... Those people are either family, friends or current partners of a two people from each team. The two teams will have to find the two people releated with someone on their team, and rescue them from the dangerous situation they're in.

Gwen: And who are those people?

Chris: Well, for the Fanatic Falcons, the two people you have to save are... Someone called Taylor...

Kelly: That's my daughter! Is she ok?

Chris: As of now, she is, but that may not last long... *Kelly gasps*

Will: You're a monster!

Chris: Better. I am a host. *the Falcons glare* And you also have to rescue an ex-contestant, Brody's best pal, Geoff!

Brody: Maaan!

Bridgette: *conf* Geoff's here? And in danger?

Chris: It's nice to see that look on your faces... But moving to the Buffaloes, the two people you have to rescue are... Another ex-contestant, Tyler!

Katie: OMG isn't that your boyfriend, Linds?

Lindsay: Woof! 

DJ: I think she should be seen by a doctor...

Lindsay: No! No doctors! I have to safe Tyson!

Cody: Well.. at least she's willing to help...

Chris: Yeah, and the other one you have to rescue is... Ok, I don't know this one. Anybody in the team recognises someone called Judy?

Bridgette: *gasps, conf* OH MY GOD! Trent's sister is in danger! I am sure this is for me!

Alejandro: I guess nobody does...

Bridgette: I do. I'll try my best to help her.

Chris: Nice to know! Now... *Don brings the monitor* ... See this? *a map of Wawanakwa appears, with four shinning spots* Those are the four places were that people are, every one of them in a different distress.

Esperanza: Are you sure this is legal?

Chris: Yes, they did firm contracts in fact. 

A scene from the past is shown. Chris and Don are writting fake names on contracts.

Chris: Do we make the T of Taylor bigger?

Don: Yeah, and pretty sure Geoff goes with G...

Chris: Oh, yeah, thanks...

Don: Whatever, man. I just do this for the audience. They needed something exciting, after that much money is spent on this show...*Scene goes back to reality*

Chris: So... let's move to the distresses of each... *he points one* One of those four in on Awkanawaw, the jail, roped, and going slowly down to a pool full with toxic waste. You have to arrive in time, enter the combination to get into the room, if you find it, and then, stop the machine that puts that person down more every second...

Arianna: You are wicked! What if we don't reach in time?

Chris: Then, that person will mutate. Next one is in a broken submarine, like the ones in Masters of Disasters, that has some holes, that allow more water to enter. If you don't reach the exact point of the lake where it is at, that person will probably drown.

Karli: That's insane! I like it!

Jack: Calm, babe. There will be time to get excited...

Karli: *conf* Eeegh! If he calls me babe again, I am punching his face!

Chris: Finished the chitchat? *both glare* Good. Next one is on the top of Mount McLean... and this one is in horrible pain! The safety of this person depends on the strenght... on the tooth! That one is roped to a chair that is at the side of the Mount, and it risks to fall... but that person is grabbing a rope that's roped to a tree there, so there can still be safety, unless it yawns... Hahaha!

Bridgette: With my luck, I am sure that will be Judy...

Chris: And the last one... Well... that one is underground, you'll have to use the elevators you used some episodes ago. This person is trapped inside a cell that has a middle bar that separates it from a starved crocodile that hasn't eaten for days! Every minute, it goes up, and at the end, they will be face to face!

Will: You sure they agreed to this?

Chris: You're suggesting we faked their signatures, took them down with tranquilizers and put them in those troubles without any kind of approval? *he puts his hand on his chest* That would be horrible!

Courtney: You have issues, Chris!

Chris: With them or not, you better start the saving... since.... Now! Game on! *presses a horn close to the megaphone*

Kelly: Alright guys, my daughter is in danger, and there's no time to waste.

Arianna: Kelly is right, there are people in danger! 

Jack: So, do you have any idea of what to do, genius?

Arianna: Hmm...

Jake: Arianna suggests we split up. The strategy worked, other times. Let's use it again. 

Brody: Completely agree on that! I'll go with Esperanza to check the jail! If she agrees, of course.

Esperanza: No problem. I'll use my skills to break into that cell!

Brody: Awesome! Thanks, dude! I mean.. girl..

Jake: Or not so awesome... Maybe, the one in there is from the other team.

Karli: We can leave them to die in that case.

Jake: *conf* Woah. Maybe this one does fit for my brother...

Will: We can't let them die, we're all humans afterall.

Jack: Whatever. I'll take Karli and go to the cave. I am sure I know how to beat a crocodile...

Arianna: Perfect. That will leave you two lovebirds alone... *she winks*

Kelly: Yeah, and by lovebirds... Take Jake, Ari, and go to the lake.

Arianna: *conf, blushed* Was that really necessary to say?

Jake: *ignoring the comment* Alright, so this leaves you and Will for Mount McLean.

