Victini is Very Very Very Very Victorious
Aurorus transp
Gender female
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship Tropius
Family None
Friends Dunsparce and Sylveon
Enemies Seviper

Aurorus labeled the Mama of the Ice Age is placed in the Victini Venturers. She's a sweet and kind contestant who cares for others and takes always the defenses of the most harmless pokèmons: her giant size brings to her lot of respect, but in generally she doesn't like to take advantages of this. She also seems bashful when it comes to physical contact, doomed by her ability Ice Skin that freezes everything she touches or touches her. Aurorus and Tropius are the first couple of the show to be hinted. By the way there's still a whole season for them...and with snakes everywhere and the biggest secret Aurorus keeps folded there are gonna be lot of misadventures..

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