Cul-De-Sac, or Something like That
Season 1, Episode 14
Zeke again
Written by The not so happy user
Challenge(s) Arrive to the center of the labyrinth and get the million dollar suitcase.
Reward(s) Invincibility, night at the winner's cabin and a surprise reward.
Winner(s) Jasmine
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"Merry Chrismas!"
"DA Rainbow Dash Dekathlon"

" Yeah, a pack of goblins, directly from Norway, and the Hydreigon from that challenge is also there! I told myself, Why to not use it again?" Edit

The scene begins at Noah's new cabin, that he earnt as a reward at the last challenge. He is sleeping at his bed, when he opens his eyes, and notices that Sky is in front of him, with her dark clothes, and an absent expression in her eyes, nearlly on fire:

Sky: *with a louder voice* Noah, give me the Book! I want the Book! Give it back to me, you fool! 

A fire lits at her hand and she points to him, threatening, and he falls to the floor.

Noah: *totally freaked out* WHOA! Keep calm, girl! Here, take it! *throws the book at her, to the floor, right in front of her* How could you do that?!

Sky just takes it, turns her back to him, and walks out of the cabin, where Noah stills at the floor, with his mouth open, staring at her.

Scene switches to a cave, where the rest of the cast spends their nights after the destruction of the treehouse of the losers at Dragon Bold. There, Dave is waking up, and finds Dawn meditating on a rock, close to the rock he was laying at.

Dave: Uh, morning Dawn. *yawn* What's wrong?

Dawn: Dave, I'm really sorry for Ella's elimination. I know she was important for you, because you needed a friend here, to make you not feel like a lonewolf.

Dave: Sorry, but I can't exactlly get what you're reffering to...

Dawn: Oh C'mon, Dave! You need a friend! Friends are important to you, but you just can't open your heart to people, because of what Sky did to you, when you opened it to her. I want to be your friend. Try it again! It's not that difficult!

Dave: Please, don't do that again! What do you want, make me kill myself? You are depressing me! *Runs away, out of the cave*

Jasmine appears behind her, and puts her hand on her shoulder.

Jasmine: Don't worry, koala! He may not be very heart oppened now, but he is not a bad guy. 

Dawn: I know, Jasmine, trust me. I do really know.

Jasmine: Why do you care so much for him? I thought you liked Noah!

Dawn: Of course I love Noah! But Dave has lost too much. He lost Shawn after he fell in love for you, and totally forgot about him when the teams were merged. All of what he tried with Sky was useless, because she didn't want him, and left him to be killed by a robot bear. He befriended Cody , this season, but then, Sky gained him at her side, in front of his face. Then he realized that Ella liked to be his friend, and accepted her, but Sky eliminated her. He has nothing now. He is just floating in hostile waters of rejection. I feel really sorry for him, and when someone feels that bad, I want to help him. So now, it's my debt to make his life better, by befriending him.

Jasmine: Wow! That is... scary.

Dawn: And you? What about you and Paintbrush?

Jasmine: Well, I think we are good friends, even if I don't know if it is a girl or a boy! But it's good to have a friend after all the torture that Jo made me pass throught...

Dawn: Yeah, well. It's a...Wait, where is it?

  • Scene changes to the forest, where Dave is walking, slowly, and finds Justin, who was sat on a log.*

Dave: Hey! You are that guy who got kidnapped by the Hydreigon, right? How could you escape?

Justin: Oh, man! You don't know how bad does it feel when you've been competing on Total Drama for two seasons and the people just remebers you for the time you were nearlly eaten.

Dave: I'm sorry. I was just curious about how could you escape from that...

Justin: Oh, the nest was on a cliff, so I jumed out of it, to the sea. The Deinos can't fly, so they didn't follow me after that. I swam back here, but when I arrived, Chris just forced me to go to clean the burnt part of the forest.

Dave: I know. I have been on more than two harmful situations due to that jerk, along with everybody else who ever cometed here. That's why we took revenge on him, two episodes ago, when we forced him to be kicked by the giant boot he uses to eliminate the contestants.

Justin: I know! I wanted to join you too, but I wasn't brave enough, because of what he could have forced me to do when he came back.

Dave: Yeah, sometimes it's better to step aside.

Scene switches to Noah's cabin, where Dawn is arriving.

Dawn: Hey, what's up?