Kelly: Sure! Let's go, dude! *puts sunglasses on* Cool Mum Activated.

Will: *sigh* Left with the mom... Let's try our best! *the fans run*

DJ: They're splitting up! Let's do the same!

Alejandro: Nice idea... I'll go with my friend Cody! *gives him a noogie*

Cody: What?

Alejandro: Just wanna spend time together... *conf* And discover Courtney's secret...

Katie: I'll go with Lindsay... She needs a friend...

Lindsay: Yay! Woof! *scratches her back with Katie's legs*

Courtney: Ok, that makes two teams, we still need another couple of them...

DJ: *conf, sigh* I wanted to go with Katie... Why do girls alway stick with their friends first?

Gwen: I can go with Bridgette...

Bridgette: *staring at Courtney* I'll better go with DJ.

DJ: Thanks, Bridgette.

Courtney: Allright, this makes it me and Gwen.

Katie: Uh... This could be a problem...

Courtney: Nonsense. We've solved our conflict.

Alejandro: Ok, now let's split the locations... Me and Cody can go to the mount. I can climb easily, and Cody did arrive fast to the condor's nest...

Bridgette: Makes sense. I'll go with DJ to the lake. I really do water.

Gwen: Courtney and I will go to the jail.

Katie: This leaves me and Lindsay for the underground cave... I think we can do it...

Lindsay: But for a cookie! 

Katie: Yeah, I'll give you one.

Alejandro: Then, everyone to their quest! *they all run*

Kelly: *running with Will* So, what's with you and Karli?

Will: With me and Karli?

Kelly: Yeah, do you like her? How do you feel, now that she's with Jack?

Will: First of all, I don't like her. I've liked girls before, and I felt different. She's just a friend... sometimes... And about her being with Jack... If that's the reason you think I like her... it's different...

Kelly: You can tell it all to me. I am a mother, we have to help teenagers the best we can.

Will: Well... I am just tired about watching how every girl, even my friends or love-interests, ends up dating a complete idiot like Jack, who will break their hearts or treat them as trash, while people like me are left appart... I've never been with anybody... Sometimes I do feel really bad about it...

Kelly: This is really normal, I don't think you should worry. Not everyone finds love easily. Have you thought about changing your aspect? A good outside helps people approach you and notice your good inside!

Will: I just find stupid to change just because of something I am not sure that will happen... I mean, I've found myself being this, a christian hippie, so I don't know why should I change that.

Kelly: This remminds me of you when I had your age. I didn't have that much friends as everyone could think. I mean, I am a cool mum, but I wasn't that cool then. I was just lucky to find my husband when I was older.

Will: So, you weren't also in everyone's love-interest list?

Kelly: Yeah. What I am trying to say, is that you don't have to be bothered by that. When it's your time, you'll find love. If nothing has happened yet, it's simply because nobody has been worthy enough. 

Will: Thanks for the advice... and hey! Looks like we've reached the mountain!

Kelly: Do you see who's at the top?

Will: No... It's pretty high...

Kelly: Then, I guess we'll have to climb... *cracks her knuckles*

Alejandro: *reaches* Cody! They're already here! C'mon little piece of... big buddy!

Cody: *panting* Yeah... I am here...

Alejandro: Hey, Cody, I was wondering... are you interested in Courtney? Man to man, you can tell me anything...

Cody: What? No! We're in the same club, and that's why she forces me to drag her things around. Thanks to that, I think we've even became friends... but no, I don't fancy her.

Alejandro: Well, you seemed quite close, three days ago, in the challenge... are you sure you aren't more than friends?

Cody: No, we aren't! Man, now I understand when Gwen was told to be more than friends with Topher... You're so annoying!

Alejandro: Hey, I am sorry if it bothered you. I consider us friends, I just wanted to have a talk about women...

Cody: Yeah, you reeally think I am your friend....

Alejandro: I do! Trust me! 

Cody: Trusting you isn't on my To Do in Total Drama List...

Alejandro: Wow, that sounded so much like Courtney! *Cody covers his mouth* Seriouslly, you must be more than that... How much does she trust you?

Cody: She trusts me to the point of revelaing me her darkest secret. You think that's a hit of interest from her side?

Alejandro: Totally! Was that secret huge?

Cody: Really huge... But it's impossible she feels anything for me?

Alejandro: Why? 

Cody: *about to say something, when realises they're in a challenge* Shouldn't we be climbing?

Will: *climbing, with Kelly on his side* Oh, don't mind it. You can keep arguing, we don't mind either...

Cody: Let's begin, Al! *Al twitches, and glares at both*

DJ: So, where should we go?

Bridgette: I think I know the exact place... Follow me! *runs*

DJ: Ok! I trust you, captain! *runs after her*

Arianna: Those two were the ones that were going also on the lake task, right?

