The following is a list of Total Drama Sky Adventures episodes, listed chronologically.

Episodes Edit

Total Drama Sky Adventures episodes
E# S# Episode Location(s) Creator Started Ended
1 21 Shanghai N' Seek Shanghai, China Cabbage and Flurry TBA TBA
2 22 One, Two, Three, Fort Helsinki, Finland Berry TBA TBA
3 23 Radical Pyramidal Giza, Egypt Flurry TBA TBA
4 24 Farce West California, USA Happy and Flurry TBA TBA
5 25 Az-Take a Chance Teotihuacan, Mexico Brenda TBA TBA
6 26 A-losement Park Billund, Denmark Berry TBA TBA
7 27 Draculean's Keystle Transylvania, Romania Flurry TBA TBA
8 28 The Rattrap London, England Happy TBA TBA
9 29 The Maine Course Maine, USA Berry TBA TBA
10 30 I'm Alive After a Japanese Game Show Tokio, Japan Flurry TBA TBA
11 31 The Maledition of the Black Pearl Pearl Islands, Panama Cabbage TBA TBA
12 32 The Last Luau in Tahiti Tahiti, French Polynesia Cabbage TBA TBA
13 33 I Con-Go Further Congo and Zimbabwe, Africa Happy TBA TBA
Total Drama episodes
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