Catch a Cryptid
Season 1, Episode 11
Written by TylerWebkinzFan
Challenge(s) Catch a cryptid in the forest and bring it back to Chris.
Reward(s) Immunity, and the choice whom to eliminate
Winner(s) Jasmine
Eliminated Jo
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"Can that Disney rip-off shut up?"Edit

The nine remaining contestants must bring a strange creature to the host. While someone tries to flirt with a newcomer, this particular person doesn't fits with her new friends. The conflict between a survivalist and a jock-ette ends with one of them winning the great reward. Ultimately, the strong girl ends up sending her enemy away, as a payback for past events.

Sky: *wakes up*  Morning everyone.

Ella: Why hello Sky! You look amazing today!

Sky: Oh...thanks...

Ella: No problem! *birds take her away and take her to the water stream*

Noah: So, what do you think about Ella?

Sky: I'm not so sure yet, she just seems...different.

Cody: Maybe you can use your---*Sky covers Cody's mouth in anger*

Sky: Cody! Why don't you hang out with Ella?

Cody: Uh...sure? *runs over to Ella*

Paintbrush: Boy, hopefully I can win today's challenge. I mean, I can do this!

Jo: Just curious Paintbrush, are you a boy or a girl?

(everyone stares at Paintbrush)

Paintbrush: Why do you need to know? Haven't I told you before?

Jo: Not that I remember...but who needs brains when you have brawns?

Dave: *rolls eyes*

Dawn: I think we should be getting to our challenge soon.

Chris: Everyone meet me at the center of the forest!

Jasmine: Good, it's about time.

Jo: Yeah, now that there's no more teams, we will cream those maggots!

(Everyone in the center of the forest)

Chris: Today, you will be catching a cryptid!

Dave: What the heck is a cryptid?

Chris: Just one of those scary creatures that can be real or fake, kind of like the Sasquatch, or also known as Bigfoot. You will be each assigned a crytpid to catch. First one to bring their crytpid back wins!

Jasmine: So these crytpids are in this forest? RIGHT NOW??

Chris: That's right! Now everyone pick a card!

Jo: I got a Chupacabra.

Chris: Yeah, they suck goats' blood!

Jo: Man, I hope there are goats around here...

Dawn: I got the Jersey Devil. Oh my, that sounds scary!

Noah: I got Sasquatch. How original.

Jasmine: I got a Kraken. Ok, how will I find a Kraken?

Chris: There's a big lake in this forest, so you'll find your Kraken there.

Cody: I got the Loch Ness Monster. Well, I guess I'll look in the lake...

Ella: I got a sewer alligator! Hooray!

Sky: I got a Mongolian death worm. How do you get these things over here?

Paintbrush: I got a Man-eating tree, well how is that gonna work?

Chris: Just bring some barks of wood and you'll be fine...I guess.

Paintbrush: Ok..and how are Jasmine and Cody going to get their animal?

Chris: Good call. *throws cameras to Cody and Jasmine* A picture will work the best.

Cody: Alright!

Jasmine: Nice!

Dave: I got...a sea serpent. *Chris throws a camera at Dave* Thanks.

Chris: Alright, everybody ready?

Everyone: Yeah!

Chris: Go!

Jo: *starts running* Oh boy, now where can you find a Chupacabra?

Chris: Oh yeah, before you go, whoever wins gets to eliminate the person of their choice.

Ella: Yay! What a nice surprise!

Sky: *conf* This is great! I can eliminate my enemies without even using my book! This is awesome!

Paintbrush: *growls* *conf* I need to get my revenge on Dave, Sky, and Cody. They need to go down!

Ella: La la la la la! Come here gator, gator, gator...

Jasmine: She isn't really taking this challenge seriously, is she?

Jo: Looks like it.

Jasmine: *conf* I still need to remember Jo caused Shawn's elimination. But we are finally starting to bond. *sighs*

Dawn: So I'm looking for the Jersey Devil....where could that mysterious creature be?

Noah: I don't know Dawn, I can help you but I kind of need to win immunity too.

Dawn: What are you trying to catch?

Noah: A stupid Sasquatch. He's probably not even here.

Cody: Hey Nessie! Where are you???

Sky: Look Cody, Paintbrush is obviously targeting us. We to eliminate him as soon as possible.

Cody: How do you know that?

Sky: My magic book did have everyone's thoughts in it, and before Max was kicked I managed to spot that Paintbrush wants to get revenge on us.

Cody: What if he wins?

Sky: Looks like we're screwed. *sigh*

Dave: Ok Sea Serpent, I know you're here, so let me just take a quick photo then you're free.

(Strange growling)

Dave: Hello?? AAHHH

Ella: Mr. Gator!!! I found you some cookies!

Sewer Gator: *comes towards Ella*


Noah: Can that Disney rip-off shut up?

Dawn: Noah, we all wish that.

Jasmine: *runs towards the lake* Now, where is that Kraken?

Kraken: *roars*

Jasmine: Ah! WAIT, I CAN TAKE A PICTURE OF IT. *searches for it* Oh no! JO!

Jo: Three words: Trust no one.

Jasmine: Give me that!

(Jasmine and Jo end up getting in a cat fight, and soon enough a flash occurs)

Jasmine: Ha! Looks like I got my evidence!

Paintbrush: I need to win this challenge, now where can a man-eating tree be?

Cody: *sees Jasmine* Look, it's Jasmine!

Sky: Good. If she wins she will mostly eliminate Jo, which gives us a spot in the final eight.

Jasmine: *crosses finish line* Here. I got my photo.

Chris: Jasmine wins immunity!

Jo: NO!!!!!

Jasmine: Ha!

Chris: All contestants please come into the central area of the area, thank you.

Jasmine: So I get to eliminate the person of my choice?

Chris: Yep, I'll give you until sundown to consider your vote.

Jasmine: *conf* Jo, I hope that boot hits you hard.


Kick of jo

Jo takes the Kick of Shame.

Chris: Alright, Jasmine is safe, and a one and eight shot at one million dollars! Who you eliminating?

Jasmine: Jo. You're too much of a threat and I hate your gut. Sorry.

Jo: Like it matters anyways. Good thing I wasn't eliminated for being weak.

Chris: Jo, get in front of the Kick of Shame!

Jo: *is kicked* Goodbye everyonnnnne!

Chris: Eight remain. Who will be the next to go on TOTAL. DRAMA. ENCHANTED FOREST!!


  • As of this episode, every subsequent elimination would be irregular.
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