Jake: Yeah. And if they know where to look at...

Arianna: ... Our best chance would be...

Jake and Arianna: *looking at each other's eyes* ... follow them! *pause* Yeah! *they laugh*

DJ: So, can you tell me where are we running to?

Bridgette: Of course. To Chris' private tent!

DJ: Whaaat? I am pretty sure the kidnapped people are on the places he announced, and not others...

Bridgette: I am also sure, but I bet he has a map or something on his tent, to remember himself where they are. If we check it out, then we'll know where to look exactly at in the lake.

DJ: Wow. That's a really smart trick, well thought!

Bridgette: Thanks! Let's hope I am right... *scene cuts*

Brody: So... going again to the jail...

Esperanza: Yeah, that's kinda the plan...

Brody: Well, maybe we get to safe Geoff.

Esperanza: Yeah, that's your best friend, right?

Brody: Best Friend?! He's more than that, we're even Blood Bros! I cut my arm and he cut his, and we pour each other's blood into the other's arm. That was wicked.

Esperanza: Woah, you're crazier than I thought!

Brody: In my case, craziness does count as a positive adjective! That's what helps me with the ladies...

Esperanza: And you're telling me? I am also a girl...

Brody: Yeah, but I feel you so much like a guy... I mean, you're like a guy... Wait, what I mean...

Esperanza: Yeah, I got it. *conf* And another one joining the club "Esperanza isn't feminine". Yay. *rolls eyes*

Brody: I am sorry, I... Uuuuuh *facepalms*

Esperanza: Hey, it's ok. Just don't say it again, please.

Brody: I won't, I promise, Sister! *shakes her hand* Let's go and save Geoff, and maybe there will even be time to dance with Kelly! 

Courtney: So, how are you feeling about the possibility of finding an idol in the jail?

Gwen: I honestly don't care. I've alwayd played with my skills and being myself, not with tricks like that.

Courtney: So, you won't even try to find it?

Gwen: Nah. I'll let someone else take it. No, wait... I think I'll take it, but to keep it for my own.

Courtney: Didn't you just say that you didn't want to use it?

Gwen: Use it and keep it is different. I think I'll seek to keep it so nobody has that much power. Look what happened to Trent when we were about to take out Alejandro...

Courtney: Yeah. He can't be really confident, because he's a goner.Next time we lose, he will be eliminated.

Gwen: Yeah. He must be really scared right now... *conf* It's actually good to see how I can be with Courtney without any kind of fight! I am surprised...

Jack: So... wanna make out with Prince Jackrming?

Karli: Maybe later. We are on a challenge, remember?

Jack: Meh, but we may be going to a location that has someone that's not even in our team. I don't wanna do unecessary struggles.

Karli: Well, I guess this means I'll be doing all the work again...

Jack: Hey, I did work. All you did was ripping the heart of a spider. Was it animatronic?

Karli: I am honestly not sure...

Jack: Well, the elevator should be around... Oh, there it is! Wanna go?

Karli: I...

Jack: I'll go first! *jumps in, and the elevator falls down* AAAAA!

Karli: *finishes sentence* ... am not sure it's safe. *shrugs* Now let's go down...

Katie: So... are you excited to see Tyler?

Lindsay: I can't say... We broke up again after Enchanted Jungle.

Katie: Oh, why?

Lindsay: I did forget his name again, but with his parents... and they thought it was lame for me to be this dumb... and he was very ashamed... 

Katie: Oh, I am sorry. Don't know what to say...

Lindsay: Do you also think I am dumb? Everyone says I am stupid...

Katie: No, Lindsay, you're just unique. 

Lindsay: You just say that so I don't get hurt... *sobs, and howls*

Katie: No, I really mean it! And you should take that collar off immediatly!

Lindsay: I won't! Don't try it, Katryn! *starts to bark*

Katie: Ok, ok. I'll leave you alone... *speeds to the broken elevator* Oh. How do we go down?

Lindsay: *jumps to Katie* Roar! 

Katie: Lindsay! *they both fall in, and crash with Karli, that was going down the wire slowly, falling down screaming, and crashing all with the broken elevator on the floor. Scene cuts.*

Alejandro: I see the top, Cody!

Cody: *trying to climb* Nice. I just hope I don't fall...

Alejandro: Allow me to help you...

Cody: No, thanks, I can manage...

Will: Are you doing ok, mrs.?

Kelly: *panting* I am. And please, call me Kelly.

Will: Are you sure? You seem exhausted...

Kelly: I am fine... *pants* I guess this will be a good replacement for my yoga sessions...

Will: Oh, you do yoga? It does help you find your inner self...

Kelly: Well, i do it for the exercise. I can't allow myself to have big chubby hips...

Will: Oh, that. Meh, good luck. *reaches a flat point* Oh, a small break. I can see the top...

