The following is a list of running gags in our fanfic seasons.

Total Drama Enchanted ForestEdit


  • Sky using spells on the cast.
  • Dave turning into Danielle.
  • Cody turning into Gwen.
  • Noah commenting his opinion of Chris' challenges.
  • Paintbrush getting frustrated by his/her fellow castmates.
  • Dave using wishes in the challenges.
  • Max failing while trying to act evily.
  • Dawn reading people's auras and freaking them out.
  • Bridgette's unsuccessful attempts to woo Noah.
  • Jo giving nicknames to the others.
  • Jo and Jasmine arguing for their team's leadership.
  • Chris getting Karma.
  • Tyler and Brick getting hurt.
  • Commando Zoey being extremely tough.
  • Lindsay forgetting the other contestants' names.
  • Amy forcing Samey to do stuff for her and Samey taking revenges on her.
  • Cody flirting on females.
  • Cody being called floater many times.
  • Dawn trying to make Noah enjoy the life, the nature and the animals.
  • A contestant wakes up and falls down the treehouse.
  • Sky being hated by everyone but not being voted off.
  • Shawn being scared of zombies.
  • Scarlett being mentioned.
  • Paintbrush argues with Cody.
  • Jo leaves a contestant behind.
  • Brick's alarm clock wakes up everybody with its loud trumpet.
  • Paintbrush does a punny expression.
  • The contestants being cut by the Kick of Shame before they can finish their speech.
  • Chris showing off a cheesy humor.
  • Paintbrush compare a contestant to an Inanimate Insanity character.
  • Dave makes a stupid wish to Chris Mc Genie.

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest!Edit

  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay reffers to Cameron as Cabbage.
  • Jo and Jasmine's running gag: The two girls fighting for the team's leadership.
  • Shawn's running gag: Shawn arrives and gets scared about the zombies.
  • Jo's running gag: Jo gives nicknames to Jasmine.
  • Kick of Shame's running gag: Cameron gets cut after finishing his goodbye speech.
  • Zoey trying to decide if she needs to break up with Mike.
  • Cameron getting easily annoyed.

Swampin' UpEdit

  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay reffers to Chris as Chad.
  • Tyler's running gag: Tyler gets injured in the episode.
  • Shawn's running gag: Shawn spends most of the time afraid of the zombies.
  • Samey's running gag: Samey takes revenge on Amy by fighting with her.
  • Chris' running gag: Chris shows cheesy humour for the challenge.
  • Dawn's running gag: Dawn freaks Jasmine out predicting the future.
  • Jo's running gag: Jo gives nicknames to reffer to the others.
  • Max's running gag: Max fails with his evil invention.
  • Jo trying to get in between Dawn and Bridgette's alliance.
  • The contestants being webed in Max's traps.
  • Mike's old personalities apearing again.

Mr. Bones and MeEdit

The Lord Of The StingsEdit

Dawn of Noah's ArkEdit

Revenge of the BalloonsEdit

Eye of the FighterEdit

Derriere Le RideauEdit

The Egg-Mazing RaceEdit

Dragon BoldEdit

Catch a CryptidEdit

Black WindowEdit

Merry Chrismas!Edit

Cul-De-Sac, or Something like ThatEdit

DA Rainbow Dash DekathlonEdit

Lost in the WoodsEdit

Halycon Warfare DaysEdit


Total Insanity - Issue 1Edit

Keys of Kindness and KeennessEdit

Total Drama Sky AdventuresEdit


  • Chris showing sadistic humour or lame jokes.
  • Brick getting souvenirs from every country they visit.
  • Jo giving nicknames.
  • Jo trying to train her teammates.
  • Noah having misfortune after falling out of the plane.
  • Izzy hurting Noah.
  • Trent and Bridgette's failed attempts to get close.
  • Bridgette's clumsiness.
  • Dakota turning into her mutated form like Hulk.
  • Soap getting over reactions to unclean things.
  • Lightbulb telling random quotes.
  • Lightbulb stalking Paintbrush in the Barf Bag Ceremony.
  • Cody being smug.
  • Sierra squeezing Cody.
  • Fan telling facts about the contestants' past.
  • Topher chatting with Fan about ships.
  • The Dark Magic Book being referenced.
  • Ella singing.
  • Paintbrush being the only one working for his/her team.
  • Jasmine getting into fights with Jo.
  • Mike changing into his personalities.
  • Mal messing around.
  • Fan picking photos of the contestants or the places.
  • Fan updating the online blogs.
  • Jo trying to be more feminine (usually failing).
  • Mike sleep-fighting.
  • Noah/Trent suffering of injures involving the pelvic zone.
  • Chris mistreating Billy the intern.
  • Izzy attacking Billy.
  • John and Trent being mistaken.
  • Billy, John, Maria and other of Chris' interns doing all the hard work while he relaxes.
  • John talking about his dear Lego Park.

Total Drama: Fans Vs. FavouritesEdit


  • Alejandro talking in Spanish.
  • Shawn's zombie paranoia.
  • Sky being left aside, o being told about being a monster due to her time on TDEF.
  • Cody flirting with Gwen.
  • DJ mentioning his momma.
  • Jacques talking in French.
  • Lindsay's stupidy.
  • Brody trying to break up Trentgette.
  • Brody mentioning the bro code.
  • Kelly telling that she's a cool mum.
  • Crimson creepily staring at everyone and saying no word, and being pleased when someone gets hurt.
  • Everyone telling Gwen that Topher was her boyfriend.
  • Jake and Arianna's attempts of hanging out being ruined by someone.
  • Jack annoying Jake, or mentioning lame facts about him.
  • Jacques posing and waving to the audience.
  • Don being bossed around by Chris.
  • Max telling everyone he's evil.
  • Trent getting annoyed by Brody.
  • Chris' sadysm.
  • Chris' lame jokes.
  • Rock playing an invisible guitar.
  • Esperanza building random stuff out of pieces.
  • Will telling stuff from the Bible or trying to help Mother Earth.
  • Karli being a bit of a psycho.
  • Jack flirting with everyone.
  • Courtney bossing Cody around.
  • Jen being disgusted at people's clothes.
  • Gwen getting frustrated.