Love, Ugh, Love
Season 3, Episode 7
Challenge(s) Cupid Hunt
Reward(s) Immunity and Spa Mansion
Winner(s) ???
Exiled to Awkanawaw ???
Episode guide
"Saturday Night Beavers"
"Zing-O Fever"

Chris: Last time, on Total Drama Fans Vs. Favourites... We decided to get rid of a long time plague... beavers! Hahah.. seem fluffy, but are really violent... *some scenes are shown* So, we got our contestants fighting against really violent roedents, and it surely ended up bad. Alejandro tried to play more girls, and seemed to succeed on Lindsay... but failed on Courtney. Ironically, it was the latter who failed in the challenge, and instead, it was the first one who won for the Buffaloes. The Fans meet loserdoom again, and decided to eliminate our fashion blogger Jen, that was sent home before revealing with who she had an illegal alliance with... My money's on Billy! *he laughs* But that was then, and this is now... stay tuned for Total...Drama... Faaans vs. Favourites!

After the theme song, it is shown to be the night on Camp Wawanakwa. However, lights and music emerge from Kelly's cabin. Jake and Arianna are walking in the woods.

Jake: So, you know what's going on with the team, today?

Arianna: Kelly had the idea of throwing a party to celebrate that Jen's gone and to toast for being a good team and not losing again... I know it's weird, but wanted to go out for a little...

Jake: It's not weird... I also need some peace and quietness sometimes... here it's all calmed, and relaxed and... *Will apears from behing a bush panting*

Will: Jake... *pant* I had to find you...

Jake: What's up?

Will: Just wanted to excuse myself from what happened last challenge... I wanted to help you, but I didn't wanted to hurt the beaver... *he scratches his head*

Jake: Oh, that? That was two days ago. I don't care much of it now, but hey, guess you're forgiven. *Will sighs in relief* Wanna go and see how the party's going?

Next scene shows the door opening,and the three of them entering. Inside, Jack and Brody are having fine spraying the walls with graffiti and throwing toilet paper everywhere. Esperanza is dancing like crazy, while Crimson simply stares at her, and rolls her eyes. Karli is on the food table, throwing crackers everywhere. Arianna looks, worried.

Jake: Uh, is there anything wrong?

Arianna: Well.. I've never been to a party before...

Jake: It's not that hard... I've been to a few, because of my brother, but I'll stick up with you, and we'll surely have fun.

Kelly: *appears, with sunglasses and a party hat* Of course you will! We're all having a good time! 

Brody: Yeah! *Jack sprays his face*

Kelly: *Conf* I decided to motivate my team. They needed somethign to cheer up after two loses in a row, and if my experience with Taylor has shown me anything, it's that parties really work...

Will: Well.. I am not... I'll go to the woods...

Esperanza: Wait! First a toast!

Kelly: To never lose again!

Jack: For the Falcons! *gets sprayed by Brody*

Crimson: *motionless* Team selfie. *Everyone puts behind her, with weird faces, and Karli with gummi slugs in her nose holes* 

Everyone: Yeeah! *scene changes*

Alejandro is walking throught the Spa Hotel's rooms at night. DJ appears sleeping  on the boys room, hugging a dog plushie, and Trent appears to be sleeping too, with a picture of him and Bridgette on the beach on the table. He also checks the girl's rooms, where Katie and Lindsay are sleeping, and Gwen is seen to be hugging her pillow. Alejandro then, goes throught the passages, until his secret puppet stage room. Before he can open the door, Courtney shows up.

Courtney: Well..hi.

Alejandro: Hi Courtney... why are you still awake?

Courtney: Well, I could ask the same.

Alejandro: I awoke now and decided to go for a snack. This body needs some food to be fully perfect, you know?

Courtney: Well, I was just wondering what's behind that door. *she points it* It's the only one closed in this place. What do you think that Chris hides there?

Alejandro: Meh.. I don't think it's something interesting... Let's better go to sleep... *he walks off, and soon she does the same*

Next morning, the light appears on the Spa Hotel.

DJ: Good morning, Katie! Want some fresh juice?

Katie: Sure! I love orange juice!

Gwen: *rolls eyes* As if we cared of it... *conf* You are maybe wondering why I am acting so negatively lastly... Well, the answer is Court-ney. She stole my diary and now acts as if nothing ever happened! Well girl, I have to tell you I still have it on my mind... 