Noah: Sky has attacked me! She just appeared, and nearlly attacked me with fire, just to get her book back! She's insane, and is getting too obsessed with the book! Can you just take her down like when you threw her out of th haunted house?

Dawn: You don't really think I have super powers, do you? I'm just a girl who wants to help people, and Sky needs to be helped, a lot.

Noah: Yeah, you helped me to be better! *they both look at each other, and she gushes* Let's forget about Sky, now!

Chris: *using the megaphone* Attention final seven! Meet me in front of the haunted house! There is going to be a big surprise, along with the challenge!

Scene switches to the outside of the haunted house, where Chris is smiling, with an evil grin.

Chris: Welcome guys! It's not nice to see you again!

Noah: Bravo! Really good word game, smartbox!

Chris: Thank you as usual, Noah. You know how to make me feel like the person who I am, the best in the world!

Jasmine: Ok, shut it! Why are we here and what is the challenge?

Chris: Not so fast, Bigfoot with a hat! Where are Paintbrush and Cody?

Dave: I don't know. I don't see Cody since he turned into Gwen last challenge.

Gwen appears, and Paintbrush appears behind her.

Chris: Finally, guys! What were you doing?

Paintbrush:She was taking photos of herself with her phone. Maybe her Cody part wants to have proves of it for when he appears back.

Gwen: I told you to leave me alone, stick! I don't want to be in again, McLean!

Chris: Oh, you're in! And thanks to Sky! *Gwen grins at Sky, who just stills with the absent look*

Paintbrush: *approaches to Jasmine* What's up, mate? Has he explained the challenge or not yet?

Jasmine: Not yet, but it will be as horrible as usual.

Paintbrush: I have no doubt of it!

Chris: Can you shut up, Tall and Small?! Ok, today's challenge has cost the producers a lot of money, so I hope it goes well, and that you will act as I want you to act.

Dave: What are we? Animals?

Chris: Maybe... Well, the challenge is simly complicated! And shut up, Noah! I know you were going to say something! It is... A LABYRINTH! Seriouslly, who doesn't like the labyrinths? Every single good book has a labyrinth!

Paintbrush: Err...No! It's not in Twilight!

Jasmine: Or in Justin Bieber's self biography!

Chris: Guys you want me to die of disgustingness?

Jasmine and Paintbrush: Yes! *they both laugh at him*

Chris: Ok, you are really annoying today! The challenge is to reach the center of the Labyrinth, where the million dollars is.

Everyone: WHAT?!

Chris: Well, no, just the suitcase. But get it and you win! Oh, but it wont be that easy. There are traps and, because these is the Enchanted Forest, I have brought some magic creatures!

Gwen: Oh, Crap-Mon!

Chris: Yeah, a pack of goblins, directly from Norway, and the Hydreigon from that challenge is also there! I told myself, Why to not use it again?

Everyone complains

Chris: Oh, and there are also two ex-contestants there, one of them is the labyrinth's main monster! Every Labyrinth has one! And there are also a lot of other surprises...

Noah: Short version, please!

Chris: Wait, Noah! I haven't finished yet! I'm just going to add that the winner of the challenge will recieve the cabin of the winner, to sleep there until the next challenge, invincibility for today's elimination and there is also a special reward. For me, it's the best reward ever given to a Total Drama contestant! Better than the Inmunity Idol! Than chosing who to eliminate! Just the million dollars is better!

Gwen: And it is...

Chris: Oh, it will be a surprise! But trust me, you don't want to miss it!

Everyone grins at each other, like telling Let me win this, even Sky, that seems back to normal.

Chris: Aaaaaand here it is! *He then, presses a commander, the haunted house sinks in the ground, and then emerges a giant steel labyrinth, bug and tall.* We've based on Daedalus' one from that Minothaur mith!

Noah: No! It can't be possible! I always wanted to look one of this! I want to be an achtiect!

Chris: Oh, good, my lil' buddy, cause today, you are going to test it!

Sky: Wait! It isn't tested, yet?

Chris: Hey! Our interns needed to clean the burnt part of the forest or Dawn and that nature freaks will sue us! *Dawn grins at him* And now it's time to begin! You all, enter in, and welcome to the Labyrinth!

The contestants run in, and take different steel ways, Dawn and Noah take one, Jasmine and Paintbrush another, Gwen anther and Sky and Dave two different ones.