Kelly: *arrives* Thanks God... *pants* I think I need more gym sessions...

Cody: Hey, look! A rest zone!

Alejandro: *reaching it* Yeah, I've noticed...

Cody: *grabs to the stone to climb, but it breaks* AAAAAH! 

Alejandro: CODY! *jumps, and grabs his leg* Gotcha!

Cody: Pull me up!

Alejandro: Don't worry, friend. I will... *with lower voice* If you tell me Courtney's secret.

Cody: What?! You can't backmail me here! It's life or dead!

Alejandro: The good about backmails is you can do it anywhere at any time. So, you're telling me?

Cody: NO! 

Alejandro: Oh my gosh, you're slipping!

Cody: Wait!

Alejandro: Yes?


Alejandro: WHO'S IT?

Kelly: Hey, what's happening?

Will: Need some help pulling him up?

Alejandro: oh, no, I can manage... *pulls Cody up* Are you ok? *lower voice* Say no word of this!

Cody: Yeah, I am fine! We should keep climbing...

Alejandro: *conf* Now we know what's it about... if it wasn't for the Old Hag and Jesus Asshole I would know who it is... but now, the question isn't if I'll discover it... it's when!

DJ: *walking in the beach* Now, that was a useful trick! ap says it's exactly... *points* there. 

Bridgette: Thanks, DJ. And yeah... time to swim, hope you've brought your swimsuit.

DJ: B-but I can't swim! Do you remember? I need life jacket, and with that I can't dive!

Bridgette: Oh, that's right! Then why did you pick this task?

DJ: It was the only one left... Nobody wanted me in theirs.

Bridgette: I am sorry, DJ. I'll take it from here then. *takes out her clothes, revealing her swimsuit to be under them* Time to swim! *runs into the water*

Jake: Here we are! *arriving*

Arianna: Yeah, it was a wise trick...

DJ: How did you...? You followed us?

Jake: A good plan is to follow someone that has a good plan. *shrugs*

DJ: *sighs* Should've seen it comming.

Arianna: So... it's in the lake.. Who goes?

Jake: There may be sharks here... want me to go?

Arianna: I don't really wanna cause you any trouble. Besides, I wanna show my family I can stand for myself. I'll go.

Jake: But if there are sharks, you could get hurt!

Arianna: And so could you!

DJ: Guys, you can both go. I am simply not doing it because I can't swim.

Jake: Oh.

Arianna: Then, what if we both go?

Jake: Sure. Let's put the swimsuits on... *scene cuts*

Courtney: Here we are! Awkanawaw... Wonder if we'll find the idol...

Gwen: Hold on. We? There's no We, Courtney, just a You and a Me. Oh, and a Beloved Buffaloes.

Courtney: I just thought we could ally...

Gwen: Courtney, I would love to know that you've changed, but I know you haven't. Too many times you've betrayed me, and I am not willing of it to happen again.

Courtney: Weren't you searching for a chance to make up on All Stars?

Gwen: I've given up on it, Courtney. Some people do never change. They can act as they do, but they never really do it.

Courtney: I am different, I swear!

Gwen: Don't you think that's exactly what that kind of people would say? I know what you are, Courtney. A villain. And I'm tired of being played. *walks in*

Courtney: Wait! *conf* The worst part of it.. is that she is right. Why would she trust me after all what I've done to her? I gotta show it to her! But I don't know exactly how...

Brody: Here's the jail! Let's go and find Geoff!

Esperanza: If he's the one in here...

Brody: He has to! I am the one that has to find him!

Esperanza: That's not exactly logic... but *shrugs* I am not here for the logic... *gets a screwdriver out of her belt* Let's go and open a cell...

Brody: Yeah girl! Wooo hooo!

Katie: Are you doing ok?

Lindsay: Ouch.. I think so... But what happened?

Karli: Happens that you fell on me! That's not in my favourite deaths list! 

Katie: You have a favourite deaths list?

Karli: You don't?

Jack: *getting out of the broken elevator* Woah... Why didn't you warn me this could be dangerous?

Karli: *glares* Whatever. Let's move on...

Katie: I see a door over there...

Jack: Pfff... Let's open this shit... *opens the door, and his hand gets trapped in a bear trap* AAAAAAH!

Karli: Hahahah! You gotta admit this was funny...

Jack: Thought you were on my side!

Karli: Oh, I am. *conf* Not really... Hahahaa!

Lindsay: Grrrrr...

Katie: Guys... you should see this... *the camera shows the inside, and Geoff in the trap with a crocodile*

Geoff: Finally! Dudes, help over here! *scene cuts*

Kelly: *panting, reaches the top, and falls to the floor* Done... ugh...

Will: *exhausted* So... who do we gotta safe?