Courtney: *enters in the room* Good morning.. *sits next to Gwen* We need to talk.

Gwen: About what? Wanna talk about me and my new boyfriend to everyone?

Courtney: *gasps* I swear I didn't had it!

Gwen: Yeah, whatever you say... *rolls eyes*

Courtney: But it's not that what I wanna talk about... It's Alejandro...

Gwen: What with him?

Courtney: I think he's planning something... and is hiding something...

Gwen: Duh! It's Alejandro, he's always planning something!

Courtney: I am just trying to be friendly to you, and asking for help into discovering what he's up for!

Gwen: *gets up, and walks off, causing Courtney to sigh. Alejandro watches from the distance, amused.*

Esperanza wakes up in the destroyed cabin of Kelly. She scratches her head, and sees Brody and Jack sleeping, hugging each other under a pink blanket, crimson sleeping in the lamp, and Kelly inside the jaccuzzi, with a heart drawn on her forehead. 

Esperanza: Ok, I think this got out of hand... 

Jake: *appears, without his shirt* You think?

Arianna: *falls from inside a cupboard, and gets up* Ouch... what a first party...

Will: *entering to the cabin* Has anyone seen Karli? She was supposed to have taken her meds an hour ago...

Jake: No idea, man... I am sure she'll eventually show up... Let's just clean this a bit... 

Scene cuts to the jail of Awkanawaw. 

Cody: *gets up from the bed, after hearing the noise of a door opening* Hi? Is anybody there?

Don: *appears from the shadow part* Hi, sorry to interrupt you, but we're about to have a new challenge.

Cody: Phew. I was scared you were something else...

Don: Don't worry, and follow me. *Cody and Don leave the jail. Scene cuts to the outside of the cabins*

Jack: So, any ideas to break Trentgette, Brody?

Brody: Believe me, I've been thinking for a while, but no mole means no possibilities...

Jack: You have given up on Gwen?

Brody: Well, it's now obvius she doesn't want to...

Jack: What if you try to get a male to help you, instead?

Brody: Hey, that's... an Awesome idea! *they high five, and Brody leaves running. Jake appears from behind the cabin.* 

Jake: Bro, I wanted to talk to you...

Jack: Me too. I think it's time for us to stick toghether for a challenge. We're the best Bros ever, so let's show it to everyone!

Jake: Eh, that's not what I wanted to...

Jack: Oh, C'mon, we'll do great! Now let's go and change the girls' shampoo for hair-removing cream... *he runs, grabbing him from his arm*

DJ walks out fo the house, followed by Alejandro.

Alejandro: Hey, DJ.

DJ: *turns his head to him* Yeah?

Alejandro: I've noticed you're into Katie, it's not a secret.

DJ: Yeah, and so? Will you now drive her crazy or something? Get her elimianted? Get ME eliminated?

Alejandro: Relax, hombre. I won't! I just want to give you the assistance of a perfect gentleman.

DJ: And why should I trust you?

Alejandro: Because I am a new Alejandro, I have Heather with me, and we take down each other's schemes, resulting in just kindness...

DJ: Is that real?

Alejandro: You can bet, Gentleman.

DJ: But why do you want to help me?

Alejandro: Simply because I want to show you my intentions are new. I want to be your friend, DJ, and I am so sorry for screwing things up for money the first time.

DJ: *conf* Wow. I am actually impressed.

Alejandro: *conf* I just want an alliance with him. He's the only one dumb enough on the team to believe in me in 100%.

DJ: Deal, man. *they shake hands*

Alejandro: Excellent. You won't regret it. *Scene shows the inside of the hotel.*

Trent: Good morning, Bridgette.

Bridgette: Good morning... *she kisses him*

Trent: Nice to see you're that active, today!

Bridgette: Welll... I thoguth on it.. and I am just so happy we're toghteher in this.

Trent: And so I am! *he gets out a cupcake from his pocket* Want some? *rolling stones hit the window.* What's that?

Brody: Stop kissing! *throws another small rock* We don't need to see that!

Bridgette: It's just Brody. He's getting annoying, but.

Trent: Let's just forget about him. There's nothing he can do. We're toghether, and that's all. *they kiss again*

Brody: Aaaagh! *walks off, pissed, until he crashes with Gwen* Ouch, watch out where you... I mean, hi!

