The Boat of Losers was the elimination device in the first Total Drama season, as an homage to that season, it was brought back to be used as the elimination device in Total Drama Fans Vs. Favourites. Whenever someone it's voted off, the boat will pick them, and lead them to Playa Des Losers.

Total Drama Fans Vs. FavouritesEdit

The Boat is introduced in Locked at Home, just after the elimination ceremony starts, as it's stated that the boat is back to make a homage to the very first season, that was also flimed in Wawanakwa, and after the elimination, is revealed that Max was eliminated, thus, he is the first "Favorite", and contestant overall, to take the Boat of Losers, as he is thrown into the boat by Shawn, and taken away while swearing revenge.

In Into The Truth, the Beloved Buffaloes lose the challenge again, and Shawn is the one eliminated this time, and on the boat, he says that they will regret it when an undead army strikes in the camp.

In Leaf It To Me, the Fanatic Falcons lose for the first time, and after a bottom two made of Jack and Jacques, the Ice Dancer is send packing, and runs away screaming that he doesn't need them, and that they are peasants, taking the boat of shame after.

In Tony, We Aren't in Kansas, the Buffaloes lose again, and this time, the eliminated contestant is Sky. Before she gets in the Boat of Losers, she tries to tell the team once again that it wasn't her fault, but Don pushes her into it, cutting her speech.

In Loose Lips, Scare Teens, the Falcons lose again, and Rock is eliminated in a really intense elimination ceremony, him and Brody enchance final words, and he tells everyone it's been fun and waves, before leaving.

In Saturday Night Beavers it is Jen the one who has to take the Boat of Losers, voted off by her team, the Falcons, who lost again. As she wasn't really friendly overall and preffered to care of her clothes and hair over than the competition, he was eliminated. Before he can tell who she's in an alliance with, Don pushes her into the vote.

In Love, Ugh, Love it's Karli the one who was supposed to take the Boat, as she terryfied her teammates, earning another lose, but as Chris reveales it is a non elimination episode, he forces Ezekiel to get in it, taking him away after the cameo he did.


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