Leo idiot
Gender Male
Color Unknown
Eye color Black
Friends TBA
Enemies Dave
First appearance The Lord Of The Stings
Last appearance Total Insanity - Issue 1

Leonard, labeled The LARPer, was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahiktew Island. Although he wasn't asked to compete in Total Drama: Enchanted Forest, he made a cameo appearence in the episode, The Lord Of The Stings, as a judge of the first challenge. He appeared in a scene of Eye of the Fighter, as Dave 's opponent in the boxing match.


Leonard is a passionate LARPer (Live Action Role Player). He dresses like a wizard and believes he has magic powers. He always carries around his fake spell book, chanting whenever something goes awry. Like many Total Drama contestants, Leonard seems to mean well, but his mind is not in the right place at the appropriate times. He is very passionate about his wizardry and persists on his spells no matter how ineffective they seem. He easily gets annoyed when somebody doesn't take seriouslly his "world" or if other competitors don't believe his tales.

Total Drama Enchanted Forest:Edit

The Lord Of The StingsEdit

Leonard appears as a cameo in this episode, as a judge for the first challenge, giving scores to the different costumes of the contestants. As he isn't really impressed by any costume in particular, Danielle appears, dressed as "The Charming Princess", which impresses Leonard, that gives her a ten, winning advantage for the Whimsical Dragons. On the elimination ceremony, when Izzy is eliminated, Leonard is also forced to take the Kick of Shame, because Chris tells that they couldn't pay a boat to bring him home.

Eye of the Fighter  Edit

Leo loses

Leonard is defeaten.

Leonard appears as Dave's opponent in the boxing match that was the challenge, meaning he is his biggest enemy. Dave is shown to having beat him up easily. 

Total Insanity - Issue 1Edit

Leonard doesn't phisically appear, but when the final three are competing in the "All Challenge" and reach the boxing match part, Leonard is there waiting for Dave, but it is revealed to be one of MePhone4's MeBots, that takes him down with electric shocks after ripping the disguise.