Gwen: Not interested.

Brody: Oh, C'mon! Are you sick of that? *points the window, where there's make out session*

Gwen: *conf* I can't lie, they are annoying me a bit... But I am not a monster. I don't wanna break a relationship... again... *back to Brody* Listen, Brody, isn't it? *he nods* You can be more than this... My advice is try to live your own life! You're not your bro, try to do something by yourself! If you stick up to do everything Geoff should do, you'll waste your own chances. I a sure Geoff would like you to do the same!

Brody: Perhaps you're right... Jack. I have to find a male instead! *runs away, and Gwen sighs and walks off. Scene switches to the girls in the showers, all with towels.*

Arianna: I was wondering... do you think we did well, kicking Jen?

Esperanza: Sure we did. The girl was annoying, and thought she could boss us around.

Arianna: I know, but there's also Crimson, who never does anything... at least Jen tried... 

Esperanza: *puts her hands on Ari's shoulders* Hey, girl. Don't live in the past, ok? What happened can't be changed, and not that I care much on it. Now just focus on giving everyone a new chance... and on that special guy... *she moves her eyebrow*

Arianna: *blushes* You mean Jake? We're just...

Esperanza: Oh, C'mon! It's really obvius for the way you look at him, and more on the way she looks at you. Sometimes I caught his eyes looking at things I'd better not tell... *she winks*

Arianna: Allright, I admit it... I like him...

Lindsay: *appears, in a towel* EEE! You like Jack! Tell me everything!

Arianna: Jack? It's Jake...

Lindsay: Doesn't matter, you're so cute with both!

Arianna: Well... thanks.. but yeah, I feel like I like him...

Katie: And you'r enot the only one... I also like someone... and it's DJ! *Lindsay squeaks and hugs her. while Esperanza congratulates her. Arianna is still a bit nervous.*

Kelly: *appears in a towel, and when she gets out of the camera, a towel falls close to the girls. They all look at her direction with disturbed faces. Her voice is heard* What? I also need to have a shower...

Scene cuts to Crimson, walking throught the woods.

Crimson: *conf* I am so happy. Jen was eliminated three days ago, so yeah.

Crimson checks some tracks, and sees a piece of purple cloth stick in a branch. Two eyes glow in a close bush but she doesn't notice.

Crimson: *about to grab the cloth* What...?

Chris: *stereo voice* Attention, campers! Meet me close to the river... we're about to start a new challenge!

Scene cuts, and shows everyone already close to the river, on teams.

Chris: Good morning teams! Aren't there some people missing?

Courtney: Yeah, Cody isn't here!

Chris: Cody doesn't count, since he was exiled... *Don appears with Cody* Aaand here he is!

Cody: Hi everyone! *trips with a root and falls to the floor*

Lindsay: LOL! *Jack and Katie also laugh*

Courtney: *helps Cody up* Are you ok? I mean.. whatever...*lets him fall again*

Chris: And after that comic moment, we still have two people missing... Falcons, where are Kelly and Karli?

Arianna: Kelly was having a shower when you called us, but I don't think she'll take long...

Chris: Oh, she'll better not.. and Karli? *the Falcons shrug*

Will: *conf* Damnit, Karli! I forgot to insist on her so she had her meds! *facepalm* What an horrible friend I am... *sigh* What if something has happened to her?

Chris: Well.. if none of you has seen her... Just know that if she doesn't appear on the end of the day, she'll be automatically eliminated... unless a bear or a wolf has eaten her... but that would already mean she's out, so... *shrugs, as the Falcons glare at him*

Don: So.. are you telling them, or I do?

Chris: Patience Don, patience. That's what you lack of... 

Jake: Oh, please, continue being that mysterious...

Gwen: Yeah, not as if we cared of it...

Chris: Geez guys, a I the only one patient on here? *Billy brings hi tea, that he sips slowly*

Courtney: Are you finished?!

Chris: *cleans his lips, slowly* Yeah, now I am. I have an important announcment for you... This... *says him, while getting an idol out of his pocket* It's the Tom Invincibility Idol. It's shaped after one of Don's contetants head... repeat me why...

Don: Because I loved his duo with Jen, and their fez hats, duh. 