Dawn: Which way do we go Noah? Is it the right one?

Noah: I don't know it at all, but I'm a 90% sure that it will bring us to a place near the center. Look, the first built part of the labyrinths it's the center, so it's the oldest one. The materials go more modern as we go to the exterior. Now, look at this way. We began with steel walls, and here, they are becoming iron ones! So, I think it's the right one.

Dawn: Hmmmm. What if we find one of those monsters?

Noah: Well, you said you just help people, then we will need you to help us.

Dawn: Ok, get over it. I haven't got super powers.

Noah: I know, but you have a pretty look at your face when you grin like that.

Dawn: Aw! Thanks! *They both smile, but they find themselves on a dead way*

Noah: You can't be serious! That's what is called a bad way to start!

Scene cuts to the way Gwen took, and it films her while she is running.

Gwen: Stop, whatever you are! I'm not food! Just goth!

Suddenly, she trips, and a sound of something huge running to her is heard.

???: There I come, gurl!

Then, Sugar appears, jump onto Gwen and squishes her to the floor.

Sugar: That's what I call a good way to enter in camera zone!

Gwen: Can you, pinkie top cow, move away? I ...can't...breathe...

Sugar stands up: So, what I need to do with you girl, now?

Gwen: *recovering her breath* I...Don't...Know...Are you the monster?

Sugar: YEAH, I AM! And I doubt if I have to eat you now...

Gwen: No, you haven't! Nobody eats human flesh! Who do you think you are? A cougar?

Sugar: I'm not a COUGAR I'm SUGAR!

Gwen: *confessional* Ok, that's enough. McLean, when I escape from the Labyrinth and win this challenge, you will suffer!

Scene cuts to Jasmine and Paintbrush, running through another way.

Paintbrush: Hey, Jasmine! Imagine that Chris left the million inside the suitcase!

Jasmine: *laughs* Nah, he won't be that dumb! 

Paintbrush: Well, at least is a dream!

Jasmine: I know! I have another dream: I dream that Scarlett isn't here. This place reminds me the inside of Pahkitew Island.

Paintbrush: Oh, I don't think Chris has brought her as one of the two contestants. You told me she tried to kill him too.

Jasmine: Yeah, but he is kind of stupid with the challenges and... Wait, what is that?

At the end of the way, there was a golden door, with huge chains that prevent it to be easily oppened. In front of it, there was a strange creature, the most strange creature that Jasmine and Paintbrush had seen in their lives, even counting all the Australian animals that the Outback Amazon knows. It was like a huge lion, with sharp claws, golden fur and a long tail, with the head of a woman, a pretty woman, with long curly hair, with different flowers on it. It had a deep blue eyes, but a snake tongue was in her mouth. But the most strange of it, were the giant eagle wings that the creature had at it's back.

Sphinx: I am a sphinx from Persia, you little girl. I'm here to keep these shortcut to the center impossible to use for the contestants.

Jasmine: Is there anything we can do to use it? You want some food or a valious object that we need to give you?

Sphinx: Oh, yes. There is something you can do to be able to use it.

Paintbrush: And what is it?

Sphinx: Oh, it's simple. You must solve the riddle I'm going to give you. I must warn you before you try, that you will only have a chance. If you solve it, I will let you pass. If you fail, I will eat you alive. If you want, you can turn back and go through another way, but I'm telling you that this is the fastest one to use. If you want, once I told you the riddle, I can repeat it again. Think wisely your answer. And don't think to fight me, because you will be dead in three seconds.

Jasmine: What do we do, Paintbrush?

Paintbrush: Let's hear the riddle. If it's too difficult, we turn back and take another way.

Jasmine: Ok, sphinx. Tell us your riddle!

Sphinx: Here it goes: Which creature is four-footed in the morning, two footed at noon and three-footed at the night? 

The two think on it, but it stills unclear to them.

Scene changes to Dave, in another way. He turns a corner, and finds Sky.

Dave: *angered* Whoa! What are you doing here? It's my way!

Sky: *mad* Dave, it is a labyrinth! You can end up lost in another one's way!

Dave: *homicide* It's not my problem if you are so stupid that you got lost!


Suddenly, a loud noise of people running and of shouts is heard, all getting closer to them.

Sky: Oh, my god! What is that?

Dave: You raised your voice! You probably just let a monster to know where we are!

