Daring Dolphins
Daring Dolphins Logo
Number of members 7
Highest ranking member TBA
Lowest ranking member Anne Maria, 20th place
Team selected by Chris

The Daring Dolphins is one of the three opposing teams that will compete in Total Drama Sky Adventures. The team is made up of Anne Maria, Bridgette, Ella, Izzy, Mike, Noah and Trent. Their logo is a dolphin on a wavy sea background.

Total Drama Sky AdventuresEdit

Shanghai N' SeekEdit


Daring Dolphins teammates
Anne Maria | Bridgette | Ella | Izzy | Mike | Noah | Trent


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Anne Maria Female 20th 6th One, Two, Three, Fort While she was resting, Brick and Jo used her a shield, which ultimately gave the second place to their team, and last place to the Dolphins, who deemed her useless and voted her off.
Ella Female 17th 5th Az-Take a Chance She costed her team the challenge, by losing the final round against Gwen, after the teams were tied. This allowed the main alliance in the team to vote her out, even she tried to convince them to vote out Mike.
Bridgette Female 9th 4th Finding Dawn... Noah convinced her to do not use the immunity suitcase this early and Brigette took the risk to be eliminated, being eventually blindsided.


  • This is considered the middle team of Total Drama Sky Adventures, although they won five out of twelve challenges before the merge, they came in second thrice, and lost six times.
  • Before the merge, this team only voted off two and members. Although an original member of this team was also voted off before the merge, but he was put on another team at the time instead of being eliminated.
  • This team has never come last after Mike was switched arriving first or second in all the subsequent six episodes.
  • Mike was the last original Dolphin to be eliminated before merge but was a Swordfish at time. Therefore this is the first time two teams reach merge with the same amount of members: Noah, Bridgette, Trent and Izzy for the Daring Dolphins, Fan, Test Tube, Topher and Gwen for the Sneaky Swordfishes.
  • This was the only team not featuring any of the Inanimate Insanity object contestants.


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