Kelly: I don't... *gasps*

Hanging for her life, Taylor is roped to a chair, holding to another rope with her teeth. The chair is unestable, and she could fall to the deep in any moment.

Alejandro: *reaching the top* Is that...?

Kelly: MY DAUGHTER! *runs to her*

Taylor: Mpffff! *she does quick looks to the floor, and Kelly discovers it has many crevices*

Will: Ok... that could be a problem...

Kelly: How can I get to her without breaking the floor?

Alejandro: Do I look like the kind of person who knows that? Our climbing was totally useless, as she's from your team! *stomps, causing some crevices to be larger*

Kelly: Stop!

Will: Ok, I know what to do! 

Kelly: You do?

Will: Yes. I was on a rescuing party that helped some abandoned dogs out of a narrow space in the mountains once... Take out your shoes... *Kelly immediatly does, and throws them to Alejandro's face*

Alejandro: Hey!

Will: Now, go slowly. Step by step. And put your foot between the crevices. If you lean too much on one of the sides, it will probably break. *Kelly advances, and reaches her daughter*

Taylor: MMMMMFF! 

Kelly: I know, sweetie. Don't be scared... *places the chair on a stable position, and begins to untie her.*

Will: *conf* It feels good to actually help a teammate. This was like a lesson. I'll get nothing by getting mad at Karli. Life moves on, and so do the friends. I need to learn more about not getting to trust someone a lot.

Kelly: Done! How are you, dear? *hugs her*

Taylor: *pushes her away* Gross, mum! You're all sweaty and disgusting. Hug me when you're clean. Or better not, we're on international TV, it would be so ashaming... *in softer voice so just she can hear* Thanks you, mum! Thanks a lot! I couldn't wait much more, I could have died... *as a small tear of fear appears in her eyes, but nobody does see it*

Will: Well, I guess to take the lady to Chris and get a point is what we should do next...

Cody: *reaches the top* What's going on?

Alejandro: *grabs his shirt* Who's it, Cody? Tell me!

Cody: Get away from me!

Alejandro: Wrong answer. AAATCHOOO! *pushes him*

Cody: Aaaaaaah! *bounces to the zone where Taylor was, and the floor starts to break* EEE! 

Alejandro: Sorry! I sneezed! Someone help my partner!

Will: Kelly, bring your daughter to Chris!

Kelly: And what about you?

Will: I'll come later, just earn this point fast!

Kelly: Sure thing! *runs with Taylor, and they start getting down. Alejandro watches how the floor breaks and Cody disappears, and then starts going down too*

Will: I know you're in there...

Cody: *hanging on a rock* Will you help me?

Will: I am here for that... *starts to descent to his side, as he's on a lower level. Scene changes.*

Bridgette: There I go... *takes a deep breath, and dives. She finds a submarine cell, and tries to open it with a punch, but she sees there's a combination she must discover, and gets frustrated, releasing bubbles. That last move forces her to go up again for oxygen.*

Jake: *swims to the cell, and sees fastly the combination* Ari!

Arianna: *swims to his side* Oh. We must unlock that. *as bubbles get out of her mouth*

Jake: *conf* Why do girls always have tiny swimsuits? Is it done on purpose to distract guys? Don't call me pervert or anything, but I am glad that we were swimming on cold waters...

Arianna: So... what do you think it is?

Jake: I guess it's... Going up! *they both go to take more air*

Bridgette: *swims back* Wonder what's it... *presses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9* Damnit, wrong! *presses 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1* Wrong too! Chris likes to do something complicated... *a shark tackles her, and when she discovers what happened, she swims with the shark chasing her behind*

Jake: Back! Hmm... What would Chris put?

Arianna: Let's see... Chris has 5 letters... McLean has 6...

Jake: Total has 5... Drama also has 5...

Arianna: Yeah... Hair has 4... Gel has 3...

Jake: Don has 3... Sucks has 5 again...

Arianna: And what other word would he add?

Jake: I don't know...

Arianna: Hmm... what other thing can he appreciate?

Jake: Something he does like... or someone who's an actual friend...

Arianna: Hmmm... Oh!

Jake and Arianna: CHEF! *they enter the numbers, and it opens*

Jake: Wow... I really thought this wasn't going to work...

Arianna: Let's see who's inside... *they enter, and close soon, so not a lot of water gets in* 

Judy: *hugs her* FINALLY! Thanks, thanks, thanks! 

Jake: Is that Trent's sister?

Arianna: Yeah... Not one we have to safe... 

Judy: You're going to leave me here?

Jake: We're not. We'll bring you to your brother's girl...

Judy: Ugh, Bridgette is still in the game?

Arianna: You don't like her?

Judy: I think she's really irrelevant on the show... Don't you think so? Other girls, such as Gwen, were better. Gwen helped me in my drawings when she came home.

Jake: Well... Bridgette is also a cool girl...