Sky: That I raised my voice?! And what did you do?

Dave: U, daughter of a b**ch!

The shout and run sound is loud now, and suddenly, lots of goblins appear, causing the two former lovers too shout. Camera cuts.

Chris: *watching it throught a monitor, out of the labyrinth* WHOA! That was AWEOME! The money spent on those creatures will totally be well spent! Haha! Stay tuned to find out what happens to crybaby and dark demon after we return, on Total...Drama... Enchanted Forest!

- After the break -

Dave and Sky awake, and they find themselves tied to sticks in a place that looks like a cave or a mine.

Dave: huh, what's this?

Sky: What?

They discover that there are hundreds of goblins looking at them. The goblins are that small that just reach Dave's knee. They are green skined, with middle Earth peasant's clothes, with huge caps and huge hands.

Dave:*scared* Hey, hey, hey! This can't be real!

Goblins: Urghaaaaa!

Sky: *scared* Yes, Dave, it is.

Traductor Goblin: Welcome to the goblin mines, located under the labyrinth. Feel honoured to be our king's prisioners!

Sky: Which...king?

Then, someone snaps it's fingers, and the two former lovers watch behind the goblin army. Up in a little rock hill, there is a wooden throne, with somebody sitting on it: Ezekiel.

Dave: Oh, man! It's that freak from first generation!

Freakiel: GGGGRRR!

Traductor Goblin: If you want to ever be freed, shut up and don't insult the king. Now, he will tell you what he needs, and that he hopes that you will give to him.

Freakiel: Grrrrrr....hauh, hauh, grrrrr, rrrrrgrrgrg....hua...grehhhhh!

Traductor Goblin: The king is disapointed. When he arrived here, following the signs of used magic, thanks to the powers that the toxic waste gave to his mutation and feral form, but he was just able to find that other prisioner there.

Then, he points at a girl who is tied up next to them, and that looks familiar to both.

Sky and Dave: DANIELLE!

The female Dave is unconcious, and looking exhausted.

Traductor Goblin: Yeah, she wasn't easy to capture, but we kept her here, because we thought that she was probably magic. At least we can smell magic on her.

Dave: That's because Sky, Mrs.Witch over there, created her from me, as my female form!

Traductor Goblin: Yeah, that's why we have been searching for you two since then. The only words she mentioned appart from Help and EEEE were Dave and Sky.

Sky: Oh, damn it!

Traductor Goblin: Well, sadly for you, you will not be freed until you help him to be back at his regular form. We can feel the magic on you Sky. It's better for you and your friend to help him.

Dave: We aren't even friends! Take her and set me free! He has been mean to me before, be mean to her now!

Traductor Goblin: Shut up, and let her do her work!

Ezekiel, then, stands up, and walks from the throne to in front of Sky, and roars to her.

Sky: Ok. I will do it. Just untie my hands so I'll be able to check my magic book. *The goblins do so, and she starts searching for the spell* Here it is. Time Travel on Looks, to make you look like in a past time. Here I go: *The olympian starts to say some words in an unknown language, while Freakiel's appearence starts to change. After five minutes or less, old Ezekiel can be find by the two prisioners, when Sky stops reading.*

Ezekiel: Oh, thank you, my friends! Really thank you! You did it well, even being a girl!

Sky: And what's wrong with the girls?

Dave: Errr..Can you free me now?

Ezekiel: Oh, sorry, of course! *shouts to the goblins* Free him!

Dave: *after being freed* Oh, thanks. Can you tell me how you arrived here?

Ezekiel: Of course mate. I found a tunnel at my cave, back at Wawanakwa.

Sky: The island that sank?

Ezekiel: Yeah, that one. The tunnel leads to the labyritnth. It also can bring you to the abandoned film lot and to Pahkitew Island. Chris and the producers have been doing a great work with it, the maze, I mean. Then, one day, I found these goblins. They offered me to be their king, I don't know why, but they are way better than the mutated gophers. At least they are smart and can detect magic.

Sky: So, now that we helped you, can we ask you for rewards?

Ezekiel: Of course! What do you want?

Sky: I want you to set us free, along with those other prisioner. And I want another little thing...

Scene changes to Gwen, that is at Sugar's lair.

Sugar: So, then, should I eat you now?

