A-losement Park
Season 2, Episode 6
Alosement park cover
Location Lego Park, Copenaghen
Challenge(s) Build a rollercoaster, manage to not get scared in the ride of the opposite team.
Reward(s) One member from the loser team
Winner(s) Sneaky Swordfishes
Episode guide
"Az-Take a Chance"
"Draculean's Keystle"

"Oh, welcome everyone, this shall be the last thing you see, cause Mike never really defeated me, I'm still here, and ill strike again... "Edit

In the sixth episode of the season, each team builds a ride and the other two teams will have to ride it.  Whichever team has the other teams get the most people scared or sickened wins.The winning team earns a random member from the loser one (the one whose members gets scared/sickened the most) in reward.

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