Grand Trent Auto
Season 2, Episode 13
Grand Trent Auto The Merge Kover
Location Grand Canyon
Challenge(s) steal cars and modify them to not get busted by the cops, then drive through the highway with the money suitcase object of the robbery.
Reward(s) Immunity for the current episode and a second immunity to use when they want
Winner(s) Bridgette & Noah
Eliminated Lightbulb
Episode guide
"Moose Ado About Nothing"
"Finding Dawn..."

"I know it's normally done with bills, but I'm fine doing it with coins!" (Lightbulb attempts to corrupt the cops)Edit


In this episode the contestants are going to steal each others the victory in order to survive at their first day of MERGE..


The 10 remaining contestants are split in 5 pairs that compete against each others for the immunity. The first challenge is to steal a car (narrative) and modify it until to make it unrecognizable from the original look (players will be linked the picture of a normal car and then they have to link a picture of the same car modified by them using drawing programs or found on google images) so the cops (special guests: Police Cadets) cannot bust them. If the car of a pair is too recognizable that pair cannot access to the 2nd challenge and loses the possibility to get the immunity.

The 2nd challenge is a pursuit race. The first pair to finish the previous challenge is given a money bank suitcase and has to escape from the rivals that will try to steal it and also from the cops that will try to arrest them. The pair with the suitcase pick a number from 1 to 20, the other pairs do the same and if they guess the same number they steal the suitcase successfully. But have to watch out from the cops, too, that if they get an higher number (randomly decided) they will arrest the pair that picked the closest and littlest number than them. (max three gaps) The game ends when all the pairs than one are arrested or when a pair manages to take and keep the suitcase for three rounds in a row.

  • Official cover of the episode made by King Flurry 51
  • Fan and Izzy finished to tune their "Ford TT".
  • Lightbulb meets with the cops and makes them really angry.
  • Bridgette and Noah are pursued by Chef Hatchet with a military helicopter...
  • Brick and Topher are arrested at the end.
  • Lightbulb is eliminated.

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