Gwen: *confessional* Yeah, I was traped there, with those fatty weirdo who was planning to eat me. Which is weird, because how could she do that?... Anyways, I was there, when I had an idea.

Gwen: If I tell you that I can bring you back to the competition, will you let me away? You know, more screen time...A chance to get a million dollars...

Sugar: U CAN DO THAT?! Of course I will set you free! Guide me to Chris, then...

Gwen: Sure.

Gwen:*confessional* At least we were leaving her lair, and we were going to find Chris, so, it wasn't a bad idea.

Scene switches to Jasmine and Paintbrush, back at the golden door that the sphinx is keeping.

Jasmine: You got it, kangaroo?

Paintbrush: I do not! I remember I once read about it! And what about you? Can it be any Australian animal?

Jasmine: Nah, fella! We have weird animals, but not that weird that change their walking way every day.

Paintbrush: Wait! I just get it! It was on Aedipus' myth! Sphinx! *the sphinx looks at them* I have it solved! The answer is the man! They crawl when they are babies, so they are four-footed at the morning. They walk when they grow older, to the adult age. So they are Two-footed at the noon. And they walk using a stick when they are older, so they are three-footed at the night! Haha! Easy enough!

Sphinx: And it is... Right! You can pass!

Jasmine: Sweet! Wait...What is that sound?

Suddenly, the sound of the goblins moving to them, is heard.

Sphinx: The goblins! They are arriving! Somebody must have sent them to you! Enter in the room, I will prevent them to go in!

Paintbrush: Thanks, from a non human to another!

Sphinx: Just go! And one advice: When you are in that room, touch nothing. If you do, you will be set in danger!

The two enter, and the camera cuts to Dawn and Noah.

Dawn: I think we finally got the right way.

Noah:Yeah, so hard to find. Why is the air hotter here?

Dawn: Maybe it is you...

Noah: No, you...

Dawn: No, it's that poor little thing!

Dawn discovers the Hydreigon from Dragon Bold, chained to the floor, and with his eyes covered by some iron bandages. It constantly spits fire from its three heads.

Noah: Er, Dawn...I'm not sure that that is "a poor little thing"..,

Dawn: It's just a poor mother, forced to destroy her eggs by a stupid spell from a purple bad toad. I'm sure Chris has tortured it since he captured it!

Noah: Yeah, well...

Dawn: Just come and help me to free it! Please *Dawn does a puppy face, that makes Noah help her*

The dragon it's freed, and is about to fly to the skies with Dawn and Noah at it's back.

Noah: Hey, wait! It's taking off with us?!

Dawn: Just relax! Enjoy what is comming!

The dragon flies, and gets out of the labyrinth, with the couple screaming at it's back.

Noah: Hey, I can see the center of the labyrinth! Can you make this thing to land there?

Dawn: Noah, I don't know how to command this dragon...

Noah: WHAT?! *screams*

Scene changes to Dave, Sky and Danielle, that are walking on another way.

Dave: I don't find ok that you asked Ezekiel to send the goblins to attck Jasmine and Paintbrush.

Sky: They are the strongest players left, I need to slow them down if I want to win.

Dave: But what if they kill them!?

Sky: They won't! I told Zeke to make them capture those two.

Dave: You're wicked!

Danielle: Guys, please, stop....*they both shut up and look at her* Thanks for rescuing me. I lost all the hope there. I thought anybody knew that I exist.

Dave: Oh, you were part of me, so I can't ignore you like that.

Sky: You did.

Dave: Oh, shut it!

Dave takes another way, leaving the girls. After a few minutes of walking, complaining, he stamps on a plastic Coca-Cola bottle.

Chris McGenie: I'm here, master!

Dave: Genie! I thought you died!

Chris McGenie: Oh, no, master. Genies don't die unless the master wishes so. When the lamp was destroyed, I just changed my home to the closest object I could find, and it was this Coca-Cola bottle. As you can see, my instructions are on the label, but that idiotic host didn't read that when he found it, and threw me and the bottle to this place. I think he throws all the rubbish here. I was waiting for you to come and told me your last wish, master.

Dave: Oh, it's the same one: I want three wishes more.

Chris McGenie: It's done, master.

Dave: Wait a second...Sky stills with the wish of the never win nothing?

Chris McGenie: Yes. It stills on her. She hasn't win any of the challenges after the merge, and she will never do.