Chris: Yeah, whatever. This is a tool that will be hidden in a cell in Awkanawaw. Display this before an elimination ceremony, and nobody will be able to vote for you. It's a bit different that what the Chris Idol did, that was to display after elimination, but hey, it was Don's idea, and Mister McCalhoun agreed. I couldn't care less about this, but my boss insisted into obbeying Don... *Don smiles* So yeah.. Go and hide it... *throws it at Don, and he walks off*.

Alejandro: *conf* Now there's a reason for the exile... That idol has to be mine!

Brody: *conf* That could be useful...

Crimson: *conf* I hate Tom.

Chris: So now, the challenge... Today's is called "Cupid Hunt" and it will be.. a paintball challenge! *conffetti falls, veterans roll eyes*

Don: And there goes the originalty... 
Tom idol

Chris shows a new Idol.

Chris: Hey, let me explain the changes.. in this challenge, based on Paintball Deer Hunter, the boys on each team, that are in equal number, will be the hunters, or Cupids... while the girls, in equal numbers too will be the deers, or in this case... well, Greek girls. Boys will be hunting the girls of the other team, and the first team that eliminates all the girls on the other team, wins the challenge.

DJ: This doesn't look that different...

Chris: Yeah, but have I mentioned the costumes?

Cody: Costumes? 

Chris: Yeah... while girls will be wearing ancient Greece like dresses... *shows one* the boys will be wearing these fake wings and... diapers! *shows one in the other hand*

Jake: Are you kidding?

Chris: Hahahah! No, you get some minutes to change robes, and then, we'll set the hunt up!

The Twins are changing their clothes.

Jack: Hahah! You'll be so funny on this! You are in fact a complaining baby!

Jake: Do I have to tell on international TV who wore diapers until he was seven years old? *Jack's face freezes*

DJ: So, can you give me a tip on Katie?

Alejandro: Sure. First off, don't even try to get close to her on this... *points at him, wearing the diaper* Girls don't want to see people like... well, you, without any clothes but a diaper... That's just to be left with true handsomeness like mine... *he pumps his chest* I suggest you to ignore her for a bit... she'll be curious to the point she'll get mad to discover why you're that quiet. Then, tell her something like you are still really hurt for a past break up, and she'll be really interested into filling the hole in your heart.

DJ: But that's not something that really...

Alejandro: Doesn't matter. Obbey me on that, and she'll be yours.

Katie: DJ! How do I look on this? 

DJ: *conf* She was like a Greek God, my Blackphrodite! *tears down* But I have to make what Al says... *sighs*

DJ walks away, and Katie is left wondering about what's going on. Alejandro smiles evily, while Lindsay appears.

Lindsay: You are super pretty ont hat, and how am I?

Katie: Perfect, you are completely Greek.

Lindsay: But I wasn't born in Italy! *gasps*

Arianna: Jake, can you help me with this?

Jake: Sure... let's see... *he helps her*

Jack: I know what it is! *he tells him when his brother approaches him after helping Arianna* You like that girl! I see that expression on your face... You had the same with all of my girlfriends...

Jake: Nothing happened with me and Eris, Laura, Marie, Rachel, Elle, Isabelle, Juliet, Lacy, the second Marie, Mackenzie, Karen, the third Marie and Bea! Oh, and Lily.

Jack: You liked every single of my girlfriends, but they never wanted to be with you! And now you feel threatned again by me over that girl, right? Don't worry, cause she's definetelly into me. You don't need to even try. You know she likes me.

Jake: *sigh* Well, I don't have that much hopes now...

Jack: That's my brother! *he gives him a noogie*

Chris: So, everyone ready? 3... 2... 1... GOOO! *the girls run to the forest, the guys are left behind*

Cody: When do we get the guns?

Trent: Brody, shot my girl, and you'll be goign down! 

Brody: It's a challenge! I can shot her down if I find her!

Alejandro: Guys, guys, kee it cool. Stay like that one over there. *points at Will*

Will: *praying* Oh, God, oh, God, oh God.. please, tell me Karli is fine... 

Alejandro: Ok.. maybe not as that guy...

Chris: Guns are here! *he throws them at the guys, that catch them, but Cody's, that hits his head and he falls.*

Will: Woah, shooting? Yeah, no way. I am searching for Karli.

