Elimination is the process in the Total Drama series where a contestant is removed from the competition, often occurring after they're voted for by the other members of their team or merged contestants.

Total Drama Enchanted ForestEdit

Total Drama Enchanted Forest eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Cameron Male Whimsical Dragons 21st Welcome to the Enchanted Forest! After bragging about his intelligence and his win in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, people on his team got annoyed by him.
Shawn Male Enchanted Butterflies 20th Swampin' Up He thought Amy was a zombie, eventually costing his team the challenge.
Mike Male Whimsical Dragons 19th Mr. Bones and Me Sky convinced everyone to vote him off after he found about her Book of Dark Magic.
Izzy Female Enchanted Butterflies 18th The Lord Of The Stings She shot her own teammates in the challenge, and in return they voted her off.
Lindsay Female Whimsical Dragons 17th Dawn of Noah's Ark Due to Sky's nightmare spell, everyone forgot Lindsay, voting for her, instead of Samey.
Noah Male Enchanted Butterflies Returns Revenge of the Balloons Jo wanted to eliminate him due to eliminating about half of the team at once.
Zoey Female Whimsical Dragons 16th Revenge of the Balloons Chris disqualified her, stating that she did godplay.
Bridgette Female Enchanted Butterflies 15th Eye of the Fighter Bridgette and Dawn made up instead of fighting so Jo convinces the rest to vote for her.
Amy Female Whimsical Dragons 13th/14th Derriere Le Rideau Everyone on her team got annoyed of her constant fights with Samey, voting her off with her sister.
Samey Female Whimsical Dragons 13th/14th Derriere Le Rideau Everyone on her team got annoyed of her constant fights with Amy, voting her off with her sister.
Tyler Male Whimsical Dragons 12th The Egg-Mazing Race He destroyed his team's egg, costing them the challenge.
Max Male Enchanted Butterflies 11th Dragon Bold While he was distracted enjoying on of his "evil" acts, he placed himself in front of the Kick of Shame, that kicked him away.Maybe Dawn activated it.
Brick Male Whimsical Dragons 10th Dragon Bold Jo convinced some of the other campers to vote him off, because she was starting to feel something for him.
Jo Female Enchanted Butterflies 9th Catch a Cryptid Jasmine won the challenge, and got the power of deciding who was going to be eliminated, and as a payback for past events, she eliminated Jo.
Ella Female None 8th Merry Chrismas! Sky was going to be eliminated, but she used an inmunity symbol to save herself, deeming Ella to be eliminated, as she had the second highest amount of votes.
Sky Female Whimsical Dragons 7th DA Rainbow Dash Dekathlon By the end of the obstacle race she slipped on the Dark Magic Book, never arrived to the final lap, and due to a technicity, she resulted to be the last contestant to finish the decathlon with her painting placed 4th.
Noah Male Enchanted Butterflies 6th Lost in the Woods In the next episode is revelead that Cody rigged the votes to get Noah eliminated.
Cody Male Whimsical Dragons 5th Halcyon Warfare Days He quit the competition, saying that he was tired of all the dark stuff, and how Sky treated him.
Paintbrush Unknown Whimsical Dragons 4th Dreamscape Dawn and Dave blindsided him/her, sending it home in a 2-1-1 vote.
Jasmine Female Enchanted Butterflies 3rd Total Insanity - Issue 1 Dave saw her as a threat, and since he won the power to eliminate someone, he chosed Jasmine.
Dave Male Whimsical Dragons 2nd Keys of Kindness and Keenness He lost to Dawn in the final challenge, becoming the runner-up of the season.
Dawn Female Enchanted Butterflies 1st Keys of Kindness and Keenness She found the golden key that would open the million dollar suitcase before Dave, becoming the official winner of the season.