Dave: Good. Now I'm going back with her and Danielle. You can return to your bottle.

The genie does, and Dave takes the bottle, keeps it in his pocket and goes to find Sky and Danielle again.

Scene changes to Gwen, that is still with Sugar.

Sugar: Are U sure dat dis is da way?

Gwen: Totally. And can you stop talking like that?

Sugar: Like what?

Gwen: Nevermind.

They both arrive to a crossway, where there is a hole at the middle.

Sugar: Why did you stoped?

Gwen: For nothing. I'm very positive that we need to go down the hole.

Sugar: For real?

Gwen: Yes, but I think you should go first, because if there is an animal there, you are going to be able to eat it.

Sugar: Step aside! Let me in!

Sugar goes down the hole, with Gwen smiling at her back.

Gwen: *confessional* Well, I did that because if there was a monster ahead, it will devour fattie first, and if that happens, I'm at the back to run away.

Scene changes to Paintbrush and Jasmine, who just got in the room.

Jasmine: What is this light?

Paintbrush: It's a treasure! The whole room is full with gold!

Jasmine: I'm sure that there is more than a million dollars in gold, here! *and is about to take some coins, when...*

Paintbrush: Wait! The Sphinx told us to take nothing!

But it's too late. The Australian Chick has already got like ten coins in her hands. Then, a growl is heard from a coin pile, that falls to the floor and reveals Scuba Bear, dressed up again as Bling Bear, as the keeper of the treasure. It roars to them, that scream and start to run to the exit of the room.

Scene cuts to Noah and Dawn, at the top of the dragon.

Noah: How are we going to get down? How are we going to stay alive?

Dawn: Noah, please, keep calm. Let the wind touch your face. Then, put your head down, and touch Hydreigon's with it. You just need to create a bond, like when you did it with the skunks.

Noah: It is really different to that! That were little roedents! This is a huge dinosaur that flies, with three heads!

Dawn: Please, try it... 

The Sarcastic guy sighs, but does what his girlfriend says. Soon, the dragon shares thinks with him, and he is able to control it.

Noah: Now, go down, Dragon! Out of the Labyrinth!

Scene changes to Dave, Sky and Danielle, walking in another way.

Dave: I think we are almost there!

Danielle: What am I going to do? When we get out, I mean.

Sky: We'll take care of you, don't worry. Chris isn't going to force you to do anything.

Danielle: Oh, thank you so much, guys! I'm happy I met you!

Dave:We are the same person, so I'm happy too.

Sky: You did a huge change, Danielle. Last time I saw you, you were as dumb as Lindsay.

Danielle: I decided I could be something different. You too can decide. If you dislike how your life is going, just change.

The athlete seems to think hard on what the female Dave just said, when her eyes glow as when she attcked Noah, and fire lits on her hand.

Dave: Sky? Are you ok?

Sky: GRAHHHHH! *punches Danielle, who flies above the wall, and falls out the labyrinth, on the floor of the forest.

Dave: Sky! Why did you do that?

Sky: *louder voice* You must pay! You MUST all pay! *throws fire at him*

Dave: Oh, you are sick! HELP!

Chris: *using megaphone* Hey, Dave! I'm giving you some help! *A sound from TDWT is heard* Do you recognize that?

Dave: Nope, jerk! How's that little sound going to help me?

Chris: That sound means that it's turn for you to sing! Don't you heard that the music can calm down the beasts?

Dave: Oh, you idiot! Sky, I know you can't hear me, but this song was written by me on Pahkitew, to show you what I felt for you there. *he runs to Sky, that is still breathing and throwing flames, and tackles her to the floor. He hugs her strongly, to not let her escape.*

Music plays, and Dave starts to sing: (The song is Rude, search for it. I versioned it)

Dave: Early in morning jumped out of rock.  And cleaned my blue suit.  I just left the cave and begin the walk.  All the way to you.  Knocked on your door in the Treehouse.  To ask you a question.  'Cause I know that you're a difficult girl, yeah.

Can I be your husband for the rest of my life? Say yes, say yes 'cause I need to know.  You say I'll never get your approval 'til the day I die.

Sky: *still possessed Tough luck, my friend, but the answer is 'No

Dave: Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too? Why you gotta be so rude? I'm gonna marry you anyways.