Jake: Will, you can't make this! You gotta help us!

Will: I gotta help her, I let her down, I have to fix it.

Jake: If you're really sure...

Chris: GO! TIME TO HUNT SOME LADIES! *the guys run, but Will, that walks off in the opposite direction*.

Kelly: *appears* What have I missed? *Chris stares at her*

Lindsay: *walking with Katie* So, then I told her that there was no way I was going out with that and... hey, are you even listening?

Katie: Uh, sorry. i was just wondering why did DJ ignore me...

Lindsay: Oh, that? That's a clear way to show he's not interested into you. Tyler did that to me when he liked Samuela.

Katie: So.. you think I should ignore him back?

Lindsay: I can totally guess so. *DJ appears from behind a bush*

DJ: Oh, hi... Lindsay. I was.. you know... looking for opposite team girls...

Lindsay: OMG now you want to date with girls from the other team?

DJ: What?! No! Just because of the challenge... is to hunt them and...

Lindsay: We understood... go... I can't believe you are doing this to Katie...

DJ: *conf* WHAT?! 

Katie: *conf, tears on her eyes*

Crimson walking throguth the forest.

Crimson: *conf* I hate this dress. It is so... white... Gross.

Cody: Get ready to go doooown! *appears suddenly, and shots Crimson down* Hah! That's what you get when you get on the Codester's way!

Crimson: Whatever.. at least now it has red paint... *a sound is heard behind a bush*

Cody: Huh? Doesn't matter who you are, I'll get you! *Approaches to it, but a hand grabs him and gets him into the bush. Fighting sounds are heard, and Cody is thrown out, mauled and with no gun.*

Crimson: Wow. That was awesome. *Scene cuts to another side of the forest.*

Bridgette: Wow... I don't remember this place... Wawanakwa Pet Cementery... that's actually weird... *she enters in, and sees some graves* "Miss Pickles, Beloved Cat. She died because her owner hugged her to death." wow.. I'll be having nightmares about this... "Goldy, Golden Fish. Died because he ate too much fish food."  and here it's... Brody?!

Brody: Hahah! And you'll soon join this graveyard! *tries to shot Bridgette, btu she hides behind a grave* Oh, come here to play... 

Bridgette: *conf* Oh, C'mon! 

Trent appears next to Bridgette, and she's happy about it. Trent makes her the sign of silence, and they advance on their knees between the graves.

Brody: Bridgette?

Trent: *appears behing a grave* NO, TRENT! *shots Brody down, and he screams like a girl*

Chris: *stereo* Brody, you are eliminated.

Brody: What?

Chris: *stereo* But Trent is also out, because he shot a MALE. Cupid doesn't shot Cupid.

Trent: Ugh, seriouslly? 

Chris: *stereo* Yeah. Both, go. *scene cuts to Arianna, that's walking with Esperanza.*

Arianna: So, you think I should tell him?

Esperanza: You are young, enjoy the moment with no regret, and look ahead!

Arianna: That means yes?

Esperanza: That means... *Arianna gets shot* Crap! *runs away, as from behind a bush, Alejandro smirks at Ari*

Jack: And then, it's when I got with Sheila.

Jake: Sheila too?

Jack: Yeah, I got out with her before comming to the show... which remminds me we're still on! *shocked*

Jake: So...

Jack: *makes a phone call* Sheila? Yeah.. We're over. *finishes the call* I can't believe we took that much.

Jake: Wow.. that was jerkish...

Jack: Nah, love is like that.. enjoyed for a bit, and then, left for somethign better. And now, my mind is on Arianna.. or Lindsay? That girl sure has a really big pair of...

Jake: Yeah, whatever. Shouldn't we just be looking for...*some music is heard* What's that?

???: "Two little mice... waiting on the road..." *bushes move* "They don't know what they don't know..." *the bushes sound is heard a lot more* "They are directly falling to a trap... A hidden kitty wants some raaat..." *The twins start looking at the bushes, scared.* "They will maybe see where they are... but hten it will be their time to..."

Jack: *swallows saliva*

Karli: *jumps from the bushes, with scratches, hair and feathers. Her eyes are yellow, and there are eyebags under them. She holds Cody's gun.* ... DIEEEEEE!

Jack and Jake: AAAAAAAAH!