Arianna: Jake. *he stops* She doesn't want to hear any of this. Let's just go... *they open the door, and find the shark starign at them. They scream as it jumps in with its mouth fully opened. Scene cuts.*

Esperanza: Now, how do we find the cell we need to break into?

Brody: I don't know. I've never thought easily... Focus, Brody! *scratching himself* 

Esperanza: Stop trying to think. You'll only hurt yourself...

Brody: No, my bro may be in danger in that one! Hit me on the head, so I get an idea!

Esperanza: What? I am not hurting you...

Brody: How do we know where he is, then?

Courtney: Guys, you're already here?

Esperanza: Yeah, we're trying to find the cell...

Gwen: You can't be that stupid. There are shinning signs everywhere...

Brody: Oh. There are?

Esperanza: *facepalms* We've been going on the opposite direction, so we've missed the signs! 

Courtney: If I was another person, I would probably laugh about this...

Brody: We can still follow them now! Let's run! *the four run, until they reach a locked cell*

Gwen: Eh... I don't know anything about codes...

Courtney: Step aside, I know a lot! I've been to camps about this... It's probably going to be... uhm... 7, 5, 6, 0, 0, 5, 3, 2 and 7. *she gets electrocuted*

Brody: Woah! Guess that happens if it's wrong...

Gwen: Are you ok?

Courtney: *coughs* Yeah... *conf* I was just trying to impress her! Why didn't this work?!

Esperanza: Before you try again, I have a better idea... *she takes out a blowtorch of her belt, and opens a hole in the wall*

Gwen: You always carry that around?

Esperanza: Hey, you never know when you'll have to use one! 

Brody: Let's safe Geoff! *enters, and finds Tyler hanging to a toxic waste pit* Oh, not Geoff.

Gwen: Well, it's us who have to save someone...

Esperanza: Good luck. We're out of here...

Courtney: Stop, please! *grabs her arm* You broke into here, please, help us.

Gwen: *conf* Courtney asking for HELP? Wow... Is she drunk?

Esperanza: *looks at Courtney. Then sighs* Fine... *starts building. Scene cuts.*

Lindsay: That's not Tyler! GGRRRRR! *runs away, as an animal*

Katie: Lindsay, wait! 

Karli: Woah. They left us early... 

Jack: Cause it's our challenge to win!

Karli: And how can we...?

Jack: I know exactly how! Prince Jackrming on the way! *jumps to the top of the cage, but isntead of helping Geoff out, he gets in too.* Help is here!

Geoff: Dude, yu could have simply give me a hand... Now we're both locked with a crocodile! And the bar is moving!

Jack: I know what to do! *pulls the bar up, until it's completely open* See? I just stopped it!


Jack: *sees the crocodile* EEE! *hides behind Geoff*

Geoff: AAAAH! We're dead!

Karli: *jumps in front of the two* Hi, Croc!

Crocodile: *points at her, with a terror face, and jumps back into his pool*

Geoff: What...?

Karli: Doesn't matter. The thing is that it's open, and we can take you to the Chris. Help me, Jack.

Jack: Sure thing, love. And I wasn't scared!

Karli: *conf* I didn't understand what happened at first, but now I do. That spider I killed three days ago was the ruler of the animals in the island, the biggest terror. Like a leader. And I killed it, so I take the spot of the big terror... No wonder this days all the animals point at me and run away... *scene cuts*

Chris: Where are all this guys? I thought they would have finished already... *Kelly appears, with Taylor*

Kelly: Make one for my team... *pants*

Chris: Yeah, if your team brings Geoff soon, you win. If not... well, get ready to lose someone...

Kelly: It's fine... At least my daughter's safe! *tries to hug her, but she still pushes her aside, as Alejandro walks by*

Chris: Hey, where's Cody?

Alejandro: He's in danger, and Will is helping him. Going for a walk.

Chris: So nice... Wonder how are those two doing... *scene cuts*

Will: Well, you're doing great, just give me a hand... 

Cody: Why should I trust you? You're not from my team!

Will: Why shouldn't you? I am not evil. I am just an ordinary guy, who wants to help.

Cody: But people's nature is being mean! I know that, I've felt it today!

Will: And my nature is trying to be better than that. Now, grab my hand, so I can pull you up.

Cody: *holds to his hand, and Will is able to pull him to his side.*

Will: See? It wasn't that hard!

Cody: *sweaty* Yeah... Thanks...

Will: Will.

Cody: Cody. *they shake hands, as scene cuts*

Jake: We're going to die in the middle of the sea!

Arianna: I think that living in Kansas I never saw this comming...

Judy: But I don't wanna die! *the shark jumps to them, but it gets tackled aside by Bridgette, who just got in*

Bridgette: You doing ok? *the shark jumps at her, and she punches it's face* 

Judy: *amazed* Wow... *Bridgette grabs her hand* Let's go! Take a deep breath! *she opens the door and swims out with her*

Bridgette: *reaches the surface, and breaths* How are you?