Marry that girl.  Marry Sky anyways.  Marry that girl.  Yeah, no matter what she says.  Marry that girl.  And we'll be a family.  Why yo.u gotta be so ..... Rude?

I hate to do this, you leave no choice.  Can't live without you.  Love me or hate me you will be my wife.  Standing at that altar.  Or we will run away.  To another galaxy, you know.  You know you still in love with me. You will go anywhere I go.

Can I be your husband for the rest of my life? Say yes, say yes 'cause I need to know.  You say I'll never get your approval 'til the day I die.

Sky: * less possessed  Tough luck, my friend, 'cause the answer's still 'No"

Dave :Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too? Why you gotta be so rude? I'm gonna marry you anyways.

Marry that girl.  Marry Sky anyways.  Marry that girl.  No matter what she says.  Marry that girl.  And we'll be a family.  Why you gotta be so Rude?............  Rude.

The song ends, and Sky is back to normal. Luckily for the germaphobic, she doesn't remember anything that he just said. He quickly stops hugging her, and helps her up.

Sky: Where is Danielle?

Dave: You sent her flying out of the labyrinth.

Sky: What? No, it can't be me! I'm not that mean! She's my friend!

Dave: Forget it. We are near that door. Maybe we reached the center.

They both open the door, and find out that they just got out of the Labyrinth. Chris is there, along with Danielle.

Chris: Congratulations! You just lost the challenge! You can't come in again. Now you just can wait with me and this ladie there. *points Danielle*.

Sky: Oh' man!

Scene changes to Paintbrush and Jasmine. They just get out of the room, and press the door to not be opened by Bling Bear. The suitcase can be seen shining, in an altar, at the center, just a few metres ahead.

Jasmine: It is there! Who gets it? You or me?

Paintbrush: *thinks for a seconds* Get it by yourself. You could be eliminated if you do not. You're the most skilled contestant left, so you may be voted off. The only vote I can earn is Cody's, but now he is Gwen, so do it.

Jasmine runs to the center and gets the case. At the same time, Bling Bear breaks the door, and Paintbrush is sent to her.

Chris: *using the megaphone* And Jasmine wins the challenge! Chef, get them, after it's too late!

A helicopter with a ladder, where Jasmine and Paintrush hang, and are taken to Chris.

Chris: You just won a challenge again, Jasmine! Now it's just time to wait for the others!

Just when he says that, the land where he is on, shakes, and Sugar and Gwen get out of the hole, as he falls to the floor.

Sugar: He's there! Now I can get in!

Gwen: Actually, I lied. He can't get you in, but thanks for getting me out!

Sugar: Oh, I'M GONNA EAT YOU! 

As Sugar jumps to get Gwen, a huge ray of fire burns her, and she falls completely black to the ground. Then, Justin appears with an extinguisher, and burns her off.

Then, the Hydreigon lands in front of Chris, and does a huge roar, as Noah and Dawn get down of it.

Noah: Thank you for that ride, buddy!

Dawn: Now, you can go with your little Deino.

The Hydreigon roars to the sky, and grabs Chris with the pawns and flies away.

Chris: Justin! Help your boss!

Justin: I'm sorry, Chris, but somebody told me once that sometimes it's better to step aside!

Dave: Haha! That's mine! *highs five with Justin*

Gwen: And what happens to me?

Dave: Oh, sorry! Chris McGenie!

Chris McGenie: What do you want, master?

Dave: I wish you turn Gwen into Cody again.

Chris McGenie: I't will be done master!

Gwen is surrounded by magic rays, and turns again into Cody.

Cody: Whoa! That has been a weird day! And I have pictures of myself as Gwen!

Everyone laughs.


Paintbrush: Now we just need to wait until Chris returns to start with the elimination.


Chris appears again at the campfire ceremony. He has different claw marks in his body.

Noah: Hey, Chris! How did you escape?

Chris: Same as Justin. And now shut up and cast the votes.

Sky: *confessional* I vote for Dave. He was hugging me when I awaked. He may be turning again as his Pahkitew self, and get obessessed with me.

Dave: *confessional* I vote Sky. She's out of her mind.

Jasmine: *confessional* I vote for Noah. I know it's weird to vote for him and not for Sky, cause he is my friend, but Dawn is getting too much with him. I think that is better for her to focus in the game, and not in the love, as I sayed to Sky in last season.