Jack: *conf* I hope Chris allows me to have a new diaper...

Kelly is walking on the woods, when she gets suddenly shot.

Kelly: Hey!

DJ: Sorry... had to.. it's the challenge...

Kelly: You are DJ, aren't you?

DJ: Yeah... why?

Kelly: Oh, nothing, it's just that I heard the girls in the showers before, and I swear the one called Katie said she likes you very much...

DJ: Oh... she does? *suddenly happier*

Kelly: Yeah. I gotta say you surely don't have to ignore her and tell her as fast as you can you also feel the same.

DJ: Why?

Kelly: Because my husband ignored me until I confessed how I felt, and see how we have ended... with a daughter like Taylor...

DJ: But it's good, now you're married!

Kelly: Yes, but we didn't enjoy ourselves properly, because he was busy ignoring me... Please, go and tell her how you feel, if you feel the same, and don't waste time toghether.

DJ: *conf* It's really tempting... but should I follow the advice of a woman who has a rotten child or the advice of a casanova that has been with plenty of girls? Who's wiser on this?

Meanwhile, Lindsay and Katie advance in the woods.

Lindsay: Don't date DJ, Katryn. I never thought he could be such a jerk...

Katie: Well.. maybe there's a reason for it...

Lindsay: You shouldn't think on that as a way of having hope... he's dumping you...

Katie: He can't dump me if we didn't even got toghether...

Lindsay: Well.. that makes sense, but... *recieves a shot* Ouch!

Katie: OMG Lindsay! *gets shot too* Hey!

Will: *conf* Well... I didn't found Karli.. but I really don't want to go home... So think on that as my colaboration of today for the team.

Jack and Jake appear running.

Jack: Is she still following us?

Jake: *panting* No... wonder what happened... to her...

Jack: *stopping* She's crazy anyways... Let's take her out on the next chance we have...

Jake: If we survive to it...

Karli: *the voice is heard* The little mice want to play? 

Jack: EEEEE! *jumps on Jake's arms, Jake runs, as some shots appear behind them*.

Bridgette appears, walking on the forests.

Bridgette: Hello? Any Buffaloe here?

Cody: Hi Bridgette!

Bridgette: Aaah!

Cody: Whoops.. sorry, didn't meant to scare you... I was just looking for a weapon, or something... I've lost mine...

Bridgette: Oh...

Cody: This remminds me when i scared you out of the forest long time ago..

Bridgette: Yeah.. it's weird to think now about it.. all of that happened...

Cody: Yeah... seems so far ago... Wonder what would have happened if I didn't took the chips... maybe I should have won the first season!

Bridgette: And I wonder what should have happened if I picked Heather's side instead of Leshawna and Gwen's.. guess there are things we'll never know...

Cody: Yeah.. *scratches head* What's there? *Will appears from behind a tree, and shots Bridgette*

Will: Less one! *conf* It's weird.. because this is a violent game... but I like it! Two to go!

Bridgette: Oh, maan...

Will: Shot at me, and we'll both be out. Bet you've heard the stereo before...

Cody: I wasn't gonna... As if I had a gun...*sighs, and then, the Twins scream is heard.*

Will: Uh, oh... maybe they've found Karli.. I'll go and see if their fine... *he leaves*

Scene cuts to Esperanza, walking in the woods.

Esperanza: *conf* I've been waiting for this for a long time... a chance to show my habilities with technology, and BOOM! It's just for males... Now that's something that makes my blood boil.. I had really good ideas to modify my weapon...

Alejandro: ¡Manos arriba! *jumps from behind a tree* You're going down, girl.

Esperanza: Wait.. please.. from a Spaniard to another...

Alejandro: Won't work...

Esperanza: I'll add mofifications to your weapon, and make it more powerful!

Alejandro: Works even less...

Esperanza: I'll make an alliance with you!

Alejandro: Not interested...

Esperanza: *with an evil smile* I'll tell everyone your little secret.

Alejandro: You know it?

Esperanza: Not really, but now I know you have one!

Alejandro: *conf* Aaaaaagh! *facepalm*

Esperanza: *conf* For being a wise competitor, he was easily tricked.

Alejandro: You'll never discover it.

Esperanza: Do not shot at me, and I will not care at all about it. We aren't that different, afterall.

