Fanatic Falcons
Gender Male
Hair color Orange
Eye color Green
Eliminated TDFvF: TBA
Place TDFvF: TBA
Relationship Karli, Arianna (one sided attraction, on his side), Courtney (one sided attraction, on his side), Crimson (one sided attraction, on his side), many girls out of the show (ended)
Friends Brody, Jake (on his side)
Enemies Arianna (on her side), Jake (sometimes), Crimson (on her side), Karli, Will
Voiced by Scott McCord

Jack is a contestant of Total Drama: Fans Vs. Favourites, as a member of the Fanatic Falcons.


As a hot ginger guy, Jack is one of the most popular guys on his high school, and is at almost every single sports club of it, excepting the Chess Club. Jack isn't exactly smart, because he find academics to be something lame, and preffers to exercise his outside, but he isn't a complete idiot, and gets normal grades, even thought it is mostly due to his twin brother, Jake. As Jack is the jock sportive twin, his brother Jake is the one who teaches him some of the school lessons, as he is too busy flirting or sleeping at class to pay attention. His whole life has been full of success, on sport leagues, and on relationships, and has had about fifteen girlfriends, who he doesn't even remember. When he heard that his brother was auditioning for Total Drama he couldn't hold himself and auditioned too, so he can met hot babes on the summer camp, and also be with his brother, who he holds a really close sibling relationship. They often hit fists.

Total Drama Fans Vs. FavouritesEdit


Eliminated from Total Drama Fans vs. Favourites
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