Chris: Ok, all the votes are in, so it's marshmallow time! The ones who did not recieved any votes are Dawn, Jasmine and Cody. Come here to get the marshmallows! *they three do, and wait for the others to be announced* Two of you recieved one vote, but you are safe: Noah and Paintbrush! You can come to get your marshmallows too.

Paintbrush: Who voted for me?

Dawn: I did. I'm sorry Paintbrush, but it is written on the tea leafs that if you stay here for the next challenge, something terrible will happen to you, but now it's too late.

Paintbrush: What?! What will happen to me?

Chris: Shut it! It's time to reveal the last one saved! One of you has three votes. The other two. And the last marshmallow goes to....Sky!

Dave: What? I'm out?! Who voted for me?

Sky: Oh, I did, and I told Cody to do it too.

Paintbrush: And I needed a revenge on you, so I did it too. I got the revenge on Cody by getting him injured in Black Window, and on Sky by voting for her in Merry Chrismas!, so you were the only one who was still on my revenge zone. If you want, we can be friends, now!

Dave: Whatever. Let's finish with this soon.

Chris: Not that fast, my friend. I still without announcing the special reward!

Dave: So....?

Chris: That it is for you! The winner just gets invincibility for today and the cabin of the winner for the next one. But the big loser who was going to be eliminated gets it!

Dave: For real? What is it?

Chris: Oh, first, you are here for the next episode, and second, you are inmune for the next challenge!

Everyone: *GASP!*

Chris: Yes, Dave won't be participating in the next challenge, and is inmune at the next elimination ceremony, along with the winner of the next challenge. Haha! That's a reward for being hated! I was hated as you when I was a child...

Paintbrush: He's not that hated! I don't hate him, I just wanted revenge on him in just an episode. And Cody was manipulated by Sky! Probably with a spell... He doesn't deserve such a reward!

Chris: Shut it! There are still some things to do, before the episode ends.


At the dock, there is the Boat of the Losers, and the cast and Chris are there, watching how Danielle and Justin put their luggage on it.

Dawn: So, where are you going?

Danielle: I still don't know yet, I haven't got money. I hope my sweetie Justin will help me.

Justin: I will, my heart. *they kiss*

Cody: EEEw! It's like if he was kissing Dave!

Justin: What?! Chris fired me after I didn't saved him from the Hydreigon, so now I can go with who I want and do what I want. And Danielle will be ok with me.

Dave: I hope so, Justin. Take care of her, becasue she is like my twin sister!

Justin: Oh, i will!

Paintbrush: Here, take it Danielle. I got some gold from Bling Bear's cave.

Danielle: Oh, thanks, Painty! Bye everyone! And Sky, take my words: Everyone can change. Bye!

The Boat disappears in the distance and the cast stills waving to the female Dave and the intern king, that just left to have a better future.

Sugar: Dah! And what happens to me? 
Kick of sugar

Sugar takes the Kick of Shame.

Chris: Oh follow me, ladie. Just stand in this place for a sec... *he activates the turbo reactor on the Kick of Shame that he used once on Scott* Take that!

Sugar is kicked away, shouting, maybe to not be seen never again.

Dawn: Dave, have you thought on my friendship?

Dave: Yes Dawn, And I decided to accept it. I need allies now, that I nearlly got voted off, I hope that we can be great friends, and I will help you with the challenge, even counting that I am inmune, thanks to my reward.

Chris: So this has been all for today! What will happen to Paintbrush in the next episode? Will Dave and Dawn's friendship go well? Will Sky and Dave come back some day? Discover it on the next episode of TOTAL...DRAMA....ENCHANTED FOREST!

Map of the episodeEdit

First of all, I hope you have read the whole episode, without skipping. It has been a hard work for me to end it, so please, read it. :(

  • Dave has the reward of not participating in the next challenge, and is inmune for the next elimination too. IT CAN'T BE IGNORED
  • Ezekiel is back to normal, and so is Cody.
  • Sky has been revealed to have been possessed. SHE IS NOT 100% EVIL.
  • Danielle and Justin are out. FOREVER.
  • Jasmine voted for Noah, not because she hates him, just because she wants Dawn to be more love-freed, as she wanted Sky in TDPI.
  • Paintrbush and Dave AREN'T enemies. The tool just got his/her revenge.
  • Something BAD is going to happen to Paintbrush in next episode, Dawn said so.
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