Kell's Kitchen
Season 3, Episode 12
Challenge(s) Work as a team to cook and serve a 3-course meal to guests at the Mess Hall.
Reward(s) TBA
Winner(s) TBA
Exiled to Awkanawaw TBA
Eliminated TBA
Episode guide
"Operation: Wawanakwa Wilderness"

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Fans vs Favorites...the Buffaloes and Falcons had to survive a night in the wilderness while being wary of an onslaught of attacks from Jack and Gwen.  Alejandro tried to dig deeper into Cody to find out Courtney's secret, and Katie found an immunity idol.  In the end, after running all night, Courtney was knocked out of the challenge at the last minute and the Falcons won immunity yet again.  Everyone voted for their favorite loser, but in a strange twist of events, Katie used her idol and Cody was voted out due to having the second highest amount of votes. It's time to cook things up, and our campers are definitely going to feel the heat tonight, right here, right now, on Total Drama Fans vs Favorites!


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