Alejandro: I can't make that. And yeah, we are different. Cause I am a winner, and you're a loser. *shots her*

Esperanza: You jerk, hijo de puta!

Alejandro: *while walking off* You know what? Now I see the similarities... We're both MALES... *Esperanza gets shocked, and jumps on him, beating him down. Scene cuts to Courtney, walking in the woods.*

Courtney: Allright.. nothing will harm me.. no bears such the one who mauled Cody... Just me and... *a bush moves, and someone gets out of it* Gwen?

Gwen: Ugh, damnit! *prepares to leave*

Courtney: Gwen, wait! *Gwen glares at her* I just want to say...

Gwen: Yeah?

Courtney: It's hard for me, you know...

Gwen: What do you want to...?

Courtney: *hugs her* I am sorry, I am sorry for everything I did, I am so sorry, please, frogive me.

Gwen: Are you feeling ok? This doesn't look like the Courtney I used to know...

Courtney: Look, I am trying to change, I am trying to be a better person!

Gwen: Since when?

Courtney: Since I saw how bad you all threated me in return of my actions.. now I can guess that you should do to people what you want to get in return...

Gwen: That's surprisinglly wise from your part...

Courtney: Please, I know it's too much to ask for but.. Will you trust me for a last time? *she looks at her, begging. Gwen stares back, and the camera cuts*.

Jake and Jack are seen behind a waterfall of a stream, holding to slippy stones.

Jack: Are you sure she won't find us in here?

Jake: Bro, I can be positive of it, but nobody know.. I am more worried about how are Will and Brody taking the challenge, because we're really failing at it!

Jack: I trust you, Bro. You've always been the smart one, even when it's hard for me to admit... If we're going to die.. I just have to let you know that... I...*Karli's hands appear from the water*

Karli: The little mices are on the trap... the game is Oveeeer!

Jack: Scratch what I said. Make it two diapers and not one!

Jake: Bro, that's disgusting... but we're about to die, so should I be concerned about it?

Karli: Stop talking because I am... HUNGR- *suddenly screams, and the hands get away*

Jake: What's going on?

Jack: I am not sure if I want to check...

Jake: *gets out fo the waterfall curtain, and sees Will tackling Karli to the ground.

Will: It's over, kitty... it's over! *makes her swallow her meds, and she falls asleep*

Jake: N-nice safe dude. Thank you, you just saved us.

Will: No time. Go and find the last two girls of the other team and take them down... I'll watch Karli until she awakes and take care of her.

Jack: Sure, man! *he and his twin run, and they don't notice Will is crying.*

DJ is running throught the woods, until he finds Alejandro, that has a black eye.

DJ: What happened, Al?

Alejandro: Got in a fight with a girl... and by the way, it's Alejandro. Why are you so excited?

DJ: I've decided to tell Katie how I feel!

Alejandro: What? Big mistake! Anyone helped you to decide that?

DJ: Well... Kelly did...

Alejandro: Kelly? You're going to obbey a half divorced woman?

DJ: Kelly's about to divorce?

Alejandro: Yeah... you didn't catch up RR, did you?

DJ: No...

Alejandro: There it is! You're really going to take advice on someone who leaves his love like that?

DJ: You're really right...

Alejandro: I know.. follow my advice, and you won't lose your love. Now, let's go and find the last Falcon girl!

Scene shows Courtney and Gwen in the woods.

Courtney: I still can't believe you accepted... You just got me so relieved...

Gwen: No problem... I hope this time I don't do it wrong, trusting you...

Courtney: You won't... *Courtney stops Gwen* Wait... shhh... Someone's here... *Courtney pushes Gwen behind a rock just when some shots hit the place where they were.*

Jack: Missed it... Hope we can hit them...

Jake: No surrender, Bro. *they keep trying to get an aim.*

Chris: Well, who will win and who will lose? This is just getting interesting... *he advances and,unknowngly puts his feet on a trap* Woah, what?! *Chris gets lifted and moved throught lots of metres of rope. It happens the same than in a tacky cartoon. Chris goes hitting with some baseball bates, with some stones, falls in a tar pit, crashes with some feathers and finally, as he gets completelly ropped, a red glove gets put into his head. He ends up looking concernet, like a giant chicken, and he recieves a yellow water balloon on his face.* Sniff... what the...? What's this? And why stinky water?