Judy: I am great! Since when do you have that shark fighting skills?

Bridgette: I am a surfer... Dealing with things like that is what we do... Not bad for someone irrelevant, huh?

Judy: I am really sorry about that. I just... Hey, where are the other two guys? The ones who wanted to bring me to you.

Bridgette: They.. they wanted to bring you to me? *Judy nods.* Maybe they are still in danger...

Arianna: *in the submarine* The water's getting in... it's the end!

Jake: Well, if the water doesn't kill us, the shark will! *he points at it, and she hugs him*

Arianna: Jake, before that, I want to tell you something...

Jake: Yeah?

Arianna: Well... After some time playing by your side, I realised I... Well... I...

Jake: Look out! *the shark jumps to them, but it's hold back. Bridgette is holding the tail*

Bridgette: Nice shark... Get out of here you two! *Jake and Arianna swim out, as more water keeps getting in*

Jake: So close... *falls in the beach*

Judy: W-where's Bridgette?

Arianna: She hasn't come out yet?

Bridgette: Yes, she has! *appears, riding the shark. It stops close to the beach, and she walks to the others. Judy jumps at her, and hugs her*

Judy: I thought something bad happened!

Bridgette: You were worried? Thought you couldn't stand me!

Judy: I am sorry if I caused you that impression. Now I see... I don't have to mess with my brother with the choices he makes... cause they're always the proper ones... *they smile*

DJ: *hugs Bridgette* Oh, my God! You're alive! I was starting to get worried!

Bridgette: Yeah, I am fine, I am fine. Let's bring Judy to Chris, and win this! *scene cuts*

Esperanza: Done! *she climbs up a small ladder she made.* Someone, come with me... *Courtney follows her* 

Courtney: What do I have to do?

Esperanza: Grab his head... *Courtney does* I'll cut the rope... So use your strenght... *Esperanza cuts the rope with scissors, and Courtney pulls Tyler, making the ladder, and they three to fall.*

Gwen: That was nicely done... And nobody is radioactive, so double good!

Brody: Let's go! *he runs, and Gwen follows him*

Courtney: T-thanks...

Esperanza: No problem... Let's run! *they both leave, and scene cuts*

Chris: Tick Tock. Tick Tock. 

Will: *pants* We're here!

Chris: I can't believe it! You still are faster than the rest... 

Cody: What counts is that I am alive...

Chris: Should anyone be worried about that?

Will: Not really, he's fine.

Bridgette: *arrives* We're here!

DJ: With Judy!

Cody: Yeah! 

Chris: One to One. This is a final run...

Kelly: Ugh...

Arianna: Yeah, there was nothing we could do.

Jake: Thanks a lot, Bridgette.

Bridgette: No problem. Happy to help.

DJ: There they come! *he points, and Jack and Karli are seen running carrying a still tied up Geoff, and Gwen and Courtney are seen running on Tyler's side. Brody also runs, happy to see his bro is fine.*

Will: This looks so much like a tie to me...

Chris: Not really...

Bridgette: Courtney and Gwen are going to make it! WOO HOO! Team Gwentney for the win!

Courtney: *conf* It was so nice to be that cheered...

Gwen: We are going to make it! 

Lindsay: *appears from behind a tree* TYLER! *tackles them three to the ground, and the others advance them, comming in first*

Chris: And the Fanatic Falcons win!

Jack: *drops Geoff to the ground* YES!

Karli: Great!

Jack: Wanna make out?

Karli: Yuck... Not really...

Will: Karli, I gotta tell you something...

Karli: Uh, huh?

Will: No matter that you have left me aside, I won't care. I am willing to be your friend, but I won't really wallow down this relationship at all. Jack is a complete bastard, see it or not. Just warning you. Said that, wish you luck. Hope we can still be friends. *walks off*

Karli: *conf, sighs* I know Will. You don't know exactly how much I know he's a bastard. It's all strategy. I'll take him out with this, and then you'll see the truth.


Tyler: Lindsay? What's going on with you?

Lindsay: Woof?

Tyler: Baby, I am really sorry if yo got hurt with that break up. I've been really alone since that, but I've been really miserable. I don't know what to say, I've never been good with words...

Katie: Continue.

Tyler: Well... I just want you to know that I want you back... and I would like you to also want it... But I understand if you don't...

Lindsay: Grrrp?

Tyler: If you accept, please, allow me to take that collar. Trust me.

Lindsay: *growls*

Tyler: it's allright... *slowly, puts his hands on the collar, and takes it out. Lindsay faints, and he catches her*

Katie: Phew. The nightmare is over... 

Courtney: Yeah, and we've lost!