Total Drama Sky AdventuresEdit

Total Drama Sky Adventures eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Scott Male Treacherous Turtles 21st Shanghai N' Seek His conflict with Dakota as well as his poor effort in the challenge put most od the females on the team against him.
Anne Maria Female Daring Dolphins 20th One, Two, Three, Fort She was distracted and was used by the opposite team as a shield, which eventually led to the Dolphins loss.
Cody Male Sneaky Swordfishes 19th Radical Pyramidal He forfeited in the challenge, as well as he mocked his other teammates for losing the challenge, plus his constant stalking to Gwen.
Sierra Female Sneaky Swordfishes 18th Farce West She was too depressed after Cody's departure, and played an important part in her team's loss.
Ella Female Daring Dolphins 17th Az-Take a Chance After a tie on the points, Ella started to dance with the tiger on the pyramid, costing her team a lot of time, and eventually, any chance at winning inmunity, allowing the others to vote her out.
Soap Female Treacherous Turtles 16th Draculean's Keystle She was one of the first persons to be capturated, which eventually costed her team the challenge.
Paintbrush Unknown Sneaky Swordfishes 15th The Rattrap After feeling that his/her team would vote him/her out soon, and after thinking that he/she wouldn't make it far, Paintbrush quit the game, seconds before Mike was voted off.
Dakota Female Treacherous Turtles 14th The Maine Course Even though the Daring Dolphins lost the challenge, Dakota was taken away by animal control after she mutated and caused mess in the challenge, thus, removing her from the competiton.
Jo Female Treacherous Turtles 13th I'm Alive After a Japanese Game Show

Jasmine and Jo offered to be in the tiebreaker challenge, which Jasmine ultimately won, eliminating Jo from the competition.

Jasmine Female Treacherous Turtles 12th From Russia with Lurk

Both of her teammates decided to eliminate her in revenge for Jo's elimination, as they were both rivals.

Mike Male Sneaky Swordfishes 11th Moose Ado About Nothing

Mike helped the opposite team, her past team, to make up for any possible trouble he caused. His own teammates didn't like the idea, and voted him out when they lost the challenge.

Lightbulb Female Treacherous Turtles 10th Grand Trent Auto

She annoyed most of her fellow castmates with her constant talking and most of her actions, aside from gaining rivality with some of them.

Total Drama: Fans Vs. FavouritesEdit

Total Drama Fans vs. Favourites eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Max Male Beloved Buffaloes 24th Locked at Home He annoyed people when he did nothing but trying to boss his teammates during the challenge.
Shawn Male Beloved Buffaloes 23th Into The Truth He costed the challenge by saying the wrong answer, even when Courtney had the right answer and was about to answer.
Jacques Male Fanatic Falcons 22th Leaf It To Me While he was running to the finish line, he started to drop all the pages that his team needed to win, costing them the challenge.
Sky Female Beloved Buffaloes 21st Tony, We Aren't in Kansas Seeing her as the biggest physical and social threat, Alejandro convinced the majority of the team to eliminate Sky.
Rock Male Fanatic Falcons 20th Loose Lips, Scare Teens The majority of the team decided to eliminated Rock, for being the biggest ally of Brody, who was the one that did costed the challenge for the team.
Jen Female Fanatic Falcons 19th Saturday Night Beavers TBA
Trent Male FanBeloved Buffaloes 18th Zing-O Fever TBA


This season has the following elimination patterns:

  • By teams: Cameron (Dragon), Shawn (Butterfly), Mike (Dragon), Izzy (Butterfly), Lindsay (Dragon), Noah (Butterfly), Zoey (Dragon), Bridgette (Butterfly), Amy/Samey (Dragon).
    • With Amy's/Samey's elimination, the pattern has been broken. However, it was restarted with Tyler:
    • Tyler (Dragon), Max (Butterfly), Brick (Dragon), Jo (Butterfly).
  • By gender: Cameron (Male), Shawn (Male), Mike (Male), Izzy (Female), Lindsay (Female), Zoey (Female)
    • With Noah's elimination, the pattern has been broken. However, it was restarted with Bridgette:
    • Bridgette (Female), Amy (Female), Samey (Female), Tyler (Male), Max (Male), Brick (Male), Jo (Female), Ella (Female), Sky (Female), Noah (Male), Cody (Male).


File:Scott_Fall_of_Shame.png|Scott is the first contestant to take the Fall of Shame. File:Anne_Fall_of_shame.png|Anne Maria takes the Fall of Shame. File:Cody_fall_of_shame.png|Cody takes the Fall of Shame. File:Sierrafallofshame.jpg|Sierra takes the Fall of Shame. File:Ellafall.png|Ella takes the Fall of Shame. File:Soap_Fall.png|Soap takes the Fall of Shame.