Ezekiel: Yo, Chris! You just got Owned by the Zeke! Leaving me to die underground? Well, I've got a lot of style returning things, you gotta admit!

Chris: Ezekiel? Weren't you dead? And what the hell, man?

Ezekiel: Oh yeah, threw you a balloon filled up with my own pee. Brick gave me an idea of it on TDSKA.


Don: *pops up* Selfie time! *he takes a picture with roped chicken Chris and Zeke.*

Karli: *wakes up. She was sleeping with her head on Will's lap.* Ugh.. what happened?

Will: You got a chrisis. I forgot to insist on you to give you your medicine.

Karli: Oh... So, I got really mad?

Will: Totally. You threatned to kill the twins...

Karli: Heheh.. cool.

Will: You can forgive me for not insisting?

Karli: Sure.. afterall, it's me the one who has to take the meds.. and you didn't do anything wrong... Afterall, I had some fun.. even when I don't remember anything... 

Will: Heheh... *they both smile, but suddenly, DJ and Alejandro appear* Oh, no!

Two scenes are displayed on the screen. On one, Jack and Jake are shooting at Courtney and Gwen, that are behind a rock, and on the other, DJ and Alejandro appear to a nearlly unaware Will and Karli. Before anyone can say anything, the screen focuses on Will and Karli, that are shot by both of the Buffaloes guys.

Don: And as my dear friend Chris is currently busy, i announce the winners of the challenge to be the Beloved Buffaloes! Fanatic Falcons, see you at elimination!

The contestants that are in the zone either cheer, if they are on the Buffaloes, or sigh if they are on the Falcons.

Don: So, any volunteers for the exile?

Trent: Yeah, I'll go.

Bridgette: Are you sure?

Trent: I'll find the idol, and we'll be able to have a really useful tool under our power. Don't worry, babe. Don't let Brody try anything on you... *Don takes leaves, with Trent following him*

Ezekiel: So.. anyone wants to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey with Chris?


Chris: So... now that I've been freed... *glares at Ezekiel, that's sitting with the Falcons* It's time for you to make your votations...

Brody: *conf* The toast didn't work at all, so I am voting for Kelly. Surely she did something to screw up the party or whatever...

Will: *conf* I am voting for... Crimson, she's the darkest around...

Jake: *conf* Karli has to go. She could have killed us!

Karli: *conf* I am just hoping to not be eliminated today... my vote is for Jack, cause I can't stand him.

Chris: Allright, so the team has voted! I have eight marshmallows on my plate, but there are nine of you sitting here... Anyways, the marshmallows go to... Will, Esperanza, Arianna and Jake. *they get their marshmallows* And I also have three for Kelly, Brody aaand Jack! *they catch them* Aaaand the last marshmallow goes to................................................................................................................. CRIMSON! 

Crimson: *conf* That was close. I am so happy.

Karli: *sigh* It was funny guys... and Will...

Chris: Safe it. I am happy to tell you that you're not going on the Boat of Losers!

Karli: Why?

Brody: Are you bringing the cannon again?

Chris: Because instead, the one in it will be Ezekiel!

Ezekiel: What?

Karli: So this means...

Chris: Yeah! It was a non elimination one, so you get to stay!

Karli: Yeeeah! *hugs Will, who is as happy as she is*

Ezekiel: Meh, at least I had my revengeee... *gets pushed in the Boat by Chris*.

Scene cuts to the Spa Hotel. Courtney is walking throught the passages, with Gwen.

Gwen: Can you repeat me what are we doing on here?

Courtney: I am trying to find a way into Alejandro's room. I am sure there's something behind that door that he wants to hide. *scene cuts to the outside of the Loser Cabin. Arianna approaches to Esperanza.*

Arianna: What's going on?

Esperanza: I know for sure that that Alejandro guy is hiding something... and he has insulted me... That guy is going down...

The screen gets double again, showing both Eperanza and Courtney's faces.

Esperanza and Courtney: And I won't rest till I discover what he's hiding and expose him to everyone!

Chris: *pauses the screen* Wow. There go two really determined girls.. question is... will they succeed? What will DJ decide to do? Will Karli be kicked next? Discover the answers nexxt time on Total... Drama... Faaaans Vs. Favourites!

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