Chris: True... As of the Falcons, they'll spend three nights at the Brand New Spa Hotel! And you... well... See you at elimiantion... *walks off*

Alejandro: *walks in the forest* Stupid Cody!

Esperanza: *appears from behind some bushes* Well, hello!

Alejandro: You again? What are you doing in here?

Esperanza: I just want to tell you that I know what you're after.

Alejandro: I don't understand, señorita.

Esperanza: Don't think you can play me. I know you're trying to discover Courtney's love interest.

Alejandro: What? You know who it is?

Esperanza: I surely do.

Alejandro: What do you want in enchange of the information.

Esperanza: I want nothing. I am just happy wathing your face when I tell you I am going to keep this secret and there's nothing you can do to convince me of otherwise. Peace, Jerk. *walks off, smiling.*

Alejandro: You'll so regret this. You have no idea of what you've done!

Esperanza: *Conf* I usually follow the motto of "Look ahead, don't live in the past." but this jerk got it comming. Nobody messes with me, and less one of my own kind. Appart from that, Courtney is so into Gwen. I've seen that look she has in her eyes before. I may have not been in love, but I am a master detecting it. Good luck, gurl.

Alejandro: *conf* Esperanza has just entered in my targets. Number two, below Courtney. If you're interested, Cody, you're in third.


Chris: Good night, Beloved Buffaloes. You have lost again. Which is ashaming. You have competed in here more than the others have... 

Courtney: Yeah. WE KNOW.

Chris: Anyways, get to voting...

Courtney: *conf, crossing a picture, annoyed*

Lindsay: *conf, corsses a picture of DJ* Sorry, PJ, but Katie needs a time out from guys.

Alejandro: *conf* This is the right vote. I am sure she'll be out.

Cody: *conf* They are totally going to vote for Al. Count with me too.

Katie: *conf* Bridgette can be reunited with Trent with this... *crosses a picture of her*

Gwen: *conf* Sucks to do this, but it's for the team's good.

DJ: *conf, sighs*

Bridgette: *conf* Let's get this over with...

Chris: Everyone has voted, and I have seven marshmallows to give to you. There are some for Gwen and Courtney, who recieved no vote. *they catch theirs, as Cody looks at them, and gets hit by another marshmallow* You are also safe, geek. And along with you, Katie with none, and then DJ, which just recieved one.

DJ: Oh. Who voted for me?

Chris: You know you'll never get an answer with that...  So.. Bridgette, Alejandro and Lindsay. You can be called the worst ones on your team. The Irrelevant. *Bridgette glares* The Despised. *Alejandro shrugs* and the Wolf, I guess. *Lindsay smiles, unaware of what happened*

Lindsay: Wolf? I have a really cute costue of Red Riding Hood.

Chris: *shrugs* i don't care. Anyways, Bridgette, you're safe! 

Bridgette: Phew! What a relief! I'll even take exile!

Chris: Fine, follow Don.  Now, the last one goes to...................................................................................... ALEJANDRO! Again!

Alejandro: Perfecto!

Lindsay: Wait, me?

Gwen: Sorry, Linds.

Courtney: Your insanity has already costed us one challenge. Bye Bye.

Lindsay: Wow. I feel so bad about this... *a tear appears*

Chris: Yeah... and because of that, you're going with Tyler to your home!

Lindsay: Tyler? We're back?!

Tyler: Sure, baby! And never to be split again! *they kiss in the boat, as it leaves*

Chris: *shrugs* Love is someties not the worse... 

Don: C'mon, you like this couple!

Chris: Maybe... *walks off, and Don too, teasing him*

Jake and Arianna are sitting on the beach, in the night.

Jake: What a beautiful night.

Arianna: I know. There are so many stars...

Jake: You know... Back on the submarine.. what did you want to tell me?

Arianna: Oh. i think I'll keep that as a secret. Mysteries make this world more interesting. Knowing you have something to fight for...

Jake: *sigh* I guess...

Arianna: And you? In the morning, you also wanted to tell me something...

Jake: Well... *makes a softer, high pitches voice, and pokes her nose* I'll keep that as a secret. Mysteries make this world more interesting. *they both laugh*

Will is shown sitting on the dock, also watching the stars. Kelly walks to his side.

Kelly: Hi. You are going to miss today's party.

Will: Not willing to see the prom king and queen.

Kelly: Are you ok?

Will: I... It's just... I just thoguht things were going to be different this time. I just want a firned to be by my side. They always leave me.

Kelly: *sitting next to him* Well, you may have lost one friend today... But you've also won one. *pats him, and he smiles*

Chris: *pausing the monitor* After a huge rescuing challenge, I can say I've seen a lot of this guys! But there's more to see, be here next time, on TOTAL... DRAMA... FAAAAAAANS VS. FAVOURITES!

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